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AsYa FF: Give your heart a break Chp 6 FINALLY up and Authors note pag (Page 5)

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Hello all! Loved the response! Thank u! I've written up 4-5 parts already, but I'll post them 1 by 1...I'm evil, u see!
So here's part 2!
In this story Ayaan and Humaira are totally different from the serial. Both are modern and forward thinking. Ayaan and Zoe and Humaira are best friends, and Ayaan and Humaira are married! Ayaan is very protective of Zoe!
Without further ado, read on!

<font size="5">Chapter 2</font>

Zoya walked into her classroom and smiled. Suddenly, she wasn't so nervous. At first she was afraid that the staff would be mean, and hate her, especially the lady at the front desk. Once she met Asad though, her whole perspective, and life changed- whether she knew it yet or not. Ever since she bumped into him a few minutes ago, she couldn't get the sound of his laugh out of her ears or the image of his sparkling blue eyes, and sexy smirk out of her head. When she thought of it, she couldn't wipe the goofy grin off of her face. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and she had giant butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't help but think of the way his muscles bulged in his tight black shirt and the way his hand felt against hers, especially the spark she felt when they made contact. He was absolutely beautiful, and really nice to her.

Get a grip, he was being nice, it doesn't mean he's into me.

She had to stop thinking about him, she barely even knew him! All she knew was his name, and position in the school.

Maybe he's married… No, he didn't have a ring on. He probably has a girlfriend though.

Zoya blew out a deep breath

Stop it! Even if he was single, which he probably isn't… it CAN'T happen!

Zoya was reluctant to date not only because of Jackson, but also because of her dark past. She came with a lot of baggage and no guy would ever want to deal with that. Last year, she went on a double date, but as soon as the guy found out she had a son he fled the date. Zoya was discouraged because that was the normal reaction. She only had one real boyfriend before, and it was in 11th grade. She tutored him, but he was in 12th grade. One day he asked her out, and their relationship took off from there. Zoya was smitten! They dated for about 7 months, and she thought she was in love with him, but she soon realized how nave she was. He was her first boyfriend and her first heartbreak. She refused to have sex with him though because she wanted to wait until marriage. At first he understood, but then he started to get anxious. Every time, Zoya refused and this took a toll on their relationship. One day she came home and went up to her best friend Taylor's house to borrow one of her magazines, but when she walked in her heart stopped, and blood boiled with rage. She found Taylor and HER boyfriend doing it! Zoya was devastated, and cried for days. She wouldn't leave her room for months, but only went to school and to work at the local caf. A few guys would ask her out but she always refused, because she was afraid of getting her heart broken again. Finally she moved on, and didn't care anymore. She realized she was young and stupid, and the guy wasn't worth it. The night she put her heart on the line, and let her walls down – which was the biggest regret of her life. It was a Friday night, and her friend Humaira Siddiqui (now Humaira Khan) dragged Zoya to the last senior party of the year. She dressed provocatively, which was so unlike her, and she had way too much to drink. It was all a blur… Zoya tried to forget about that night, but she couldn't.

Zoya swallowed hard, and blinked back the tears in her eyes. She quickly glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. There was two minutes left until her students would come to class. Her mind traveled back to the chocolate brown eyed gentleman, Asad Khan. She couldn't remember the last time she felt like the way he made her feel. In fact, she didn't think she ever felt like that in her entire life. Zoya just chalked it up to being nervous, but her thoughts were soon pushed aside when the bell rang through the air. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, and ran a hand through her now dark locks. The first groups of students started trickling in and were chatting loudly. Zoya went to the chalk board and scribbled her name neatly on the board 'Miss. Farooqui'. She turned around and heard one boy scream "Hell yeah! We got a new teacher!" and he high fived the group of boys around him. Zoya looked around nervously and cleared her throat. None of the students heard her, and two boys were throwing a football in the back. A few girls who wore way too much make up and revealing tops, were texting on their cell phones. Another boy was standing on his desk dancing. When the bell rang, the students still didn't stop their antics, and only grew louder. Zoya started to speak, but no one seemed to care.

"Hello class, my name is Miss. Farooqui and I'm you're new English teacher. I'm really exci-"

She was about to finish her sentence when a boy with ripped jeans, basketball jersey, and sideways hat strolled in the classroom.

