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Thursday - May 02

Magesh BIL comes to kamu shop and gets tempted with the delicious smell of the food. Somehow manage to kadhai adikuran and eat for free plus parcel for home also.

Both Malar's mama and wife comes to visit her at home. Meenatchi happily receives them in first but upon knowing its Malar relatives, she moves away and sits without talking a word to them .. they both tried so much to talk to her asking if this is malar house and where she is nu but Meenatchi sits like a deaf person. Both about to leave then malar comes and invites them. 

Gopi comes and he too welcomes them .. mama starts his work insulting the house and asking gopi how they are livng here and why dont he take the offer of new house given by malar father. All this is heard by Meenatchi who fumes badly. Before leaving, the mama guy pretend like calling someone and saying if MIL doing so much of things just break her leg and she will learn her lesson nu. Meenatchi gets angry thinking that is meant for her nu.

Sokk comes back and Meenatchi complains about them and warns everyone that no one is going for the function invited by malar uncle. She goes in. Sokku tells malar not to worry and ask her to go ahead for the function.


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                    Friday 03.05.2013

Paati comes to Pushpa's house with jakkama's [ or Jakappa's] arul vaaku.Updates Meenu's chance meeting with the soothsayer  who predicted the return of the long lost relative. Paati as wel as Meenu convinced it is Sokku family's lost Thalai magan.  Maman magan varapporan , Mahavukku Maha yogam adikkap poguthu , says paati. Pushpa / Pirai happy.  Gopi comes there, says he is on house hunt for his Malaysia friend Prasad. Pushpa mentions about couple of houses for To-Let in their neighbourhood. Gopi asks her to make enquiries about them.

Wig uncle comes home with some yummy food packets. Shanthy hogs it with loads of praise for the taste. Soon up on knowing its origin – Kamu's kai vaNNam – pukes it & throws the remaining on the garbage bin. Wig mama informs them about Kamu's Valakappu to be performed under the aegis of Sokku.  Further outlines his  ingenious plan to prevent Sokku family attending it viz having Pandi's ear piercing ceremony on the same day at Kula Deivam temple. Mahesu  Shanthi  happy.

Wig mama & Mahesu step out to carry out their mission. Mayil & Deiva arrive at the same time to give invitation for Valaikappu. Mahesu as usual ill treats them with her nasty comments. Deeply hurt Mayil & Deiva walk out with heavy heart.

Wig uncle & mahesu reach Sokku home. Mahesu refuses to enter the house till Sokku comes out & invites her  personally.  Sokku obliges sans vetrilai/pakku. Once inside Mahesu informs about Pandi's ear piercing function scheduled for the same day as Kamu's Vala Kappu. A shocked Sokku & happy Meenu  look on

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             Monday 06.05.2013

Mahesu  informs about her son's  kaadhu kuthal ceremony scheduled to be held on the same date as that of kamu valakappu. Sokku asks her to change the date as it clashes with Valaikappu date.  Mahesu  shots back , change kamu's Valaikappu date.  Not possible , says Sokku , , already delayed , & moreover fixed before Mahesu decided. Livid Mahesh challenges to choose between magaL or thambi.  Sokku categorical – Thambi  more important. Livid Mahesu walks out. Meenu labo dibo

Some kuladeivam kovil.  Jags  family waiting for Malar / Gopi  . Malar Gopi parandhu coming in their cycli , kaduppa comments Malar's mama. Gopi admiring the cars around him. Mama's son Siva comes & introduces himself. Malar my  murai ponnu , but Jaggu refused to give her hand to me which resulted in family feud. My father was very angry & severed relationship. Presently  am settled in Chennai & doing well.

Inside the temple Pusari Saami aading – all will be well from now on , all will be well – calls Rohini & specially applies vibuthi on her forehead. Mrs. Jags becomes emotional. Malar Mama realises the reason for her sorrow &  comes out with  Rohini's – Siva marriage proposal.Siva also thalai aating . All  very happy. Om Shanthi Om Shanthi Om Shanthi.

