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  Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Okay, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Reading the LUs and everyone's knee-jerk reactions first and then watching the episode is always a good idea because you go with such low expectations of what you will see that you are bound to catch a thing or two you didn't expect! LOL

Like everyone, I loved the first scene. It was so characteristically beautiful with that trademark combination of humour and romance that AarYa have patented and made their own. We continue the scene from the stair-face off of the previous episode where Ishita and Aarti are both staking their respective claims on Yash and his time. This was very symbolic. Ishita starts off at the top of the stairs, near Yash: she has the upper hand because she has just used her last trump card to get Yash's attention, Aayu, and has managed to make him promise that he won't tell Aarti about it. However, what follows is that she descends the steps as Aarti ascends them, showing her actions after getting Yash's attention. She brings herself down and despite the fact that she has lower ground, smiles up smugly at Aarti. Aarti, on the other hand, doesn't even realise she has the upper ground and the advantage on Ishita by being at the top of the stairs until she hears Yash's voice calling out to her. In short, she doesn't need to engage or compete with Ishita because there is no competition. She is the one Yash calls out to when he is vulnerable.

How adorable was Yash, stuck in his shirt, flailing his trapped arms around? Is it any wonder that his impatience trapped him while Aarti's patience set him free? I loved this scene for many reasons. First of all, it reminded me of the naada scene which was the first time Yash really allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of Aarti and consciously allowed her to help him, the first time he let her see him as anything less than a superman. Today we see that it is second nature for him to call out to her when he is stuck in such a situation because of the level their love has reached: it is unconditional and does not depend on outer experiences. There is no weakness or faultline in Yash that Aarti does not know of and so he has nothing to hide from her anymore.

Secondly, I loved this scene because it shows how Aarti will get Yash out of the trap in which he fell because of his own impatience with her patient hand. She has learned from her past experience with Ishita not to point fingers until she has conclusive proof and yet this is also part of the reason they are in this mess. Yash assumes that she is upset only over Aayu which is why he refrains from telling her about his mission, so as to not upset her if nothing comes of it. Had Aarti shared her suspicions on Ishita and what she knew about Ishita's history with Yash and her feelings, Yash might just have been a little more weary. But how could she trust that Yash wouldn't push her away for lying after how he treated her at the time of the kidnapping? Ishita may have been the instigator, but these two have allowed their problems and pasts to come in the way of their relationship and safety all by themselves! Thankfully, Aarti learned to be patient this time and she will extricate Yash from the trap. When she feels insecure and tries to withdraw, he will assure her of his love and need and put a smile back on her face. Balance will be restored.

The third reason I loved this scene was the contrast between Yash with Aarti and Yash with Ishita. On the one hand, he calls out to Aarti when he is most vulnerable and on the other hand, even when Ishita forces him into a state of complete vulnerability he pushes her away. This is what Ishita has failed to understand all this time. It is not enough to make Yash vulnerable and attack, because when he is most vulnerable is also when he is most guarded. We saw that aplenty in his journey when he would cling to Arpita and put up a wall between him and Aarti most vociferously when he felt most exposed to the latter. Aarti has earned the privilege to be in that space with him over a long time and many, many trials and errors where she has proven that she will never leave him, stop loving him or think less of him for his weaknesses. If Yash doesn't want to be near Aarti, that doesn't mean there is a void ready to fill, but that he is surrounded by a darkness that nobody can cross over.

Yash can really be such a baby sometimes and today's episode was all about that. He is mature and sorted out in so many ways, but can also be willfully clueless and oblivious about certain things, especially ones that make him uncomfortable. Even though all the signs were pain in front of his eyes, he refused to believe that Aarti was in love with him and acted like it was this big surprise when he realised. He again put a blindfold over his eyes when Aarti was pregnant and finding it difficult to tell him and once again, he is trying really hard to ignore what he doesn't want to see, that is, Ishita's interest in him and her advances. It is this quality that makes everyone so protective of Yash and today reminded me so much of that scene when Palak shoves Ishita away from Yash and tells her her food is yucky. The same way Ansh feels like protecting Aarti, Palak protects Yash from the drawbacks in himself, realities that she has grown up with and that have affected her on a day to day basis. And that is precisely why Palak, once the barrier broke, is so invested in Aarti; she can see that Aarti protects Yash from his own greatest weaknesses so she herself doesn't have to. It is the same reason she asked if she was brave like mumma.

