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MANVEER FF/Chahun Mai Ya Na update chapter 12 pg 93 (new update)

pari_vania Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2013
Posts: 563

Posted: 09 May 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged

hey guys u read concept den u scroll down see character sketch prologue  index pm list n writter kritz n writter pari note n den writter note please read n hit like all
Hey guyz '.
Hello all manveerians '.
Its kritika (priyash..)
Vania (pari_vaina)
N here d concept
Every one is happy in their owns life '..
Many children play in garden
but 1 small girl who live in orphanage was not happy n she is seating on a banch n think something'
she miss her family a lot'
She have a many questions in her small mind !!
but no one can tell her the truth '.
Ya this story is about '. True frndship , love n most Important enemies
She thought '.
Why they leave me ?
Where did they go ?
They didn't love me any more ?
Who was he ? can I know him ?
What the hell was happning in my life ?
What was going on ?
my family is dead or alive '. Oh god !!!
if u get this answer so stay tuned wid '. Haa nhi tho
love u all
kritz n pari (vinnu)

                              THANK YOU



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charming PDnabs4akRsaakkaSkaliya176shanaya.ahuja16PrincessSumbalzainab.udayveerstar91afreshbeginsloppy-hopemimi.maiktazeen.....ParusDivshumairaa1angleroopsanushruthi-Kritika-preya_radevArShiDelenaAsyaloverhuma12.sweet_gargiNeha_KRKarkitrockingal09_Annesha_princessSoniaNash..Twinkle_alishapia.rahaAsmimelody--Zinay--SRJKiMahakaali_Grey_panchaalisanghita0000cuteariyaSurish

-Kritika- Goldie

Joined: 03 September 2012
Posts: 1325

Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

manyata - she is innocent girl ... cute sweet she have a bubbly nature ... she noe about her family that her family was died ... in car accident she don't noe her real family ... she was grow up in orphan age ... n she have many many frnds in orphan age she have a frndly nature ... n ya now she is 24 years old girl she is independent now n she search some job ...everyone call her aarohi ... she was forget her real name...

uday- a dark tall handsome prince ... who know wat he want ... whoes only one mission is 2 became a yuvraaj of jaighar n marry his chidhood sweetheart princess manyta he believes in achieving his dreams wid his power n strength . his royal prestige n honour matters the most from n he can go 2 extremes 2 emerge victirious in his mission

j -she is rich, beautiful arrogent princess n young dauter of  maharaj brijraj singh who believes that she can win anything wid her wealth n power ...

akash - he is work in uday niwas he is a manager in uday niwas  ... a self made man n has dreams 2 became 1 day accordingly he start his journey n 1 day he get wat he want he stay in chwal but it is very ambitious n wid his ... hard work lol ... he get successfull therefore wid his hardwork ... he own a flat ...
Abhishek Rawat

ds -A born princess, a natural queen and a regal queen mother- Rajmata Mrinalini Devi is the kind of mix of elegance and severity that comes from years and years of practice. For the Rajmata, the world that they live in has a certain balance of power, and she does not like it being questioned. Yet, she has never demanded that power and authority always commanded it. She never raises her voice, in fact she speaks in low dulcet tones, which make a person automatically listen to her, as if what she is saying is too important to miss. Her authority over her kingdom, her family and her children and grandchildren is absolute. She is controlling but not cruel or malicious in any way.
Aroona Irani

brijraj- His Highness Maharaj Brijraj Singh is extremely impressive at first meeting. He is well spoken, beautifully dressed and with impeccable manners. He is all that you would imagine a royal to be. He comes from a very ancient Chandravanshi lineage. An Oxford alumnus, Brijraj has been given the kind of upbringing that every Royal can imagine, He also has a sense of entitlement, the sense that he is, a king and that the rest are his subjects. Born to an illustrious mother, he understands the meaning of being in limelight, he too, is extremely aware of his social skill

komal - maharni of devaghar palace mahraj brijraj's wife she have lovely nature she alwayz be clam down in any situation ... she love her daughter manyta ... she think that one day manyta come back ...  n she rule devaghar riyast ... n she will be got married wid uday ... she belived in her thought she is beautifull gud luking intelligent ... n luk like a true mahrani ...
Anita Kulkarni

unnati -She is playing a simple ,beautiful ,down-to-earth nature innocent Princess and younger sister of Prince Udayveer who believes is spreading positivity all over and is also the best friend of manyta.
Ankita Bhargava

grijraj - uday's father ...a mahraj grijraj of jaighar  he is stone hearted ...he alwayz doing politics .. n alwyz think his profit ... he never bilved in love he think that love make person useless !!