"Is there a reason why you're late?" Zoya asked with a little edge in her voice.

The boy smirked "Naw, I was busy."

"Well the bell rang two minutes ago, so if you don't have a pass please arrive on time tomorrow." Zoya reprimanded him.

"Whatever you ain't the boss of me" he spat.

Zoya cleared her throat "Ain't isn't a word." She mumbled.

"Do you think I freaking care? This class sucks, and you're a bit**!" He yelled, and the student's attention turned toward the increasing tension between the boy and teacher.

Zoya felt tears prickle behind her eyes "I will not stand for your disrespect young man. Take a seat and please be quiet. If I have to speak to you again, we're going to have a problem."

The boy just laughed, and took a seat in the back, as other boys patted him on the back.

"Uh so as I was saying, I'm Miss. Farooqui and um I'm really excited to be here today."

The students snickered and made faces at her.

"So I don't really know anything about you guys, so I was thinking we can do a little activity to get to know each other."

"Do you have a boyfriend? One of the boys asked.

Zoya laughed "Um no I do not." she kindly replied.

"Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a student?" The boy with the hat asked.

The students went wild laughing as Zoya's face turned beat red.

"Please only ask appropriate questions! And no I absolutely did not!" Zoya stressed.

"That's too bad because you're sexy as fu-"

Zoya's eyes widened and clapped her hands. "Don't you dare finish that sentence!" She yelled.

"What is your name?" She asked him.

"Quentin Jones" He stood up and bowed, and the class erupted in cheers and whistles.

"Well Quentin your behavior is not appropriate; if you keep this up I am going to send you down to the office."

Quentin snorted loudly "Whatever, I'm not afraid of you, fat ass bit**!"

The class echoed in a fit of "Ooohhs" and Zoya couldn't stop the tears from spilling out of her eyes. "Enough! Quentin you need to leave and the rest of you need to settle down!" She tried to shout, but her voice cracked. Quentin stayed in his seat and wore a satisfied smirk when Zoya ran out of the room sobbing. Zoya and her pride went flying through the door as she ran to the principal's office. She wasn't paying attention and her heel slipped on the floor and she fell backwards. Luckily Asad was walking out of the gym the same time he saw Zoya about to fall and he ran to her just in time to catch her.

"Zoya, are you okay!?" He asked concerned.

Zoya was still in a daze as she fell back into his strong arms, and couldn't speak.

"Zoya?" Asad asked again.

This time Zoya was aware what happened and she quickly got up to her feet. Her face was as red as a tomato ad her mascara was running. "Oh my god this is so embarrassing. I-I'm sorry." She cried.

Asad put his hand on her cheek and wiped her tears. "It's okay, but Zoya what happened?"

Zoya swallowed hard, even more nervous with the warmth of Asad's hand on her cheek.

"My-my class… they wouldn't listen…I'm the worst teacher ever." She stuttered. Asad's heart broke when he saw how upset Zoya was. "Shh it's okay." He hugged her, and his heart was beating fast against hers.

"I-I don't know wh-what to do. God I'm so embarrassed!"

"Do you want me to yell at them?" Asad offered "Who was it? I'll kick their ass, I swear."

This got Zoya to giggle, and she couldn't suppress a small smile. Asad smiled too, "There's that beautiful smile!" Asad said, and Zoya blushed "Now c'mon, you go back into that classroom and tell them who's in charge. Don't let them push you around. You're a strong woman, I believe in you Zoya Farooqui."

The way Asad said this, made Zoya's heartbeat increase tenfold. The way her name rolled off of his lips had her stomach doing giant summersaults. Asad gently grabbed her arm and walked her back to the class. He walked in to what seemed like a zoo. The kids had music playing loudly, and they were throwing things, as well as ripping signs down.

"ENOUGH!" Asad roared. Suddenly the music stopped, and the kids froze. "Everyone sit down RIGHT NOW!"

The kids quickly scurried to their seats, as Zoya bit down on her lip and stood quietly in the corner playing with her pinky ring.