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club (DC) is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!

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                               LUST IS THE CONSOLATION YOU HAVE,
                                         WHEN YOU CAN'T HAVE LOVE 

No truer words have never been said when it comes to Ishita Aakash Scindia who has been lusting after her brother-in-law Yash for sometime now...Ishita has always been in love with Yash or should I say her version of love ever since their marriage proposal were arranged a year and a half ago but Yash rejected the proposal cause she has never been married and he didn't want to burden her with two children. Later that same year Yash got married to Aarti. Ishita never got over Yash she still woven dreams of becoming Mrs Yash Scindia so when the proposal came again a year later she was excited but once again she couldn't get married to Yash and fulfill cause the latter ran from the mandap to go back to his wife Aarti. Aakash stepped up and married Ishita out of greed but he learned to love her after he changed his ways. Ishita pushes Aakash away and continues to lust after Yash.  
Not caring that Yash is married, Ishita set out to separate him from his wife Aarti...She plotted against them and she finally was able to create a rift between Aarti & Yash when she hired goons to kidnapped their baby boy, Aayu now Ishita is using that same child's name to lure Yash into a trap. 

                                        ONCE YOU MAKE A DECISION, 
                           THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN 

Aarti Yash Scindia finally saw Ishita's true colors when she discovered that the latter is in love with Yash and has been using Aakash to be able to stay in the house to get close to Yash and that she was the one behind Aayu's kidnapping. There was a confrontation between the two women where Ishita tried to deny Aarti's claims but the latter didn't believe the former.

Aarti couldn't tell the rest of family about her suspicions without proof so she made a promise to herself to not let her family fall apart because of Ishita's selfish needs. The determination in Aarti's eyes said it all, she will protect her family come what may.  

                                            THAT'S WHAT FAMILY DOES  


A good episode setting the ground to expose that delusional tart Ishita Clap Clap Clap

It begins with Aarti coming into the room with the thali and sees Yash fighting to get his shirt on, she laughs and asks him what happened to which he asks her to help him out she puts down the thali on the bed and goes to help him out...Aarti tells Yash this is what happens when you try to put on the shirt without opening it, he pleads with her to help him out she fixes his hair and turns to leave when he holds her hand and tells her that he will give her back her smile and to trust him. Aarti tells Yash that he shouldn't bother about that as she trusts only him, Yash goes n to say that he has made the kids sad Aarti assures him that she will pacify them, Yash is self thoughts wonders f he should tell Aarti that his important meeting is regarding Aayu...He proceeds to tell her that the children and her happiness means the world to him and wants to know why she didn't ask him his reason for saying no to the kids , Aarti tells him that's why she asked him. Yash tells her to come back from the function and then he will tell maybe he will even have a surprise for her, Aarti tells him that she will keep worrying until her tells her. He asks her to go to the function and to come back so they could be like this forever he hugs her and she smiles....Awww I love how they are both looking out for each other's happiness if only they had shared what they know with each other but alas they didn't...Hmmm when Aarti fixed Yash's hair that I kind of had a sense of deja vu when he was suppose to get married to that delusional tart and Aarti had to put on his turban but here it kind of felt like she was blessings him I could be wrong but her blessings are always with him Big smile Aww Iiked their hug and the was was teasing Aarti those two come what may will always find their way back to each other Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Vedika come down the stairs with Ansh and PayPal follow by SP & Radha, the latter calls out to Vidhi asking her to come and she does with buaji and Ishita...Ishita thinks that she will have to leave soon as Yash is very punctual, she pretends to get a call from Aakash citing that he wanna ask her something important she asks the rest of the family to go ans hat she will come after...Aarti comes down the stairs and sees Ishita on the phone she remembers the day of Aayu's kidnapping when Ishita refused to go to the temple and she wonders if Ishita is up to something again just then Radha calls out to Aarti who leaves...A happy Ishita hangs out the phone and leaves as well....I love how buaji and Aarti where not buying Ishita's fake convo on the phone with Aakash Clap Thumbs Up but poor Radha was all smiles caus eshe thinks her son his being loved by his wife and she couldn't be more wrong Ouch   

