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Happy Birthday Harshad Chopda:*Splendor On Screen*

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He could have disappeared, like hordes of starry-eyed youth do every day
He did not ' he persevered, he endured and he became the heartthrob of everybody's dreams
His charming smile, lively eyes and a positive attitude hid all the obstacles he must have faced on the way. His name is Harshad Chopda, and he will make even the toughest hearts scream.

Life is a journey and in it we come across different people, some come and go without a trace, there are only a few who leave an everlasting mark. Today we fans celebrate the birthday of the one, who has become a part of our lives in a matter of few years.


This journey for him has not been easy, he is not an actor about whom you can say the fairy tale line "He came, he saw, he conquered" the more apt line would be "he came, he struggled, he learned, he survived, he worked hard and he conquered" ' and in fact he still continues to struggle, work hard and excel his own past achievements.




If you trace his journey from Grasim Mr. Pune to Dil Se Di Dua Suabhagyavatibhava, it won't take you long to recognize the effort, the struggle, he has put in to be where he is today. His mere presence on screen is magical, when he is in character there is an aura around it that only a few can match.

Harshad Chopda never plays a character, he lives, breathes and enjoys every one of them and that is probably the reason why he has managed to win hearts with every single character he has portrayed on screen. The swiftness and smoothness with which he shifts from one emotion to another is truly commendable. The ease with which he fits into the shoes of every character as if it were tailor-made for him is admirable; the reason why audience are able to connect to the character and the story instantly. Be it romance, action, anger or lighter moments of a character, Harshad plays them all flawlessly.


His chemistry is not great just with the female leads of the show but with every single character he develops an unforgettable chemistry, be it Preet, Gayatri, Lalit, Kuldi, Chahat, Meher, Vikas or Tanu of Kis desh mein hai mera dil, Neelu, Laboni, Shehkar, Kuhu, Roby of Tere Liye, Saroj, baapji, Bhanu, Rina of Dharampatni, he created unmatchable chemistry with every character in the shows. And who can forget the amazing bond he shared as Raghav with Yash, Gayatri, Komal, Tanisha, Sundar.


Let alone positive characters he develops a befitting chemistry with his villains too, be it Rishab Rampal, Ritesh or Viraj, he makes you feel the thrill effortlessly.

Words can never do justice to your ability as an actor Harshad, hence we won't make this long and end it by wishing you a very Happy and rocking 30th Birthday!

We love you the way you are (Except for your hibernation)

Ok, ok we do love you the way you are (including hibernation)

Because you have made us smile, laugh and dream'.. innumerable times and in return the least we can do is say ...

Thank you!

May you shine for years to come, as the brightest star on billion screens across the globe

Because you deserve it!


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"A man who believes that acting is all about getting into the skin of his characters...and who marches to the beat of his own drummer" (Lizzy)

Getting into the skin of the character is certainly what he does ' that too in an industry where scripts are usually vague, stories and character keep on changing ' he still manages to portray his characters in a way that even when script goes haywire you are able to relate to the character, feel his pain, laugh with him, understand his emotions ' this is something Harshad Chopda adds to a character, something very few actors are able to achieve.

As fans our journey with Harshad Chopda has been entertaining and exciting, its an unwritten bond, a strange relationship but one that is filled with trust, the trust he has developed over the years. Our faith in his ability as an actor is one thing where he has never disappointed us. Not all of us have been lucky enough to have seen him on screen from his very first show "Mamta" ' some not even lucky enough to have watched "Left Right Left" and "Amber Dhara" but one thing is for sure those who become his fans once, find it hard not to keep an eye on his next show. With every show he has just gotten better and better, polishing his skills, providing us fans an opportunity to witness high class performances scene after scene, character after character. Before the start of any of his shows we can't help but rub our hands in glee because we are sure whatever he will bring next would have something worth watching, a new chance for us to see him in yet another new character, living and breathing it, making it memorable!

