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shubhika124 IF-Sizzlerz

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Stern Smile

.LovelyDreamer. Coolbie

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shubi, ur questions answered... 

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DMKJ_VB IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shubhika124

Originally posted by DMKJ_VB

Your fav TV actor apart from GC Tongue  Varun Badola, Hiten, Ram, Ronit, Mohit

Who Mohit Shocked

Tera wala! He is fab! Clap

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gafulu14 IF-Stunnerz

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Congratz all 3member
.LovelyDreamer. Coolbie

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Originally posted by jyoti06

Ria , Borna and Anba Congrats to all 3  for being on the hot seat .. u guys really deserved it Hug

Thanks jyo di

Few questions from my side ...

Your most favourite AarYa moment Embarrassed there are many.. I love the first conversation of AarYa.. I lost count how many i watch that scene just want to hear what did yash ji said to aarthi ji when he said he doesnt like talktative person.. i keep watcing just to clarify what he said pasand nahin or pasand hain...  LOLLOL

Your fav film actor and actress : Sharukh Khan ( all time fav), Kamal Hassan, Surya and sometimes Siddhart and for actresses Simran, Kajol, Kareena , Bipasha and Madhuri

Your fav TV actor apart from GC Tongue Sharad Malhotra ( Now he also become Film actor dy...aww, miss him in TV)

Your fav TV actress apart from KS Tongue Divyanka Tripathy

Your fav Movie (Hindi/Engligh or both) Jab We Met, DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, and so on ... for English, I love LOTR trilogy, Avengers, and all action movies...

Describe your Real self in few words ... Me happy go lucky, sensitive and love to make friends and always struggle to maintain everyone friendship. I will be there when u need me and I love my family a lot...

What other shows u watch apart from PV right now ... apart from PV, im only watch one Korean soap " Cheer up Mr.Kim".. Whoever love PV , should watch or give a try to  this serial too.. I can see Aarya character in this series too.. 

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Okay, since I have a little bit of time to slowly start answering these questions... Stern Smile

Originally posted by shubhika124



Gender :





October 12th




Still a student, studying away...


Singing, writing, reading, watching select Indian TV shows

How you got started with I-F:

Long, long story that I'm sure no one needs to hear! LOL A friend of mine was crazy about DMG and I was curious about why everyone was going crazy about some "Dr. Armaan." So I ended up Googling about DMG and landed in the Atul Appreciation Thread since I had heard about Anjali and she intrigued me...The discussions about Atul and Anjali were fun and quite fascinating since they got next to no attention from the writers - something which was lived up to by the writers fabulously Stern Smile My habit of writing long posts about tiny details started in that forum, basically...LOL 

Reason for having this username :

I cycled through some specific jodi names as I shifted from show to show...Then recently I decided to pick something that would capture my personality a little more Smile Plus, I think it sounds rather nice.

Your favourite section on I-F:

It used to be the Laagi Tujhse Lagan Forum when it was active before March 2011 came to an end. Right now it is definitely the Punar Vivaah Forum! Big smile

Why you visit the PV forum:

Uhhh...Because I have nowhere else to go to chat about things, really! LOL

How you landed on the PV forum:

Like most people who have already been on IF for a while, I was waiting for the Forum to open...Unlike most people, I was not a fan of Gurmeet from his previous shows...and I had no clue who Kratika was, either. My "How did you start watching PV?" story is really long, but in a nutshell, I decided to join the Forum after testing the atmosphere a little bit...I was apprehensive, but I'm glad I was here since the beginning of the show!

Why do you like Punar Vivah:

*sigh* There are lots of reasons: the premise that is taken from everyday life AND the fact that it truly does embody the channel's tagline; the optimism of the show and the way obstacles are shown as things in life that can both hinder and help a person grow, depending on the individual's perspective; the careful, detailed writing and sensitive direction; the exceptional performances; learning about the synergy and love among the members of the entire production unit - it's no wonder this show is so close to my heart.

Daily Soaps or Movies:

Tough question. I'm not seeing much hope for either of them at the moment...But I have favorite movies and shows from the past that I like to watch. Movies for their entertainment value and occasional unconventionality; TV serials for those rare times when brilliant writers unite with fantastic actors to make magic happen. There are some amazing actors in the TV industry, but they're few and far apart.