"What is wrong with you? Today is Miss. Farpoqui's first day, and this is how you treat her?" Asad continued to raise his voice, and the students sat like statues in their seats. "You're all unbelievable! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Now I want you ALL to apologize to her, and be on your best behavior. Do you understand?" The class silently nodded, and soft 'I'm sorry's' were muttered. Asad turned to Zoya and smiled "Sorry if I scared you" he whispered. Zoya giggled "Thank you so much! Seriously, I owe you…"

"Okay why don't we meet for lunch sixth period, I mean, if you're free…" Asad asked.

Zoya's smile widened and she nodded. Asad was about to leave when he heard Quentin shout "Aw that's so CUTE! Coach Khan and Miss. Farooqui sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!..."

Asad turned around and his face turned a slight shade of pink "Quentin! That's enough! Hallway! Now!" He yelled.

Quentin just laughed, but Asad grew angry. "I said NOW!" He roared. Quentin looked down and shuffled his feet to the front of the classroom. Asad grabbed his arm and dragged him outside. "I'm sorry Zoya, he won't bother you anymore. Right Quentin?" Quentin just nodded and proceeded to the door with Asad. Zoya just glanced at Asad appreciatively, and mouthed a "Thank you". She then turned around and clapped her hands together, "Alright class, today we're going to…"


After a long and tiring six periods, Zoya finally sat down at her desk and put her head down. She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. Suddenly she heard a knock on her door and glanced up. It was Asad carrying two trays of food.
"Hungry?" He asked.

Zoya smiled widely "Starving!"

Asad chuckled "Well the cafeteria food here sucks so I got use some salads from the deli across the street. I hope you like salad…"

Zoya's heart fluttered at the kind gesture "I love it. Thanks, you didn't have to do that though. You helped me enough today!"

"Hey well I'm glad to help." Asad grinned.

"Seriously Asad, you saved me like 5 times already. You're like my knight in shining armor!" Zoya laughed along with Asad. "I really owe you… is there anything I can do?" She asked. Asad shook his head.

"You already are helping me by eating lunch with me. Normally I would have eaten in my office by myself soo.."

"How come you don't eat in the faculty room?" She asked.

"Well like I said before, the staff mostly consists of old people, and they all hate me." Asad explained while eating a bite of salad.

"How could they hate you? You're the nicest person in the building so far." Zoya chastised herself at a lame excuse to flirt.

"I guess they just assume I'm the dumb jock of a gym teacher, or in the words of Mrs. Luffy, I'm a 'young, selfish, rabble-rouser' whatever the hell that means." Asad muttered. Zoya laughed loudly and almost choked on her salad. Asad looked up, and grinned.
"What's so funny?" He asked a little shyly.

Why am I being so self-conscious? I'm never shy around girls.

Zoya took a sip of water and smiled.

"Nothing. It's just funny what she said about you."

"Oh" Asad cursed himself for being so stupid

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

"Yeah sorry, I'm just a dumb gym teacher; I'm not good at vocabulary or anything like you…"

Zoya blushed again, "I bet you're not dumb."

Asad smiled because for the first time in his life it sounded like someone was actually being sincere to him. He could practically hear his heart in his chest, he was so nervous.

"Well I don't know what rabble-rouser means." He explained.

Zoya couldn't stop smiling. "It's okay not a lot of people do; it's just an old fashioned word for trouble maker."

"See, you're a genius!" Asad smiled.

"Thanks but I highly doubt that." Zoya replied.

The room filled with a comfortable silence.

"So yeah anyway, thanks for eating with me. It's much more fun than being by myself." Asad said.

"It's my pleasure. Not but seriously Asad, I can't thank you enough for today. I really don't know what I would do without you."

Asad felt his cheeks redden. "It's no big deal."

"Yes it's a huge deal! I mean first I spill coffee on you, which again I'm sorry about, then you help me pick up my papers, then you catch me when I was about to fall, because if I fell my day would have been worse, then you calmed my class down, and now you brought me lunch. I don't even know why you're still talking to me, you probably think I'm some crazy lady, and frankly if I were you I would hate me because…"

Can she be any cuter? Asad thought.

"…and then I just keep talking, and you saw me cry which was so embarrassing…"

"Zoya!" Asad shouted and waved his hand in front of her face.

"Sorry, what?" Zoya asked.

Asad chuckled "You're rambling again."

"Oh right. Sorry, I tend to do that when I'm nervous."

"Why are you nervous?"

