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ArHi FF: Finding Solace-#7 Chp 29 Pg 1 *Completed* (Page 2)

thulasi_arshi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 31 May 2012
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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 3:38am | IP Logged


when arya said.."i now have mother who love some.she is married to my father who loves me too.. i'm lovable it proves what do u have to say now".

even i'm little jealous while reading these linespoor aditiya..small kid.. carving for parents love silently 

arnav n shayam conv sensible WinkWink

finally  arshi done ahem ahem

15th honeymoon Day DreamingDay Dreaming

arya shivering in aditiya arms..fantastic ending

such a story

here our sweet bubbly



with aditiyaTongue


in arshi marriage Wink




pics credit -googleLOLhope u like itSmile

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silvia1999 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 January 2012
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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:12am | IP Logged
wow beautiful ending
loved the way arya explained abt her relations to aditya...
Arnav is making her impatientEmbarrassed
arnav nd shyam convo is nice,loved shyam's answers.arya's confusion abt maasi and chachi is nice
finally aditya nd arya Shocked
will miss this FF

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Joined: 31 July 2012
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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:20am | IP Logged
As cliched as it sounds, this feels like I am saying goodbye to a close friend.
I absolutely loved this story, and I still think it had one of the hottest A-K chemistrys I've ever read!
I'm going to miss this...

So the last chapter begins and ends with Aditya, huh?
That was a good way to introduce us to the double reception/ engagement.
We knew exactly where all the characters stood, and where their journeys had taken them so far.

And then...they finally did it!
Explosive, combustible suhaag raat ve!
So you finally made the fairy lights mental-undressing turn into real undressing, and the result was passionate, yet tender. Funny, and sensual. 
It struck the right balance and was beautifully written.

Thoda dard hoga!!!

I also loved the way you wrote the Arnav-Shyam conversation. It was just not possible to forget and forgive everything in one fell swoop, so every reaction was justified.
And I am a fan of Shyam, just for the way in which he stood up to Arnav.

A glimpse of their honeymoon..wish we could have had more of that!

And finally, a peek into the future.
We saw what everyone was doing with their lives, and it was a brilliant touch to show this through Arya's eyes.

And then...the rain hug!

Here's to the rabba ve that has been passed down to the next generation!

Lovely update, and a befitting end to one of my all-time favorite ArHi FFs!

Great job, Saiyyu, this was an awesome journey!

P.S: Thank you for putting so much effort into this story over the past seven months, and a huge thank you for completing this tale.

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riafna IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 February 2012
Posts: 6905

Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:28am | IP Logged
You won't believe me ..i really wants to ask you one thing La and Nk only in words like Aman in our show epilogue on them ...La left Arnav because she had understood that we can't force someone on life and love ...
Aditya hoye look at him his one and only one fun in life .Arya Singh Raizada.Arya noted that his mom's weird behavior. After all daughter of great ASR. Anyway Mr Aditya what was he doing in front of AR with his dad?? I have lots of doubt Rasgulla i think we need one more update at least ...At least one more update.Can you believe that I am asking you for one more update.Because I can't see this one ending here ..that story which I rethinking rethinking aww completely lust and sex and yup I told you before I am so glad and proud I could be a part of this great journey.Thank you so much for this amazing story. aho don't try to make me senti huh

Shyam and Arnav aww i like that awesome stayed to their character true to that,,, Clap

Shocked to the core they named their kid as Aryan ... there Khushi surprised me .. Khushi didn't mind that equation ..oops if i were i definitely can't..

OMG if Akash is not going I won't..ha ha ha character reversed here..

their first night that was awesome he is teasing her naughty naughty Arnav...

hey Sorry for all  the troubles and you had remind me again to unres.I am so sorry for this...Actually its not like i forget this ..I am also going for a vacation out of country for 10 days so some busy shopping and I am glad actually our dates are same.So I won't miss AAA update.Take care.Happy journey. Inshah Allah see you soon

Forget one thing more..there was my name too ..Thanks yaar ..Its an honor for me

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pheonix24 Goldie

Joined: 17 January 2010
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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:34am | IP Logged
brilliant update..bravo!..just loved the ending...

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vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 May 2012
Posts: 32391

Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Stunning ...! 

Cry Where do I go to find my solace now ? 

I really don't know how to comment on this last chapter...this story has meant more to me than the others not because I liked the others any less but through this I feel I connected with you it has more meaning and memories attached...and I loved all your notes...the ones on top, the special mentions and the ones at the end...this Arnav and Khushi were two of the best etched ones I have had the pleasure of reading,...with a chemistry that was just too hot...both knew what they wanted and made no apologies about it! 

I loved the contrast between Arya and Adi, he had everything but still has nothing..she has the love of so many people even though ..Arya missed the one thing she did not have that made her feel incomplete and the target of his jibes and she has that one person ...her mother and she is no longer affected by him she feels complete by the love showered on her by so many people...but Adi...still feels compelled to tease her! She seems to be his favourite punching bag...his source of entertainment...I loved her picking up the glass of water and drenching him...brought back sweet memories for me! 

I love ASR...the protective father almost terrorising Adi...I loved how the entire family stands up for both the Gupta girls and was very endearing of them...and very heartfelt. I particularly loved when mami says 
 "We had thought we would be lucky if they gave us one of their daughters. We are fortunate they granted us both"
Such a great line...I love how she gives if off to the so called women of the society for who people are judged by not what they are but what they have! 
I felt a little bad for Adi being made to apologise just for his mother to save face...and it was really nice of Arya to forgive him so easily...and willingly! 
I loved her sudden realisation of the importance of being called Arya by 3 people...two who already have a place in her heart and life and one...

