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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Hey guyss, I'm bach with another OS; completed another challange. This time i was challenged by Nishi(kriyaansh_07). Hope i stood upto your expectations.

*****My Lucky Charm*****

"How dare she?? How dare she reject my designs and moreover insult me in front of everyone?? Okay, I agree that my designs were not up to the mark but they weren't bad either. She could've suggested some minute changes to make my designs better. But no she didn't. She's a rich, arrogant and spoilt snobbish brat. Argh, I so damn hate. If she would've accepted my designs then my career in fashion designing would have taken a straight 180 degree turn. Universe ji, kuch karo na" Kriya mumbled as she exited 'The Russell Enamors'; a much appealed and famous fashion designing workshop in the country owned by Shanaya Shergil.

Kriya Ghai is a 22 year old girl who is very ambitious in her life. Fashion designing is something that enthralls her and is really good at it. She's still a beginner and has done few shows under the assistance of some famous designers. She has always revered about working with Shanaya Shergil as she's the best of all. But today she encountered with the worst reality about Shanaya. She's really not worthy to work with. Apart from designing, she's interested in dancing.

"What the F*** does that guy think of himself. Just because he is an eminent singer, he has no right to snub my singing. I may not be so prominent like him, that doesn't mean I'm not good. I concur that I need a little more guidance and he could've done that, but no! Why would he?? Damn, only if he would've agreed to work with me I could've reached heights in my singing career. He's such a b*****d, blighted male. People say absolutely correct bade baap ki bigadi huyi aulaad." Rey grumbled as he departed 'The Russell Vocalists' owned by the famous singer Rajiv Shergil, brother of Shanaya. Since both shanaya and rajiv were siblings, they had russell as a common name for their production houses.

Reyansh Singhaniya is a 23 year old youngster who wants to pursue a career in Singing. Like kriya, even he is very determined in life. Singing is something that pleases him to every extent and is his passion. He has always dreamt of being a prominent and one of the famous singers. He wanted to work with Rajiv Shergil, because only he's the person who could turn those tables of his career. After meeting him, rey realized how wrong he was. He plain rejected to work with rey and when rey tried to induce him, he insulted rey in front of his crew.

Both rey and kriya approaching from the opposite directions busy muttering blights for the brother-sister duo. Suddenly both of them clashed into each other. Their head banged into each other's. Due to this kriya's mobile fell on the ground. Luckily nothing happened to it.

"Sorry I wasn't in the right mood" they said in unison.

Giving each other a small smile they left.

Rey was reversing his car, when he noticed kriya standing in front of her car trying to examine what's wrong with the engine. He walked up her.

"Hey, you need lift??" Rey asked her.

"Uh, no…its fine, I'll manage. Thanks for the concern" Kriya replied back.

"Oh common, I don't see any taxi or cab nearby"

"Well, okay"

Both of them hoped into rey's car and zoomed off. The drive was quite silent in the beginning.

"Hey I'm rey, you?" Rey started a conversation.

"I'm kriya"

"You mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure, go on"

"You said you weren't in the right mood when we banged in to each other. What actually happened?"

"I just had very bad encounter. I'm a fashion designer, still a beginner. I wanted to work with shanaya, but she refused plainly and even insulted me when I tried to persuade her" Kriya replied with a pout.

Rey smiled on seeing her pout.

"What was wrong with you?" Kriya questioned him back.

"Oh nothing much, the same story like yours. Only Fashion designing is replaced by singing and Shanya with Rajiv"

"Basically both of us are sailing in the same boat"

"Yup exactly, I so wish I could take retaliation with Rajiv. People need to know what kind of person he is. He's an avaricious person."

"Same here, even I want to do so" kriya replied disappointed.

"How about a coffee to lighten up ourselves"

"Sure" Kriya replied with a smile.

They went to the 'La Espresso' the famous coffee shop in town. But due to some reason it was closed.

"How about coffee, at my place? My friends' say I make a tasty coffee" Rey asked while biting his lip, hoping that she'd say yes.

"Okay" On hearing this reply from her, rey lips curved into a wide smile.

Both of them were settled on the couch comfortably with a coffee mug in their hands. They kept talking. They had conversed a lot in that past hour and had begun to develop feelings for each other. All of sudden her phone rand and saved her from him. She was upset after attending the call.

