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Arshi OS: Hospital Love.. part 2 page 23

PaRud_AddicT IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
this  os is dedicated to my GUP SHUP gang...@ preet di...( my darling) @ aruna di ( my telugu di )
@ anandi ( my online mumma) @shree di ( my donLOL) @ deepu ( my gutter partner)
and all my loyal readersWink

im so sorry aru di forgot to mention ur name..CryCry

maaf karo..

mainly dedicated to ARA DI..( my favorite)

love you guys


                                                         HOSPITAL LOVE

Arnav and N.K stood in front of sanjeevni hospital. Arnav in his black goggles and pulsar.  All the girls passing over them were ogling at him. Arnav smirked at them and thought" I know, I'm hot".. he brushed the thoughts and went back to the scene..the reason they are near the hospital now.



It was indeed a tiring day at the college. Arnav have to also manage his dad's business. And this stupid N.K escaped from doing his assignment and went for a date with Lavanya. Cursing his fate he increased the speed of his bike. Lost in his thoughts he did not notice the car ahead of him. He did not hear the horn of car and lost somewhere. The other person in the car lost the control over the car but balanced to escape from hitting the bike and hit the trunk of the tree. Arnav lost his balance and fell from the bike.

Frustratingly he shouted picking up his bike

Arnav: dekhar nahin chal saktha hai kya? He knows that it was his mistake but he needed to remove out the frustration from morning. Arnav being arnav yelled at the person in the car. There was no response, he brisked towards the car but his foot rooted to the ground seeing the figure.

A thin figure reflected in yellow color got down the car. his world stopped, breath hitched and heart missed a beat. Her long silky hair and a few hair strands falling on her temples, her milky ski and a swan neck..he stood rooted to the ground , admiring the diva before him. she ran to him hurriedly and asked

Kushi: are you okay?

Arnav world is numb. He noticed her lips moving rhythmically but he couldn't hear. Blinking his eyes dreamily he starred at her. The girl snapped her fingers at his face, which brought arnav back to reality. He felt a slight burning sensation on his forehead. He checked it with his hands and found blood at his hand.

Kushi: hey devi mayya'.!!!

He heard her shout. Her eyes popped out and mouth open. Before he can realize she took her duppata and cleaned his hurt. Arnav stood admiring her. He heard her chanting

Kushi: im so sorry sir'

Unconsciously he replied

Arnav: arnav'

Her eyebrows frowned and her act of cleaning wound stopped

Kushi: huh??

Arnav: arnav'im arnav'

Kushi nodded her head watching his weird behavior. Realizing their position she jerked back. Arnav too moved back but didn't take his eyes off her, he saw her going away somewhere. He panicked but to his relaxation she made her way to a medical shop there. He stood there watching her and worshiping her beauty. She came back running and made him to sit on the seat of his back. She took a white tube seemed like ointment. She hesitated to bring near his face. Arnav noticing it replied

Arnav: koi baat nahin..i will do it myself..

Before she could reply her phone rang. Her expression changed to terror panicking arnav too. She replied hastily

Kushi: im sorry..i have to patients are waiting for me..i hope its not a ig hurt if any problem visit me..

Saying that she placed her card and ran away. In minutes her car was nowhere seen. Arnav smiled happily running his fingers through his hair..he saw the card and read it aloud

Arnav: kushi Kumari gupta, physician,sanjeevni hospitals..

He frowned and chuckled

Arnav: well kushi'you have won my I come


He smiled dreamily recollecting their first meet. He snapped out of his day dream by n.k pat

N.K: so Nannav..whats the plan?

Arnav took out his glasses and ordered n.k

Arnav: details

n.k sighed and took out a paper from his pocket and read it aloud

n.k : kushi kumari guptha, physician, sanjeevni hospitals, one sister named payal and fortunately payal is the girl aakash is dating with. Parents are doctors too, fav color yellow..Best friend devi mayya..

after listening the details of his love , arnav patted n.k

Arnav: friends with are the best n.k

Both the friends entered the hospital and asked about the whereabouts of Dr. Kushi. They followed the way directed by the ward boy and finally reached her room. He can smell her scent.. he checked himself once again

n.k : Nannav I don't think this is right..

Arnav dragged him shouting

Arnav: it's okay n.k'or else I will break up ur's and Lavanya relationship.

N.k obeyed and followed arnav.

And there she is , busy writing something..may be reports. The nurse sent them in and they took their seat . she is till busy in writing. Arnav smiled at her concentration.. she is yellow again but in different shade of yellow..he pouted lips and her lips'omg..They are so tempting..Her grace can be seen in her face. Still with her head down she asked them

Kushi: boliye...what's the problem..

Arnav is out of his senses..just gone  insane before her. N.k instantly replied

n.k : pain.

Kushi frowned her eye brows looking at the book and asked back wrapping up her work. Before n.k could answer arnav answered

Arnav: heart ache..

He replied with his husky voice..kushi eyes shout up instantly listning the voice. The same husky tone.  How could she forget that voice?Her eyes popped out seeing him.

Kushi: aap?

Arnav replied dreamily

Arnav: haan mein..

Kushi: what?

Arnav snapped back to reality and replied

Arnav: yes maam..i mean kushi..Remember me? That day'accident.. he tried to make her identify him. Kushi nodded positively and replied panicking

Kushi: yeah'what are you doing here? Is the hurt too bad? Are you taking any medicine? Hey devi mayya? Did my car hit you badly..? she spoke everything in a minute hurriedly , her concern is clearly seen in her face..and arnav liked it.

Arnav: no'maam I mean fine..

Kushi calmed down and asked

Kushi: then came here? Any problem?

Arnav nodded and starred at her. Kushi felt his eyes on her, in fact all over her, soon her cheeks became red and she looked everywhere except him. n.k rested his face in his palm drooling over the duo.

