8X23 - Sacrifice (Finale!) - Review

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Honestly, I was so excited and nervous about the finale that I coined a term Supernatural-Pre-Finale Jitters. Embarrassed Seriously! I couldn't wait to watch it knowing that I've only loved the second half of Season 8 and I was sure that the Supernatural team would go out with a bang.  And boy, was I right!!  It was quite a thriller! One surprise after another.

They had me since the very beginning! Jodi Mills and Crowley... What the hell, man.   I hate Crowley.  I kept yelling NO! Not Sheriff Mills! NOT Sheriff Mills!  They couldn't bring her back only to kill her off... I do really like her... though I had always hoped something to happen between her and Bobby.. but now.. Cry

Dean:  Fine! Then the angel tablet comes to us.
Crowley: On what grounds?
Dean: On the grounds that you're a douchebag. (ROFL Couldn't stop laughing. That's like SO DEAN!) And no douchebag should have that much power. Deal or not?! 


Just when I think I hate Crowley enough, he does something else and I hate him more..  He HAD to make Dean say, "I surrender." The sonofabitch knows that's the hardest thing for Dean to do... just surrender to something evil.

Crowley had some awesome lines though, I cracked up several times:

"Nice try, squirrel. Moose's doing the trials. Moose signs."

"You're gonna move your lips the whole way up here, aren't you?!" LOL

I knew at some point Cas was going to ask Metatron about God.  He is still a loyal angel.  Not loyal to heaven and idiot angels.  But a loyal angel at heart.  He still believes in what the angels truly are and what they are supposed to do and God.  "A bit of a sexist... but fair!" That line from Metatron cracked me up.  

They caught Crowley a little too easily... I think... demonic handcuffs? I mean yeah the facade was pretty convincing... I guess Crowley fell for it because of his rather huge ego.  He thought he could make the Winchesters do what he wants.. yeah.. not happening!  "Ah ah ah... demonic handcuffs, jackass! No flicking, no teleporting, no smoking out... oh, and NO DEAL! Which pretty means, you're our bitch!"

Oh, I love my boys so much! Tongue

"I'm friends with friends who do this for a living." Oh, Cas!! The poor guy tries do something right. And always screws up.  I feel for ya, buddy.

My boys had some pretty epic conversations throughout the episode... I loved this one Embarrassed

Dean: You ever done the forgive-me-father before?
Sam:  Only once, when we were kids. Which is why I've no clue what to say now.
Dean: I mean I can give you suggestions, if you want.
Sam: Okay, yeah, sure.
Dean: Alright, just spitballing here, but if I were you, uhh...Ruby?  Killing Lillith, letting Lucifer out, losing your soul... not looking for me when I went to purgatory...
Sam: Yeah, thanks. (Embarrassed, grabs stuff and walks away).
Dean: For starters!  Or hey, how about what you did to Penny Markle in the 6th grade? Why don't you lead with that?
Sam: Well, that was you.
Dean: Carry on! *With a priceless expression!* That was THE MOST hilarious moment for me in the episode!  Jensen Ackles is perfection redefined, undoubtedly.

Didn't expect to see 'dick' side of Cas... I guess all angels possess that! Well, it wasn't unwarranted though, Kevin kinda deserved it.  He needs to stop whining. Yeah, stuff's bad but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Abbadon being against Crowley...makes sense.  That part was pretty much a thriller. I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  As always, Sam saves the day.

I think Mark Sheppard stole the show with his performance while being cured.  We've really only seen the douchebag Crowley and we know Sheppard does that exceedingly well but this one time, we saw the emotions, the pain, the guilt, the horror... Hats off to him!

Okay... so they kinda lost me with the whole angel deal.  First off, Naomi took Metatron... I can understand why.  But why did she leave Cas behind? I thought there was gonna be an epic battle but they just left.  If they didn't want Cas to begin with, why were they looking for him?  The reporter angel seemed kinda surprised to find Metatron with him so they definitely weren't looking for him.  Not explained very well... And then Naomi becomes the good guy? And Metatron the bad guy?  Really?!  I can understand Metatron's point of view with revenge (Douchebaggery runs in angel blood, it seems).  That was a pretty good twist! Though there were suspicions related to Metatron's reasons, I didn't expect him to do what he did.  Cas has no grace anymore... so now he's pretty much a baby in a trenchcoat. 