There's a phase that " Eyes are windows to the soul " My first impression of Harshad was ... * Woaaah, This man had such expressive eyes ! * .o .O He's one of those rare actors that can actually EMOTE with their eyes ... And flip the switch, so to speak, of emotions they feel so effortlessly" (Chandini)

We fans adore him for the person he is but more than anything else he has won our hearts and minds through the sheer splendor he is on screen! That is why none of us think twice before stating: "For me, he is the best actor around who can emote as amazing with his work as with his eyes, his expressions and body language.. Its a pleasure to watch the TV screen even when he is mere present.. One of the best dialogue deliveries are by him" (Mishti)

"He is one of the most natural actors in the industry and has expressive eyes which make his acting 10 times better" (Tani, Maha) ' without commenting any further we leave you with a video mix of some of his best performances on screen. For us "he is a survivor ' who sustained in this industry, struggled, had his share of disappointments but survived nonetheless" (vandy)


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On this special day, I wishyou all the very best, all the joy youcan ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and thedays to come!

May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come...
love u so much
May god bless you.

Putting u through a blood test. . .testing. . . Testing in progress. . . . . .
Result-u have no blood,u r only made of honey. Thats the way u r so sweet. . . . .
*HaPpY BiRtHdAy to dear Harshad*

hi harshad

how r you wish a vry happy birthday.Wish you a wonderful and joyful life . i love you and recpect you alot and miss you on screen plzzz come back soon wid more powerful story and lovly character. an i wish you meet your soul mate soon may god fulfill your awl wishes i really don't know what i can say but i really like you you are good marveluc actor and vry sweet person wid soft heart an i really wish we meet soon wish you all happiness and success for you life love you and come back soon we are dying to welcome you agaainon screen and we want your's and additi joint interview plzzz atleast onces for your fans plzzz. Keep smiling bcoz you world best smile ever aur ap smile kartey bhut achey lagtey ho.

 ths shy guy in left right left was always a comforting presence on screen
but the real hero came out while we saw the passionate,agressive,romantic businessman .. our heer's prem .. our prem and thats what caught my eye.
while u played the mandolin and ran on sands we were literally drooling.
yes. DROOLING .. atleast i was.
every role u play is perfect and it's you who holds the screen space as well as the hearts ...
hoping to see u get more and more success and fame
wishing u lots of love and a very happy birthday
ssshh . no talking about grey hair
u r too handsome and young to think about it
god bless HC

 Dearest Harshad,
Wish you a Very Happy Birthday !!!
May this Birthday brings lots of happiness and success for you along with more awards, appreciation and good work , Amen.

We love you for who you are Harshad. So dont change yourself...as your fans adores you, respect you and love you for the person which is behind the camera...The Real Harshad Chopda

Once again a Very Happy Birthday !!
Enjoy your day !!
i just only want to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY cutipie sweetipie naughtypie  HARSHU 
N HA PLS CUM BACK again all fans r dying to see...u back... HC PLS...


dear harshad ,Wish u a very happy bday...Leaves are manyBut flower is oneActor are manyBut for me u r d one

 " Eagerly waiting to see you back onscreen HC...Love you so much...You smile shall surpass the brightness of a million stars...On your birthday...Let God fulfill all your wishes...Give u all success...n joys...and a fanastic role that will never disappoint you...Keep on entertaining us...n pls come out of your hibernation... Love u loads...n Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!!! Its party Tym for ur pankhasParty"StarDay Dreaming

Happy birthday HC.. On this special day, I want you to know that you are always remembered by me in a special way' Always wish the best for you, today and always.. Harshad, you are one of the few those whom I admire and though u don't know me and its just a fan-actor relation between us, I just want to  tell you that you are special' Please do come back soon and this time don't go away.. Want to see your show breaking records, bagging all the awards n making u n us proud.. Big smile

May God shower his blessings  upon u forever and grant you with all that u desire..


 "Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself."harshad u have not only wonderfully sunk into the skin of the characters you acts Exploring each and every emotions and moods and feelings with utmost dexterity...It is said that ---"The actor should be able to create the universe at the palm of his hand"And harshad u indeed has created and explored each and every human emotion,every nuance in the art of evoking emotions with wonderful ease ,transcending your own self,ripping ur soul apart ,turning yourself inside out and breathing life in each and every character u played.