menka - manyta's bua ... n alwayz think about her profit ... she is a mother of vijay bhai  
Sujata Segal
jagat - he is a bizzness man ... he fall in love wid j ... every one knows him he is soft cute n sweet ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
Kunal Bakshi
doc uncle - he is right hand of rajmata he is personal doctor of royals ... !!
Kuldeep Mallik
jiya - sweet cute lovely girl n best frnd of aarohi  ... jiya knowz her all secreats ... wat she want wat she did wat she do... everything she knowz about her ... she is a huge fan of salman khan n alwayz think about him !!! she thought that one day one man come in her life who lukz like a salman khan n propose her bending on his knees ... n she accepted his proposal... she get married wid him lol like fairy tale LOLLOL
Neha Jhulka

rahul - uday 's best  frnd... he knowz him very well ... n he is really smart cute charming ... n he have a frndly nature ... he doesn't belive in love ... he thought love is just waist of time ... n best part is for uday he is a small brother EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

vb: fun loving cute ...thoda life chart masal dalne wale ... vijay bhai as he is a gamer he will play wid both sides EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

                          THANK YOU ALLL GUYS..!!

                            UR KRITZZ N PARI

                                    LOVE YOU

                                PLEASE HIT LIKE BUTTON
                  N LEAVE UR COMMENTS...

                                 SCROLL DOWN
                              N READ PROLOGUE

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pari_vania Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2013
Posts: 563

Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:08pm | IP Logged

                    CHAHU MAI YA NA


               this story start by two beautiful girls lying on a bed n fall in sleep both huging each other titlly one girl who was sleep like a innocent cute baby is dreaming...  

 2 small children were playing together 1 a small boy who was cute handsome prince n 1 a small  girl who was sweet cute innocent princess  was playing in huge mahal... they were playing wid plastic sword (talwaar) they was very enjoying to play together... when a boy was trying to hit the girl
now girl was scared n she was turn around when he was hitting on her back  n than girl have a big cut on her back... started bleeding on her back.. she was crying like a hell... she was crying very hardly he was cansol her but she was  not on that mood to  listen anyone n she was still crying

 den all family members come to see what happened ? who was crying very hardly? every one look at her she was crying very hardly now everyone worried about her n than one man came n put on his arms n they were all go dr shaab cabin...
 dr shaab give her madicin pain killer he gave to some food n juice n dr shaab do it patti on her back than after hours a boy who was hit her ... he come on dr shaab cabin he was crying a lot like hell n girl  was lying on a bed but not fall in sleeping mood ... boy come close to her n kiss on her forhead n he holds his ears (like puppy face make a childish n innocent n tearful face) than he hugeg her gentaly like she was his property now a girl who was sleep peace fully she is got up n looked at her rum ... 

jiya: aarohi r u ok ? wat happened babz ? did u see the ghost or something ? why r u got up ? everything is alright?
aarohi just luked at her wid wired face

aarohi: today again i see !!

jiya: wat ghost ?

aarohi: no that dream ... jiske bare mai maine tujhe bthaya tha na vo hi ...

jiya:huh tune tho jaan nikkal di u almost give me a heart attack ms. haa nhi tho now just go to sleep its really very late ... n u know tommorow u will go for ur interview ... so now plz ... babzz  so ja...

aarohi:ya u r rite.

both again lying on the bed n fall in sleep

in morning...


the hot hunk prince stunning prince charm come in shopping mall... with his sister unnati... its breaking newz man all girls yuvraj udayveer singh who is famous his charm... every each girl who was in shopping mall is fall on him love him... the india's big bussines tycon all girls running fastly n trying to  come  close to him but guards ... whowas protact yuvraj uday veer singh  stop all girls...girls murmed each other he so smart he so hawt i m fall on him...  uday throw his gogles n give a killing smirk...

uday:what's wrong with you choti??

