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Friday  24 .05.2013


Nelli family along with Sokku outside ICU ' Leelu in ICU with mild heart attack according to serial doctor. Nelli ore feeling for wife. Sokku consoling.  Dr. allows Nelli to see wife .  Leela  gasping for breath. Marana bayam in her eyes , wants to see  Ramesh / Paramu. Nelli assures to find them. Leela tells Nelli not to inform pillaithachi Kamu as she would insist on doing nurse duty for MIL. OK says Nelli. Nelli informs Sokku about Leela's wish. , & jointly decide on R / P search operation . Sokku suggests missing complaints on Newspaper & TV channel  [ Indha jodiyai kandupidithu tharubavarkalukku IFians' 10 dharma adi confirmed. ] [ Magane un chappa mookiyudan sandai podadhadal un thai  in ICU. PL. come back soon with your wife]. All cry for some more time & disburse.

Kamu coming to pirandha veedu after valaikappu. All happy. Mayil gets call from Sokku who informs about Leela's hospitalisation. Specifically tells him not to inform Kamu. But Kamu over hears & insists on accompanying them to the hospital

Some construction site. Prasad overseeing the work . Giving instructions to workers. Goes for some supervision leaving some measuring scale . Some school children playing near by. One of the boy's  scoots with the scale. Another one [ think it is Maha's fav. Student Pandi] fights with him to return it back. Prasad notices this , Pandi tells the matter & gets the scale from the other child & hand it over to Prasad.

Back in hospital ' Kamu  over drama -  want to see my athai,  will not leave this place till she becomes alright. Mallika becomes kaduppu seeing kamu's over pasam , oramkatting hubby & tells better we go back home after meeting the doctor.

Malar in Asoka vanam Seetha pose , shedding copious tears . Her endurance level saturated. Tells hubby ' kava you have proved yourself a good brother at the ceremony. Now time for you to prove how good husband are you. Our hero immediately put his head on Malar's lap [ Sutham , idhukku ennapa meaning???????????? Going to sleep]

Mudiyuma Mudiyadha [ seriala  solrenpa] . ennala mudiyala

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Samyukthaaa  Prithviraj Delhiku  thookindu poyittanma . Seekram vaama

Monday .

Indha serial paartha piragu Karaikudi name kettala Odhrudhu.

                  Monday 27.05.2013

Furious Sokku  waiting for meenu to arrive.  A fretting & fuming Meen express arrives in full speed & applies brake before Sokku sir panting & gasping. Kidaicha gapla  Sokku , Gopi & ragini grab the mike & question her for insulting Malar. Thats all. Madam meenu takes over – bayangara Thavil kacheri – accuse , abuse galore – everything directed towards Malar.  Reason for this outburst – Malar's Mama attended the kadhu kuthu function  uninvited  & threatened to take action for ill treating his niece. Meenu's abuse goes on & on & on.  Finally gives an ultimatum – either Malar mama apologises in presence of all kith & kin or Malar leave the house. Gopi as usual tries to pacify mom while Sokku remains indifferent. Josi Sokku having last laugh.

Angry & crying Meenu walking towards Mahes' house. Meets Prasad on the way  who accompanies her to Mahes' house. Usual RTO. Meen & mahes take turns in demeaning Malar , her family & her henpecked husband Gopi.  Malar's first marriage with Gokul becomes the topic . Obnoxious Mahes says  Gokul's atrocities against her is Malar's words against Gokul. May be Malar is also at fault [ Adip Pavi]. Now Gopi in her mundhanai , thalayati bommai , Meenu is thrown out of the house because of her. Pasad is shocked , unable to believe the story about nallavan vallavan Gopi.

Kadavule  enga poi muttipen???? Atina wall & all other walls collapsed. Great Wall of Cinavayum oru kai paarthiduvom.

