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Read Again, Changes done... DKCH Update

yashika Senior Member

Joined: 17 September 2004
Posts: 298

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 12:42pm | IP Logged

Here is an update of the first episode of DKCH. Since had seen it on thursday, do not remember much but have tried to put together whatever little i remembered. As i had mentioned in my earlier post, it is the dialogues and the execution of humourous scenes that make this show what it is, still hope u enjoy it.

Saw the repeat telecast a little while back and hence the modifications (in blue):

Title song is very fast and trendy...it goes like...dil kya chata hai yaaro  humse poocho zarra.......it shows various scenes of the four guys together as well as individually and also one showing them dancing together....

while they are showing the top view of mumbai, we hear a phone ringing and a girl saying ..'akki, i am sorry but it is all over between us but we can still remain good friends...'

We see Nitin (a financial consultant) sitting in the pooja ghar, doing pooja with a ghanti in one hand but in the other hand he has a newspaper with pictures of girls and he is ogling at them. Just then his mom enters the room and he immediately hides the paper inside his shirt and starts chanting the mantras. His mom says that it is strange that his friend has not yet started 'chahkana' on the radio and that it was already past 10 am. Nitin too is surprised that Akki is not yet on the radio

Cut to Raghu's place, Raghu (a theatre actor/director) is dialing the phone, phone is shown ringing at Ram's place. Ram (Samir Soni, a venture capitalist) suddenly cranes his neck out from behind the sofa (is wearing a blue t-shirt, his hair is all tousled up and he is looking great in the rakish look). he picks up the phone and says hello but then he is pulled back behind the sofa … looks as if he is with a girl behind the sofa but it turns out that he is with his dog who is all over him and licking him….(very cute scene)

Raghu tells him that it was 10 am and still akki's show had not started and that regular songs were being played out. He adds that Akki was not even answering his phone. Ram says 'oh no, not again' ..…they decide to meet up and go over to his place together. Ram picks up both Nitin and Raghu and they go over to akki's place discussing what cld have happened. Ram says i hope it is something urgent and not serious. To this nitin asks him what is the difference between the two. Ram says situation becomes urgent if u make yr girlfriend wait for an hour and have to bear the consequences but it becomes serious if you find out that yr girlfriend is married and her husband walks in on both of you. And nitin goes like........oh, yeah ?

At Akki's place, they find him lying on the bed, still sleeping. They pour water on him and forcibly wake him up. He refuses to get up and asks them to leave. they refuse saying that he cld not afford to miss his show every other day (he is an RJ at Radio City). He still refuses to get up so they drag him out of the bed and literally carry him to the car (this scene was hillarious) and on the way they pick up his clothes and couple of other things…..while Ram is driving, others make Akki brush his teeth in the car, he is made to change his t-shirt and then they pour water thru a bisleri bottle on his head and also they spray a lot of Deo on him …....and all this while akki keeps grumbling that he didn't care abt the show, his life had come to an end that his girl friend had called it quits and that she wanted them to be just friends…...they were like shut up, get ready, u have to do the show….

They get down at the Radio station, covering akki's head with a red towel. As they enter the station they continue to rub the towel on his head to dry his hair......inside, his boss is shown pacing up and down .....grumbling that he still had not turned up and that he will lose his job…...just then he sees akki coming in and he goes ...AKAASH...But Ram comes forward and engages him in small talk to divert his attention while the others try to sneak Akki in with the towel still covering his head ....…the boss says who are u and Ram goes like….....hi am Ram, MD of blue chip investments and a venture capitalist……just then Akki calls out at him and Nitin comes forward and takes over ..he introduces himself and says he is working as financial consultant with a leading economic magazine and that he believed that his radio station was doing very well financially. Meanwhile Ram pushes akki inside, gives him a ten and wishes him goodluck, asks him to forget abt everthing and concentrate on giving a hit show etc ....they all give him a thumbs up and akki begins his show…… ..dil kya chahta hai…...with a lot of enthusiasm….and also apologizes for the late start of the show....all the others leave and are shown driving back…they switch on the radio….while at the radio station, Akki, after starting the show on a positive note gets down to whining and cribbing ..…..he goes like 'ki aakhir dil kya chahta hai, kyun chata hai, use joh chahta hai milta kyun nahin hai'….'we were going around for such a long time and now she tells me that we are just friends....blah blah blah…....there in the car Ram and others on hearing this go like ……..OH NOOOO and cover their faces with their hands in frustration saying 'ki ab yeh yahan bhi shuru ho gaya'…... (seriously the scene was so funny…it is undescribable actually). Meanwhile there are hillarious scenes of listeners saying funny things abt dil aakhir kya chata hai...and then akki continues with his SOB story and plays rone dhone wale songs like chalte chalte...mujhe alvida mat kehna..and his friends almost bang their heads in frustration...