But I was right about one thing (Might I add 'again?' Tongue):  Sam was THE sacrifice.  And I knew that when Dean found out, he would choose not to close hell because the price's too high. He'd never choose anything over Sammy.  Never.

THIS conversation of the boys though had me in tears.. like literally in tears.  What brilliant performances by Jared  Padalecki and Jensen Ackles yet AGAIN! These guys are awesome! I'm gonna miss them big time till Season 9.

Sam:  You wanna know what I confessed in there?  What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down... I can't do that again. What happens when you've decided I can't be trusted again? I mean who you're gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel? Another vampire? You've any idea what it feels like to watch your brother... 

Dean: Just hold on. HOLD on.  You seriously think that? Because none of it, NONE of it is true. Listen, man, I know we've had our disagreements, okay.  Hell, I know I've said some junk to send you back on your heels. But, Sammy, come on!  I killed Benny to save you. I'm willing to let this bas***d and all sonsofbitches that killed mom walk because of you. Don't you dare think that there's anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you.  It's never been like that, EVER! I need you to see that. I'm beggin you.

And the hug again!  I know as long as the boys are together, they'll be fine.  Always.

But man, the ending! WOW!  Sammy's in trouble, Cas has lost his grace, Crowley walks, hundreds of angels have  fallen... Truly an epic ending to a finally.. with a monstrous cliffhanger.  Can't wait to see what they come up with in Season 9.

Will the angels be the bad guys?  It seemed like Naomi finally realized that they were doing wrong.. they were supposed to protect earth.. how did they forget that?  Does that mean that the angels will be good here? Or they'll just continue the war they had up in heaven on Earth?   Some demons vs. angels showdowns? 

Lots of potentials here.. let's see... I can't believe this is my last review for months Cry  Time really does fly by.  Well,  SPNers, do post your reviews too... what do you think? I'd love to discuss it more.


P.S. There are probably tons of typos but I am too tired to go back and read it through again and I have a final tomorrow... which reminds me, I should go back to studying.. Hasta la vista.

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THIS IS RESERVED. Approve And no, I am going to have master the art of self control and not read this because I haven't watched it yet.

Edited on page 4.

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See Mahi its leaning towards 'the end" plot!! crowley walks...cas lost his grace...
sam is on teh verge of death...and dean is helpless...Shocked

only 2 things i wanna know next season...Does SAM SEES what Dean is begging him to see, will Sam and dean will ever be the brothers they were...??

and will Cas remember his angelic life...winchesters...and this profound love for humanity will continue even now..and that team freewill will be alive and kicking or not !!!

and J@M SPN CAST SPN CREW specially Mark all NEED teh Freaking EMMY!!!!
somebody give them already or i will do some serious damage!!!

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I SAW!!!
Finally after avoiding facebook and tumblr for the whole day in fear of spoiler i managed to catch the finale episode..and I was almost scared of watching the episode actually...cause knowing SPN it never fails to give me shocks..and well i am not disappointed this time too..the last part made my jaw drop, quite literally. 
So the episode started with 'carry on my wayward son' well did i ever tell how fond i am of this songEmbarrassed And the whole season flashback made me kinda nostalgic too...
'NOT JODI MILLS u dick' Yeah this was my instant reaction the the first scene.
WHY did they have to kill her off...just WHY grrr damm u CrowleyCensored

then the phone call...when he made Dean say ' i surrender' ..Trust me i just wanted to go and kick on his ass...such a git :|
Dean: On the grounds that you're a douchebag.LOLLOLLOL
^^ And THAT"s my Dean!!!!

Kevin digging out the tablet from under the devilLOL...

Then comes trapping the dammed king of hell...demonic hand cuffs HELL YEAH!!!!
ohh man these Winchester's awesomeness quotient increases day by dayEmbarrassed 

Cass and Metatron...Cass asking about God..I just knew it, that he would some day ask about him...*sigh* 
ohh Cass match making is not your thing, really!LOL

I loved the outside church convo of my boys,
Dean's expression at the end, EPIC!

