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-zozo- IF-Rockerz

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(credit- the AMAZING mariaWink)

*The tape roll slips from Bebo's hands*  

Bebo: uffo damn this tape! Won't even stick. yo Dhanno can you pass me the tape

Dhanno: Get your lazy ass moving and get it yourself.

Bebo: Don't make me come down there you ghora!

Dhanno: Bring it BEZO

Bebo: Dont call me that Angry

Dhanno: Why, what are you gonna do about it call your Kambakht Ishq Mr Viraj Shergill?

Bebo: You know what *makes her way down the ladder*

Dhanno: Why don't i make it easier for you *shakes the ladder*

Chikni Chameli: Oyyyeee!

*Chameli, with her lean legs, simultaneously moving her curvaceous hips walks towards the two items breaking a million hearts with every step*

Bebo: UGHH what do u want CC

Dhanno: Loh..Mother hen agayi *rolls eyes*

Chikni Chameli: You *point at Dhanno* shut up and come with me we'll find a lighter... and you *points at Bebo* get back to work.

*Both the items roll there eyes but obey captain hen doing what they are told*

--- At Dhunki's place --

Chaliya : HOW could CC forget... so she didn't even mention it?

Dhunki: No.. none of the items remember... here i was already planning to make Gataum Rode wish Bebo a happy birthday six months before it even arrives and helped organize a kick ass party for CC but it seems they have forgotten that today's my special day..Cry  

' its a cruel cruel world.

*Chaliya gets a text from CC*

Chikni Chameli:hows Dhunki doing?

Chaliya: she practically hates you all AND lurves MOI... DUH!

Chikni Chameli: Ya ya whatever helps you sleep at night

Chaliya: Oh I'm sorry does the truth sting? :p

Chikni Chameli:ha ha so basically i don't care... how is the zakham pe namak chirakhna going?


Chaliya: oh you know the whole drowning in her own tears is going on at the moment... yup everything is perfect LOL oh and did you find a lighter?

Chikni Chemeli: No still looking for one. Cool just make her cry a bit more...after all it's her birthday. keep me updated, chao!

--Back at the party--

*Chikni Chameli goes to check up on the other items*

Chikni Chemli: What are you doing CM?

Chandarmukhi:Sweeping the floor like you asked with my maar dala skills...Yeah Yeah Be Jealous!

Chikni Chameli: Yeah Yeah, I am jealous of you, like Hrithik loves me...Its non-existent! Go and get is about to start. You can sweep all the way there too!

Chandarmukhi: Okay, i will dress up in my 1000 Kg Choli. Maybe Chunnilal will know in a special way Wink

Chinki Chameli: Okay Moonface, control your hormones and dress up!!!

Chandarukhi: Mere hormones ko Devedas ne mar dalaaa

Chikini Chameli: Oh i see.. so when are you planning to get ready? when the party is over?

Chndamukhi: NO! after i pay a little visit to my WOH *winks*

*Dhanno calls for CC*

Chikni Chameli:OK you do that... now go before the guests arrive.

--In CM's room--

Chundarmukhi: Arrey, let me go, koyi ajaye ga... *struggles to free herself*

Paro: DEVAAA... DEVAAA... kidhar ho mere priye (Where are you my love) we have a party to attend.

Chundarkmukhi: my arch nemesis is coming let me go!

Paro: de-va...CHUNDARMUKHI... together... WHAT

Chundarmukhi: uhhh... ermmm ya sooo basically this is where he spends his nights... sorry you had to find out this way...

Paro: You, you, you KAMINI ki batchi[x]

Chundarmukhi: What huh? come at me i can handle a little tili like you!

*Paropunches CM who punches back,  seeing this Deva runs away leaving the girls together to mourn over their mutual loss*

Bebo: OH MY GAWD stop crying... You guys were better killing yourselves... We don't want the party flooded, ain't nobody got time for that... Now tell me where's the lighter?