Happy Birthday harshad

 You're wished a day..That's wonderful in every way ..and brings every beautiful thing you long forYour way... 

 A birthday is a time to celebrate life And all the many joys its brings another chance to start fulfilling..All the cherished dreams that are held within the heart ...There couldn't be a better time than when your birthday is here  To tell you that you are someone who means a lot for all of us.May everything you desire be yours ...on your birthday..From dawn to dusk...And through the year ..

May the same thing hold true...So that each day is filled..With life's best things for you So here's wishing you  a colour ful 

Today is your day,its an opportunity for u to know that u are special and special things are for u today,i wish u all the best.Happy birth day harshuuu. Love u!
 ur birthday is no less than a festival for me...hopes this birthday brings you whole lots of success in coming years..we will always love you..have a rocking birthday

  Kick off ur shoes,take a break Crank the tunes Dance & Shake light the candles,cut the cake Make ita a day, that's simply Great!!! Happy Happy Bday

 May you have all the joy your heart can hold,All the smiles a day can bring,All the blessings a life can unfold,May you have Gods best in everything. Harshad.. Wishing you all the happiness that you deserve on your special day and may all the finest things in life always come your way!!!!!

 Have a happy celebration...we r Sending you a prayer to bless your day, a wish to lighten your moments and a cheer to perfect bday. 
 Wishing you a ray of luck, a ray of hope, a ray of courage and a ray of love. May your year ahead be lit with thousands of such rays.. Just wanted you to know you're in my prayers today tomorrow nd After tomorrow.. 
Here's hoping that your birthday will ring in, and bring, all you undoubtedly deserve the best of everything. Today, on your birthday, may you be blessed with all that makes you the very happiest person on the earth. There can never be enough words to express my love and wishes to you. Your characters have influenced me in a way and given me some beautiful moments that  brought smiles in most tense situations. Have a wonderful new year of life and hope you achieve new heights in your career. Keep up your great work.
Wish u Many Many Happy Returns of the day..!! May God bless u n all ur wishes come true...!! May u lead a successful life ahead nd alwyz...:) luv u <3 n missing u soo much...cme bck soon..!!
 Hope my wishes reach u..:) be happy allwyz..:D
 hii harshad many many happy returns ov the day i m from pak and i m your biggest fan i love you alot plzzz come back soonn you are world best person and marvelus actor i really respect you alot and i really want ti meet you hope so one day we will meet .may Allah bless you and you awl dreams come true wasey kehne ko bhut kuch hai but i wish mai apsey mil kar apsey bat karo till then wish you good luck and joyfull life...
 "Many many happy returns of the day, Harshad! Loved you since Kis Desh. You're one of the splendid actors I have ever watched. Just keep smiling cause that suits the best on your face and wishing you everything you desire for, in your life. Come back ASAP with a bang! Miss you.

There are very few actors who can make you feel a connect with the character that they play on-screen. YOU are one of the rare few. 

I really, really from the bottom of my heart want you to succeed in each and everything you do. Wishing you all the luck in the world, and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Happy b-day HC, enjoy loads on this spcl day of yours. Hope u get loads of success in whatever u do
Happy birthday to him i wish him a good life and setteled life may his all drmzs cum true luv him so much..
Happy Birthday Harshad!!!!
Many many happy returns of the day Rockstar!
wish u get all the happiness and success in life
May all your dreams come true and God bless you with loads of love and success
always keep smiling



Hey, I am from Jabalpur (M.P.) and just owe to Harshad for everything he has given me in my life...       