Loved a blushing Khushi remembering the wedding through the flash back as she waits for Arnav, his inability to keep his hands off her, the innuendos and the teasing and her knowing the thoughts that were going on his mind with each of those gestures, once which she reciprocated totally...
Loved how every detail of this wedding was planned so perfectly even what clothes she was wearing keeping in mind both their colour preferences...also loved that she knew how to dress for him and wanted too and she finds herself in a saree keeping him in natural for her to want to see desire and appreciation in her husbands eye for her...loved how she fields the desire too, and is equally effected by him and is consumed with thoughts of her husband ...without any shame ...and is glad for the distraction provided by Arya ..and of course Arnav being him...without worrying about anyone, possessively had his hands around he waist throughout the evening...playing havoc to her mind with his touch and fingers...not so innocently...building up her frustration of wanting him ...I love this side of him! 
And while our heroine sits with anticipation the hero is missing  And finally when he walks I like the way she lets him know she is angry only to suddenly get worried as he mentions Arya...and I loved how thoughtfully she lets him surprise her with the contents of the box...I liked that la had never received them so in a way it was fate and destiny that those would be hers as would he...with the blessings of his mother!  
It was so sweet that she could not contain her happiness and love and reaches out to hug him, and I liked how intimately they sit while she reads the letter hidden on him and then her teasing which he counters by his own brand of teasing...
And I simply adored the un pinning did bring back the best memories of the show...simple yet sensual, sweet yet sexy and sizzling ! Thank you for putting your version of was just a stroke of brilliance!  I love how seductively her undresses her and gets rid of all the unwanted accessories ! 
Loved how she both feel the same intensity and passion and desire ...she a bit shy but his guidance makes her soon lose all her inhibitions to enjoy their unity finally. It was one of the most aesthetically and beautifully written consummation scenes..., they came together not just physically but emotionally as well... please take a very well deserved now...I could feel their insatiable hunger, greed , desperation  and impatience for each other...

I loved how Arnav stands up for Akash and Paayal and opposes the elders in their decision about not sending them for a honeymoon as they still refuse to divulge the reason behind their sudden wedding, but Arnav realises that they played a crucial part in Khushi  and his marriage so he shows his gratitude by showing solidarity and saying they if they don't go neither will Khushi and he...

I loved the bond and friendship they payal and Bubbly are forming...I loved how incredibly sporting and mature Arya is for her age, the apprehension on Arnav's face leaving his daughter and family is evident and so sweetly addressed by Anjali who more than reassures him... 
I am glad you included an intimate scene for Payal and Akash too...they deserved the some space in the story,

Loved the flashback...his meeting with Shyam, .Shyam comes across such a great guy, who has had a series of unfortunate incidents in his life...both victims of the the sister of one and now joined by the sister of the other ...both driven by the love of the women in their lives...Shyam is blunt and clear he loves Anjali and marry her he will...but rather do so with his blessing as to him Anjali's happiness and is primary and connected with her brother!  
I really loved the entire conversation they have, about la, Shyam's revelation about anjali never blaming them for the failed marriage only wanting to see the good in others...his love for Anjali 's limp to Shyam's ultimatum about asking for Anjali's had in marriage ...all so emotional and writing mind-blowing! It exceeded all my expectations from their much awaited confrontation !  It said so much another the loyalties and commitment to relationship that they both have ! Both men in love...
Loved how Khush knows what is bothering him and applauds his decision   and comforts him, and in her and with her he finds solace...she has the right words...for his sisters sake he needs to let go and give them all a chance of happiness and acceptance ...and move together united as a family...bubbly surely seems to be happy with here mamu, they are all on a good place finally and it would mean so much to Anjali...and saying this provokes him sexily and enticingly...and like a newly married very much in love couple on their honeymoon should be am glad they not only explored the city but also each other...the past making way for new beginnings. 

Loved Arya all grown up, and her chance meeting with Aditya...the setting the rain...and loved the he remembers her vividly and recognised her instantly and appreciatively ... Still remembering the number of people who loved her...loved the entire description of the family bond and dynamics and the relationships...Khushi and Arnav both busy, very much in love, Khushi still sending money to her family...their annual honeymoon...loved how he wants peace and quiet and she full of life indulging herself in a rain dance in solitude...and then the two do meet though if was ordained or fate and destiny...him pulling her into his arms saving her...holding on to her possessively ...and here was Arya in Adi arms finally...wonderful memories...and such an incredibly's been an honour to be a part of it...and going to miss this story incredibly...thank you Saiyyu for letting me a part of it! 

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katunkka Senior Member

Joined: 22 June 2012
Posts: 628

Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Wow finding solace has ended. I'm very sad it ended but I very much understand because your the only who knowd where the story must end. I love how you concluded this with adithiya and arya. I loved arya and new adit had a thing for her. Boys trouble girls who they like.
Ok the first night and the honeymoon was sexy and very fitting. I loved shyam in this not only he stood up for anjali he put arnav to his place.
This has been a wonderful close to seven month experience. Thanks! Thumbs Up

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msin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 December 2011
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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 4:41am | IP Logged
I loved the story... It's very cute...

In the 29 chapter it struck home... That my son whose name is aadi and his current best friend in class is called arya... So I found it more cuter...LOL

Very nice and sweet ending

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