"What's wrong??"

"My landlord wants me to vacate my house now, because someone else is ready to pay a better price than me" Kriya replied while at the verge of crying.

"Hey don't cry please. I've an idea??" Rey said while comforting her with a hug.

"What??" kriya asked wiping away those tear drops that had just fallen from her eyes.

"I was thinking, you could move in with me. I live alone here and I would love to have your company"

Kriya thought for a while and then said yes. Both of them went to kriya's home to get her stuff at rey's place. That evening they spent in arranging kriya's room. Loads of boxes were placed on the floor. Accidentally, kriya tripped over one of them and was about to fall. To prevent her from falling, rey caught hold of her but due to misbalance both of them ended up on the bed. Rey was atop kriya. He managed his wait on his hands. A strand of her hair was covering her eyes. Rey pinned them behind her ears. With every passing second he advanced towards her. She gulped down, not knowing what to do. He was lost in her eyes. He was eyeing at her rosy lips. Before he could taste them the bell rang, ruining their moment. Rey groaned imwards and got up to attent whose on door.

After he left, kriya got off the bed. She composed herself and calmed down her breathing. She actually liked his touch. Gosh, it had been only few hours since they met and she already started liking him.

Rey cursed the delivery boy for ruining his moment. He didn't know what had taken over his mind at that time. The more he talked to her the more attracted he felt towards her.


A week passed by since kriya shifted at his place. They had become very good friends. In this week both rey and kriya had got two small asignments in which they were successful.

Suddenly both kriya and rey came out running from their respective rooms.

"Rey/Kriya I have a good new to tell you" Kriya and Rey squealed in joy together.

"First me" rey said.

"No me, don't you know ladies first" kriya replied.

Accepting his defeat, rey allowed her to speak first.

"I got a call from the "The Enchanting Designs". They want to work with me. You know what does that mean. It means my first official fashion show. I'm so happy" kriya said hugging him.

"That is such a good news"

"I know...what about yours??"

"Even I got a call from the famous 'Fiesta Productions'. They want to produce an album with me. Can you believe it" rey exclaimed.

"You're my lucky charm" both of them said in unison staring deeply at each others eyes.

"This calls for a celebration...we're going for dinner tonight" rey said breaking the eye lock.

Rey was waiting for kriya in the living room, dressed up in black tuxo. His wait came to an end when he heard kriya's bedroom door open. There she stood dressed up in a blue coctail attire, looking pretty as ever.

Kriya's dress:

"You look beautiful, like always" rey complimented her.

A pinkish tinge formed on her cheeks. Both of them left for the restaurant.

They were at the entrance of the restaurant. They were about to step in but before they could, rey caught hold of kriya's waist and then entered in as a couple. Kriya was surprised with this action of his. She liked nah, loved the way he held her possessively yet gently. She turned towards the other side to hide her crimson cheeks from him.

"You shouldn't hide look even more pretty when you blush" rey whispered. His hot breath was tigling on her ears.

Kriya closed her eyes to calm down herself. All throught the dinner, kriya didn't dare to look at him especially his eyes. A haughty and naughty smile was lingering on his lips. He occassionaly caught her hand and kept fondling it. Some times he slid his leg against hers underneath the table, giving a fluttering sensation.

After they were done, they made their way out.

"Kriya, you interested to go for a long drive??" Rey asked while getting into the car.

"Sure, I'd love to"

There was a lovely silence prevailing between them. Suddenly rey stopped the car beneath a tree, just adjacent to the city museum.

"Rey what's wrong???" Kriya asked wondering why did he stop the car.

"Shh!!" He said placing a finger on her lips.

She looked at him with puzzled eyes.

"Kriya, I don't know how to say it and from where to begin. I'll just try to make it simple. From the day I met you I've been liking you. And I'm very sure that this isn't some friend wala like, it's love. I love you kriya. I love every moment I spend with. You're my lucky charm. Will continue to favour your luck on me for the rest of your life? Will you please be mine forever??"

Kriya had no words to utter. She couldn't believe this was for real. Her lips were curved into a huge smile.

"I love you too rey and even you are my lucky charm" she hugged him the next moment. Due to the sudden hug, rey fell back on his seat and kriya up on him. She was half on her seat and half on rey. Their lips were waiting to feel the other. They were about to kiss. But on hearing some sounds they pulled back.