I really don't know what to say'
You have made me smile and your smile has drifted me into an unseen unknown world of blissfulness!!
Your charm has never failed to hook me and has driven me insane!!
Forceful was my seeing you! But now I cherish that forced moment!!!
On this very special day I wish you very very happy b'day!
No actor has ever created such an impact in my life like you!!!
Love you lots and I dreamingly long for a date with you ];)]
With endless love I pray to god for your health and happiness!
God will shower you with perennial happiness and success!
Love you! Stay happy, healthy and blessed!!!
wish u a very happyyy birthday harshad May every single wish of urs come true have a blast !!! party hard...
Happy Birthday Harshad...May God Bless you...My best wishes are always with you...You have always been special and this day makes you the most special in one in this worldMay this day bring new feelings of happiness and give an awesome touch to your lifeI wish you celebrate countless such beautiful days in lifeAnd no matter what...for me you are and will be the best...and i love you alot!!!Happy Birthday Once again my Harshuuu...
Cos today is your day,its an opportunity for u to know thatu are special and special things are for u today,i wish u all the best.Happy birth day.
May every path be smooth for you, May every corner bring you happy surprises, May every day put a smile on your face, May every friend bring you price and joy, May you get whatever you always wished for.
Sweet!Thats what my worldhas become with you!On this special day..sending you all my loveto wish you happinesstoday and always?
"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."
Dua hai Ki Kamyabi ke har sikhar pe aap ka naam hoga, aapke har kadam par duniya ka salam hoga, Himat se mushkilon ka samana karna hamari dua hai ki waqt bhi ek din aapka gulam hoga.
Kick off ur shoes,take a break,Crank the tunes,Dance & Shake,light
Serious Problem'Shortage of Sugar. This is because, God used all sugar to make you so sweet. Now spread ur sweetness on such a wonderful day. "Happy Birthday.
Look outside It's sp pleasant !Sun smiling 4 you..Trees dancing 4 you..Birds singing for you..Because I requested themAll to wish you
HAppy birthday harshad chopda

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Cos today is your day, its anopportunity for u to know that u arespecial and special things are for utoday, i wish u all the best. Happy birthday. Love u!
Aa teri umar likh du mai chand sitarose,tera birth day mai manau.Phulon aurbaharon se.Har ek khubsurti duniya sele aau..Sazau mai yeh mahfil harhaseen nazaro se.Happy Birth dayHarshad Love U So Much  <3 <3
feels great to be a fan of someone who doesn't have the AIR of a celeb..who is passionate about his work..lives the character and breathes in life to the role by doing so...Lucky was I to have seen you in Ambar-Dhara and LRL..your honest heart, admirable personality,pure sincerity,professionalism, Youthful Zest ...are a few to list which i like a lot..may your life be filled with success and happinessgod bless you
HC you are a rockstar!! hope you get all you deserve in life "
3 years ago, I had heard of Harshad Chopda only in passing: that he was the TV heartthrob, that his show KDM was a hit and he had lots of fans. When I started watching another soap on Star Plus, Tere Liye, I watched it with no clue that he was a part of it (at that point, in fact, I'd watched Rajat Tokas in Dharam Veer and decided to find out what he was acting in next, which led me to TL!). Yet...he blew me away in the very first scene. 3 years later and I'm still a fan -- and  considering I never used to stay a fan of many actors for very long it takes a very special actor to set a record like that for me
HC, you're a gem and you've been such a gift to anyone who has been lucky enough to see and  appreciate you on screen. There is no one character of yours that is similar to the other and only a truly gifted performer can do that. Offscreen, you're such a straightforward, genuine guy, not ashamed to say what you think even though you take care to phrase it well. And who can refrain from loving such an outright foodie  I'm proud to be your fan and I'm sure I'll be staying your fan for a long time to come!
Have a wonderful, wonderful bday!!
Sundas is typing...
On this birthday I wish that God blesses you with all the happiness in the world, the best of health and all the success that you so rightly deserve. Heart

Thank you for always giving your all into every one of the characters you've brought to life and hope you continue to do so.Heart

Always remember that your fans will follow you wherever you go and in whatever you do, we will support you

Waiting eagerly for your return, insha'Allah. Heart

When I see your face,
There's a not thing that I would change,
Cos you're amazing,
Just the way you are!