Zoya blushed profusely, and looked down at her feet.

"I, uh, um…" she struggled for words.

"Hey it's cool; I tend to have that effect on the ladies." Asad winked.

Zoya's eyes widened and turned even redder, but she laughed at Asad.

Shit I'm burning up right now.

She's so beautiful.

Zoya leaned her palm against her cheek, "Well as I was saying, I really can't thank you enough Asad. You definitely made my day more bearable, I probably would have quit by now, if it wasn't for you."

Asad smiled "Nah I'm sure you're a great teacher, we all just have rough days."

"Well now I'm going to be known as the teacher who cried and ran out on the first day" Zoya pouted.

"I'm sure this'll all be forgotten by tomorrow, and the kids will end up loving you!"

"Yeah or I could rule with an iron fist like you." Zoya smirked. "Seriously, those kids were scared of you. It was pretty intimidating."

"Yeah, I mean usually I'm the cool teacher, but I can be harsh when I want to be." Asad said.

"Remind me never to piss you off" Zoya giggled.

"Yeah you're lucky I went easy on you today, I mean you did spill coffee on my favorite shirt…" Asad said teasingly.

Zoya gasped "I'm so sorry! I can buy you a new one if you want, and I can try and get the stain out.."

"Zoya its fine I'm just joking. The stain's barely recognizable." Asad said.

Of course he's joking

"I still feel really bad though." Zoya said.

"I promise, don't worry about it. We can pretend it never happened."

"Okay, I like that idea." They both smiled.

"So how about you buy lunch tomorrow?" Asad asked.

Zoya's mouth fell open "But- you said-"

"Again, joking."

"Right… No I will though. It beats being alone right?" Zoya joked.

"Yeah it's about time they hired another hot young teacher like me."

Zoya's cheeks flamed, and she fiddled with the hem of her top to keep from looking at Asad. Asad thought he crossed the line so he glanced around her desk to find another topic to talk about. He pointed to a picture frame of a little boy on a slide "Who's that?" He asked.

Oh shit. What do I say? I can't lie to him. Well I guess I should prepare for him to freak out… it was fun while it lasted

Zoya let out a deep breath. "That's um, my son Fahad."

Asads face turned white. His eyes darted to her ring finger expecting a ring to be there.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry; I didn't know you're married. Please don't tell your husband I was flirting with you, I swear I didn't know! Ugh I'm such an idiot!"

Asad kept rambling on how sorry he was, while Zoya just stared at him laughing loudly.

Aha! He was flirting with me! Yes! No, I mean no! Ughhh!

"Asad, calm down, it's fine, I'm not married." Zoya held up her naked left hand.

"Oh um, sorry, uh, I mean, your boyfriend? Please don't tell him… it won't happen again I promise!" Asad stood up. Zoya stood up as well

"Asad" she kept laughing "I don't have a boyfriend either."

Asad's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Girlfriend?"

Zoya busted out laughing, and she couldn't breathe. When she looked at Asad's confused expression, she laughed even harder.

"I'm sorry what's so funny?" He asked insecurely.

"Asad" she took a deep breath "Don't worry, I'm not married, I don't have a boyfriend, and I definitely don't have a girlfriend."

Asad let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. "Oh, I just assumed…"

"Yeah, no it's okay. Fahad's father is long out of the picture. Trust me."

"But you don't have a boyfriend?" Asad asked.

"Um no, why?"

"Oh I just assumed, I mean, you're just, really, um, uh…" This was the first time Asad was at a loss for words.

Zoya raised her eye brows "I'm really what?"

"Pretty" Asad said under his breath.

Zoya blushed for the 100th time that day, but smiled. "I don't think your girlfriend would appreciate you saying that to other woman." Zoya said.

Asad looked up "I don't have a girlfriend."

Zoya was shocked. "Oh, I just assumed."

"Assumed what, because I'm hot right?" Asad asked egging her on.

You got that right

Zoya chuckled and rolled her eyes playfully, "Please, don't flatter yourself."

Asad pretended to look hurt. "Way to bruise the ego Miss. Farooqui."

"So how olds your son?" He asked

"Oh he's four."

"Cool, I actually coach four and five year old basketball leagues on Saturdays so if he's interested you should sign him up."

