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ArHi FF: Between two Strangers - # 3 - Epilogue

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Between 2 Strangers

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Chapter 34 - Mein bhi tayyar hoon!
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Part 1 - Bonded for life
Part 2 - Proved me wrong in all ways
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I cant thank you all enough. I never dreamt that this story will lead to third thread and I dont think it would have been possible without your motivation and loyalty. I sincerely hope you will continue to support me through my Arnav and Khushi journey. If you are really pleased with my story, please do let your I-F friends know about it. Thanks Zillion once again. 


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Chapter 34 - Mein bhi tayyar hoon!

Thank You Barun_Gf and Nidhu18 for stalking me to update the chapter much earlier than I thought :)


Uhuhuhu, Jai mocked as he approached Arnav and Khushi and broke their trans. I guess you guys should save some for later. He teased winking at them.

Khushi, feeling embarrassed, tried to move away from Arnav. But Arnav wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer sighing her not to move away. It was more of warning than sighing to Khushi.

The couples settled themselves for dinner. Except Arnav, the other three actively participated in general conversation. The only thought that lingered in his mind is the marriage. It was indeed a very special day in his life. He wanted to share the news and talk about his sweet turmoil to Khushi. He kept close eye on Khushi all the evening, wondering why she still hadnt received call from Shashi. He started to feel frustrated and angry on himself for promising to Shashi. He shouldnt have done that. He mentally cursed himself. The night is the only time he's got as he will be leaving to Delhi early morning.

The couples finished their dinner and headed to their suite.

Khushi, did you get chance to talk to your parents?

No, Why?

Just like that. I was wondering if you wanted to speak to your parents.

Oh thats fine, I emailed Jiji this morning and I conveyed that I am doing fine.

Thats good. But in case, you wanna talk to them. Feel free to use my phone.

Oh no, thank you. I guess they will understand.

Arnav Sing Raizada never felt so desperate in his life than today. He couldnt stop cursing himself for being in that situation.

They remained quiet for the rest of the drive. Anjali and Jai took little nap in the backseat, leaning on to each other. Arnav had to act fast to find out about no call from Shashi and he came up with a plan. He noticed Khushi wearing bangles on both hands without wrist watch.

Khushi, do you know what time is it?

You have watch!

Very smart. DO you want me to check time in the dark or focus on driving. He smarted. How can she be so smart to fail his every step of the plan. He mentally cursed for his stupidest plan. But he had no other option.

Khushi delved into her bag to check her cell phone. After thoroughly searching for few mins, she screamed My Phone?

Jai and Anjali woke up from their nap.

Kya Hua? Anjali panicked.

I am not finding my phone. Arnav, did you see my phone?

How the hell I will know where your phone is? Cant you keep it safely? Everyone was shocked at his outburst on piece of electronics.

I dont remember. I always carry it in my bag. She tried hard to recollect. Here take my phone and call your number. Arnav handed over his phone.She called 7 times but no one answered.

I must have left it at the party. SOmeone must have stolen it. She cried like baby.

Relax. Its just a phone.

Oh now you are telling me its just a phone? I have loads of pics of my jiji and amma babuji.

Thats it?

Thats it!!! Forget it you will not understand. She dialed her own number again and this time she heard a male voice.

Hello who are you? She attacked without waiting further.

Are you a cab driver?

What nonsense? Who are you? How dare you call me cab driver?

Thats what the contact name is displayed on the screen.

Then it dawned to her that, she saved Arnav's number as cab driver when she introduced him as such to Payal.

Listen, who are you? This is Khushi Kumari Gupta. You are having my phone. Please tell where you are, we will come and pick it up.

Oh ma'm. I am the butler in your suite. I guess you left your phone in the suite. I picked it up finally since you have been getting lot of calls from last 2 hrs.

Oh thank god. Thank you so much. You are the best! I was telling to Mr. Raizada the other day that you deserve great tip. I am sure now he will believe me. Khushi excitedly turned to Arnav for his approval. Arnav grabbed his phone and disconnected it, fuming at Khushi.

What happened Khushi? Anjali enquired.

I left the phone in the suite. after pause, he said I have been getting many calls. I wonder who that is. She loudly discussed. Thats when he knew that it was Shashi who was trying to reach her for that long.

Di, I am leaving to Delhi by early morning flight.

Khushi turned to him with shocked expression in a flash second.

Tomorrow?  Anjali enquired.

Ji. Jai would you cover for me for day after tomorrow presentation.