And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cos you're amazing,
just the way you are! Heart

Happy birthday!!
I only came across you in 2012 but right away, I was amazed! Of course, your huge fan base here on India Forums did not hold back on filling me in with information about all your shows so I am now also an updated fan! And a very proud one too!
Cant wait to see you on the small screen, which is actually my comouter screen, again!
Eagerly waiting and wishing you an amazing day all the way from New Zealand Smile
Happy birthday Harshad ,Many many happy returns of the dayMay you get everything that you want & I hope you get all the happiness you deserve.May you find success in all your endeavors You are an amazing actor.All the best for your future  Keep Smiling & keep shining God bless you
harshad ko mera taraf happy birth day mubarak ho
""loads of happiness be yours may you be happy forever"
 Dear Harshu,

May this year be your best ever. May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles.laughter, love and cheer and May all your dreams come true. On this day, wishing you good health, success and happiness always. Many Happy Returns of the day.
The stars in the sky are a 1000 years old
But the stars on the Earth still have miles to go
Some stars burn out quickly, but those like Harshad
Burn steadily, emitting a soft, but beautiful glow
alina's msg... Wish you a very happy Birthday Harshad !!!
Love you loads!!!!!!! 
Have always loved your work. Hope you rise more high. Happy birthday Harshad, wishing you a happy life ahead
 Will   always pray  u  achieve   great   success
Many happy  returns  of   the  day

Dear Harshad..


Many many happy returns of the day.. Party Wishing the favorite person of mine all the favorite things on his special day'Hope you have an amazing one.. Hug My journey seeing you as an actor goes back to 2006 when I saw u in Left Right Left.. And LOL When I saw the credit list, I thought ur name is Kunal Kapoor.. In fact I had announced to my family n friends that Ali's name is Kunal Kapoor.. Imagine my shock when I was told that u are Harshad Chopda.. But naam mein kya rakha hai.. I really wud love u as much as by any other name too.. Then came Kis Des.. but I haven't watched u much in there..  I didn't like some people in there so I didn't get a feel to watch the show.. Though I have watched u there , but not much.. You are one hell of an actor, Harshad.. For me, you will be best remembered as "Anurag".. The guy has mesmerized me.. Of course, it's all your doing.. Big smile Its your charm, your magic and your hard work that made Anurag Ganguly such a phenomenon.. Hug Thanks for giving us our Onu.. Big smile There are some people who come and mark a presence in your life for a lifetime irrespective of other factors' You are them.. I may get many more favorites but you are YOU.. You have a different and special place in my life and will always have.. 

On this special day, I just wish that may God always provide you the most precious things in life'Health, love, joy, peace and prosperity. The best years in life are about to come' Happy 30th Birthday, Harshad! Never forget how much you are loved'

And please, please, please.. Come back soon.. We utterly butterly miss you.. 

 many many Happy Returns of the day...may Allah bless u with lots of happiness & success...be Happy alwayz...keep smiling... love u sooo much Harshad... please come back Harshad...missing u a lot... waiting for for u...
hy hc how r u...i wish u a very very hapyy returns of tha day may u god bless u and ur all wishes and dreamz comes tru may u have many more.
ap hmesha khush rho ye dua hy hmari kamiyabi ap k qadam chue ye dua hy hmari khuda ap k daman myn sari khushiyan bhr de ye dua hy hmari ghum kbhi na aai ye dua hy hmari
hcc plzz come back we all missing u plzz come back we all mis u a lot
u r a best actor god bless u nd plzz coma back soon '
nd love u a lot..
 Happy Birthday Harshad ... I can go on and on but just want to say wish you the happiest birthday and rocking year and life ahead. May you get all the success you deserve and more. Thank you for the smiles you have spread in our lives
 and joyful day and hope all ur wishes come true.I really like ur series "kis desh meri hai mera dil" it was a really impressive and romantic series and I watched it like 16 times on YouTube and it always made me cry when u left heer and this series was so Awsome that I actually woke up 5 in the morning to watch it out on YouTube, I couldn't control my self for some reason anyways WISHHH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANYYY MORE TO COME
Hello Birthday Boy!

Here's wishing you a wonderful year filled with lots of happiness, health & wealth!!!

You are my first Indian TV crush, the first Indian soap I followed AND the mere reason I landed up here at IF due to Google searching your name.  So thank you so much for that :)

Actors may come and go but you will always remain in a special place in my heart. I would love to see you again in my TV screen with that beautiful smile and magnetic persona!!

