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Monday 13 / 5 / 13 Episode No 142

Nithya , yeey seekiram vada

First segment - Kathir and Priya are waiting for the brat Devi. She takes her own sweet time to make the appointment . Well, Devi has taken the "dupe " idea seriously and wants Kathir to get some one to act as her BF "just for 3 months "  Both Kathir and Priya laugh their guts out. An agitated Devi asks "so, what is so funny?" Kathir asks "what if the guy falls for your money and decides to stay married?" Devi says that her choosing Kathir has some reasons " get me some one who is loyal, just takes the money and honors the contract " kathir refuses to be a part of this scheme . Devi calls him "pizhaikka theriyathavan " Priya apologizes to kathir "I did not know her plans, had I known i would not have asked you to come, sorry " After kathir leaves , priya is categorical "Devi, you either forget the money or marry a nice guy "

Management consultant Bhoopathy and Bharathy - in the car. Bharathy praises Nat's wife and Bhopathy does a chyang chak. Bharathy smells a rat about the auditor - Nats duo " can not take any action because Nats is my chinna mamanaar " Bhopathy passes on a little wisdom to Ms. Prim and Proper "relationship is only at home, at work you have to be loyal to Chids " Decision made, thanks to Bhoo. . Bhoo also gives her the auditor's mobile no!! Bharathy calls the sly auditor and asks him to come to the office with all the accounts. The auditor puts up a feeble fight saying that getting the act together will take time and right now he is too busy for such petty stuff. Bharathy gives him 5 minutes time "either you present yourself with the accounts at my office or I will look for another auditing firm which has time for our company " On the other end, the auditor sweats. Bhoopathy claps his hands and predicts "from now both the family and the business will flourish " Amen to that.

Malathi - Rajesh  - Malathi semai build up thinking that Rajesh  is all set to propose . Rajesh  , after a lot of preamble asks "so, you were all set to marry my brother Casanova?" Shock for malathi - Roja joots


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Tuesday  14 / 5 / 13 Episode No 143

Malathi and Rajesh - a coy Malathi expecting a romantic "143" and a morose Rajesh wanting to know the truth (look buddy, why should it affect you so much if you are not smitten by her? EngiyO idikkalai?) Shocked Malathi walks a little distance away and recalls her talk with Badri. Gathers herself and asks about the source of his information . Rajesh refuses to let the cat out of the bag and Malathi curses Badri for being the villain. Rajesh says that Badri has no role in it (Yovv, you got the answer right here, eh? ) and blurts out that it was Sophi who did the honors. Malathi kki more shock - finally says that she need not entertain the doubts of Rajesh "yaarO sOlrathai kettu, you doubt me ? I would much rather stop this friendship" (Yeyy kirukku, by mentioning Badri's name you confirmed his doubt, apram enna enga appa kuthirukkul illai vesham?) Rajesh was probably waiting for an opportunity like this "fine by me, this is my last talk with you " Malathi leaves.

Santhosh's cabin - Bharathy is watching over him signing some thing. Slowly asks him as to why he takes money with out signing vouchers. Santhosh says that his Chithaps never had any such rule "nee thaan puthusu puthusa kekkare!! But still, I can't get angry with you " When Roja keenly watches - " rendu perum raasi aagittangalaa? Romance mathiri irukku !!" - Chithaps the romance killer asks Santhosh to report to his cabin immediately. Bharathy manages to woo Santhosh and tells him about the auditor story "chinna maama must be calling you to complain about me. The auditor insulted me you know . I had to maintain your reputation as I am your wife and I can not allow any one to insult YOUR wife " Message delivered and received. Santhosh goes to meet Chithaps. As expected, Chithaps raves and rants , calls Bharathy a gold digger blah blah. But Santhosh coolly supports Bharathy and says that Chithaps need not worry about the exposure of accounts. " Both Bharathy and dad know about my tiruvilaiyadals. So, just say that you spent the money to cover up my misdemeanors, take a chill pill, ok?" Naidu is privy to this conversation. Nats knows that he is beaten.

The third segment is a degenerate one - Nats asks Naidu to look for a pretty girl - "let us drag Santhosh back to his old Casanova self - appO than I can become the owner of this place "


Ok folks, one more conquest for Santhosh , Roja QUITS - yeah folks, in all caps - apram she is not even a back up updater for this trash Angry

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Wednesday, May 15th, Episode 144
Nats storms into the auditor's office room with Naidu. Auditor who mis shaken by Basrathy complains about the way Barathy threatened him over the phone. Nats gets so furious and Naidu suggests that he should something before Barathy goes to Chids with the complaint about the auditor. Nats thinks deep and tells," Sir you go ahead and take the statements for the past two years and hand over to her" Auditor replies," no problem Sir..I will write it on a DVD and give it you. It will come about 4000 pages and if we print as a hard copy it will be like two suitcase full of papers" Nats smiles and tells," then send her the hard copies along with the supportive vouchers...let her kill herself searching into that pile of papers." They leave from there.
Sofi is about to leave her house and here comes Malathy asking Sofi about her double game telling Rajesh about Malathy's proposal to marry Santhosh. Sofi samalichufies but Malathy is not satisfied with her explaanation. Sofi's dad comes and sings the same song as his daughter Sofi. But finally Malathy leaves from there with so much hatredness towards Sofi. Dad tells Sofi," Good aamma...look this Malathy most probably she will break up with you and will never cvome here and Rajesh also will do the same with he will be free this is a good thing for you maa"
It is late night and KAdir and Ram are fast asleep. KAdir's cell ringsd and it is from Priya. " KAdir sorry for calling you at this time I am in Baba's hospital as appa had a heart attack. The doctors are yet to talk to me. Please come here in the morning as they will not let you in even if you come now" Kadir feels bad and promoses to be there in the morning. Ram asks what happened and Kadir informs him about the producer and tells," Dei...I am so unluck is all because of me only daa..." Ram replies," No it is not because of you daa...go to sleep daa we will go to the hospital in the morning"
Kadir tries to sleep but all the happenings of the past like the producer giving him a chance to direct the movie and encounters with the hero Ravi Prasad...etc"

