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Dadi is makin gajar ka halwa and sharab comes in and there all seated, dadi gives the halwa and tells everyone how "Srab's dad"sorry guys i 4get what he called her) would always enjoy eating it, he would actually take it home with him. Hearing this sharab decides to take some home and leaves.

When he gets home his dad comes and sees the halwa and remembers "preeto's dadi" (sorry guys i 4get what he called her) and shrab tells him to try the halwa and his dad said no way did anyone else make it and questions him from where did he get it from. Sharab changes the topic and his dad leaves.

Seebo is sitting with her dadaji and dadi and they are sayin how proud they are and then changed the topic ot marriage and brought up sharab again (gosh don't these ppl learn) then seebo blushes and leaves. Seebo then writes in her diary that everyone keeps asking her to marry sharab but now if i leave, and they don't bring the proposal again what will i do? Confused (ahha aww poor girl)

Kuljit's parents are in there room and kuljit mom says i know y kuljit rejected all the girls, its because he likres someone else he told the sevant. She tells him we have to get it out of him, who he likes.
The whole family is sitting and kuljit walks in confused, they family asks him who he likes just then preeto walks in but sees everyone and hides. Kuljit says he likes noone and if he did he would ahve told shrab since they share everything and gives him a dirty look (sharab feels very guilty and just smiles) his mom says then y did u make me wait for a girl the other day, he says because he didn't want to marry anyone so he made up a girl. Preto is relieved and is about to leave but her hand hits something and eveyrone looks and she walks in. Sharab all happy and smiling. Kuljit eyes both preeto and shrab. Preeto says she came to get some notes from sharab and kuljit looks upset and leaves.

Seebo and preeto ask there dadi to make more gajar ka halwa EXACT SAME WAY and her dadi smiles and goes to make more. NEXT DAY seebo brings more halwa for sharabb's family. Sharab's mom is so pleased she says "kaash u were in our family and could make this halwa everyday" Sharab is shcocked and kuljit looks at him to see what he will say and sharab changes the topic again. Sharab's mom goes to get sweets to give seebo and kuljit follows and questions her about the proposal for seebo and sharab ( Angry STUPID KULJIT..gosh what does he think now preeto will marry him Confused LOL ) and she says yes i was thinking about that too but what if sharab likes someone else, kuljit quickly says if he did he would have told me, just ask him about it and don't say i mentioned it. She smiles and leaves. Kuljit then washes his hands and notices seebo's boxd picks it up and read on the box "VIR SING" kuljit is angered


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OMG guys this is getting intresting now.

recap: kuljit sees the box that says "VIR SINGH"
SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY i missed the first 5 minutes

Kuljit is in sharab's room yelling at him saying how could u love a girl whos in our dushman's family (HAH. ur to talk, i swear yesterday he tried to break P&&S up) sharab tries to defend himself but kuljit cuts him off and says its okay from now on you don't need to make and brother rishtai with me (WOW kuljit ur going to regret saying that) he then leaves leaving shrab who thinks to himself Khash i could tell you kuljit. And then they show Kuljit's mom is outside the room listening to everything

Preeto and Seebo go up to there dadi and tell her to go to the mundir to pray for the servant *sorry don't know his name* and pray from everyone in the house because she hasn't been to the mundir for very long time. She agrees and says she will leave evening time.


Kuljit's mom stops him and says she has heard everything and is with her son. Kuljit is shocked and happy his mom says don't worry i never had hope in sharab to help us with revenge and nor did i have any hope with *sharab;s mom* Kuljit then says we should tell *sharab's dad* but his mom says no Those girls are very smart they already made love in there hearts, they all will forget about revenge. Kuljit looks upset but his mom says don't worry i have a plan she then says to go and act as if he knows about everything and is okay and wont carry on with all this revenge. She says after getting there trust we will continue our plan. Kuljit agrees.

Sharab comes in and plays a little joke then congratualtes his parents on there anniversary and convinces them to go to the mundir to pray for each other's LONGER LIFE. They both agree and will go everning time. Sharab is happy.


Preeto and Seebo are sitting on there couch when the *servant* comes to tell them kuljit is at the door asking for them. They both stand up and tell him to tel kuljit they aren't here, just then kuljit enters in and both girls eyes freeze on him. He walks in and seebo asks him what he wants he then says VERY RUDELY everytime u come do i ask u what u want, and same with u preeto i deserve the same resppect i give u adn my family which both of u seemed to give a lot of love to, Purposely? (and he gives his little sarcastic smile) Both girls look at each other and ask what he wanted to say? and he syas he knows everything he looks at preeto and says well first when i found out about sharab i was very mad. Seebo looks confused and preeto looks scared because she hasn't told seebo. Kuljit then contintues and says well now im okay with this and with our families. Why should we continue this fight i will help you guys to end this hatered for both families and he leaves. Seebo is happy and Preeto says she doesn't know why but she doesn't believe him.