Hope all that you do
Turns out happy for you
And all that you wish
Comes your way,
So each hour will bring
Every wonderful thing
You could ask of a wonderful day

Wish you many many happy returns of the day Harshad...I am falling short of words to wish you now ...coz you always stay there  in my prayers and my conversations . So here's wishing you a bright successful year ahead filled with enormous joy , good health and love from everyone around. You will always live in our hearts. You made us smile with your enchanting presence, laugh with your unlimited jokes and mesmerize with your elegant and charismatic performances

Wishing you A very happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.
God bless you in every moment of your life..Have a Fab day on your Birthday! love you alot and yea come back soon missing you aloot.

once again A very very Happy Birthday

Dear HC bro'.you are incredible actor ever I saw in any industry'I don't watch hindi channels much but while changing the channel once I saw phone conversation and again at same time I switched on the same channel next day'..and I fallen for kis desh day by day I got addicted to the show and you'.in October 2008 when I heard about prem's death news I started entering the petitions tried hard to get you back''. at that time my exams were going on and I scored really less marks in exams so I decided not to visit IF( but I always watched your shows lol) and now I achieved my goal to some extent and im here again and after these many days''.i don't say im only great fan but can say one of your greatest fan''I like prem a lot and when I get time I always watch kis desh and I never get bored of this '''.dunno why law of diminishing marginal utility doesn't applies to this show lol'.. at last but not least'..i want you to do a great character like prem'..please if possible I hope kis desh 2 happens'..please please come back soon in a wonderful character''.Wishing you a very very happy birthday and all success , happiness, fun and what ever you desire in life come true. God bless you.

 I m from France, paris. And i'd like to wish Harshad chopra HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Happy Birthday Harshad..Partymy Sweet, Cute, Matured, Hot and passionate prem juneja.. .U were fantabulous as prem...Its you and additi and the amazing chemistry u both shared brought me to the world of Hindi serials , infact to Hindi channels..and cant believe it has been 5 years..and still u have same effect on me like the first time i seen u on screen...and  i'm  still drooling on u..Words will fail to describe ur acting..the way u express the character through ur eyes and change the entire scene with ur expressions in something unmatachable in industry..and i'm sure it will remain the same..
once again happy birthday harshad..may god bless u and guide you through the right path ..
love u


my sunshine boy...GOD gives u all the happyness what r u want...i fill u very badly when i am not able to wath u in tv..u long live 100 yrs...u r my only reason to watch indian tv serial...GOD BLESS U...love u sooomuch

Let us celebrate what only you can give us each and every day ' the gift of you!
Happy Birthday Harshad


At first i want to tell harshad many many happy returnes of the day and wish him all his dreams may come true and want to tell him that i love him more than mine. And this is really true. May god bless him. And i want to meet with him. And at last lots of love and hugs for him
Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day HC 
Wish you an outstanding and fabulous happy birthday.Hope that this day is the beginning of a great year for youmay this year brings u a lotz of happiness and may all your dream projects come true.Never thought i would be wishing you some day but i guess you got lucky  Wanted to say i really appreciate your every attempt till now to make us happy,enjoy and proud of being your fan.Indirectly but you are a reason i have some good frnds aroundReturn as soon as possible n rock the screen... n last but not the least **may you get a life partnerwho can serve you with all your favourite food

Another birthday is here...

I decided not to celebrate your birthday again until I see you. You have not gotten any older in my mind despite the number of birthdays that you have had and that seems odd. You of course may make your own decision.

Alas I still I cant stop from wishing you... so here goes...

Another year has passed but rather than count the years, let me just say how much we count on you.

Hope you have an amazing day and may this be the start of a year filled with love, joy and happiness.

Stay strong, stay positive and may all your dreams continue to come true.

Hope you are having the best birthdays yet. I hope that you get everything you wish for and that you choose the perfect wish. Don't forget you only get one chance a year! Best Wishes Always

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Harshad! God bless you always!