Paro: well because of this narcissist mere deva mujhse door ho gaye and-

Chundarmukhi: ME.. Please.. If you hadn't come me and my WOH would've been doing are thing *winks*

Paro: You know what... *with that starts their never ending fight -nobody was hurt in the process-*

Bebo: why did I even bother coming here again... *leaves*

--Back at Dhunki's place--

Munni: Chaliye... uhh umm... i think your phone's ringing..

Dhunki: no wait you were saying something

Chaliya: i was.. NO.. i wasn't ... Ms chatter box here won't shut up how am i suppose to talk

Munni: Go. Get. Your. Phone.[x]

Chaliya: OK OK gawd there is only one me *rolls eyes*

Dhunki: WAIT! you were saying something... I reckon about a party?

Munni: PARTY?! what party, which party... there's no party.. remember it's a cruel world everybody forgot about your birthday... nobody loves you :(

Dhunki: You're right munni I'M ALL ALONEEE..

Chaliya: Guess who's back?

*Munnirolls her eyes and realizes she's received a text from Bebo*

Bebo: Come on get here fast before Mother Hen murders everybody and you may have noticed i'm too young to die!

Munni: Can't you guys handle the beast for a couple minutes... sheesh i have to do everything!

Bebo: WHAT... pfftt I'm not the one who sulks around all day.. now COME!

Munni: Are you sure you're too young to die.. if not i can do the honors [x] and I'm coming.

*End of conversation*

Munni: umm guys i've got  some urgent uhhh umm *looks at Chaliya*

Chaliya: -Work shes got work, right Munni

*Munni nods*

Chaliya: OK then we'll see you later... and when ya come back we shall kick the shit out of the other items who forgot.

--Back at the party--

Chikni Chameli: DHANNO the banner is falling! Is that how you tape it...fix it before I tape you to the wall!

PARO where the hell is the damn LIGHTER, you can sing "Silsila yeh chahat ka" and light up the pooja for ur Devdas later!

Forget it! I got this!

Halkat Jawani: OMG! CC ur on Fire! I will save you!

*All items gasp in shock and start laughing*

Chikni Chameli:You kamini! Your are a Heroine not my hero, and i didn't need any saving! You ruined my dress!

Halkat Jawani: Not like you were wearing much anyway!

Munni: Burn!

*Chikni chameli gives death stare to Munni*

Munni: Sorry for being late woh kya hai naa...I was busy getting badnaam with my munna *wink*

*Halkat Jawani scoffs*

Halkaat Jawani: So who is the guy hiding in my bedroom?

Munni: Oh no you didn't!

Halkaat Jawani: Oh yes i did!

Munni: Teri toh *launches herself on HJ*

*HJ moves and Munni lands on CC*

Chikni Chameli: STOP and get off of me you KAMINI ! Argghhh this is such a disaster... Dhanno can't put up a banner, Halkat Jawani can't think, and Bebo... where's Bebo?

Bebo: OUCH! CC i hurt my toe because of them *points at Sharara and Anarkali* they were too busy arguing about who's sexier as they decorated the cake *rolls eyes* and forgot to tell me that there's a knife on the ground [x] really hurts *pouts*

Anarkali: BUT in all that we got one thing settled...that the sexiest person is

Desi girl: The one and only Desi girl! I have natural beauty and sexiness. Have you seen my sari ;-)

Sharara: BUT, You don't have the sharara in you...Look at me, I am ready to party all day and night! You need a spark like me. You need to become pardesi not desi. And really your sari...In rain, you look like a drowned cat. You need to learn...


Phuulezzz Guys, You are SO NOT SEXY! You want to learn the tips of sexiness...Look at MOI! My style, my looks, my uhhh everything is SEXY. You guys can just dream on.

Anarkali: Listen you guys can fight but we all know the truth...

Desi Girl:That I am better. Come on, it's a universal fact!

