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We are on Thread 8.. Good work My Spammer.. Last thread already reached more then the limitation of the page.. Thank you so much to my reader who always comment and make this thread possible..


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Part 42

Khushi was walking on the lone streets.. Her body was moving but her brain her soul wasn't with her.. She was looking in front but her view wasn't at the place she was looking thru.. She wanted to cry but her tear wasn't falling anymore.. Her heart stabbed for each beat.. She didn't know when she reach her apartment and she lock herself in.. The first she saw was Aryan's photo.. She went to the photo frame and took it in her hands.. She caressed the glass over the picture.. She seat on the recliner and admire her son.. Her tear fell on the picture.. She start to sobs and trying her best to hold her tears but it didn't worked..

Khushi: "Aryan'" She cried out.. She hug the picture and her tears was drenching her cheeks.. "Aryan.. Mamma.. Mamma.. Can't live without you.. Aryan please come back.." Her voice was fading.. "Aryan.. Mamma love you a lot.." That the moments she saw the knife which been keep at the side table along with the fruits.. She took the knife and place the photo frame aside.. "Aryan.. Mamma have to go.. You take care of yourself and be a good boy.. Mamma will always love you.. You was the reason I'm alive and now you wasn't with me anymore and this life wasn't worthy anymore.." She cuts her nerves and the blood start to oz out.. "Mamma love you Aryan and will love you forever.." Her eyes was closing but still she hope she can see her son for the last time.. Only for LAST.. But it didn't happen and she finally closed her eyes.. Her eyes was closed but her soul was still with her.. She wanted a peace and wanted the soul go away from her for forever.. She was fighting with her soul and she heard the door been knocked several time then after few minutes the door open and she realize who was it.. The only person he loves till now even he have destroy every part if her body include her small heart.. She was happy at lease he come and he can see him for last time other than her son.. She was struggling to open her eyes but it wasn't opening.. She wanted to see him for the last time but Devi Maiyya was against it.. She whisper in her heart to Devi Maiyya.. 'I know he did a lot of mistake and always hurt me.. But I LOVE HIM.. I know I'm not able to forgive him ever after his deeds.. But still I LOVE HIM.. He was the person whom I love the most.. He was the person who gives Aryan to me.. Please Devi Maiyya.. At least Once let me see him.. Let me say a FINAL GOOD BYE to him' She again tried to open her eyes but still no pointed.. Her breath was escaping.. His hand touches her cheeks and she was missing his over touch.. Even he was the reason for his pain.. But he was the medicine too.. To heals all her wounds..

Arnav: "Khushi.."When he shouts for her name.. She finally closed her eyes fully and was happy too as her soul have decide to leave her body forever..


Arnav was driving madly.. He wasn't bothering any signals and rules.. He had bandage her injured wrist with a kerchief but still the blood wasn't stopping.. He was driving and equally giving glare to her too.. He held her hand and press it.. He wanted her to know he was here but what's the point if he was the reason of her being in this state.. What the need if her soul no more with her.. The brake his car at the main entrance and rush out from the driver seat and carry her in his arms.. He run to the lobby..

Arnav: "Doctor'!!!" He screams for the doctor.. The visitor was looking at him.. The nurses brings the stretcher and he placed her on it' He held her hand tights.. One of the doctor rush to them..

Doctor: "Make the operation theater ready her pulse is getting weak.." Arnav's eyes widen.. His one hand cupped her cheeks..

Arnav: "Khushi.. You have to fight.. Not for me but for Aryan.. Please Khushi.. I beg you.. Please Survive for Aryan.." His alone tear escape from his eyes and fell on her face..

Doctor: "We need to hurry up.. ASR Let us take her.. It can't be delay anymore.." He nodded and they took her to the operation theater.. He was following them and her hand was in his hand.. He didn't wanted to leave her grips.. Once they reached at the operation theater.. They took her in and he wasn't allowed to enter.. While their grips was being apart when the stretcher been taken in along with her..


One hour passed and the nurses was rushing in and out of the operation theater.. He was getting nervous seeing the anxious state of the nurses.. He seat on the bench with his hand closing his face.. He fell to kill himself.. He was the main reason she was here with this state.. He tried his best to hold his tear but finally one by one rolled on his cheeks in between his hand.. He cursed himself being an selfish person.. He thought his plan would works if he took Aryan's custody but it happen in opposite way.. He words flesh in his mind.. "Please don't take Aryan from me.. He is everything for me.. I can't imagine my life without him.. Please don't take him.. I would rather die than live without him.." His breath stopped when her words hit his brain.. But it was too later to repent.. The damage was done and now she was lying on the bed.. The entire family rush to him accept Anjali and Aryan.. He inform them regarding Khushi but he didn't told them why she is here.. Everyone was getting nervous and was standing in front of him..