Yeah per?

Something important came up. Aman called me this afternoon. I am needed there. He sternly replied looking at Khushi.

Khushi didnt ask anything, she looked away as if she didnt care. He wasnt expecting anything less of her reaction, he knew she would be mad.


Khushi without waiting any sec, grabbed her phone and rushed into her room, locking the door behind her, little loudly.

Arnav saw her heading towards her room and he settled himself passively in the sitting room. He leaned forward and buried his face in his palms.


He raised his head and looked up at Anjali. She brushed his hair with her fingers. Kya hua Chote? Anything serious?

He hugged her in effort to let out his pain and inner turmoil. I dont know if I have to sad or happy Di!

What happened Chote? You look very worried.

I dont know what happened to me Di. I never felt so impatience in my life as I am feeling at the moment. Today is the most happiest day in my life and I wanna share it with the one who has every right to hear. He looked at Khushi's door as he finished the statement.

Did you guys fight again?

Oh no no, I think she is upset because I am leaving tomorrow.

Why are you leaving?

He looked at her and smiled rather blushed I should say.

What? You are turning red. Anjali curiously asked.

I will see you in an hr and talk to you about it. There are some questions in my mind and I think only you can resolve my confusion.

She nodded smiling at him.


How can he leave me and go? He forced me to come along and now he is leaving me. She inwardly discussed as she sat on the bed.

How irresponsible is he? He didnt even feel like telling me. I am not going to let him leave me just like that. She tied her hair up and fisted her pleats and ran to his room. She saw him arranging his clothes in the suitcase.

So you are really leaving? She asked standing at his door.

Hn? He turned around to look at her. Gussa tanda hua? he asked smilingly.

You didnt answer my question.

He walked to her and took her hand in his, you are not stranger to stand at the door and talk to me. If you need to talk to me, get inside, close the door and talk to me. He moved her in and closed the door behind her.

He folded his hands and looked at her face fuming with rage.

Even I am coming with you tomorrow. Book me flight! She demanded without looking at him.

He smiled, I really wish you could come along but you cant Khushi. You have work here. He took step towards her.

No, I dont wanna hear any excuses. I dont think I will do well without you.

Watch what you say Khushi! Its definitely not sounding professional! He smirked.

She looked at him angrily, Its not funny Arnav. Anyway to hell what you think, just take me along please.

Kyun? Tell me one reason why I should take you along? He advanced to her and she took step backward.

Kyun matlab? You know why?

Uhun...He nodded No. I dont know why, you explain. And dont you dare start the employee crap.

You forced me to come along. I think its your responsibility to take me back safely.

My responsibility?

Aur nahi tho kya? I am your responsibility!!!

You are indeed. He cornered her to the wall and whispered, why dont you just admit that you will miss me?

She pushed him and tried to get away from him. He accidentally pulled her blouse dori, in efforts to stop her.

She looked at him accusingly and moved away from him.  

I am sorry, I was just trying to stop you. I have no intention to...He stopped what he was saying the moment he saw her exposed back in the mirror. Just then her hair that was almost at the edge of falling loose, fell down covering her back. The expression of disappointment crossed his features and he took steps slowly towards Khushi. She took same number of steps backwards away from him until she hit the wall.

He placed his hand on her shoulder looking into her eyes and turned her around. She closed her eyes anxiously and her heart started beating rapidly with his touch. He moved her tresses to one shoulder revealing her back. He gazed in awe at her snowy spotless skin.

He took the strings of dori between his fingers and tried not to touch her while tying the knot. He tried his best to ignore his inner desires until he spotted tiny twin moles on the back of her shoulder. As a reflux reaction of a passionate lover and his sensory feelings, he held her shoulders tightly, leaned forward and kissed them with full lips making a subtle noise. As soon as his rough stubble kissed her soft skin, she felt butterflies fluttering rapidly in her stomach and fisted saree tightly in her palms bearing his sensuous touches. He trailed his left hand fingers on her spine from her neck and continued it down to her blouse hook. She reached for his hand behind her back and stopped him. He gently ignored her silent plea and continued his fingers below the blouse to the end of her spine. Khushi tightly gripped the drapes hanging next to her. Arnav continued his trail to her exposed milky waist and to her navel. He pulled her closer pressing his palm deep into her soft tummy. He turned her around to face him and noticed her eyes shut tightly. He lifted her in his arms and gently placed her on the bed. He took her left hand in his and pinned it above her and leaned forward to kiss her lips. She still has her eyes closed.