Episode Ends on PREETO'S FACE.
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OKaii so preeto and sharab are at the mundir and tell the pundit to "trick" there parents and dadi by telling them to do stuff, the pundit agrees after lots of arguments. Bikram and his wife come and the pundit says they need a relative to do there arti so bikram can have long healthy life. Just then preeto's dadi walks in and she does the arti after pundit asks her, then bikram and his wife touch her feet and are blesssed by her. Bikram leaves and his wife and P;s dadi hug and get emotional. Preeto adn sharab just stand there smiling.

Sharab and Preeto are sitting on a bench and sharab says how he is really happy that kuljit is with them preeto says she has a hard time believing this but sharab persuades her. Then we are shown a car and a guy on a bike and they hit each other, preeto and sharab hear this and run and the car drives off. The man on the bike is badly hurt so they take him to the hospital.HERE Kuljit is shown behind a tree giving a very evil look and looks a bit confused

The police reach at the hospital and ask for there names and address for "eye wittnesses" Sharab gives his info but only gives Preeto's name (becuz they don't want there parents to know that theey are together SO FAR AWAY) the injured man looks confused as to y they didn't give all there info.

Sharab reaches home and sees a police office comeing out of there house and goes into his car. Sharab is confused and scared. He entres and Kuljit's mom says how he is a hero and then asks where he was and with WHAT girl. Everyone is shocked and sharab is speechless just then kuljit walks in but hides so he is not seen After everyone questions him, kuljit comes and makes up an excuse saying he dropped off a girl named pooja. Then he takes him away adn goes. Sharab thanks him for helping him and they have a brotherly moment and hug. Kuljit gives another evil smile.

SChool dance preeto and seebo look really nice in indian suits. Both are starring at Sharab but sharab is busy helping students. Seebo is asked for a dance and she goes. Kuljit sees preeto alone and asks her what she would do if someone asks her to dance she says she would say no. He then grabs her hand *sharab sees this and is quite jealous* he says let me take u to sharab. Kuljit convinces sharab to dance with preeto while he does all the work. We are shown seebo leaving the dance floor and sharab and preeeto dancing.

Kuljit gets a phone call from his mom and says yes mom everything is going according to the plan then he says sharab and preeto looks very good dancing and gives another evil smile


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AUGUST 21, 2006

RECAP: sharab and preeto are dancing and kuljit tells his mom they look very nice together.

preeto and sharab are dancing and someone takes a picture of them.

Unknown place.
picture is shown on the newspaper and kuljit is applauding the editor for his wonderful job with the picture.

Vir singh's house.
(for some reason first time everyone is gathered around the newspaper) Sharab walks in and tells everyone he can read there horoscopes and grabs the newspaper. On the other side is the picture of sharab and preeto which everyone can see clearly but no one saw at this point.
Vir singh came and saw the picture but didn have his glasses on.
Sharab tells vir;s wife thati her horoscope it says something really bad will happen in her family today she gets mad and says its all nonsense they just write stuff
just then vir singh puts his glasses on and sees the picture he then grabs it from sharab and reads it "preeto and sharab love each other since time.." he gets angry and slaps sharab!!!he tells him to get out and never come back. sharab looks at everyone and walks away
Preeto asks why he did that and he shows her the newspaper and says once again YOUR family ruined us. He then tells them to leave and never return. Preeto tries to explain but he doesn't listen.

Bikram singh's house
Sharab goes home and he gets the same thing as preeto and is told to leave the house and rishta is over. everyone gives sharab a (omg i can't believe u did that DISAPPOINTEDLOOOK and walked away) STUPID KULJIT shrugs his shoulders as in *i don't know what to do and walks away*

Outside of Vir singh's house
Preeto tells seebo she must go see sharab seebo tries to persuade her not to but she can't (stubborn preeeto)

Sharab's room
sharab is packing and he bumps into his mom and she begs him not to leave and says ur dad was just angry he didn't mean it. Sharab says no mom i must go and he leaves.