Happy birthday Harshad, I wish you will have happy life but don't forget us , first time I saw u in Kdmhmd  and I love you and your acting , 
I forget introduction my self I am SANA  from Pakistan I am crazy abaut you , and additi and i relly miss your jodi hope in the future we can see both of toghter again all the time thinking about u most my time i spand waching your videos ,I hope and pray you get everything you wish for on this special day and that you touch success always! You're a heartthrob lol x who deserves nothing but the best from life! Thanks for always entertaining us the way you have because without that, we wouldn't be as in love as we are with you 

Happy birthday to the best actor and a person of gem, harshad chopraaa. Harshad my respect for you reaches high and high every time. You ad not only. A good actor but a great person as well. Your sweetness your humbleness your honestly you commitment and most importantly your confidence of standing up against the wrong thing impresses me the most. And these qualities of yours make you the best of all. Love you.


I wish you get a long lifeee with lots of happiness. You deserve all success and happiness and prosperity. Your are the besttt love you 


And your chemistry with Sriti Jha rocks. Miss you both a lot loved youuu


Wish you a very Happy wala b'day Harshad...May god give all the succes nd a lot of happiness...After Tere Liye I become a huge fan of yours...Luv you soo muchIf i am not a boy,i definatly fall in luv with you  I want to you one time in my Life and I will...nd miss you back on screen soon lots of luv   Your littile fan in your Large fan list...

yeah...the day has come to wish for the most special person in my liye...

its none other than the birthday of HARSHAD CHOPDA...

  A very very happy birthday harshad...

  May god bless you and fulfill all your wishes and dreams...

  May you get all the success and happiness in life...

  Wish you all the very best throughout the year...

You are the most awesome and gem of a person i have ever seen...being your fan always make me feel proud...Pls come back soon harshad...Love you loads...

May your birthday be filled with sunshine,smiles, laughter, love and cheers.

May you achieve more and more success,  happiness and joy that neverends. 

Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true.

Happy Birthday

Someone special is turning year older this day and that is our own favorite Harshad Chopda who has stolen our hearts with his amazing performance

I have been his fan since Kis desh and  he  hasn't changed a bit. That's great because he is the perfect just the way he is.
On this special day, I wish him all the very best, all the joy he can ever have and blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come...
Happy Birthday



the warmth and kindness of your heartmakes you more beautiful year after yearall the hardwork and energy that you put into emoting all your charactersyou have made my life amazing, by making it worth spending the 30 minutes watching the character that you emotewishing you a very happy birthday!!!

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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 6:40am | IP Logged

wish u a veryyy happy b'day harshad nd m wating for ur new show
 Dear harshu,a very very very happy bday to you...may God bless you always... with success, prosperity, name ,fame ,love and everything you want...just keep that cute smile intact on your..love yaa lot!!!!!
This I make a point to say,
For it's not just any other day...

A dream was born this very day,
Its the 17th in month of May...

On the threshold of  this special day,
May Hope and Happiness be strewn you way...

May each step you take from this day,
Lead you to a desired way...

My words fail me so I just stay,
Praying for you to be blessed Forever and Today.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Harshad... Stay Blessed... Hug
A very, very, very happy birthday to you Harshad Chopda. Love you so much! May you continue to rock like this
Wish you a very happy birthday harshad
May you always have blessings of God and support of your loved ones..thank you soo much for always following your heart..have  amazing birthday <3 <3 <3..

Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.

Count your life by smiles, not tears.Count your age by friends, not years.

I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy.May the years continue to be good to you. Happy birthday!

You're not getting older, you're getting better. I love youu, and will always love you.

May your boat of life sail safely through all storms and you

reach safely on the shore of success and happiness.


A simple message to a very simple and special person-

Many Many Happy Returns Of The day Harshad.


Happy Birthday dear Harshad...


I just love everything about you...You are a terrific actor and the king of expressions... each time you come on screen, you bring a smile on my face... You portray every character with so much dedication that it is impossible for anyone not to fall in love with you... May this birthday bring lots of joy and happiness in your life and also the success that you truly deserve...and also a special thanks for breathing life to the characters that we all love so much... We fans are always there to support you...may all your dreams come true...Love u loads and loads

I am fortunate,And I'm glad I got u for my fan HC ,Even if I had the chance, I would not pick another.I'm happy you are in my life, You are my winner, come what may.May your birthday wishes come true on ur very special day. It is lovely,when I forget all birthdays,including my own,to find that somebody remembers me.Alone I can Say!But Together We Can Talk!

