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Qualities inherited by AStha and Sia!! (Page 2)

swathi Goldie

Joined: 18 February 2005
Posts: 1311

Posted: 23 May 2005 at 4:01am | IP Logged

Thanks Mods and viewbies for creating a innovative topic and every week and also to sree_20 for bringing it to my notice. my short answers (views) to the question

What are the qualities that AStha and Sia have inherited from their respective parents? Discuss in detail drawing comparison from parent to child.

Both Astha and Sia have learnt true justice from both of them. They are always ready to give up anything and everything for true justice. (In case of Sia remember Victor Divya's rape and in case of Aastha, her fight against the crude behavious of the professor). Even Abhi and Simran were strong in their belief of true justice.

There are a few uncanny similarities between Sia and her parents. Sia is very much like her mother Simran that she is able to take things calmly and does not rush into them. She is more mature in handling things. But in the case of love she is like her dad. Falling in love with a older man and also telling him just like that (how Abhi did with Simran).

In case of Aastha I would say that she is like Neha where she jumps to conclusins too fast without properly verifying facts. Neha knew that Simran was Abhi's ex wife and she also kneow abt the bonding b/w both of them. She knew what she was entering into when she married Abhi. But still she started finding faults with each and every small thing and made her life a hell. Similarly Aastha is also quick to jump to conclusions without exactly thinking over.

But in all these case I wud say that environment also plays a pivotal role. Simran spoilt Aastha and that is the reason why Aastha was never ready to face the real world. She was always (and now i guess under Radha) influence and looks at thinhs from their persepctve only. I don't think that Aastha has any personal opinion abt anything except possibly of love for Sid.

In summation I wud say that genes do play a mojor role in deciding character traits of person but it is evolved solely becuase of the environment that a person grows up with.


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principessa Senior Member

Joined: 17 February 2005
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Posted: 23 May 2005 at 9:53am | IP Logged

Well guys, you all wrote what I wanted to write.. you didn't leave anything for me.. LOL OK, don't blame me for some repeated points.. Wink

About Sia.. Yes I agree, she has taken after Simran in terms of maturity, logic and calm reactions.. On the other hand, she has taken after Abhi in terms of falling in love so quickly..

Astha is can be easily identified as Abhi & Neha's child.. She is immature like Abhi, and rational judgemental like Neha..

About their reactions when they realised the truth.. Sia's reaction was logical.. She still holds that love and respect to the woman who raised her (putting a side that she kidnapped her, Sia doesn't know this yet). Sia appreciated the fact that a strange woman raised her as her own daughter.. Real mother or not real.. she loves her all the way..

Astha's reaction was logical too, putting in mind her personality.. But the thing I couldn't understand is how did she forget Simran's love and treats her as if she never ever called her mom! I know she is like Abhi, very stubborn, but she should have realised that the love given to her by Simran is priceless.. Simply, Astha is not using her mind to think.. I wonder what she would do when she discovers that she was only a replacement!!!

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 14 September 2004
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Posted: 23 May 2005 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
I have watched on and off Astitva so please excuse me if there are mistakes. I have written this based on the  fabolous updates of sree;s.

Anjali you have rightly pointed out hereditary vs. upbringing has always been a debatable topic. All aspects of anyone's life - their character, sense of responsibility, good and bad habits, ability to cope with difficulties, and the faithfulness - are shaped primarily during childhood. The bright memories of childhood can strengthen and warm them during trying times, and, contrarily, those who have not had a happy childhood can in no way remake it. Even if they are not with their real parents their characteristics are always developed. In this case both Sia and Astha have always had parental affection but I think they both in different ways were showered with too much warmth and brought up in very secure environments, and this can play a vital role on how they perceive things now.  They were brought up in a lovingly environment but the parental genes are still there and characteristics will surface in them as we get to know them more.

There are some common characteristics between Sia and Astha. They are stubborn in their own rights and fearless. They are ready to fight for a good cause and deliver justice to the wronged. They are also hasty and jump quickly without thinking about the consequences, which is a trait that is related to their father. His idea to run away from everyone without consulting is also seen in his kids where they do not think its always necessary to ask their family before taking decisions.

Sia – Sia has been shown as strong, self-motivated and strong-minded just like Simran. She is also very caring and is concerned for the society more than herself. Unlike her mother Archana who had not thought once about it when kidnapping that how this would affect the kidnapped kids parents. Instead of adopting she ruined a family's happiness. On the adverse Sia after her good friends were dead still thought about them and came all the way to India to look for answers. Regarding her reaction to the reality of her parenthood she took it the same way as we had expected her to. She like another other in her situation would have wanted to know about her real parents. I think Archana providing a false story like money was not something that a level minded person like Sia could easily buy. And if it was indeed money then Sia wants to be there to help them fulfill their quest by helping them.