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Tuesday Episode: 786 - May 28, 2013

Meenatchi and complains about Malar and Gopi. Prasad hears her. She tells malar changed Gopi and even Sokku. Prasad says don't cry I am here. Meenatchi scolds more about Thai maman who is he. I will never go to that house even if I die. Prasad stops her and asks Malar is educated and even then why he behaves like that. Mageshu othu oodifies this. Prasad tells let me talk to Gopi.

At Sokku house, SR calls and informs them Meenatchi there and all are relieved. Gop isays he will go get/beg Amma to come next day. Ragini talks correctly saying leave her there and Magesu and Meenatchi will fight and she will come back. Also we have been goin low so far and leave it and she will come back.
Gopi and Malar go inside and Malar says let me call Mama and tell him not to interfere in my family matter. Gopi stops saying Rohini life should not be impacted. keep quiet. We will think what to do tomorrow. 

Next day - Sokku goes to get Meenatchi saying if I don't go she will make it a big issue. Ragini tells Gopi she won't come. Gopi says let us see what happens.
Sokku goes to Magesu house. Both magesu and meenatchi and also santi and Velu start scolding him and Malar. Meenatchi says I will only come if you chase  her out or Mama fall on my and magesu feet. 
Sokku says then I will go let her stay with daughter. He tells meenatchi if she needs anything then he will send over. meenatchi and all shocked. after he levees Meenatchi says it is all that kutti thavalai malar doing than.

Prasad comes looking for Gopi house. patti who sees him takes him to gopi house. Gopi introduces Ragini - and malar. Seeing Malar his smiley face becomes angry.


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Wednesday 29.05.2013
Wednesday updateTongue - Not Bad laks nee Thapichuta..Maha Prasad centimental Intro Clap

Prasad at gobi's place..bashing kobi for sending his mom out.. kobi tries to explain but prasad no mood to hear.. in between he morachufies malar too.. all meens girrings ellam spit pannitu leaves from there without having anything..rags ask who is he to poke his nose in our family issues..kobi says he is good man if we make him understand all will be cleared..but why should we need to tell him all the family issues nu than am thinking nu solluran.

Lola in hospital..coming back to normal.NA,Morthy,vans comes in ..lola checks abt ramesh -Paramu whereabouts..NA says that they will be safe nothing to worry ..they will be back soon nu solluraru.. there comes kamu.. lola scolds here for coming to hospital after valaikappu.. as girl should not move out of mother place nu solluranga. n add n argues with her to be in her mothers place .. as she is yet to give birth to baby..n ask NA to drop her at mayil place..kamu still stands silent with tears..lola chellama scolds some more n make her to go off from there..kamu goes out of room NA comes out ..kamu says she is happy ..sothai will be fine soon n will become normal n will understand her fully once she is back nu sollitu leaves from there.. NA left with anada Kaneer.

Sr.pp Jumps about prasad way of bashing n ask kobi not to go n see his mom he tried too..but it didnt suceed..also adds that we need to leave her as it is then only things will change..but kobi says if he n malar goes there she may come back.. but sr.pp neglects that idea n tells that if u want u go dont take my DIL , i cannot let malar to get disrespected again.n leaves from there.. kobi calls malar n ask to come with him to shop to get things n will goto mahes home... malar says she wants to go by sr.pp words.. kobi tells u 2 malarLOL n leaves from there. malar tells rags that she has some work outside..she will be back shortly nu sollitu goes from there

Rasappa n maha at that temple..ras tells if you pray god here..u will get good life partner nu.. but maha says that she is here jus only for sake of consoling pirai.. as she don't have any intention of getting married.. ras says ok god is also looking at u ..he knows to give u better one.. n takes her inside temple..there ras obligate posari to give good word for maha life. posari gets arul n tells all is getting closer, guy who is going to put malai to maha in very near ...he has come already nu sollitu gives vibhuthi.. there comes prasad in the entrance of temple.. posari smiles with arul n calls him dai come here n take vibhuthi..maha is looking at him.. prasad is puzzled n comes next to maha n posari  gives vibhuthi.. prasad is closing his eyes.. maha is looking at prasad..Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Screen Freezes