Mayil & Deiva brooding over Mahes' obnoxious behaviour. Sokku comes , Mayil tries to act , says Mahsu was very cordial when they went to invite her. Sokku informs about Pandi's kadhu kuthal ceremony on the same date. Mayil  redy to change Kamu's valaikappu date. Sokku vetoes it.

Back in Kuladeivam kovil.  Siva  baits Gopi with garment export business – form a partnership firm – Siva to look after admin & Gopi production – earnings will be in lakhs – Malar's mind also slowly karainging.

Mudivilla Thodar kadhai

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Tuesday - May 7
today - Yenakku all vayadis...Cry

Sokku runs into SR and complains about Mahesu planning of kadu kuthal same day as kamu Valaigappu. SR shocked tells him he doesn't even know about that. He says let me go talk to my wify and try to change the KK date.

Sokku tells him (What we will all say to him as well) Good luck with that. Wink

SR goes home and asks mahesu abotu the date, she starts complaining and tells my family is important. if they think I am important then they should come stc(Fill in the blanks Mahesu mouth) UnhappyOuchOuch

Velu supports mahesu Confused and he shuts SR off. SR onnum solla mudila. Ermm

In Lols house, Moorthuy gettign down Anda gundas from Paran and Kamu helping. Lols sees this and lasks what need? Moorthy says to give to Kamu house so she can cook from their house and I can continue my business. 
That's it Lols labo dibo  Ouch saying this is my mamiyar sothu I can't give it etc... Nellai comes seeing this he tells Moorthy why do you take the saniyan in baniyan by yourself, Wink go to this place who rent vessels and rent it from them. Tell them I told. Kaamu Moorthy leav, And Lols insult them for that and she tries to put the andas back on the Paran, Kamu comes and tells there is Pathala karandi on the top. Wink Good one. Lols gets scared and stops putting the dishes back.

In Sokku house - Sokku and agini eating he asks Meenathi about mahesu plan and she opens her mouth saying she is caught between father and daughter.

Sokku scolds her. She asks what is your decision and Sokk usays what ever I said.  Meenatchi says it is her thaalai preran KK and all need to go , Kudumba varisu blah, why she has to live etc. Angry that like mathalam she has idi from all sides vaam.LOL

Sokku says ok what ever. Clap

After she leaves Ragini tells Sokku let me give one idea. Let me, you and mommy dear go to valaigappu and let Anna, Anni and Geetha go to KK. Sokku happy.

Malar Gopi coming back, Malar approaches the topic of garment shop. Gopi tells it will not work for me - if I want to come big then it will only be in Nathaswaram nothing else. I liked tailoring that's all. Malar tries to push him and he tells I am not comfortable talking this and ass her to drop. She says ok but asks him atleast why don;t you buy a bike? He says ok that is a good idea but I will still keep the bike as this is what united us. She smiles happily.


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Wednesday  8.5.2013- mm.. as expected Mahesu  mandai oodaipu continues..Day Dreaming

KM reaches home.. all are sitting outside.Sr.pp tells kobi to take malar safely inside home..kobi goes forward..meens stops him n tells that how dare u both can go when i dont accept for it.. kobi says all are needed for me.. i cant keep away malar relatives nu.. josi comes behind n puts thalam for the scene..kobi gives prasatham to geets n ask her to take it in..meens snatch it from her n throws it in roadAngry..patti gets angry n scolds meens.. but she ask her to give advice to her son.. patti goes to sr.pp n ask him to give nice slaps to tries to do it..kobi stops it n commicallyOuch ended making all to go inside home ..meens stops kobi n tells that u will hear ur mom rite.. now go n hit that josi n come inside home nu solluranga.. josi is chased by kobi..