Zoya genuinely smiled because he wasn't freaked out by the fact that she had a son, and he didn't ask questions about his dad either.

"Thank you, I'll let him know."

"Sure, I'd love to meet him."

Zoya's heart leapt through her chest.

"Well I better get going, I have a class next period, but good luck with the rest of your day, and if you need anything just let me know. You know where to find me, or you can just bump into me like the last two times." Asad joked.

"Ha ha." Zoya deadpanned. "Thank you for today though. It means a lot." They both smiled.

"Okay bye Miss. Farooqui"

"Bye Coach Khan."

"Oh wait?"

"Yeah?" Zoya asked.

"I like Chinese food, so tomorrow same time?"

She laughed, "I'll be here."


Zoya parked her car in Humairas drive way and took a long, deep breath. To say she was exhausted was an understatement. Plus she felt like she had an elephant sitting on her head. She walked up to the door and knocked lightly.

"Hey best friend!" Humaira squealed. "Oh my god! How was your day? You look tired. Did you meet any other teachers? Were your classes good? Ahhh tell me everything!"

Zoya smiled at her friend's excitement. "Please Brookie, one question at a time!"

"Sorry, so you look happy! I don't think I've seen you have a smile this big since- well, ever!" Humaira exclaimed.

Zoya's face turned pink, and she bit her lip. She should have been flustered and upset about her classes since they all gave her a hard time, but her lunch with Asad out ruled it all, and all she felt was giddiness.

"My classes were.. um… different." Zoya said.

"But why are you so happy?"

"No reason" she answered a little too quickly.

"Zoya Farooqi! Do NOT even TELL me you're crushing on a student! That's DISGUSTING!" She screeched.

"Humaira! What's wrong with you? No way! That's creepy! You know I would never! Ew!" Zoya rushed out.

"Well then who is it? Oh my god! It's a teacher! You totally met a hot teacher!"

Zoya blushed. "It's no one Humaira, can I just tell you my story please?"

"Fine" she huffed.

Zoya told Humaira the entire story, minus the lunch with Asad. She did however tell her how she bumped into a 'mystery guy' two times.

"It's him! You like the guy who bumped into you! Aha! I knew it! What's he look like? Do you know his name? What subject does he teach? Is he hot? Ohhh is he married? Scandalous!"

"Humaira, please be quiet! It's no one okay? I swear. I don't even know the guy- I don't have a crush on him!" Zoya said firmly. She was trying to persuade herself more than Humaira.


"Hey cousin" Ayaan nudged the black haired man. "Ready to start practice?"

Asad bumped fists with his cousin, and co-coach Ayaan. "Yeah man, I'm ready."

"Why are you so happy?"

Asad avoided meeting his eyes with Ayaan. "No reason. Just excited for practice that's all…"

"OH-KAYY" Ayaan drawled out. "You're so weird." He snickered.

Asad didn't laugh; all he could think about for the rest of the day was a certain pretty lady, with brown eyes, and her beautiful laugh.

I must be losing it. Asad thought [BR

Likes and comments please! And buddye for PMs!

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great concept
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Okay, I'm slowly getting the story now. With the undeniable attraction between Asad and Zoya and the fact that Asad's cousin is Ayaan, I say Asad is actually Fahad's father but neither Zoya or Asad know that but Ayaan should know, right ??

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Originally posted by ABBY92

Okay, I'm slowly getting the story now. With the undeniable attraction between Asad and Zoya and the fact that Asad's cousin is Ayaan, I say Asad is actually Fahad's father but neither Zoya or Asad know that but Ayaan should know, right ??

Wait and watch, babe. Wink wait...and watch!

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Helllooo Sherni, How u doin Wink
This is a great part dear. I would be looking forward to updates on this.
Please promise that you will provide regular and quick updates, im not that patient you see Tongue

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this was AWESOME!!!!! i LOVED it!!!! thnx a lot for the pm and PLEASE continue soon!!!!
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Originally posted by viya.mallik4eva

Helllooo Sherni, How u doinWink
This is a great part dear. I would be looking forward to updates on this.
Please promise that you will provide regular and quick updates, im not that patient you see Tongue

I'm doin great, Viyu! I have 3 updates ready already! I just wanna make sure this story is interesting to everyone!
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Nice one pl continue

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