The Scindias arrive at the function, Aarti isn't feeling easy, she decides to call Yash, who picks up the phone after one ring Aarti asks him where he is and he tells her that he is meeting the client she tells him yes but she wants to know his whereabouts, Yash jokingly asks her if she is doubting him she tells him no she can't never doubt him it's just that she has been feeling restless and is worried about him...Yash asks her not to worry and that he will be fine , he goes on to say that if he is done with his meeting early he will join her he asks her to pray that everything goes well and they end the call but Aarti is still feeling uneasy...Aww I love how Aarti always follows her instincts even though sometimes they get her into trouble they they are right just love their connection Wink Embarrassed love Yash asking Aarti to pray so that everything goes well God wil surely answer her prayers Aarti has been tested so many times and yet she is still standing strong she is a true survivor and she will be rewarded dearly for her faith in God Big smile  

Yahs is sitting at a table in the hotel bar when Ishita calls a waiter and gives him an envelop of money and asks him to keep the drinks coming to Yash's table.

At the function Pari is having a hard time handle Aayu, Aarti comes and offers to help her oust so she can meet everyone without worries when Pari rudely tells Aarti that sh can take care of her baby and that Aarti has no rights over him, Vidhi asks Pari what is she saying she replies that she is right as Aarti lost Aayu because of her mistake and that now she has her eyes on her child and leaves...Vidhi tries to cheer Aarti up by telling her that she knows how Pari is and not to feel bad especially on mother's day, she asks her to pray they get a clue as to who has Aayu...Damn all my sympathy for Pari went out the window today who the heck treat the person who helped you get what you wanted like their dirt, I can understand being insecure but what she said today to Aarti was pure cruelty plus she isn't thinking about what is best for the child she knows that she can't keep him calm what sill she do if/when he keeps crying? Angry Angry I love Vidhi she is the big sis to Aarti from the earlier days the one that will always stand by Aarti come what may Hug     

At the hotel, Ishita goes to Yash's table and he asks her if the P.I is coming she tells him that that she talked to him she offers for them to have juice as she is thirsty, Yash refuses telling her that he doesn't want any but she can have if she wants, Ishita orders two oranges the waiter brings the juice and gives it to them...Ishita asks Yash to have it and he does, ishita in self thought says that the meds will take about 15 min to work and then there won't be any obstacles between her and Yash...The waiter comes and tells Yash that the so called PI asked him to wait in room 402, Yash brinks the last of the juice and leaves forgetting his phone on the table. Ishita takes the phone...Poor Yash he drank the laced juice but he sure liked the way he pushed that delusional tart Ishita's hand away when she put her hand on his cheek Clap Thumbs Up that woman has no shame and she really thinks that she will get Yash to sleep with her my goodness what does it say about her that she has to drug a man to get him into bed that she is a pathetic psycho Angry Angry Angry 

Yash comes off the elevator followed by Ishita, Aarti decides to call Yash's phone but Ishita cuts the call and Aarti wonders why Yash cut the call and decides to call him again but Ishita switches the phone off meanwhile Yash gets dizzy but doesn't think much of it and continues to goes up to the room...while Ishita smiles...I've never seen a despo like that delusional tart yet in my life an dto think hat he does have woman like her in the world Dead  Angry   