She opened her eyes and met his passionate ones. She noticed them literally pleading for her permission. He leaned forward and kissed her again on her lips, waiting for her reciprocate. With his right hand, he caressingly moved her saree aside from her navel and fondly looked at her belly button, drawing circles with his thumb around it. He scooped down and teased her button with his stubble without actually kissing it. He did that couple of times trying for Khushi to open up to the moment. She finally gave up unable to control and cried with little irritated tone,


He didnt stop, he teased her more as he heard her frustration.

Arnav, please? She ran her fingers in his hair and motioned him to come up.

He finally stopped and met her eyes.

Rule #1, no irritation on bed. He whispered as he nuzzled her neck.

Rule #2, no teasing on bed. She whispered making him smile.

Rule #3, no shutting yourself on the bed.

Fine! I get the point. She whispered giving access to him.

He chuckled at her irritation while he left trail of kisses on her neck and shoulder. With one hand he tried to release her pallu from the blouse. Khushi looked at him in shock and it was too soon for Khushi and she never expected him to take such step. She knows eventually where the night is going to end. She closed her eyes with her brows contracted in fear, nervousness and anger. She then remembered her father's words,

your mother slept with me for her convenience. You should follow her foot steps. 

With tears rolling down the eye corners, she whispered, Arnav Stop it please.

He didnt stop. He managed to take the pallu off and slid it down exposing her beautiful assets. Arnav Stop it. She said it sternly. Nothing registered in his mind and he continued with his passionate kisses and licked her cleavage smoothly. When he was just about to touch her bossoms, she pushed him away and cried, Arnav I said Stop it.

Arnav looked at her confusedly, She grabbed her pallu and wrapped herself couple of times hurriedly almost like protecting herself from him.


She got up from the bed and rushed to the door but Arnav was much quicker than her and stopped her.

Let me go Arnav.

Khushi, what happened?

Let me go!

Not until you say what happened! Did I hurt you?

I just need to go! Her tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Khushi, I didnt mean to hurt you. He tried to touch her, but she sprang aloof. I thought you were in it. Talk to...

Let me go please, I beg of you. She cried and pleaded without looking into his eyes.

Arnav opened the door for her and slammed it loud angrily as soon as she left. He was deeply hurt and emotionally disturbed. As far he is concerned, he was making love to the love of his life, to his future wife and his life. But he was mistaken for no reason, he thought. He unbuttoned his shirt and headed for cool shower to control his anger and to understand what might have possibly gone wrong.


Khushi laid on her bed sobbing for whatever happened. She didnt know if she has done right or wrong but one thing she knew she didnt wanna become like her mom. Her past is interfering in her present more than she imagined, especially after Arnav entered her life. She never wanted to fall in love for the same reason but she did. She is unable to completely accept the fact that she cant live without him nor deny it. Here she knows that someone is out there whom she can trust completely but she is not sure if her fate will play safe with her or ditch like the way it did to her mom.

Just then, she received an international call...


You said you wanna talk to me? Kya baat hain?

Di, I decided to get married.

Kya? Kyun? I mean Sach? I hope its her?

He nodded Yes. Its Khushi.

Wow, I knew it. Congratulations Chote!!I have to congratulate Khushi, where is she?

Di,wait. She doesnt know it yet!

What? Matlab?

Arnav explained everything that happened between Shashi and Arnav but he didnt reveal Khushi's brother as Shyam, as he didnt wanna ruin his Di's happiness.

How can someone get so low for money?

Arnav nodded thinking deep about the fight that happened between them mins ago.

What are you thinking Chote? You dont seem too happy with the decision.

Oh no no Di, I am very happy and confident about my decision. But I am just sad I couldnt speak all these to her personally. Her dad wanted to talk to her first. I understand because its all happening suddenly, though we like each other, she definitely deserves some explanation.

Everything will be alright Chote, I am very happy for you.

Arnav passively smiled.

There is something else thats bothering you, are you sure you are not hiding anything with me?

I know what I feel for her Di but I am worried what she feels for me and if she will be ready for the marriage.

Are you crazy? She loves you, budhu.


Babuji, aap iss waqt? Is amma OK? She sat up on her bed wiping her tears.

Everything OK. Where were you? I have been trying to reach for last few hrs.

Oh we had party at client place. Anything happened, I mean its very unusual of you to call me so many times?

Yes there is some important news and good news.

Oh really what is it?

Amma and I decided to get you married. We have already looked for the groom.