Astha – Astha not able to successfully pass the medical exams show that this has nothing to do with the upbringing but in fact that sometimes you need the parent's genes as her parents were not doctors. All in her family starting from Simran to Shaguna to Abhi's parents had spoiled her. She has got away with what she wanted and that she believed was because she was a part of them. It is not easy when you are loved so much to be told that you are really no the part of it, So it was why she reacted the way she did feeling lost and unsure. Its not that she did not love Simran anymore or forgot all that Simran has done for her over the years but its that she did not even have a hint that she was not a part of them that made her react this way.  
puneri Newbie

Joined: 23 May 2005
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Posted: 23 May 2005 at 4:33pm | IP Logged

Agreed ...

Behavior is more dependant on the upbringing. Simran has spoilt Gudia Ashtha "rotten" Smile

Simran had pretty much all the luxaries of life that she could need, she was very well settled - had the burden of loosing a child - reflects onto Gudiya's upbringing - no sense of responsibility, she is a "bade ma ki bighadi hui ladki"

We don't know too much about Sia Astha's upbringing. From the snippets we see - seems like the kidnapper had her feet firmly on the ground and that reflects in Sia's maturity, sense of responsibility and so on - don't think it has anything to do with the genetics.

Originally posted by anitamanns

Behaviour is definately not genetic. It is picked up from the enviorment. Children's behaviour is a reflection of their parents. There is a wonderful parentling book called "HOW TO BEHAVE SO YOUR CHILDREN WILL TOO" and i think the title says it all.

But here in the case of Gudiya Asatha.. she is a direct product of being a spoilt child. Simran may have all the qualites that we think are great etc. But when you spoil your child as has been apparently shown in the serial than the immature reaction that we see is also expected.

Sia Asatha on the other hand was brought up well..or so it seems..we don't get much indication of that..  she reacts as expected with the desire to find her roots but when it came to not hurting her mom.. when she was ill she agreed to stay back ... she left when she found that she had been manipulated. No body will stand for that definately not a grown up child..adopted or otherwise. 

Akshata Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2005
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Posted: 24 May 2005 at 3:53am | IP Logged

Hi Forum friends,

I may sound very repetitve as I write this post because many of us have similar thoughts and already so many have sent in their views.

Human behaviour is a culmination of biological and environmental factors.Most of it is learnt and some of it is inherited.Intelligence, and talent are inherent but habits are learnt and cultivated.Temperament(mild or hyper) may be inherited but manners (good or bad)are taught and learnt during the course of our upbringing. Good looks that turn heads could be a result of genes but good grooming and right opportunities can make even an ordinary looking person stand out in a crowd.

With reference to Astha and Sia,the reasons for differences in their behaviour are more circumstantial than hereditary.

Astha:She is a pampered child,who has grown up in a very protected environment.Her adoptive mother and her grandparents have tried to make up for her real parents' absence.

Her carefree attitude towards life is a result of lenient upbringing.She has grown up in the lap of luxury as the daughter of a successful and affluent doctor.Although she considers her mother her idol and wants to be a doctor herself,the seriousness and hardwork are missing.She does NOT lack intelligence.

She is a little rash in her behaviour but NOT insensitive.Infact she has a strong sense of justice and is courageous.Both these traits come from the values and confidence Simran has given her.

Her love for Sid stems from her admiration for him and the close proximity they have had in the last few years. It is so typical of teenagers to fall in love with someone older or be in awe of them.It is NOT a 'quality' she got from Abhi and Simran,her biological parents.

Her reaction towards Simran and her father's family is not the most positive one but her anger and shock is understandable. She has run away to her nani's to find out more about her biological mother because she feels she cannot trust anyone else.Her unreasonable stand of not wanting to go with Simran is the result of her nani's interpretation regarding her mother's death and her adoption.It has NOTHING to do with Neha's feeling of insecurity.

It's a matter of time(I wonder how long) before she knows the entire truth.When realization dawns upon her about Simran's real reasons for not telling her the truth and she reflects on her wonderful childhood,she will come around.Harsh realities of life can rudely awaken sleeping thoughts.Astha will now mature and will then see reason.It's NOT because Abhi realised his mistakes too late.

Sia: Not much has been shown about her childhood or background in London but it's obvious that she has also been brought up with lots of love and affection although her foster mother has committed the crime of kidnapping her.As far as she is concerned she grew up thinking her father is dead and is a product of a single parent household,which is quite common.Being an only child her friends are perhaps her closest companions.

