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take care..

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Waiting !!

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Waiting dear

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Part 44

The Raizada families was seating on a bench near the corridor.. While Arnav was standing at the corner and looking at his newlywed wife's who was laying on the hospital bed.. He wanted to go inside and be with her but seeing her not responding was making him go weaker.. He was aware that all this happen was because of him.. If he didn't snatches Aryan forcefully then she might be still healthy and living happily with their son.. Alone tear rolled on his cheeks.. His trance been broke by the sudden voice from behind.. He knew who was that and he hurriedly wipes his tear.. He turn and saw his son walking to him and looking here and there..

Arnav: "Aryan.." He kneel down and caress his cheeks..

Aryan: "Papa.. You said you will bring my mamma.. Then why bua bring me here..?" He was on verge of crying..

Arnav: "Aryan.. I'm sorry.. Your Mamma.." He didn't let him complete the sentence.. He took few steps backwards.. "Aryan.." the entire family was shocked with Aryan's behaviour but they was aware too this would surely happen.. Once he knew about his mother committing suicide..

Aryan: "I want to meet my Mamma.." with a fade voice he utter this.. Arnav was standing numbly.. He didn't know how to react and what he should do.. Take him or make any excuses.. Seeing his father wasn't responding he walked to Payal.. "Chachi.. Mamma.." A drop of tear escape from her eyes.. "Noisy nanny.. Take me to my Mamma.." He start to cry and Mami and the other was too shedding tear seeing Aryan like this.. "Where is my Mamma..?" His cheeks and face was turning red.. He was weeping seeing the family wasn't responding to him and he knew something is wrong and that was the reason they keep on remain silent.. He run to Arnav and held his hand tight.. "Papa.. You promise me you will bring my Mamma.. Where is she Papa..? I want her.. I want my Mamma.." He start to pull Arnav's hand and making him respond to him.. Arnav kneel in front of Aryan and cupped his cheeks and wiped his tear with his thumbs..

Arnav: "She is here.." A glint of happiness appear in his eyes but it didn't last for long..

Aryan: "What she is doing here..?" He wasn't that small not to understand that where he was standing was a hospital where all the ill and sick patience been admitted here.. "What happen to Mamma..?" He again start to cry..

Arnav: "Promise me you will be strong when you meet her..?" Aryan was hesitated to make such promises.. He know he won't be able to stop his tear but he still made the promised and Arnav took him in the ward holding his hand.. Once the door open Aryan's tear escape from his eyes.. He start to cry loudly and that beak Arnav's heart.. He kneel down and hurriedly cupped his cheeks.. "Aryan.."

Aryan: "I can't fulfilled this promise Papa.. I can't.." He sobs while uttering this.. He hurriedly run to his mother and used the stool to climb on the bed.. "Mamma.." He called her.. "You promised me that you won't leave then why you let me go with Papa.." He wiped his own tear and touch his mothers cheeks.. "Mamma.. If you go then who will play with me..? Then who will scold me..?" A tear escape from his eyes.. Even she wasn't conscious but still she could hear her son and they way he was telling all this make her sorrows more deeper.. He wiped her tear softly.. "Mamma.. Don't cry.." He lie down on her chest and hug her waist.. "Mamma.. Let me sleep with you.." He so wanted his mother to hug him tight and took him into her embrace.. Arnav couldn't hold himself there anymore.. He walked out of the ward and stood at the closed door.. His eyes was closed and Aryan's words still ringing in his ears.. His trance been interrupt..

Maya: "You happy now ASR.." The same question been asked by Maya.. Which been asked by Payal before.. He looked in her swollen eyes.. "You know what?? I always told Khushi to give you a chance but seeing her like this I feel regret.. I feel regret..!!!" She shouts on verge.. "If this is what she gets after loving you then I will say you are not worthy for her love nor Aryan's love.." Tear start to drenches her cheeks.. "The day you file the case did you even thought once what will happen to her..? What she might be going through..? No why would you.. For you, your happiness are more important and you will try to get everything which you wanted for.." She harshly wiped her tear.. "Now see what have you done.. This wasn't the first time she was laying like this.. She was like this when you dumb her on altar.. She was lifeless and she was on verge of losing her life.. She already give up to live.. The only she knew was you leave her and you don't love her anymore.." Arnav shocked to hear this from Maya.. Did she met with an accident before.. On the day she was missing? His eyes widen to hear this from Maya.. "But what's the point telling you now..? The damage have been done and you should be happy.."She grit her teeth.. "You don't deserve her ASR.. You don't deserve her.." Her tear again start to make their ways.. She couldn't hold it anymore.. "Do you even know what she has go through in all this 4 years..?" Arnav was standing numbly and hearing her words without interrupting or defending himself.. "She was living deadly in every passing minutes.. She wanted a happy and small little family but all shattered the day you cheat her the day you leave her.." She shouts and her yelling voice was been heard by the hospital staff too.. "But.." been interrupt by a sudden voice of Aryan..