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Thursday , May 16th, Episode 145
Rajesh is sitting in the garden and Sivagami comes there with a glass of milk for him. As he sips the milk he asks,"Amma..I always wonder what mada Barathy anni tio  marry Santhosh anna knowing about him everything ma? may be her family is after his money?" Sivagami corrects him and tells," dei never talk anything bad about that family daa..they are all good people" Then she explains what made Barathy to agree to marry Santhosh. Then Rajesh asks," amma...I hear that Malathi went and talked to Badri Uncle that she would marry Santhosh it true amma?"  Sivagami9 tells," I have no idea about this but even if she asks like that what is wrong in that? may be she thought that she would save her akka and family name nu ...she is a thangamaana ponnu daa" Rajesh is happyu to hear this and tells," amma ippothaan naan theilivaaa I understood Malathy...yes amma..she is a nice girl"
Barathy and Sivagami are at the dinning table happily enjoying the food and Sivagami tells about her happiness to be in that kitchen and cooking etc. Santhosh goes to the kitchen to take water. Barathy starts vikkaling...porai yeri vittathu...shem is looking at her empty galss and immediately Santhosh brings the water bottle and gives it to her. Barathy is veru touched and starts drinking that water. Nats is watching all this stomach burns...Devi comes there and tells that she should talk to him about her wedding matter. They go out Sivagami asks Nratahy," Is everything ok with you both," Barathy smiles and replies," It will be ok soon"
Nats and Devi come to the garden and Devi explains about Priya's dad's movie and they are thinking of fixing a dupe instead of the real hero so she is thinking of using the same idea for her wedding. Nats agrees to this but worried about the legal matters. But Devi says," not worry ..we have to look form a person who will simply sign on the paper we show...okay vaa?"
Nats asks," Devi why don't you think and come up with some brilliant idea for santhosh also maa" Devi refuses and goes away.
Kadir is in the hospital and priys is very sad and cries aboutn her dad's condition. Kadir feels bad that he is responsible for all this. But Priya stops him and asks him not to feel guilty about this. Priya is sad that no one came to visit appa. Kadir  tells," that is cinema  Priya...these people are is ok Priya I am there for you and for him Priya" Priya tells," Madan...we should take an excellent movie and prove it to appa which will make him to be back like before" Kadir rpomises that defenitley it will happen.
Priya goes to the nurse to hand over the medicines  while Kdir sits there and starts to think ..deeply...he looks very helpless.

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Friday  update
Nothing much happening
Scene 1
Sivagami feeding toai to Boopathy. He is rushing to fonosh his breakfst to drive Bar to ffice. Santhosh comes there and ask Boo to take care household and he will drive Bra to office. Bar ore santhosham. Nad tells Bar that Auditer is ocming today as per her request. Bar request Nad to be with her and assist her in the process.
Scene 2
Bar office, Boopathy comes in with 2 big bag, along comes Auditer n Nad. Auditer apoligize to Bar for the misunderstanding the other day. Nad help him with the excuse, telling that Auditer fren had an accident and thats why he was not free that time. Bar asks how his fren now, and quickly Nad asmwer her that he is dead. Boo and Bar tease them and tell auditer must be very sad and not in the good time to discuss abt accounts. Bar says she understand his nelamai and tells him that they can postpones the meeting some other day. Both Nad and Auditer happy. But Bar says that she will keep the accounts files in Santhosh room until next meeting. Both Nad and Auditer refuse to let Bar keep the files but Bars insists. With no choice both left her cabin. Bar ask Boo to make xerox copy of the entire files in the bag for safety purpose.
Scene 3
Kathir still thinking abt producer nelamai and think how to help them out. Suddenly he remember about Devi plan. He discuss with his fren and says that he will take her offer and act as her hubby for 3 months. He will ask for financial amount for his film as salary from Devi.

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Tuesday  20 / 5 / 13 Episode No 148

Madan (?? Thought his name was Kathir??!!) agrees to play along with Devi – makes it very clear to her that he needs the money to  re-shoot the movie "make the movie, get money, pay the producer, he should get well, do not tell Priya " – done.

Samosa household – the omnipotent omnipresent Idly eating time. Mahathi reminds Sara about Bharathy's B'day "what gift?" Samosa senior says that Ms. Prim and Proper has come in to a lot of money and so no more talk of her in his house. Mahathi cries, Sara the Columbus finds America – asks her to send text messages to Bharathy "say whatever you want, ok?"

 Chithaps pacifying a fretting auditor "no sweat now, I will not let her go easily " His wife hears this – oblivious to the fact that he wants to destroy her favourite DIL . Devi comes and  says that she found some one who took her bait. Tells Chithaps that Madan is a film director. Chithaps asks the Q "fine, you get what you want, but that guy must have a motive, what is that?" Devi blinks (why babe? Tell your chithaps that he is not the only one who is crazy about money !!)



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