Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

SS - Rishton ki Daastan ~ 24/09~ 8 (26) UPDATED!!

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Friends, Starting a SS. Hope you all like it.

Rishton Ki Daastan

Prem Juneja and Rishab Rambal are good friends from their childhood. Their fathers, Lalit Juneja and Roy Rambal are also friends and partners in business. Prem liked a girl who studied with him and Rishab in college. She was in final years of UG when they were in final years of PG. Lalit and Gay3 Juneja, parent of Prem decided to finish their marriage. Mr. Lalit Juneja and Mr. Roy Rambal always wanted to continue their friendship to future generations. That is why they involved Prem and Rishab in business together. Gay3 Juneja and Geet Rambal always respected their husbands and felt the same because they are good friends before marrying them. Both Parents felt marrying girls from different family will end their friendship. They wanted their sons to marry girls from same family or close friends. Lalit and Gay3 opposed Prem's love. Later they found out that girl has an elder sister. They decided to ask her for Rishab. Rambals too agreed. They believed taking girl from single family help to continue the friendship of Juenja and Rambal.

That led to Prem and Rishab marrying sisters from same family on the same day at the same time. Prem and Rishab as groom sitting in mandap waiting for their brides. Prem is restless to meet his princess. Prem and Rishab are sitting in same mandap in their place. They looked up. Two girls wearing same colour and design of wedding dress coming down towards them. Their head covered with duppatta with heavy handwork on it. Prem looked at the girl walking towards him. Rishab too looked at the girl walking towards him. Both looked down blushing as they heard some teasing words behind them. Both girls step up to the mandap. Girls settled next to Prem and Rishab respectively.

Pandit started the rituals. Pandit 'tie the duppata'. Gay3 wrapped a duppata on girl next to Prem and tied it with Prem's. Geet wrapped a duppata on girl next to Rishab and tied it with Rishab's. Pandit 'bride's father come and do kaniyan'. Balraj came with Teji. First they did kaniyadhan to the girl next to Rishab. Then they did for the girl next to Prem. Prem squeezed his princess hand. He wanted to see her face while blushing but duppata covering her face didn't give him chance to get that pleasure. Prem thought 'why are you looking down too much? too much traditional.' Pandit 'exchange vadamala.' Both couple exchanged vadamala. Pandit 'both couple get up for 7 rounds around fire.' As pandit explained meaning of each round, both couple promised to keep that. then couple stood in their place. Pandit 'wear the mangalsutra' Prem thought this the chance to see my princess face. He expected someone will lift the veil on her face. nothing happened. He slipped his hand around her neck to hook the maganlsutra. Still he is not able to see her face as the veil is comfortable covering her face giving enough way for him to hook the mangalsutra. Gay3 and Geet loosened the veil sides for the groom to slid the hand around their brides neck but did not make any effort to lift the cover fully. Prem and Rishab put mangalsutra around their girl's neck. They didn't try to see their girls face as their mission of putting hook checked their skill. Prem tickled girl's back after putting mangalsutra before taking out his hand. He thought in ticklish effect she will lift her head to look at him. But his princess seems to be having too much tolerance to these effects. Prem disappointed. Prem little more curious to see her face after putting magalsutra and expected Pandit order to remove head cover. Pandit words came to Prem's recue when his words came out 'keep sindoor in her maag.' Gay3 came to lift Prem's girl head cover whereas Geet stood beside Rishab's girl. Prem took a pinch of sindoor. He gathers all his heart to see her face. He doesn't want to miss her happy expression while he fills her maang.

Gay3 and Geet slowly lifted their respective bahu's head cover. when the lips are seen Prem thought 'today your lips very sexy.' Then he saw her nose. He thought 'ha ha today you are looking beautiful than before.' When the duppata is about to uncover her eye, the power went off. Elders were shocked. Little emergency lights in corners threw dim light. Prem feared these elders will stop saying its not good time. Gay3 in her process without looking at girl's face lifted head cover enough for Prem to see her maang. She is still looking down blushing. Prem quickly filled her maang saying 'i love you.' hearing something different in his sound, she looked up and shocked.

On the other side Rishab too without giving any attention to the face in front of him, filled her maang. The girl expecting some love words from her prince looked up and shocked.

At the same time Prem and Rishab looked at the face of the girls standing with them as Pandit announcing them as couple. Elders threw flowers on them. The power also came and showered the light to bless the couples. But couples, their parents and relatives were filled with shock and confusion. Pandit 'take blessing from elders.' Both couple in a shock didn't move. Elders are also staring at each other. Crowd seems to be talking in confusion. Pandit hearing commotion 'what happened why you are all confused?' Lalit 'pandit ji, girls got swapped.' Pandit looked at both couples 'but marriage is over. Now they are husband and wife. We can't do anything.'