Best Friend(s) on I-F:

Not fair! LOL I have friends from the StarOne show days who I still run into sometimes...I think I'm most closely attached to PV Forum now - I have a group of very close friends, but no best friends...not yet! Tongue

How does it feel to be AOTW:


Favorite Actor:

Film actors: I need to watch more old Hindi films since I like a lot of the 70s iconic actors! LOLAamir, SRK, Salman, Ranbir - in specific films, mind you! Out of Bengali actors, though, I have liked Uttam Kumar and I'm liking Soumitra Chatterjee a ton more than I used to when I was younger!

TV actors: Mohnish Behl, Mishal Raheja, and now, thanks to PV, Gurmeet Choudhary! Big smile (Likes: Aamir Ali (BB) and Sameer Dharmadhikari (JKR))

Favorite Actress:

Film actresses: Shabana Azmi, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Konkona Sen Sharma, Vidya Balan. Haven't seen too many Bengali films, but I do like Aparna Sen's quirkiness and Roopa Ganguly's fiery on-screen persona.

TV actresses: Iravati Harshe and Kratika Sengar always, along with Mahhi Vij (LTL)! Big smile (Likes: Ragini Khanna (BB), Aashka Goradia (LTL), and Rati Pandey (MJHT/HD before it went haywire) and Sanaya Irani (only for MJHT))

Pick only One Favorite Character from Punar Vivah and give reasons why :

Would've picked a non-lead character just for fun, but I can't be dishonest about this, so...Aarti, for being such a realistically-written character on paper and for being infused with soul so brilliantly. We've seen her vulnerability hidden beneath smiles ever since Episode 1...But we have also seen how her survival instincts helped her hang on even when her world was falling apart around her. That attitude of hers might have gotten her into tough situations but her fighting spirit and desire to make her loved ones happy are possibly the qualities that resonate the most with me. 

Shows :

Favorites? Laagi Tujhse Lagan (Dec '09 to Mar '11), Punar Vivaah - ZMD, Sanjivani

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by jyoti06

Ria , Borna and Anba Congrats to all 3  for being on the hot seat .. u guys really deserved it Hug

Thanks, Jyo! Big smile

Few questions from my side ...

Your most favourite AarYa moment Embarrassed

*lets out a groan* Can I re-watch the entire show first? Random moments that left a strong impression on me are coming to mind, so you'll have to live with those for now! LOL Yash and Aarti's first Cafe Delight encounter and their walk in the rain after that; both of the New Years Party episodes; the recent scene where Yash knocks over the tray of food that Aarti brought and tells her to leave the room; the recent Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin sequence and Monday's Yeh Dil Hai sequence (well, all their scenes from this week! LOL); almost all of the situational song sequences, actually LOL Can you ask me after another year, Jyo? Seriously. Wait, wait. I have it. The 3rd PV promo! The Locked in the Bathroom promo. Does that count? Kratika in that promo is the reason I'm here, after all. [Edited this to add: Kun Faya Kun, Teri Deewani, Yash-Aarti's suhaag raat, Jee Le Zaraa, and both Ishq Wala Love sequences. Stopping now.]

Your fav film actor and actress

I like certain jodis in certain films, haha. It really does depend on the film and the generation of actors.

Your fav TV actor apart from GC Tongue

Mishal Raheja. I love Mohnish Behl out of the veteran actors I've seen, though.

Your fav TV actress apart from KS Tongue

Since I took Mishal's name up there - Mahhi Vij for this one. Otherwise it would've been Iravati Harshe, hands down - she and Mohnish are the veterans on my list, a class apart.

Your fav Movie (Hindi/Engligh or both)

No clue! LOL I like lots of Hindi ones. Kahaani! 

Describe your Real self in few words ...

Quiet, solitary, peaceful, optimistic, sensitive.

What other shows u watch apart from PV right now ...

None. That shouldn't be a surprise, right? I've been meaning to watch a lot of old shows from start to finish since forever, though.

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Quick shout of thanks to everyone for the congratulations! Big smile Ria and Anba, I'm having so much fun reading your replies! Congrats again, you two!
(And Sadiie and Carissa... Tongue Thanks for that question, haha. I used to make VMs earlier, when I was hit by inspiration. They're nothing, really; I haven't made a VM in ages!)

Back to the questions now.