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Thursday 30.5.13
Thursday Updates

Habba great essu my ears LOL

After the temple prayers, maha walks alone back to school. Behind her Prasad follows. Maha panics thinking prasad going to rob her and starts running towards the main street LOL There the loosu teacher who tried to misbehave with her comes in bike. Maha ask for a ride and essu from there. Prasad wonders why she ran off confused. During the bike ride the idiot tries to put brakes so that maha bangs against him. But she was more cleaver as she had a pin in her hand and poked him LOL halfway she gets down and chases him away.

Malar at her uncles place and explain to him everything. Instead of getting angry he calm down and regrets doing such and without waiting for malar to say it out.. he himself said he will go and say sorry to the both ladies ... malar is grateful for him.

He goes and says sorry to both ladies who still korai pesuran at him .. but he does not lose his temper.. just says sorry. Gopi comes just then and taniya malar uncle tells him that malar has came and told him everything. For him malar happiness that matters and leaves. Gopi goes and ask him mother to come back and she shouts at him and ask him to go later she will come. Gopi tells magesh that her character is very bad and she evil person and leaves. ( how i wish gopi gave her a slap Confused)

maha comes to school and sees kutty pandi eating ice cream and also his having lot of money on hand. He tells her how he got the money and maha ask him to get the prasad to meet him. Prasad comes to see maha who is talking to sam in phone.. scolding sam for making her do thosa for Prasad who never ate it. Prasad realize its him that maha talking. Maha turns and shock to see prasad there. She then scolds him for giving money to small kids and that will tempt the little boy to do good things in order to get money. Prasad smiles and says sorry 3 times. First he was walking behind her and made her think his a bad guy ... second for giving money to small boy.. third is for not eating her thosa. Malar shock and prasad explain he is the prasad sam ask to make thosa. Maha smiles.


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            Friday  31.05.2013

Maha ' Prasad kadalai- Prasath truly accepts that he is The madappayal Prasath ' Malaysia return , Gopi  nanban Prasath . asadu flowing on Maha's face.

Sokku updating Gopi about Valaikappu function ' went off very well ' drishti parikaram ' Leela's heart attack , admitted to hospital , always polambing to see ramesh/ Paramu ' says that they should immediately start their net search operation. Discussion turns towards Malar's mama ' Sokku praises ' periya manushan periya manushanthanu  prove pannitar.

Meenakshi returns ' finds fault in clean & tidy house 'complains her single day stay away has made the whole house topsy ' turvy. Sokku informs about leelavathi's heart attack 'spread of new epidemic in the town , targeting  marumagal lashing  mamiyars.  Butterflies in meenu's tummy. All give a smug smile.

Kaja comes with his cell showing ramesh'd photo. So now they know ramesh is in Kutralam ' Gopi decides to take Prasath's help in locating ramesh.

Gopi meets Prasad ' Malaysia nanban teaching mother ilakkanam to Indian nanban ' An\mmana summa illai ' our prathyaksha deivam - Thayir sirandha kovilum illai ' wifea divorce panntu innoru wife kattikalam , but cannot throw mom out ' ore oru ammathan [ idhu poruma innum venduma????]. Namma porumayellam suthama sodhichuttu Gopi comes to the point. Prasad accepts to help , will ask BIL to hand over the photo to his friend police inspector

My patience goes for a toss in this segment . Prasad's BIL as usual puts on over drama when his FIL tells about Prasad's request. The word police station makes the man tremble in his pants. Some more drama by the man  ' FIL firmly says it is Prasad's order. Mapillai has no other go.

Prasad's BIL ready to go to police station ' sees his SIL Gayathri  coming ' shows his 32 teeth , Sees some boy coming behind her- immediate calculation 1+1=2. Goes to fight with the boy & nanna vaangi kattikking. Gayathri goes inside & gives left & right to sister , & tells that she should warn her husband to have some tongue control

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