They meet at a club later and order drinks at the bar…Akki is still in a pathetic frame of mind…....Ram tells him ki 'pyar vyar kuch nahin hota, it is just abt needs and desires'....…just then a girl comes to get her drinks at the bar and Ram tells his friends that this girl for example is not here to find her 'Mr Right' but her 'MR Right Now !' He then tells them ki see how i become her 'Mr right now'...learn and follow...meanwhile the girl is dancing with abandon at the dance floor……he picks up two drinks, goes to the dance floor and starts dancing with the girl and the girl doesn't mind at all...…meanwhile raghu and nitin are trying to cheer akki up by giving him stupid and funny ideas as to how to find another girl ...…nitin tells akki that he shld'nt worry and that he cld easily find another gir . raghu and akki give him a 'look who is talking' expression coz he si supposed to be a nerd ladkiyon ke mamle mein. Nitin then says ki 'haan asaan hai just log onto phere.com and u will easily find a girl'..…they look at him as if he had gone mad. nitin is then shown remembering his date with a girl that had been fixed thru phere.com. he is with a girl who is working with an adv firm. They show some discussion between them wherein nitin makes a complete fool of himself and the girl walks out on him. Others laugh at him and say that he had a long way to go and nitin says depressingly that with his mom's overbearing presence in his life he cld never ever be friendly with a girl. Akki says frustatedly that 'why i am even listening to u guys...that nitin had never ever spoken to  a girl in his life except for his mother and that Ram himself wld not remember when did he last have a serious relationship... to which Raghu starts singing ...yeh toh Ram bhi naa jaane....Raghu is the only married person in the grp. He says hey u are forgeting me..trust me whenever u see the girl u want to spend the rest of yr life with, yr heart will go BOOM....' he tells akki ki don't worry u will get true love like I did etc etc. he then leaves saying ki his wife wld be waiting for him for dinner.

Later he is shown at home with his wife. They are discussing as to when they fell in love with each other. He is like ....it was love at first sight for him but his wife is like confused as to when she had actually fallen in love with him …she is like maybe when we got engaged…….no maybe it was after engagement…. no may be after marriage…...raghu is shocked at this and gets very upset…he says u don't even remember when u fell in love with me or rather whether u ever fell in love with me or not…...yeah, how cld u fall in love with ME ..a nobody with no money whatever (his wife apparently is very rich)..…she is like oh shut up up u are too senti, change yr mood and let's have dinner but raghu leaves the house grumbling that what a fool he was and joins his friends back at the club…...just then akki gets a call from his girl friend he gets very excited and gives them 'maine kha tha na she will call' look...he moves away from the table while talking to her…...but then she apparently had called to say that she was getting married and that he shld forget her and his face falls…....he returns to the table and hears the other two making sarcastic comments abt love and all..…he suddenly realizes how funny they were all being, forgets abt his problems and starts smiling...

Meanwhile Ram is shown driving back with the girl he was dancing with…the girl is flirting with him and asks him to fasten her seatbelt for her, once he does that she opens it again and asks him to tie it again as it made him come closer to her...…he smiles and says …..i like that…...he asks her whereto and she says my place…..he again smiles and says…...I like that even more…

Just then he gets a call on his mobile …….and he goes like …'WHAT, why didn't u tell me before, have u called the doctor ? ok i will be there in 10 minutes'…he turns and tells the girl very seriously that some thing urgent had come up and that first they will have to go somewhere else….he reaches his place…..his man Friday comes and tells him .....'usne kuch khaya nahin hai and that lagta hai use bukhar hai'..…Ram says… oh, how cld this happen and goes towards some one…and that someone is HIS DOG who is lying on the floor (on a lot of pillows), refusing to eat anything…...Ram is like ..'oh baby what happened'..… meanwhile the girl seeing that he was so worried abt his DOG shrieks…...ek kutte ke liye...…Ram tells her to wait for half an hour as he cld not leave in such a situation and the girl shrieks again …...u are asking ME to wait for a DOG…the man Friday looks at her as if she had gone mad that she didn't know about whom she had made such a statement and Ram turns and gives her a FREEZING stare...(he he he that was truly hillarious)

Meanwhile raghu goes back home, he and his wife make up and  start acting lovey dovey again

Akki is shown doing his show very enthusiastically the next day ...…he thanks the viewers for giving him good advice, sending him wonderful messages and thanking a girl who had offered to maary him the day before after hearing his sob story….just then a hip girl is shown entering the lift of the office…while akki is shown talking positive things abt ……dil kya chahata hai….aur kaise sab haasil kar sakta hai…meanwhile clippings are shown of his friends….. Ram is playing with his dog, kissing him and the dog licking him back...…(such a cute scene with samir looking really sweet), raghu is dancing with his wife..and nitin again logging on to phere.com and the show ends with Akki's witty line on dil kya chata hai….


Edited by yashika - 07 November 2004 at 10:01am

pj04 Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
Posts: 1623

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
great update yashikaClapClapClap...everyone one on this forum seems to be a pro at writing updates. the show sound very interesting and trendy...wish i could see it.
allegra Senior Member

Joined: 11 June 2004
Posts: 396

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot, Yashika. Sounds like a fun show.
anniegupta_ Goldie

Joined: 25 August 2004
Posts: 1698

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
thnks so much yashika... the show seems hillarious. I will be sure to rent it on cassettes. And I can just imagine the dog part... must have been really cute. Tongue
Samona Groupbie

Joined: 19 July 2004
Posts: 119

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 3:10pm | IP Logged

thanks for the great update, yashika.

seems like it's a really funny show. wish i had the channel so i could watch it.

Morgoth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 June 2004
Posts: 6831

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Great update Yashika! The show sounds really funny. Ram worrying more about his dog than the girl...LOL...that was too good.
nish_k Senior Member

Joined: 04 October 2004
Posts: 588

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Thnx a lot Yahsika for the update..God bless you
kanchi Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2004
Posts: 1645

Posted: 06 November 2004 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
u are such an angel Yashika.thx ans gr8 updates, hope so get it in regular basisWink

Edited by kanchi - 07 November 2004 at 3:43am

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