Prem was about to say something. Gay3 stopped him by holding his hand. Prem looked at Gay3 'ma' Gay3 signalled him to be quiet. Prem eyes threaten to throw out tears. He looked at the girl standing next to her with confusion. She looked at him with fear. Rishab confused as he know how much Prem and Ash love each other. He was the witness to their love. He helped them to meet without the knowledge of parents. Rishab know about every little detail about Prem and Ash love journey. Now marrying Ash is not a good sign. She will never accept him as her husband.

Heer looked down with tears. She very well know how much her younger sister love Prem. Ash is too much possessive over Prem. Once Heer accidently said 'halo' to Prem after her marriage fixed with Rishab, Just for that 'halo' Ash scolded her very badly. Ash never allowed Heer to give even a glass of water to Prem. 'Now taking her rights away as wife', she felt dizzy. She tried to hold her breath and listen to elders who are now discussing with confusion. Pandit 'marriage is not a child play. Everything is done according to tradition. Now they are bound in Pavitra rishta. Its made in heaven. No human has the rights to break it. don't do sin by breaking God's plan.' Even though both couples are not in the state to fall in his feet for blessing, he touched their head and blessed them before leaving the mandap.

Heer looked at Ash who is staring at her with anger. Ash is daughter of Balraj's younger brother. Her parents died very early. From that day Balraj and Teji are taking care of her like their own daughter. They always give priority to Ash fearing she will feel for her lost parents. Ash took it as advantage and always insecure and blames Heer for everything. Heer as a elder sister to Ash always tried her level best to do what makes Ash happy. Even though Heer was not ready to marry anyone as she wanted to proceed further in her studies and want to setup office on her own for interior decoration, she accepted to marry Rishab only for the sake of Ash love for Prem to succeed. Now this swapping incident made Heer to go weaker.

Finally an elder came forward 'Listen children. Its hard to accept but there is no other way when God decides. God made you like this. So move forward in your life. This is not a mistake. It is God's plan.' Few more advises from few more elders. Prem and Ash are burning in anger hearing those elders theology on marriage and relationship. Rishab and Heer agreed for the sake of elders so they are only worried about Prem and Ash. They are not thinking about themselves.

Gay3 and Geet didn't wait for couples reaction to elders advises. They came forward and held their bahu's hand. Gay3 ' Prem, come.' Geet 'Rishab, bring Ash home.' Gay3 and Geet started walking with their bahus towards balraj and Teji. Prem and Rishab followed as their dupptas are tied with their respective wives. Gay3 'bless your girls and send them to in-laws house.' When Heer bend down to touch her parent's feet, Gay3 pushed Prem so that he can touch with Heer. Prem quietly did as per his mother's instruction. Balraj hugged Heer and cried. Not for sending away. He feared for her daughter's marriage. He is confused whether her life will be happy. Teji too cried with same thought 'Heer has the habit of sacrificing everything for Ash.' She prayed 'Heer should not do the same in her marriage life.' After Balraj and Teji, couple took few more elders blessings. Lalit and Gay3 led couple towards the car to take them to their home.

Geet did the same with Rishab and Ash after taking blessing from Balraj and Teji.

When both couple came out to get into their car, a man removed the name boards in the front of the car. Lalit and Roy ordered to remove that decorated piece which has Prem and Ash, Rishab and Heer name in two different cars. Rishab and Heer are following the direction of elders and didn't notice anything happening around them. Prem and Ash are boiling in disappointment and anger noticed the person removing the name boards from the car. They looked at each other. Gay3 dragged Prem with Heer to the car. Geet dragged Rishab but Ash is still staring at Prem walking away with Heer. Teji and Balraj are tensed to see this. Elder lady placed a hand on Ash shoulder and signalled her to move forward.

Prem got into the car and sat turning his face to other side so that he won't have to see the crowd. He is not able to move to the other side fully because of the knot. He felt 'this knot' he wanted to remove it. he stopped when he saw elders standing near the door blessing Heer. Heer looked at her mother. With tearful face she hugged Teji 'ma'. Teji wiped her tears and nodded her head. What she conveyed to her daughter is only known to Heer. Balraj hugged Heer and whispered 'this is Pavitra rishta beta.' Heer nodded her head. Gay3 helped Heer to get into car. Prem with a relief moved to the otherside inside the car. Gay3 closed the door.

Heer sat next to Prem inside car. She have no strength to look at his face. She looked outside and saw her parents walking towards Ash. Heer quickly looked down fearing what will be next reaction of Ash. One elder ordered the driver to start the car. As the car moved, Prem removed the knot in their dupatta. His anger is very much clear in that. Heer felt Prem anger is bigger than his disappointment.

Teji hugged Ash. Ash hugged back with tears of disappointment. Balraj touched Ash head. Ash got into the car ignoring Geet who is helping her.

Teji looked at Sanju and Maya standing few feets away and staring at Heer's car moving out of gate. Teji walked to Sanju 'beta, if you can please go to Juneja house.' Sanju shook her head 'ha aunty.' She looked at her father'papa, can i go to Juneja house?' Sanju's father Rahul shook his head 'i'll take you.' Sanju 'Maya, are you coming with me?' Maya 'no Sanju, i'm not'. She fearfully looked at Sanju. Sanju kept her hand on Maya's shoulder. Sanju went with her father. Maya stared fearfully at the cars moving out of campus.