Nani: "Chotte what happen to Khushi betiya..?" She start to shoot question but there was only numbness from his end..

Payal: "Arnavji.. What happen to Khushi please tell us..?" She plead with moist eyes.. He wasn't answering them.. His face was hide behind his hand.. But they can see the drop of tear in between his fingers.. Payal couldn't hold anymore.. She wanted to know what had happen to Khushi.. She turn around and saw the nurse rushing out of the operation theater.. She quickly stop her.. "Can you please tell me what happen to Khushi..?" She asked hurriedly..

Nurse: "She tried to commit suicide.. She cuts her nerves.." The entire family was shocked to hear this.. The nurse disappear from their views.. They turn and look at Arnav with disgusted..

Payal: "You happy now..?" She asked with tears rolling after hearing her sister trying to commit suicide..

Nani: "Chotte.. What have you done..?" Nani was on verge of falling but been held by Akash and Mami.. They too was shedding tear..

Payal: "Or you are still not happy..? You wanted her to die then you can rest in peace.." She wiped her tear roughly.. "You are not worthy to call as a man.. You very well know she can't leave without Aryan but still you snatch him from her.. You make her life like hell since you married her.. Even she didn't told anyone what she was going through after marrying you.. Just because she respect you as your husband but you..??" She stopped to take a breath.. She didn't wanted to cry and be strong not for herself but for her sister.. "If anything happen to her.. What will you tell Aryan..? How you will explain to him..?" She was more angry when she couldn't see his face.. Couldn't see his eyes.. "You suppose to tell you kill his mother and today she is in this condition is just because of you.. You kill her before you kill her again today.. Why can't you leave her alone..? Why can't you let her archive her happiness..? Why you always wanted to destroy all her happiness..? Why Arnavji..??" She shouts..

Nani: "I thought you was my Arnav.. My chotte.. But NO.. You have proof me.. That you are just like your father Arjun Malik.. The man who destroy my daughter's life.. And now you too following your father's step.." She cried out for the innocent soul..

Akash: "Bhai.. I don't know what make you take such nasty step.. But at least you should think about Aryan.. If he find out this.. He will hate you bhai.. He won't forgive you.." The entire families eyes met.. They hoping some feedback from him.. But he was seating like a woods.. He know he was wrong.. All been told was right.. He don't have any answer for their query.. Nani was wrong.. He wasn't like his father.. His father was the reason she commit suicide but he was worst then his father.. He snatch a son from a mother.. He still can remember how she plead.. How she begged him..  "Arnav Please don't do this to me.. Please.." That incident was still fresh in him.. He saw her breaking down and collapse on the rough tar by side mirror but he never stop the car.. He heard how Aryan calling her.. How his son was crying.. How he was seating at the corner of the room and calling for his mother.. How he instruct everyone that they can't take him to meet Khushi.. If possible he wanted to rotate the time and repair all the damage that he have done.. But it was late.. It was too late for him to make everything alright.. I was too late..

Akash make Nani seat on the bench and make her drink some water.. Her knees was getting weaker.. They didn't want Nani to get ill.. At least not at this moment.. Just then the doctor walked out of the operation theater..

Akash: "Doctor.." They all run to them and that make one person stood up from his messy life..

Payal: "How is she doctor..?" She asked hurriedly.. Arnav went near the doctor.. The doctor face wasn't showing any positive answer..   

Arnav: "YES or NO..??" The entire family was shocked to hear this from him.. They didn't get what he was trying to ask.. "YES or NO.." He shouts and that scared the doctor..

Doctor: "She is not responding.."

To be continued..

Note: Starting from 18th May to 28th May there will be no update from me. I'm taking break from IF and FB. I need to pass up my final Report and Presentation before i Graduate and I'm going to travel with my father regarding his business. I will update on 29th May.

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Res for Index

Part 43 - Click Me..

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awesomeee update...
omg she is not responding...
loved it...

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I only can cry... why can't this Arnav understand...Angry
plz make Arnav understandOuch

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Nice update.
Feeling bad for khushi
And Waiting for the next update

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I love u pavin thanks for updated

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Was waiting for this chapter...
And it didn't let me down...
Great with emotions...
Thanks sweets...

Oohhh and good luck with your finals...

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I hope Khushi responds soon...I want Aryan to get her back

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