Bikram singh's house
Preeto leaves and sees sharab and his mom and stops behind them. Kuljits mom says see our plan worked

Preeto is shocked kuljit says wow mom u really hit 2 birds with one stone, she says well u were the one who took the picture, kuljit smiles and says yeah. She says she will be right backk and goes inside.
Preeto goes up to kuljit and ask y he did this kuljit is in shock (tries to think of an excuse but knows no excuse will work) he then says yeah i did do it and ur to blame. Preeto looks shocked and says me? he says im doing all this because i loved u ad u broke my heart preeto then says i said sorry but he said i don't care u knew i loved u but u led me on, couldn't u just say once i don't love u?..noo u waited till my feelings turned into love and then abandoned me. Now i will make every little pain u made me suffer and make it 10 timees worse for u. preeto is shocked. kuljit says and i wil make sure ur life wil be a living HELL.
Then his mom comes and says y r u here? she says plz let me see sharab kuljit is shocked and sad and says NO AND ANYWAYS HE ISN'T HERE NOW GET OUTT...preeto looks and leaves. Kuljit gets a phone call and says okaii thank u for doing this and he leaves.

Preeto is going backk when she bumps into her servant and he tells preeto thAT vir singh met with an accident and is at home, he is going to get medicine preeto runs home

EPISODE ENDS on preeto running
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AUGUST 22, 2006

i never watched it...but i saw the recap

RECAP: servant tells preeto her dadaji met with an accident.

Preeto tells everyone that kuljit is responsible for this. Everyone is shocked and says preeto thats not possible for kuljit is the one who saved dadaji. Preeto is shocked because she thought for sure it was him.

Seebo tells Preeto to leave it because she knows he couldn't, because if he did why would he save him?

Preeto tells Sharab that kuljit and his mom are the ones that are ruining there lives and bringing more hatred. Sharab doesn't believe Preeto and preeto is left stunned thinking she should bring proof.
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AUGUST 23.06

recap:kuljit stops preeto from walking

Kuljit tells preeto how he caused the accident and saved him, and is planning to ruin her life. while he talks preeto is recording it all on her cel phone. KUljit finishes and dismisses his self.

Preeto tells herself now we will see who makes whos life hell. i got proof against u now kuljit. while preeto was saying the kuljit was behind a tree and heard it all (GOSH PREETO y talk to yourself out loud Angry)

Preeto calls sharab and tells him if u love me meet me i have proof against kuljit, sharab agress and says to come infront of the college

Kuljit hears all and makes a smug smile

Kuljits mom enters vir singh's house and says how shes happy kuljit saved him and wants to start happiness in there rishtay the same way it ended. Vir singh looks confused and then she says actually preeto and kuljit like each other, so i think we should get them married


Vir singh looks confused and says well before i say yes we should atleast see how bikram feels about this. She smiles and says okay but lets keep this between us and tell me if u accept. Vir singh's wife says "we must ask preeto first" (WOOOOT thank you dadi Big smile ) kuljit's mom gets mad and says well okay, as soon as preeto agrees, both familes happiness will return (OHMYGOSH, SEE HOW SHE TWISTED IT ALL ON PREETO Angry )

Preeto is walking towards the college all happy with her proof when 2 guys on a motorcycle take her purse. Preeto tries to chase them, but ofcourse they zooomeed away LOL

Kuljit is holding her purse takes out her cel and listens to what she recorded and then starts to laugh.
then says what do u think preeto (saying to himself) u can fool kuljit like that? then he pays the 2 guys

Sharab is at the front of the college waiting, he checks his watch and decides to leave.

Preeto shows up and is waiting for sharab. Kuljit then comes and asks preeto if she is waiting for sharab to tell him something really important? preeto looks shocked and doesn't respond

JUst then sharab enters and kuljit thinks *oh no what if sharab believes preeto?* Sharab asks for the proof


preeto is dumbstruck trying to thinkk... He then says if u have nothign then stop accusing kuljit! Kuljit asks all innocent and is like what did i do? Sharab sees preeto is sad and holds her arm KULJIT BECOMES jealous. sharab says preeto for me plz apologize to kuljit, kuljit smiles and preeto says sorry.
Sharab leaves ..
kuljit says ohh preeto wait i have something of yours and he takes her cel out . Preeto yells for sharab and kuljit says oh my preeto what do u think i would erase the message b4 giving it to u? PReeto is shocked KULJIT repeats his rude dialogues and then leaves.

Seebo comes and preeto breaks down in her arms, She tells her how bad everything is going and seebo comforts her

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preeto tries to call sharab but kuljit picks up and says sharab is gone to delhi for couple days. preeto is left shocked

seebo tells preeto she 4give her for not telling her about her love..they share a sister moment

Bikram tells kuljits mom that he accepts the rishtai and tell them his approval

Kuljit regertrs his decision but his mom persuades him telling him if he could ever see preeto with anyone else? Kuljit gets angry from the thought and continues there planning.

Everyone gathered around preeto and seebo dad pic and vir singh says he forgives him today everyone has a moment

Dadi tells preeto to stay here as they are giving shagun and she is not allowed to come

Preeto cel rings and we are shown sharab caliong her...preeto goes to pick the phone up.

she picks it up but sharab puts it away from his ear, than hangs up. Preeto sees its from delhi and tries to call back..meanwhile sharab is trying to call too..they both try 3 times..and give up.