Aat the function Aarti tries calling Yash again but the phone is unreachable, Radha comes and to join them they go but Aarti stops at the mandir and prays to the Goddess Durga, Aarti prays and asks Durga maa to give her back her baby and to show her a way to show Ishita's true colour so she can get back her happiness, maa blesses Aarti just then the dancers start to dance and one dancer has her face covered with the veil...Aarti tries calling Yash again when she gets stuck between the dancers, the dancer with the veil dances around Aarti and then goes back to the dance floor she is turning around and her veil comes off, Aarti recognizes as the dancer who was there at Aayu's name ceremony, the dance is over and Aarti goes behind teh dancer...Yes Durga maa answered Aarti's prayers regarding Aayu , I liked how when Aarti was praying the camera was focused on Aayu in the background can't wait for that selfish Pari to eat her words Approve 

At the hotel, Yash stumbles into the room, he sits down and asks Ishita about the P.I again she tells him that the PI may have gotten stuck in the traffic but he will be her, she asks him to have water but he refuses, Ishita goes and gets a glass of water for Yash...Seriously even the don't disturb sign went up wow that bleep is really desperate but does she thinks that sign is gonna keep Aarti out she is mistaken, poor Yash is is getting seduce by a sociopath the very thing he accused Aarti of doing to him last year when they got close now he is helpless but I do believe that his inner beast is gonna come out and Ishita will come face to face with something she never expected Evil Smile Evil Smile...the only one who can tame him is Aarti.

Aarti stops the dancer and asks her to tell her who asked her to kidnap Aayu the day of his naming ceremony...Meanwhile at the hotel Yash is nearly out of his senses completely, Ishita comes close to him with the glass of water she asks him to drink it but he refuses and Ishita spills the water on his shirt, Yash gets up and she asks him to let her dry it but Yash refuses and then falls back down into the sofa...Even in his half senses Yash doesn't want Ishita to touch him hmmm that is saying a lot about you Ishita not even drugged the man doesn't want you why can't you take a hint that he isn't into to you darn creepo Angry Angry Angry 

Aarti tells the dancer that she wanted to say something that day when they found her with Aayu teh dancer says yes she wanted to tell her that someone wanted to take Aayu Aarti wants to know who just then Radha comes calling Aarti and the dancer goes away, Aarti follows her while Radha goes back to join the rest of the family...Aww Radha maa you have very bad timing but the again if you didn't come Aarti would have know the truth today itself and then we wouldn't had anything for tomorrow so yeah lets keep the viewers coming back for more tomorrow Tongue Dead LOL 

Bact at the hotel Ishita tells a semi conscious Yash that before the P.I comes she will dry his shirt but Yash pushes her hand away, he tells her no but the meds are kicking in and he can't do much as she is unbuttoning his shirty smiling...Aaarrrggghhh why did we had to see this darn nonsense when we are at the end of the show with only 4 episodes to go well at least Aarti saw him shirtless a few times if she didn't I would be really pissed at that delusional tart seeing our Yash in his vest and being to close for comfort with Yash Angry Angry Thumbs Down...Wow what kind of meds she used on Yash cause if 5 glasses of bhangs didn't knocked him out this much those meds are very powerful Shocked LOL...Seriously even out of his senses Yash doesn't want her [=)) ROFL 

PRECAP: The dancer is telling Aarti that she wants to know who asked her to kidnap Aayu it isn't an outsider but one of their own, her sister-in-law Ishita...Woohoo heck yeah, Aarti is gonna go all JKR on that delusional tart now and no one won't be able to stop her plus let the Hulk and JKR happen together that delusional tart won't know what hit her Evil Smile Big smile  

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were the stars of the episode for me tonightStarStarStar that AarYa scene at the beginning was too cute I love that they are still thinking about each other's happiness and want what is best for the when all they have to do is look at each and they will see that their happiness lies in one another's happiness I love that cute AarYa hug Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 

EDIT: The CVs better give us some AarYa romance before teh curtain fall cause I have to get that ewww image of Ishita touching Yash out of my mind Dead 

Can't wait to see how Aarti saves Yash from that delusional tart Ishita...Doesn't Yash have a tracker in his watch as well like the kids??? Ermm 