Sanju in car with her fatherthought 'Sorry Heer, we did that to give pain to Ash. it is stupid act. But Prem is perfect match for you. I have confidence Prem will accept you.' she made promise to herself 'if you face problem then surely i'll give my life to save your marriage with Prem.' she wiped her tears. her father looked at her 'don't worry beta, Prem is not a bad man. he will understand Heer. Heer is loving girl. Prem can't hate her so easily.' Sanju 'I hope so dad. still i'm scared.' father 'why beta?' Sanju fearfully 'dad, don't tell to anyone.' Rahul suspicions. Sanju looked down 'dad, me and Maya swapped the girls.' Rahul is shocked. Sanju told him everything.

Heer's friends Maya and Sanju are helping Heer and Ash to get ready. They only took Ash and Heer to mandap. Maya and Sanju are closer to both. They know Ash is very bad comparing to Heer. still as they grew up together from very young age, they leant to tolerate Ash's cheap activities.

Heer and Ash got ready. Maya and Sanju were teasing Heer and Ash. Like always Ash took it wrongly and asked them to shut their mouth. Heer is sitting in the bed checking her bangles in her hand. Sanju sat next to her 'Heer, show your mehendi. Did you write Rishab name?' she started searching for initial in her hand. Ash sitting on the other side of the bed 'i know about Rishab well. He won't be searching all these. He will go to sleep as soon as he enters the room. Heer as patni devi has to sit infornt of him to open his eyes.' she laughed 'what a bad match.' Sanju and Maya looked at Ash with angry face. Sanju 'looking at Heer anyone will fall flat our Heer.' Ash 'Rishab.. falling for Heer.. no chance.' She laughed uncontrollably. Sanju and Maya got angry. They exchanged glances thinking 'this girl is in cloud nine.' Heer held their hands to make them quiet. Heer 'i didn't write his initial'. Sanju 'why?' Maya teased 'so that he will search entire night' she winked 'entire b' Heer blushed 'Mayaaa' Sanju and Maya laughed. Ash smirked.

An elder entered the room 'bring the brides.' She left after informing 'cover their face with that head cover.' Maya 'come Heer you stand here. Ash you stand here.' Sanju 'Maya, you go and check the position of their respective grooms.' Maya 'why?' Sanju 'both are wearing exactly similar dresses.' Difficult to find out.' Maya 'ha.' She ran and checked the sitting position of grooms. She recollected 'for me facing mandap, Rishab on the right side and Prem on the left.' Maya came back. She is about to say to Sanju. Sanju signalled her to be silent 'first we cover their head.'

Sanju covered Heer face with head cover. Maya covered Ash face with head cover. Sanju 'wait'. She stood before them and thought. she winked at Maya. Maya understood. Maya smiled'for us, Rishab is on theleft and Prem on the right.' Sanju 'then okay. you both are standing correctly.' Maya checked their face before taking them out of the room.

Sanjuholding Ash walked towards Rishab who is on their right. Maya took Heer towards Prem who is on their left. Maya and Sanju had fear these girls will look through their head cover. but its not so thin. To their surprise Ash is today too much bowing down her head. That gave them hope to succeed in their plan. All these year they tolerated Ash's stupid blames on Heer but they wanted to teach a lesson to her by this. They didn't think that will create problem for their good friend Heer.

Rahul'why you did likethat Sanju?' Sanju looked down with tears. Rahul 'don't tell this to anyone. even to your mother.' Sanju agreed 'but dad.' Rahul 'don't worry beta. even in this you have done something good. Prem and Heer are perfect match. even their family accepted them. only couple take little time to adjust.' Sanju 'Ash won't allow Heer to live with Prem.' Rahul 'elders won't allow them to break the marriage so easily.' Sanju 'hope so dad. but Ash is too dangerous.' Rahul gave her confidence 'Prem is not dangerous. so Heer is safe.' Sanju shook her head in acceptance.

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PM List


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 heyyy newt2007...this is a very gud starting continue ...Smile

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woow..selvy di.. u r back with new one...
woo amazing start di.. cant wait to read more

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wow selvy di u started new SS great...nice concept...pls do add me in ur PM list

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HOLY ... ok k i won't sware .. my my . another masterpiece .. but selvy di u better write this fast .. bride swap that too an intentional one .. and ash with rishabh .. argh hahah ... guess they will but their heads together .. and prem is not dangerous .. huh .. but i like my man with a hint of danger .. guess he will be out of his mind .. huh waiting for more .. fast fast fast .. and pmss plzzz ..

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Omg Selvy what a title


I thought parents swapped but Heer's friends did ! Wow

Cry Heer's gonna be insulted and she'll tolerate all the bashing from Ash and indifference from Prem :(

Wow v gripping start Thumbs Up

Yeah I'd like to read more and so pm is helpful. Ty

Good job Hug

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