Next day..sam in front of the kulam next to his home.. kaja joins him ..sam ask kaja to sing.. both are doing some fun on each other..there comes mahesu with mr.shanti..sam n kaja comes near them.. sam checks if shanti n she had fight or again SR has gone with another lady..mahes chides him n gets inside home.. n tells they are conducting function for unwanted people..puspa says kamu is also thier relative only like you.. maha says now mahes has changed a lot..n finally mahesu invites all saying the date ..all are dumbstuck..mahes says am inviting u all since i felt u r my relatives..its upto u if u want to come or not.. n invites kaja too n leaves from there..maha n sam says no to mahes function n leaves..puspa asks pirai on next ..he says no other go i will go for mahesu ceremony n u take care of kamu function nu solluraru.

Sr.pp palace ..all are doing BF.Sr.pp tells the plan suggested by rags.. meens jumps off n says.. i will goto my grandchild function only nu..then pp declares that meens will goto baby naming along with kobi n all other will go to kamu ask kobi to take malar n go for purchase..meens gives big seer they had done less to mahesu during her marriage.n ask him to leave alone for purchase..malar ask kobi to come to thier room..meens is polambing on this.. sr..pp makes it light saying that b4 child birth even he was like this onlyLOLLOLLOL

Malar tells kobi to go alone as these ladies may create next prob thru this purchase only..but kobi convince her n ask her to get ready for purchase.malar gets call from rohs..she wants to meet both kobi n malar in person..malar says they are coming out for purchase will come there after purchase nu sollura..jags home.. rohs tells she is confused as she is in better peace now.. she doubts if shiva accepts proposal on compulsion as she is not ready for bad future..kobi appreciates her thought n tells that we will speak to shiva n let her if he really likes the marriage..if in case he accepts whole hearted then he checks if it will be ok to you..she agrees for it.. malr goes n takes her purchased baggage n leaves from there.. jewel purse slipped from bag ..which is unnoticed by all..

Screen freezes on purse on floor

pp guess : from jags home somebody will come to give jewel n notices the prasatham outisde Sr.pp home.LOL next apology session starts there.

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Thursday Updates 9.5.2013

marabadiyum vayadis, this week neram seri illa Cry

Both Malar Gopi on their way back. Gopi is worried about Rohini but glad to know she is more matured now. At least she wants to know what is in Siva's heart before deciding for this marriage. Gopi decides to talk to siva directly about this and calls him wanting to meet up. But Siva says his on the way to Thiruchi and will come back and call. Prasad calls Gopi and informs him his leaving Malaysia today and arriving india ... will be in karaikudi in one day Prasad invites Gopi to his house first to stay with him and gopi agrees. He ask if he can bring gaja and sam .. prasad says no problem.

Both Devanae and mayil goes and invites Malar in laws for valakappu and when they were about to leave rogini gives the gold bag to them and ask them to give it to Gopi. Mayil hesitates but takes it. Outside he ask Devanae to go and give gopi and come while he goes back home straight. 

Both malar gopi standing while Menaashi looking at the stuff they have bought. She insults the stuff they bought and scolds gopi for being stingy Confused In comes magesh and husband. pocha D'oh Both mother and daughter starts and talks bad and finally magesh ask her mother to check the golds. But golds are missing. Both gopi and malar shock. There comes devanae gives the gold and says his in laws gave. Meenashi starts her thiruvai and loda loda loda like machine gun throws out words join in by mageshu. Finally sokku ask mageshu to be quite. 

Devanae leaves. Malar scolds her husband for keeping quite. Why cant he tell them he went to her mother house? whats the need to keep quite? If magesh can come here with her husband she too has every right to take her husband to her mother house Clap Malar equally gives nicely to her MIL and goes in ... while meenashi is more in anger as gopi too leaves. Soku tells Meenashi she has to be very careful now that malar has started to talk. She has to behave or else soon gopi malar will be out from here. 