P.S I really can't believe that this is the last week of this amazing show, gonna enjoy the remaining episodes and then cry my eyes out on teh finale day Cry Cry...Okay enough of me bringing you down, waiting to see how our AarYa get back they precious Aayu and out Ishita Wink

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 Dont say Alvida .. dont say alvida CryCryCry

Episode Take

I dunno what to say about today's episode , so will keep it short  ..Ermm,,,I know Aarti will save Yash's izzat in the end but whats the need of such scenes with Ishita and Yash when show is ending Confused .. Imagine if CVs had showed such scenes between AarYa , our screen would hv burnt with hotness CryCry.,.. Anyways hoping for a better Tuesday episode now since today's episode was all about Ishita showing her shamelessness and Yash blindly falling in Ishita's trap DeadDead

Yash's Unlucky Shirt and the connection Tongue

Start and ending of the episode had a connection ..

In the start Yash's shirt got stuck up and he was struggling to wear that shirt which was more of an indication that his izzat will b in danger later on and someone is going to take off that shirt and his izaat too WinkLOL which is what happens in the last scene when Ishita after spiking his drink , takes off his shirt when he is in semi-unconsios state Ouch

But Aarti in the starting scenes comes to Yash's rescue and makes sure he wears the shirt properly with her support  Embarrassed and we see Yash feeling a bit guilty for not telling Aarti about his plan to meet Ishita and detective in hotel Ouch...So this was an indication that when Yash's izzat will b in danger in the hands of Ishita , that time Aarti only will come to Yash's rescue in hotel and make sure she buttons up her husband's shirt and saves his izzat too from Ishyy baby TongueLOLLOL

CVs r showing role reversal here ..Its always the hero who saves heroine's izzat na ..this time heroine will save hero's izzat from villain LOLLOL...

But I will b very disappointed if Yash on his own does not try to save his izzat and give few kantaps to Ishita AngryAngry...I know he is not in his senses but I m not liking the way CVs r showing Yash so dumb suddenly Unhappy... How the hell he is trusting every single word of Ishita when even after coming to hotel , he could see how Ishita was trying to flirt with him by touching his cheeks and ordering juice for timepass OuchOuch...Yash should hv guessed it that Ishita is upto something rather than drinking that juice and going to the hotel room which is more like Yash's blind trust on Ishita's words which makes no sense  AngryAngry...

So CVs got to do damage control tomorrow by showing Yash not only saving his izzat from Ishita on his own even before Aarti arrives but also giving few slaps to Ishita for doing such a horrible act as a married woman AngryAngry

Finally Aarti has a proof against Ishita Big smile

I m glad finally Aarti got a proper proof in the form of that dancer woman who clearly told Aarti that Ishita is the culprit Thumbs Up... I m sure that Ishita will b exposed in front of all but my main worry here is how will Aarti protect Yash from Ishita's clutches since she has no idea that Yash has gone to this hotel and also his mobile is with Ishita CryCry

I hope God does some more miracles and let Aarti reach the hotel with that lady soon and not only protect Yash but also expose Ishita in front of Yash and then plss let Yash give few slaps to Ishyy baby AngryAngry

Overall a so-so episode which I will definitely not want to see when show is coming to an end .. One will expect Yash-Aartti scenes and not overdose of Ishita-Yash scenes at this point of the show Ouch

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Apt title samanaClap
@Zetter:Excellent picture take dearClapClap
Looking forward for today epiDay Dreaming

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New spoiler of final week  makes no sense ConfusedConfused ..Where Ishita escapes

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Eagerly waiting how ishita going to expose in front of all...

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Zetter thats a wonderful picture take ClapClap .. I so agree with your title .. every action will hv equal and opposite reaction Big smile... Ishita is going to get some really nasty reactions from Yash for all her sinful actions in the end Wink ... Ishita may hv never got that warmth and love in her life and that explains her extreme obsession for Yash which is more of lust than love but she needs to realise that her lust can never win over the love of AarYa Approve

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