Bikram and vir sigh family come together and they all have there momentxs and vir singh and bikram are happy to be friends again.

Pandit comes and kuljit gives him a evil look and the pundit says that the horoscopes match perfect and that the wedding must take place in 2 days all are shocked. Kuljit says e can't without sharab but evveryone convinces him and they all go to prepare

Preeto enters her room and finds seebo diary shes about to open it when seebo grabs it from her hand and says hey! my privacy and says u didn't tell me about ur love so y should i tgel u about mine?
Preeto is shocked and says u love someone?" who
seebo says let me just wiat to see if he loves me then i will tell u
Preeto and seebo share a moment. Seebo tels preeto the wedding is tomorrow and today is some ritual thing.PReeto is shocked and equally happy.

Preeto gets reaady when she sees sharab saying she looks beautiful then she snaps out of her day dream

Seebo comes and gives preeto kala teekha to take away evil sights since preeto looks so stunning. Seebo takes preeto out

THey start the rituals when kuljits mom start to put the tikha on preeto ..preeto has flashbacks when her dadi says her husband mom would put the tikha..preeto looks at her and say why isn't pammi aunty do0ing this? SHe gives a shocked look and says eveb though kuljit loves her...i am his mom and forcefully puts the tikkha. Preeto says KULJIT?AND IS SHOCKED SITTING THERE IN TEARS.

EVERYone are congratulaing each other when preeto;smom notices her tears and says why are u crying ..kulhit mo0m says every girl cries when she finds out she leaving her home and mom. dadi comes and tels preetos mom to sweeten everyones mouth

PReeto asks to speak to kuljits mom in private she tells her that she doesn't love kulhit but she loves sharab and its all a misunderstanding and she will go clear it right now. She tells her not to but first tALK TO SHARAB..(stupidnessss) preeto is looking at her wondering why she should and she runs out *kuljits mom ran out NOT PREETO*

she comes and everyone looks and wonders why she is looking scared she says preeto wants to speak to kuljit

everyone looks scared and shocked

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recap: preeto found out its actually kuljit who she is marrying..waiting to talk to kuljit

kuljit walks in to an angry preeto, tells her he did it all to get her, she taunts him by saying u know i only love sharab and he says he doesn't care.balhh* (preety stupid guys) he tells her if she says she doesn't want to marry me*kuljit* then both families will fight again and then what? u think u can marry sharab my family would except you? he starts to laughnleaving preeto in her thoughts

Kuljit comes out telling the family preeto will come say her final decision .
preeto picks up the phone to call sharab but remembers that kuljit has the phone she tells her herself that she will say yes now but then discuss with sharab wat to do next after. and leaves

Preeto enters all teary everyone asks her whats wrong if she has anything to say speak up (PERFECT OPPORTUNITY Big smile ..BUT kuljit gives his evil glare and preeto says no she accepts.

Everyone leaves (bikram singh family)seebo comes with boxes in her hands saying it was kept for her wedding but she will give them to preeto since she is getting married first(aawwww soo sweet Embarrassed )

Preeto is in her room and she finds seebo diary and decides to read it talks about her and her mom then her life *la laa laaaa*..there she sees "I LOVE YOU SARAB" -SEEBO:)
Preeto is shocked to her core..thinink could this happen.

Seebo walks in and takes her diary asking if she read it..preeto said no..seebo gives her the jewlery and says she will look soo pretty wearing them tomorrow. Preeto looks shocked from hearing "TOMORROW"

kuljit pours his heart to his mom once again saying eh feels guilty, his mom says im doing this for u what u think i would think bad for u? PLUSS this si also for ur sister REVENGE. Kuljit agrees then sharab cel (which is with kuljit rings) its sharab calling kuljit gets scared.

His mom answers it and tells him that kuljit is getting married Saharab is shocked and asks with who? She says now u will have to wait and see the weddding is day after tomorrow..can u come? He says yes since his meeting is tomorrow, so yeah they say there byes and disconnect.

Kuljit mom says now sharab can never stop this because the wedding is by the time eh comes preeto will be his sister-in-law already. both give there stupid evil looks

Preeto is standing thinkiing about seebo how she loves sharab
how she loves sharab (p+S)
then kuljit and how she hates him
and how if she doens't marry will hate each other

then she says i can't be soo selfish i have to give up my love and happiness for everyone else (ARE U STUPID..LISTEN TO WHAT U JUST SAID Angry Angry )

EPISODE ENDS. on stupid preeto's face Smile

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