Anarkali: You bitch...You know what's a universal fact...THIS

*Grabs Dhunki's cake and throws it at Desi Girl*

Desi Girl: WHAT THE HELL KAMINI? You ruined my sari ' I am going to effing kill you!

*Desi Girl charges at Anarkali, aiming the cocktail in her hand towards her dress without realizing that Sharara is in the middle*

Sharara: WHAT THE HELL? I can't believe this. YOU ALL ARE SO DEAD.

*Sharara takes the salsa dip and throws it towards Desi Girl but Anarkali is in the middle this time*

Anarkali: You bitches...

Dhanno: Take a chill Pill Anarkali, Have salsa with your so called sexiness Wink

Anarkali: I hate you guys. You guys are so rude.

*Anarkali takes the chocolate cake and throws it toward Sharara but Dhanno is there*

Bebo: NOOO not the cake!!

Dhanno: WHY ME? I was not involved in this. BTW, the cake tastes good. You Kaminis are so dead.  Yo Mother Hen, Don't blame me for this...

Bebo: It was a chocolate cake meant to be in MY stomach... YOU GUYYYSS uhgg.. Dhanno can u kill them all for me... Just keep it clean.. Kinda OCD

Dhanno: I'll  do something better... Bwhahahaha

*Takes a pin and pops the balloon hanging on the ceiling which explodes Vodka on Dhunki as she enters*

All Items: HOLY SHIT!

Dhunno: oops !

Chikni Chemeli: DHANNOO... God damn it!


Paro: Chandramikhi, i'm so done with your bak ba-

Chandramukhi: Well i'm not... SO you listen and Shut the fu-

*CM and paro both see dhunki, shock taking over their features*

Paro: Ermmm... Chameli... i think Dhunki is  here.

Chikni Chameli: NO SHIIIT! Thanks Ms obvious.

All Items: Uhhh  SURPRISE... Happy Birthday?


(Credit for GIFs and other images to the all mighty Tumblr/Google, LOL keeping us all sane, but  the praise worthy creativity is presented to you by the one and only INsane BCD LOL aka Bebo, Chikni Chameli, and Dhanno! ROFL )

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Sania!!! It's finally your Birthday!
I'm gonna sing your Birthday song first!
*ahem ahem*

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Sania...
Happy Birthday to you!

*claps claps*

So Jalebi Bai...
I know I know you aren't Jalebi Bai anymore. Promotion ke baad toh you have become Dhunki. Lekin you'll always be Jalebi Bai for me! :-p's your special day...and I pray that everyday is a special one for you...
May God bless you with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and...LOTS...of happiness!
May you always walk the path of success...
May all your dreams and wishes come true...
Now I don't mean to bore you with any of my lectures...LOL. Just one is going to have its ups and downs. But you need to stay strong...fight it off...and when things get too heavy...let go. And I know how strong a girl you are. So 
keep that pretty smile on your pretty face...HAMESHA!

And you are not getting any cake shake on your Birthday. Woh Birthday hi kya jis mein Jalebi Bai ke liye jalebies na ho?!
So here you go! Eat away!

And these just had to be there! ;-)

Dance the night away girl! Have loads of fun!
And wishing you a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again!

Lots and lots of pyaar,
Manal <3



LOL Princess, it is YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!

And of course you know what that means...WinkWinkWink...

Hehehee koi gal nahi yaarni I'll tell you! ROFL
Main, Abi, hu na LOLLOLLOL.

BAHAHAHAA BUT ENOUGH SAID... Why don't I just show you what it means? Blushing

It means that I shall do my SUPAH DUPAH SECRET ninja attack...A HUG ATTACK!

Embarrassed And then a little:

And if that's not sweet enough for my precious princess then this sure will kick things up!