Alone I can SMILE!But Together We Can LAUGH

Alone I Can Enjoy!But Together We Can Celebrate!



"To my sweet & loving fan HC "

Its a nice feeling when you knowthat someone likes you,someone thinks about you,someone needs you;but it feels much better whenyou know that someonenever ever forgets your birthday."HAPPY BIRTHDAY HC".

I wish you 1 thing, to give you the chance to see yourself as I see you, only then you would realize how special you really are. Happy Birthday!

It's another important day for you to celebrateAnd enjoy as mush as you can cozit's a very special day for youHappy Birthday to you my sweet fan hugs HC 


May every single wish of yours come true. May all your life be filled with loving memories.May we always be together. Happy Birthday my love fan HC!

Friendship is not something that is written on paper,because paper can be torn.

It is neither something that can be written on a rock,for even a rock can break.ButIt is written on the heart of a person,and it stays there forever.Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way, my fan HC 

May this birthday be your best birthday ever,full of light and laughter,a fireworks explosion of joy.May this birthday live in your memory forever,creating happiness and satisfactionwhenever you remember it.Happy, Happy Birthday HC.

'Prayers of your parents, relatives and we love fan are the guarantee that you are loved by the whole world and your birthday becomes special when all of these personalities wish you with sweet wishes and gifts. I wish you always remain the star of their eyes.You are my best brother in this world many many happy returns of the day god bless you HC 

Wish you a many many happyreturns of the day.May God bless you with health,wealth and prosperity in yourlife.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HC.

Its the Day Of Cakes & Candles,

Snow And Songs..

Celebrations & Decorations,

Laughter And Love..


Lovely msg for a Lovely Personfrom Lovely FanFor a Lovely Reasonat a Lovely Timefrom a Lovely Mindin a Lovely Moodin a Lovely Styleto wish youHave a Lovely " HC BirthDay"

It must have been a rainy daywhen you were born,but it wasn't really rain,the sky was crying becauseit lost his most beautiful angel HC :)'ou are really very special,

and deeply loved for what you do,

So you are wished a Happy Birthday,

With lots of pleasure all for you'

I love You Sweetheart HC!

With a new sun rise,

When a ray of light enlightens the earth,

I pray that this ray of life shines up ur life with pleasures n happiness n brighten ur eyes wid new dreams... 

Many  Many Happy  Returns Of The Day.
May  God  Bestow You With Love  Happiness And  Success  Always
Harshad bhaiya wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. You've grown an year older adding experience to your life . . May you keep growing and learning.. May you be bestowed upon with all happy moments and showered with choicest blessings. A heart wishing the best for you. Take care and stay blessed. All the very best for everything. Have a gr8 day and a gr8 year ahead. A happy birthday again. With loads of love from vrushika. !!


Happy birthday Harshad! Wish you the best of luck...and plz come back soon on TV! We are missing you!
Happy birthday Harshadmay god bless u and may u achieve all the success in the life..i wish your all dreams comes true and please come out of your hibernation mode ..we fans r eagerly waiting for ur come backlots of love
i love u harshad u r so handsome good lookin hot marvelous. i am missing u so much whr r u please cum back. And Many Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. May Allah Fulfill your all wishes and dreams. Ameen.
since i'm very very bad at expressing feelings with words, here i want to say just a simple Happy Birthday to one of the most adorable people i have seen in my life- Harshad Chopda.. I don't know whether it was ur smile or ur down to earth and humble nature or excellent acting that took my heart away.. u are the BEST for me.. i hope u get all the happiness.. i hope u reach new heights of success in ur life.. just stay blessed n keep smiling.. :) love u Mr. Harshad Chopda.. ??

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Banner: Sugi
Siggies: Sugi, Chandidni, Sid, Maha, Vandy
Write-up: Soaps, Intro Contributed by Meg Editing: Sam
Message Collection: Sundas
Thoughtful contributions: Soaps, Silky, Manasi, Mishti, Chandini, Sugi, Sam, Sundas, Maha, Meg

Credit for this thread actually goes to every single member of the FC, who keep the spirit going!

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