Originally posted by salvatore-nina

Questions for all three of you: 

Nina, your questions! *sigh* I love them...Sorry for the long replies! Embarrassed

- How would you each define chemistry and how does AarYa fit into that definition?

Chemistry, to me, is relationship-specific...The sort of chemistry (or relationship dynamics) that appeals to me is soft, subtle, and very strong in essence. All the little things that a person does for her loved one, those small gestures of support and comfort, verbal and nonverbal, mean more than blatantly extravagant displays of love. In fictional shows, we see so much of the stereotypical "hate-turned-to-love-after-nok-jhok" stories that those appeal to me less and less now. Those are okay for entertainment, I suppose, but I have never really been drawn to those stories on TV, especially since the way they're often portrayed is with two people who screech and shout at each other while fighting...The "acting" is off-putting, generally. Or the characters are like pendulums, swinging from "I hate him/her" to "I love him/her." A lot of people think that "sizzling chemistry" comes from physical proximity. The impact of such scenes, for me personally, depends most on the characters' relationship, how it has been written and developed, how the actors use their bodies and voices to convey what the writers and director want...Emotional chemistry, emotional bonding, comes first for me. That is why it was interesting watching Yash and Aarti...I sensed something remarkably deep in Kratika's expressions while watching the promos - I fell in love with Gurmeet-Kratika/Yash-Aarti while watching the Dargah promo, as you know... It was then that I really noticed how beautifully Gurmeet matched Kratika as a co-actor. Silence and their understated expressions...And I sensed a spark in that silence. That spark between them only grew brighter and bigger over the duration of this show. Yash and Aarti have developed a very beautiful chemistry as written characters and "live characters" thanks to Gurmeet and Kratika; that slow-growing chemistry is very real, very organic, and very deep. Soulful, sweet, and seductive, all in one.

- What is your opinion regarding scope for actors' growth in Indian television? In Bollywood/ general Hindi cinema?

Tricky question. I genuinely hope that there is eventually more scope for artists, the ones who are truly dedicated to telling meaningful (and entertaining) stories through playing fictional characters, to do more in both TV and Hindi cinema. There is more experimenting going on in films, yes, but there are also those big-budget films that rely on star power and flashiness more than solid writing, and that is unfortunate. I'm seeing that in TV, too, but at least in TV there's less of a definite "camp" syndrome...It still seems to be present, and I guess it can't be eliminated if people feel comfortable working with a certain group. The sorts of roles for both industries' actors (male and female) are pretty limited, for the most part, and I hope that changes over time. It will take time...That is why I am thankful that I have been fortunate enough to have stumbled across a few (very few!) shows in recent years that have tried to do something unique - whether soulful or quirky - and have given actors a chance to do something beyond "the normal." 

- What kind of role/project would you want both Gurmeet and Kratika to do if there was a possibility of them working together again?

Wishlist! I would have to think about this for a while, because right now, I'm so intrigued by certain characters of Kratika's from her previous shows, and I would love to see how she and Gurmeet would fare together in a show that has "stereotypical characters" LOL. I have a feeling that, given their camaraderie, they'd be able to add depth to the most terrible of cliched situations to make them seem completely spontaneous and natural! Seriously, though, I'd love to see them in a show that has suspense, action, and a love story, all woven together. Maybe something with gloomier, more serious shades. If people were up for making more "period dramas" I would love to see one of those, too.

- What is the most overrated archetype of a female character in Indian TV? Of a male character?

Female archetype: I HATE the negative connotations associated with the word "mahaan." People use that word at the drop of a hat! Besides that, I can't stand the million-and-one "talkative girls" in shows. The ones who talk a mile a minute and then get all tongue-tied when their dupattas slip off their shoulders or something. That is why I love Aarti so much, and Kratika's interpretation/portrayal of her. Thinking of some of the other screen tests right now...*cringes*

Male archetype: The "violent, angry young man" who fights with the "happy, perky, talkative young girl" and somehow falls in love with her, only to do a complete U-turn in terms of personality afterwards. Given the widespread popularity of such characters, I am extremely grateful that the Mittals wrote Yash as a brooding (initially), realistically sensitive man. Gurmeet has impressed me so much over these months of the show's run!

- If you were a producer, what kind of show/film would you want to make?

I hinted at this earlier...I suppose you can wait and see if you want more elaboration!

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