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                     Friday  10.05.2013

Guru – Mallika come to see Lols.  Mallika pre warns Guru that she will do all the talking. Guru only have to say – Yes Boss.  MIL & DIL konji kulaaving for some time. Malli  comes to the point – tells someone from their house should represent Kamu's valaikappu mainly to see what  the seer senathi. Lols accept & says Malli is the right person for it. Happy malli accepts the job & assures to give running commentary.

Prasad's sapatturaman BIL lok loknu coughing & coming  home with his usual yellow bag. Wife & in laws padharing – what happened , mapillai what happened.  Mappu oppari – ayayo ayayoo enakku pneumonia nu doctor saying lok lok.  FIL says no my dear mappy , no fever , cant be pneumonia , just cold & cough. Mappu throws more tantrums & retires in to his room with wife & manjal bag. Inside the room both hubby & wifey mosukkufying mutta biriyani smuggled  in thru manjal bag.

Sokku mama praising Malar mama .  Raju mama is the standing example of sondha bandham.  Says our ancestors have created this thaimaman , murai mapillai relations with a due reason – to help each other . Malar's mama is a perfect example to this. Sam asks Sokku a sane Q – why mama  when I offered to marry ragini  , how come this relationship thathuvam go kaka oosh ? [ sabash Sam – poteda oru podu]. Sokku some how samalichufies & says Pushpa & Pirai never broached the subject , nor did any of the girls want to marry him.

Gopi, Sam & Kaja all set to go to Kutralam to receive Prasad. Meen sees the packed  baggage of Gopi & gets worried. Sokku  irritates her saying Gopi / Malar on their way to thani kudithanam  thanks to Meena's mile long tongue. Meenu confronts Gopi & gets to know that they are going to Kutralam to receive Prasad. Meenu heaves a sigh of relief. Sokku warns her  to watch out her steps.


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Monday May 13 Episode 775

Bus comes..Prasad getting down...His dad an mum waiting for him...Orey konjals...

Gopi,sam and kaaja comes there and watches the konjal scene...Mummy daddy over aa konjings...thangam,vairam etc etc...Mum says i have a venduthal...we should go to sori muthu ayyanar temple...Prasad says i have some inportant work...I should go to karaikudi tonight...Mum says ok...prasad sees gopi and calls him...

Gopi,kaaja an sam ilicha vaayoda comes near prasad and says vanakkam...Gopi intros kaaja and sam to prasad's parents...Prasad's dad says thanks to gopi...and asks sorry onbehalf of his maappillai...Gopi goes in search of an auto...

Andha gap la sam and kaaja oramkattufies prasad and narrates their kashtappau panam bvaangina story...Sam says oruthan adhula toewl la kazhatti vera kaatinanLOL
sam and kaaja asks for thanni party...and prasad says ok...

Auto running and auto la ulla makkal talking...Sam kindal pannufies prasad's machan...Prasad asks sorry...Gopi says its ok...Sam says machan is a maanamketta manushan...Embuttu adichalum thaanguvaru...Prasad invites them to have lunch at his house and onna serdhu we will leave for karaikudi... 

Shanthi and mahesu out for shopping...There lola and her DIL mambalam porukkings...Shanthi vambu izhuthufying lola and lola starts her pazhamozhi fights...Shanthi attacks back...Shanthi talks abt valaikappu and mahesu talks abt kadhu kuthu..suddenly 2 perum freins aayitanga...DeadShockedback to back thittu for kaamu and paramu,deivu and mayil...vetti pechu continues...mahesu invites lola to her son's kaathu kuthu..mahesu says ramesh oru konna vaayan...lola says un purushan sinna veedu vachavan...again fights starts...LOLpodi ara mandai kari...nee podi muzhu manai kaariLOL finally reaches prasad's house...His sister suthufying aarathi ...Ellarum goes in ...Prasad tells her mom and dad to sit...Prasad lies down on her lap an konjufies...Sam,gopi and kaaja enters and gopi aanadama watches ...Prasad sis comes and morachufies gopi...


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