unnati:dada please u promise me u come with me n select my dress after 1 month n ur time is finish now keep quit n follow me please request please dada

uday:ok but fast unnati hume kaam ke liya bhi jana hai office mai buhot kaam hai or aaj hume apne hotel ke liye or humare scetry bhi tu select karni hai
so now plz jaldi chotti..

unnati:dada vo tho apko esa hi mill jayagi but abhi humare sath chaliye or vese bhi hotel mai akash hai so don't worry vo sab sambhal lega but aap humare sath chal rhe hai ... (n she give him a puppy face)

uday: stop luking me this choti i know choti ki akash sab sambhal lega but after 2 months dad go america kisi bussines work se jana hai so that is my responsibilty choti...

unnati:n dada u forget some thing that i m also ur responsibility ...

uday:ok ok sorry ab chalo ab nhi khege khush

than both start shopping n finally shopping is finish after some time ... they were reached a parking lord n than sare bags bodyguard car mai rakhwadete hai...  phir wo dono ek cafe chale jate hai coffee ke liye.

than in arohi's rum

manyata take a shower in a washroom...  shower is finish than she took her towel and tag on her body suddenly she looked at the mirror n turn around n shocked to see this... n now she was lost in deep thought...  

ye tho vo hi nishan hai jo mere dream mai us ladke ne us ladki ko diya tha kya vo ladki mai thi kya vo mera ghar tha ...
aagar vo mera ghar tha tho ... kha hai meri family .. or aagar meri family hai tho kya vo mujhse pyaar nhi karte .. ye kya ho rha hai meri zindagi mai ... kya meri zindgi ka sach mujhe kabhi nhi ptha chalega ...

hey guys prologue is finiah i update soon chapter one

how's it??

u all like this story plzz like n plzz scroll down n see all list n last mai ek note plzz paro  guys

                THANK YOU ALLL LOVE YA
                         UR N ONLY URS
                           PARI N KRITZ

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-Kritika- Goldie

Joined: 03 September 2012
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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

character sketch prologue pm list concept note n writter introduction in page 1 (here is the link click here)

chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five promo

chapter five

chapter six

chapter seven promo

chapter seven

chapter eight promo

chapter eight 

chapter nine promo 

chapter nine

chapter ten promo 


chapter ten 

chapter 11 promo 
chapter 11

chapter 12 

chapter 13.1 

Thread second EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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pari_vania Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2013
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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged

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-Kritika- Goldie

Joined: 03 September 2012
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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:21pm | IP Logged

My introduction
Hey guyz '.
I am kritika '.. my frndz call me kritz '.
N ya now I m write a new ff '. Chahu mai ya na '. !!
I hope u guyz like it '.
Me n my best frnd pari write this story
guess wat guyz ... i m not gud writer like u guyz ... vasishtha ms luscious pari ... gargi ... preya ... zina... haye maneet (pari) shishtha ... asmimelody...mahi... etc... guyz mai tum logo ki trha likh hi nhi sakti but koshish zaroor kar sakti ... vo bhi mountain due pikar LOL
chalo ab tarif bhoth kar li ... ab meri bhi story padh lo ... !!! Big smileTongueLOL

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pari_vania Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2013
Posts: 563

Posted: 09 May 2013 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

hey guys...!!!WinkWinkWinkWink
u know guys i m vania but all call me pari n vani.Wink
i m new here n i like if n i m very enjoyingLOLLOLWinkWink
thanks to my bestie kritz she ask me pari u write with me n i say yes n we are write it tell me guys you all enjoying or not??
by the way i love manveer n i know i m not a good writter but i promise u all i will try my best always many awsome writters are there
sabakhan snowdream shahista safia are many more  n one kritzz n i love to all story zina she is also very nice writter n my firend mahi she is a good writter
sorry kisi ko bhool gayi ho tu i m really sorry but trust me all u r the rocking n amazing
n one of my fav story nimmi n sonia's story i loved it

ok den guys ziyada lamba hogaya sab ko bore kardiya sorryTongueTongueTongue

this is my one n first single manveer ff




        THANK YOU

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-Kritika- Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
writters note:
ys please it's a request u all anybody want to pm so please hit pm list please den i n kritz pm u n anybody want to pm this story so him/his add par_vania (pari) ok please n iske ilawa ap sab sab kuch like n comments karo humari mehnaat par please

note written by 
post by kritzz

         THANK YOU

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