They saw a car park in front of the museum and two people came out from it. Both of them were dressed in black except their faces. As they turned around rey and kriya were shocked. The Shergil sibling were standing there putting their black mask on. The siblings stealthily walked towards the back door of the museum. To rey and kriya's luck, the siblings hadn't noticed them.

"Rey what are they doing here in such an attire??"

"How am I supposed to know???"

"Are they trying to steal something from the museum??"

"Why would they??"

"Oh, I get it know. I've recently heard that the worlds most expensive diamond is placed in the museum and the Shergils are really fond of diamonds"

"If this is the thing let's call the cops"

"Yeah, you call them whilst I'll keep an eye over the duo"

Kriya quitely was following the duo of siblings. Her assumption was correct. They sneaked in through the back door, and were having a few instruments along with them. It was quite dark and kriya couldn't see anything properly.

She was following them when suddenly she tripped over a stone. Due to the fear of falling down a shriek escaped her mouth. Before the siblings could hear her, rey caught her from behind and covered her mouth with his palm.

Her back was pressed against his chest. The contact of hos skin with her lips, made him quaver. When he felt they were out of danger, he released her.

"Umm, what did the cops say??" Kriya whispered.

"They'll be here in few minutes. Till then we need to keep an eye over what's going on here."

"Hmmm" saying kriya facedthe other side to observe everything. Her hairs fell towards one side giving rey a clear view of her nape. His hand automatically reached her nape and began caressing it. Pulling her towards him, he nuzzled in her nape. He left a trail of peppery kisses along her nape and shoulder.

"Rey" she said to alert him that theu should not be doing it here. But it sounded like a moan.

On hearing a few noises, rey pulled back. The cops had reached there. As the siblings were outletting the museum from the back door, thet were surrounded by cops and KriYansh as well.

The siblings were astonished. They gulped down and scanned the area for any escape. But couldn't find any. Their eyes landed on KriYansh and could very well recognize them.

"You b*****d, you called them over here right?" Rajiv questioned rey.

"Yes we did" kriya replied instead of rey.

"Well, everyone's going to be shocked on reading the headlines that 'Shergil siblings are theives' " said a senior inspector.

"Listen, we'll pay you how much you want but just don't disclose this" shanaya tried to bribe them.

"No thanks ma'am. We know you're a famous designer but in front of the law you are a common person. Arrest them" the inspector ordered.

The constables had arrested the duo and went towards their jeep. Kriya and rey were left behind.

Rey, unable to control his desire any longer leaned in to kiss her. But before he could the inspector interrupted. Rey groaned and cursed the inspector.

"Argh, when ever I try to kiss her why does everyone need to poke their nose in between. First that delivery boy, then these siblings and now this inspector. Why can't everyone leave us alone" rey muttered under his breath audible enough to kriya, who chuckled in return.

"Thank you Mr.Singhaniya and Ms.Ghai for helping us catch them" The inspector said and was about to say something else but a constable interrupted.

After he was done, he turned to talk to them but KriYansh had disappeared. He sent his assisstant to find them. His assisstant found them in their car. Poor soul, closed his eyes and felt embarassed on what he saw. He left from there in a second.

Rey was seated in the drivers seat and kriya on his lap. They were busy nibbling each others lips. They kissed till eternity. With every passing second rey induced more inside het mouth, taking the charge. They pulled back due to the feeling of suffocation. But rey's lips never left her. Her pulled down her dress a little such that a part of her bossom was visible. Like a hungry person, he feasted over her. Kriya in return massaged his hairs while kissing him all over his face. She bit his earlobe making him grumble. He once again kissed her feverishly.

So hows it???

Hope you guys liked it.

Do hit the like tab and leave your reviews.


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rkd Evil Smile




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Jazz Awesum Clap
Beautifully writtenThumbs Up
Loved it...

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superbb os...
loved how u used the elements n potrayed it soo well!!
rey's impatience...was a treat to watchLOL
loved it!!

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Superb os.
Hayee. .lovd it.

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Amazing OS
Loved it !

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nice concept rey n kria r singer n fd not bad n they face same situation n they r each others lucky charms N that who ia finding kriyaansh hahaha hyyy bechara kitna embarens fil hua ho ga bechare ko

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