The youth abroad are more independant and so is Sia.Hence her brave venture to find her friends' killers on her own.Her determination to go to India MAY have something to do with her biological parents' stubborn nature because her foster nani seems the very strict kind and from the conversations it seems Sia went against their wishes.

Her mature thinking and behaviour are the result of her surroundings and upbringing.Her flair and interest in journalism and photography COULD be her father's genes in her,but her not being a doctor could be a result of circumstances,maybe they couldn't afford it.

Her 'falling in love' with Anand is again so typical of young persons who confuse admiration and awe with love they feel for someone they hold in high esteem.It's NOTHING to with Simran-Abhi or Abhi-Kiran or Abhi-Neha marriage.

Finally,her reaction to Archana is that of a desperate girl who is shocked to know that a mother can even sell a baby for money.She has no hard feelings because she is not aware of the real truth.The picture that has been painted in front of her is that of a samaritan who saved her from becoming an orphan.

In other words,when truth reveals itself,both Astha and Sia are going to reverse their reactions towards their respective adoptive mothers.This only shows that they owe their thinking and behaviour to their environment and circumstances and not so much to their genes.

Infact they are half sisters and should have much in common,if anything at all.

As far as insecurity is concerned,Abhi,Simran,Neha and Radhaji were all insecure.Even Simran,despite being strong willed and courageous always felt insecure about losing Astha(Gudiya) so it's not a trait that's inherited but a feeling that one breeds within because of certain experiences that leave behind bad memories.

I wonder what Mr.Freud would have said about Sia and Astha!!!!!



vvrsun Senior Member

Joined: 28 February 2005
Posts: 337

Posted: 24 May 2005 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Akshata

Intelligence, and talent are inherent ....

My late lamented relatives from my father's side (my father was an extremely intelligent, talented man) were all talented, some brilliant lawyers, surgeons amongst them. I am mediocre, untalented.

Originally posted by Akshata

Temperament(mild or hyper) may be inherited ...

Again, from my own life, I am hyper, temperamental, so is my mother, but my daughter is extremely sweet, never raises her voice even when provoked.

We would all like to believe that all good things are inherited and bad things are environmental. Maybe so, but the environment shapes and brings to the fore whatever little bit may be in the genes. A potential Einstein may not flourish if circumstances throw him into penury. What talent did Hitler inherit, to cite the other extreme.


Akshata Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2005
Posts: 596

Posted: 24 May 2005 at 10:10pm | IP Logged

Hi vvrsun,

Thank you for reading my post and responding with your comments.

I agree with you that we tend to blame our environment for our negative traits and environment only brings to fore what we have in our genes.

But when I say that Intelligence and Talent are inherited,it does not mean that these traits will be inherited by all the offsprings of an individual because a new born has the genes of both parents.Also,its not just our parents but even our grandparents who contribute to our gentic make up.That's exactly the reason why siblings,inspite of having the same parentage are so different.Even identical twins,who have so much in common in their physical appearance have a different genetic make up and hence have different traits.

We tend to measure intelligence and talent with achievement and success.I don't know you personally or professionally but I think your not being a doctor or lawyer does not make you less intelligent.

As far as talent goes,it could be dormant in one generation or child because of lack of opportunities but very evident in the next because it's more prominent or comes to fore.

To site my own example,my brother is known to take after my mother in the field of music.Both are untrained but very good singers/musicians.I was very shy as a child and it was my husband's family who discovered that I could sing well.Too late!!

My mother in law is one of the most patient and composed persons I have met as against my late father in law ( with due respect...I loved him a lot)who was very short tempered and dominating to a large extent.Of the five children,four are hot headed and aggressive.Only one is a lot like the mother.They display their temper in different ways.This could be a result of genes as well as the environment in the family.

My father has a nasty temper but both,my brother and myself are more controlled and rarely raise our voice when we are angry.Perhaps we have seen the damage and know better.

It is very difficult indeed to say for certain what makes us the way we are.There are many instances where people are known to have changed completely.In such cases what happens to the inherited traits?



mitila Groupbie

Joined: 05 April 2005
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Posted: 25 May 2005 at 5:43am | IP Logged

i do agree when u say that genes alone donot play a part in the way u react to situations but some of u have mentioned that genes donot have any part to play at all and this is wrong.

we are what we are bcoz of two factors - our genes and our upbrining. both  are an integral part.

coming to astitva, sia 's balanced nature is definitely from simran . although we know that the characters are fictitious and its just a story, but seeing a striking similarity between sia and simran (the composed and balanced) , we have to trace back to the genes factor.  i do agree, simran has a hand in making aastha a spoilt brat but coming to the genes part of it, aastha seems to have gone more on dad who is also fickle-minded and stupid at time.

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