NOW my booti-phul friend
before I go on, I just want to let you know you hold a special spot in the depths of my heart. Somewhere inside here:

You hold a spot and you fill it with love. A huge thank you my Sania Di for being my friend. I hope with every ounce of my pumping heart that happines will always be there for you. Life will seem tough at times but I know you will make it successfully. Many manyyy wishes to you. PartyClapHug

Hahahaa chalo let's hit the lights and take you to your castle (Every princess needs one! :D)

Music bhi alright!



Happy Birthday Princess!

With a birthday cake for my queen.

-XOXO, Abi EmbarrassedClapEmbarrassed


A Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Too You<3 Mwah!!


Happy Birthday Saniaaa 

Hope you have an epic day filled with lots of love & happiness 
Party hard, eat lots of cake & dance till you go crazyy 
Love you loads hun <3 x 


Songs - 

Message - 

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Sania! I can't tell you how much fun interacting with you this past month (less than a month, actually!) has been. You're a truly wonderful person and a really amazing friend, and your creations are stunning! I'll never be able to do anything even close to how cool your birthday thread for me was, but here's my humble token of appreciation for you. I wish you everlasting happiness, peace and success in life, in everything you do. May God bless you. I'm truly grateful to have you as a friend!  Big smile


Sanzy,  it has been fun and awesome getting to know you. its always a riot chatting with you because you are such a hilarious person. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish u a Happy Birthday!!! 

Enjoy~ Amina 



hmmm well well choti you kept this quiet you never told me it was your Birthday but I got contacts and found out hahah lolWinkLOL

Happy Birthday

I think your the sweetest and lively person I know will go out her way to make people feel better, on this day I hope you get all you want and get all the love and attention you deserve because ders no1 sweeter then you hereTongue, I remember the day we first met but looking at you now i see that ders a little happy choti in there that just need a little push to let her out Happy Birthday Choti. Keep smiling because your a lot more cuter and that smile on you is pricelessTongue

Here's your favorite actor on your birthday wishing you a Happy Birthday

keep smiling Choti and your the best sis a bro could ask for so with all ma heart and wishes i hope you have all you want in life and on this special day and the rest to come you feel on top of the world, proud of youTongue


Sanu!Hug It's been ages! Are you even ALIVE?! LOL Very busy is it? 

Its your BirthdayParty Partyyy TimeParty

Happy Happy B'day Number Girl!Dancing

Yep Approve That's your Brand New Name ROFL Remember you use to spam using numbers?!

Heehee! I hope to see you around soon. Have lots of cake. Okay?! Yeah! That counts for me too. Hope You have a fantastic day.Hug

Happy B'day again.

Heaps and Heaps of Lou,Heart

Viz :)

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Voice Memo From Items

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OldieDezard IF-Dazzler

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Res For My Message


HaPpY BiRtHdAy

I will finish this after on the weekend!!! I HATE EXAMS -_-

I am so happy happy that you are older and now closer to my age ROFL 

Will for sure reply afterwards 


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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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res for moi messageEmbarrassed

Heads up my message/gifts is gonna be late cuz of finalsOuch But i will try to make it worth the waitEmbarrassed
In my defense since you love to torture me...u made sure your birthday fell on my finals week grrrAngryStern Smile naaah i am just kiddingLOL

But For now 

.HaPpY BiRtdDa. .

Me loves you alot Heart and i hope you have a blast on ur big day today! Muahhh!



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-zozo- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 5:21pm | IP Logged
SOO because everyone is resing twice i shall too LOL
WILL be edited with ma wish when im done with shiz k LMAOLOL

Edited by -zozo- - 14 May 2013 at 3:29pm

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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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I am so late!...not very..but some what!


I hope you woke up this morning like this

and said this

Because it is your 


and if you didn't then,

Zee is the one holding the cake, btw ROFL

You are an amazing wonderful fantastic person
Have a beautiful gorgeous day
which is 
just as astounding as you

Here is a gift for you!



And please
in the ending don't say something like 


I hope to have many more fine adventures with you!

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Sanzy! Hug
Will edit soon! =P

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