Kushi: you said that you have some..

Arnav completed her sentence

Arnav: ache.. he said dramatically while kushi looked at him suspiciously.

Kushi: since when..?

Arnav: since the day of the accident..

Kushi eye brows frowned and she thought foe sometime and asked back

Kushi:  but your head was hurt right? Then why are you getting heartache.. the question tongue tied arnav. He parted his lips to answer but don't know what to answer. Kushi looked at them with frwned eyes and expression. N.K covered up arnav saying

N.K: yes kushi ji..he was hurt near his forehead..the pain first started at his head and now travelled to his heart.. n.k replied pointing to Arnav's scar of the hurt and tracing his fingers to his  heart. Arnav too caught up with N.K and nodded his head

Kushi understood something fishy and took out her prescribing pad and asked arnav

Kushi: what are the symptoms? I mean, is it paining anywhere else? Or any other problems?

Arnav ogling t her and replied with his famous smirk

Arnav: sleepless nights...kushi narrowed her eyes; day dreaming'kushi closed the nib of the pen listening to his symptoms,  electricity passing through veins' donno why everywhere I see I can see you face'

Kushi snapped her book to the table and shouted

Kushi: what nonsense?

N.k eyes widened. Arnav came back to reality and answered

Arnav: no .. Not you'everywhere I see tablets and medicines..

Kushi nodded her head with frowning brows sarcastically.

n.k: what disease my Nannav is suffering from doctor?? He asked dramatically hugging arnav sideways.

Kushi writing the treatment replied mocking

Kushi:  if you want to know then I need to explain you what I have studied this 10 years.. n.k understood that their drama is not gonna work soon and nodded

Kushi: your name? she asked pointing to arnav

Arnav: arnav singh raizada..

She gave a look at him and went back to her writing.

Kushi: Mr. raizada.

Her words were cut by arnav

Arnav: arnav'call me arnav

Kushi sighed in irritation and replied

Kushi: yeah arnav..i've written some pain killers..And they will help

Before she could complete, this time N.K interrupted her

N.K: what if they don't work? Shall we come again?

Kushi glared at him and replied sternly

Kushi: I said they WILL reduce the pain.. She said grinting her teeth pressing more on the word WILL.

n.k nodded silently while arnav glared at him and took the slip from kushi hands.

Kushi: you may leave sure you will be okay..

Arnav smiled filling her images in his heart and mind for the whole day and adored her

Arnav: bye kushi'see you soon..

Kushi narrowed her eyes and asked

Kushi: you will come again?

Arnav: if the medicine doesn't work..

Kushi: it will'she replied angrily..

Arnav smirked while n.k dragged him outside.

Kushi sighed and went back to her work.

part 2 -

how's it guys??? i hope its not that badConfusedOuch...chappals and tomatoes are allowedLOL

please comment tell me ur views

part 2 will be posted on mondayEmbarrassed


Blessy's Arshi Fantasies

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ara_000 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
awww so its dedicated to our crazy team...3 cheers for us...we gupshapians rock...!Thumbs Up
So kidoo,here is ur aru di wit her commnt...i hope u will like it...!Heart
Now dats a cute shot indeed...
Arnav's attitude like ''ya ya i knw i am hot'' actually made him all d more hot nd droolworthy...hayeee arnav singh raizada in black goggles nd pulsar-deadly combo Day Dreaming
so they met nd dat too wit an yeh hua na jhakkas wala first who is at fault was yelling nd d other who was actually to yell is saying sorry...yeh sirf in dono ke sath hi ho sakta hai LOL
loved it how arnav was checking her out as if he is actually thanking khushi's devi maiyaa for d accident Wink
nd he find out her details nd reached sanjeevani...wowww Mr.Arnav singh raizada is hell bent on winning his love...
But arnie boy ur khushi is a hard nut to break baby...itni asaani se pighal ne wali nahi hai...u have to try hard baby to win her...aftrall she is would b khushi kumari gupta singh raizada...! Wink
loved it how she cleared d air dat d medicines will work nd arnav has not to cum back but she has forgotten he is d ASR,he will make her his at any cost...just a matte of tym actually coz he sumwhere knws dat dis beutiful girl likes him nd d blush on her face by hearing his husky voice proves it all...
Loved d update kidoo...
Its awsum...
Simply fantastic Thumbs Up
waiting for d nxt chappy...
I want to knw wat actually khushi is thinking about arnav...!
Love ya kidoo Heart
muaaahhh :*

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CrazyDollAnandi IF-Stunnerz

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My baby's OS. Hayee

First let me dance Monkey WinksMonkey Icons
OMG. You detected it to me tooBig smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Khushi ne toh Arnav ka band baaja diya ROFL  ROFL  ROFL 
Seriously I can't stop laughing
It's damn hilarious and cute too Embarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Heart ache, sleepless night, day dreaming ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  ROFL
But Khushi ko aise thori na karni chahiye thi Ouch ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Now update the next part soon otherwise you know what I do  
Now baby it's really a cute one Monkey Icon

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome os
Loved it
Waiting for part 2

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ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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How Are You?

Awesome os you can't stop writing LOL

miss u and your stories Cry
I Miss You

come back soon dear Star

A Warm Hug

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raniluvsasr IF-Rockerz

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Hey thnxx fr d pm,amazing update. Beatifully wriiten. Woowie khushi is a doc. Interesting. Eagerly waiting fr ur nxt update. Update soon

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bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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lced it
plsss update sooon

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PaRud_AddicT IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ASR6262

How Are You?

Awesome os you can't stop writing LOL

miss u and your stories Cry
I Miss You

come back soon dear Star

A Warm Hug

aweee i loved all the pics
love yaHeart

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