Cass and Kevin..well i agree he was whinning a little , but then atlast he thought all of it was finally over..and then he is asked to translate an Angel tablet in 6 hours, so i don't really blame him.
And this season i have gotten very very fond of Kevin, that kiddo has really come a long wayEmbarrassed so kabhi kabhi chalta hai :P
Crowley and Abbadon..the king and the knight ..well this was pretty much well my Sammy being the savior...
And i do agree..the portrayal of Crowley's guilt, fear..was Brilliant!!!!
Like you even i am confused about the whole angel drama...even i didn't get WHY exactly did Naomi leave Cass...Well about the angel reporter being surprised on finding Metatron, I think that' cause he had been hiding for a really LONG time now, and they didn't have any clue that he had come out of his hide out...i do understand Metatron POV, and well angels can be such dicks so i am not really surprised...but yeah that was really an inserting twist..and it did catch me off guard.
About Naomi becoming the good person, well no i dont think she became a good person really...but  she finally realized what she was doing was not right, as she said their job was supposed to protect not harm...perhaps earlier she actually thought doing all the shit, controlling cass, will actually protect heaven, thus she did all of it to protect heaven..and now she knows Metatron actual plans , she goes to Cass and tells him the well as to Dean.
And without his grace, Cass is a regular guy now i suppose.

Coming to the brothers part now...

Dean will NEVER let his Sammy die, whatever may be the price...


When Dean entered and told Sam about being the sacrifice. and Sam was like 'so.?!

That PART broke my heart…

The fact that Sam thinks that his biggest sin is to let him, his brother down…to feel that he prefers an angel or a vampire instead of him ……* ok now I have tears in my eyes again, really WHAT's WRONG WITH ME*


And the Dean say's'' Don't you dare think that there's anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you.  It's never been like that, EVER! I need you to see that. I'm beggin you.''


And then my favourite Winchester hug!!! God I love my boys , really!! And that made me smile through the tears.


Everything said and done, as long as they are together…they'll be you said *sigh*


The end was.. with Sammy in pain, Dean holding on to him… Cass without his grace, Crowley still alive, and thousands, thousands of Angels falling on the earth…




Now that so many angels have fallen, hell is not closed, Sam is weak…there are many possibilities for the next season.



And girl I am surely gonna miss your awesome reviews!!!


And about SPN, I am still thinking about how exactly should I survive this wait -_-

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it was an awesome epi

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Just one point i wanted to add...Hats off the all the actors man, truly Supernatural has got few of the most amazing AMAZING actors i have seen!

I realized that i should have added this to my previous post, but well whatever :P

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This season finale is one of my the most memorable, breakthrough and eventful episodes we've had in the entire history of Supernatural. I cannot cover scene-to-scene like you always do so awesomely, which we all look forward to. But I will say this, the episode I loved. You see, I don't normally make use of the term love when I am referring to nearly everything. I use it with caution because when I love, I sorta cry and hurt and feel and get involved. I was devastatingly involved in the episode, in Sam and Dean's turmoil, in Kevin's slight rebellion, in Castiel's fateful failure, in Naomi's realization, in my sudden repulsion for Metatron, in Crowley's ironic meeting with humanity. 

The writers, directors and actors of this episode had me laughing, crying and gaping at my computer screen. That's what artists are supposed to do, right? In order to be deemed brilliant they have got to enmesh you in their fashion of storytelling. I was badly, badly enmeshed. 

Sam was the sacrifice. Dean would never have allowed that to happen. Sam's feelings were so hurtful I'd been crying throughout their final conversation. The whole crux of their relationship, all their lives they discussed in that scene. Sam is Dean's point of existence. This was the first time that Sam had to come out and be vocal about his guilt and insecurities about the same. 

J2, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins were outstanding. Now then, they always are. But the whole episode was so very far-reaching you cannot just finish a review without mentioning just how majestic they've been all this time. The writers and directors have also been the boss of it all. I'm not forgetting this episode or the way it ended and the feeling it left me with. The actress who plays Naomi also moved me, it may have been the last time we saw her but Naomi realized all that mattered while she could. 

This season was about demons. The next one is going to be angel-centered, that I am quite positive about. It's my first time speculating about what's gonna happen in a season that's a year away from now. All I am saying is, this episode is worth all the wait ahead of us, it's left us with loads, not to forget a meaty cliffhanger we all need to see unfolding.

Under the Supernatural spell,

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Originally posted by epiphany.

y re crying??

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