Aryan: "Mamma.. Mamma.." He cupped her cheeks and tried to make her calm.. The Raizada and Maya run inside the wards.. Arnav too run to her.. Khushi was having difficulty to breath and she was gasping for air…

Arnav: "Doctor.." he yelled and Maya come in with the doctor.. The doctor asked them to go out of the room so they can checked her.. Maya took Aryan with her even he wasn't willingly leaving his mother.. The other family member too follow Maya but Arnav was damn stubborn and he wasn't leaving her alone..

Doctor: "ASR.. Can you.." Been interrupt

Arnav: "No.. I won't go.." The doctor told him to stand at a side and closed the place with the curtain.. He was standing in front of the curtain and waiting for the doctor..


Aryan: "Massi.. Mamma will not leave me right..?" He asked Maya with his sad face..

Maya: "Aryan.. She is strong.. She won't leave you nor anyone of us.." She cupped his cheeks and place a kiss on his forehead..

Aryan: "Then.. Why she wasn't waking up..? I tried to wake her up but she wasn't responding and I saw her tear flowing down.." His eyes moist..

Maya: "Aryan.. You believe in GOD..?" He nodded.. "Then don't forget to pray for your Mamma.. You still remember what she always thought you..?" He again nodded weakly..

Aryan: "Massi.. If we never come back from Paris this will never happen.. If I'm not that stubborn to meet Papa then Mamma will be fine.."Maya immediately took him in her embrace.. Aryan would always look for a reason to blame himself and today he is doing the same.. That show he is Khushi's son..

Maya: "It wasn't your fault Aryan.. It's written in our life.."She spoke with moist eyes..


 Once the curtain opens, he was shocked and happy to see her seating on the bed… He smile and didn't know how to express his feeling.. He wasn't just happy but feel like he gets his life back..

Doctor: "We tried our best and she.." He frown his brow after hearing this from the doctor.. He didn't understand what the doctor was trying to say.. He walked to Khushi and cupped her cheeks..

Arnav: "Khushi.." Her eyes was open and she was looking straight on the empty wall.. "I'm sorry Khushi.. I shouldn't do this to you.. I shouldn't snatch Aryan from you.. I'm really sorry.." His eyes moist.. "You can hate me Khushi.. You can take your revenge and do anything.. I won't fight back.. I will accept everything and I will go far from your and Aryan's life.. I won't interfere in your life anymore.. I will.." He stopped when he didn't get any feedback from her.. He look in her eyes and she was still looking at the empty wall.. He slowly shook her.. "Khushi.." still no respond from her.. "Khushi.. Why you are not reacting..?" He start to gain panic..

Doctor: "I'm sorry ASR she is under trauma.." His eyes popped out.. Trauma..!! "We tried our best and she will remain like this FOREVER.."That was shocking news for him.. Lifeless Forever..

Arnav: "No this can't be.." He shook her shoulder and again cupped her cheeks.. "Khushi you can't be like this.. You can be like this DAMN IT!!!" He shouts.. "You haven't take your revenge on me.. You should hate me.. You can't remain silence.. Wake up Khushi.." He yelled on her face but she wasn't responding on his outburst.. "I know you can hear me Khushi.. I know.. Even your eyes wasn't speaking but your heart does.. You can't punish me with you silence.. You can't" A drop of tear rolled on his cheeks.. "Doctor she can't be like this forever.. You have to bring her back in sense.. You.." been interrupt..

Maya: "She won't come back ASR.."

To be continued.. (SAD NOTE BELOW)

Note: Starting from 18th May to 28th May there will be no update from me. I'm taking break from IF and FB. I need to pass up my final Report and Presentation before i Graduate and I'm going to travel with my father regarding his business. I will update on 29th May.

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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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I have to tell this SAD news before I go for a break.. Many of you are spamming my inbox and insisting me tell you.. For me it wasn't a sad news.. I'm happy for this.. I'm Going to END Betrayal in your love once I'm back from my vacation..PartyDancing

I won't disclosed what kind of ending I'm giving but there will be sequel of Betrayal In your love SEASON 2.. Which will be start in a week once Season 1 END..

Mystery of 10 December will be disclosed in this season.. I won't drag it till season 2..

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It was a very touchy and sad chapter...khushi is alive but in trauma...the way aryan was asking to meet her was heart drenching...hope we get to see some happy moments soon

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donot kill khushi .let her have her revenge from him. 

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