But babuji, whats so hurry in my marriage? I dont wann...


Hello babuji? Hello? Hello? The line got disconnected. She thanked god for it and immediately rushed to Arnav's room to talk to him about the news.


I dont know Di, we just met a month ago. For anyone who's been together for such less time, it will be hard for anyone to take a big decision as marriage.

Not really Chote! Remember you were the one advised me to go with the flow. And I am sure everyone will feel the same urge at some point or the other.

No Di, you are not understanding. For some one who has gone through so much in life, it is a huge decision. Put yourself in those shoes, I am sure marriage would be the last thing you would think of.

Khushi stood at the entrance, her face remained unmoved but tears flooded down her cheeks hearing his words. She understood he is talking about them but she misunderstood that he was referring to himself. She retreated her footsteps back to her room and silently laid on her bed thinking what he just said. She thought he is not ready for the marriage. And at the first place, she didnt understand why she rushed to him as soon as she heard about the marriage.

Her phone rang once again and she didnt pick it up. She turned her phone off. She needed time to think what she needs to do.

Meine iss aadmi se pyar kiya? What was I thinking? Jo insaanko shaadi mein interest hee nahin hain, woh mujhe kya pyaar karega? Iss ka matlab, mein sirf ek time pass keliye thi? But it cant be true. I felt special. He made me feel special. Was that all just to use me? Am I being the victim like my mom?

She tucked her face in between her pillows, and tried to shut her inner turmoil and painful thoughts. After some time and much thought, she dialed her father's number.

Hello Babuji?

Khushi what happened? I have been trying..

Line got disconnected. I am ready for the marriage Babuji. I have no objection.

I know you would agree beta. You have selected a good man. I hope he already spoke to you.

Noone spoke to me. You were the one who broke the news.

Thats when Shashi realized that he asked Arnav not to talk to her until his word. He got worried why she is agreeing for marriage without knowing who the groom is.

Oh Achaan! Dont you wanna know your groom's name?

What is there to know Babuji? I will anyway come to know sooner or later.

Why are you agreeing for marriage without even knowing the details?

For the same reason that you decided to get me married overnight.

Khushi, both are different and have different reasons.

But its about the marriage so how could it be different?

I am sorry be...

Babuji please, you are embarassing me. If you had taken such huge decision in my life, I am sure it must be for my good. And I told you before, if you chose someone, he must be the best in the world for me.

Itna bharosa mujhpe?

You gave me rebirth babuji, how could I forget that!

I am so gifted to have daughter like you.

So am I...

Listen, you will be very happy to know that your groom's name is Ar...

Aur jiji kaisi hain? She cut him off.

So you dont wanna know the guy's name?

Hmm NO, I will know from him eventually.

I have never seen anyone stubborn like you.

When is the marriage?

The day you land here in Delhi.

She was shocked but dint utter a word. She didnt ask any other question.

Ji, ab mein rakthi hoon. Its very late now! She disconnected the phone.

Would you do the honors of being my date?

Thats Ok, we will start this new journey together.

If I say anything about your beauty, it may sound very cliche. I will honor you with my silence.

It belongs to YOU; not to me, NOT ANYMORE.

I should claim MINE before slipping it away. I already started Ms. Gupta. You better hurry up. I hate to wait, you know it!

Khushi, I want you to say YES. I badly want you to say YES. I don't know why but I want you to say YES to everything, everything I mean everything.

Let me make this straight for you Khushi. Whatever shitty thing is worrying you, I am going to pull you out of it, even if takes all my life. And THIS IS ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA's PROMISE TO YOU.

Khushi sobbed quietly remembering his words and their journey so far. She heard him entering her room, she closed her eyes in pretense to sleep.

He brushed her hair gently, removing hair strand from her face.

You be safe and take good care, I will see you in Delhi. He kissed her forehead with his eyes welled up. He sat there few mins and watched her stroking her palm. I am sorry Khushi, I didnt mean to hurt you. I got carried away. I am really very sorry. He placed a single rose next to her and left the room quietly.


Pre-cap: First Night


How do you guys like it? Comment and let me know pals...

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babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Going to fill this gap tomorrow ;)

first of all a VERY big!!!! congratulation for the new thread!!!! 
i have no idea how i got the first spot i guess leisurely check the fanfiction page came in use!!! 

NOw the UPDATE!!!!! 
Loved the way you started it awww
he held her close and warned her 

What you stupid idiot be a man! Arnav And ask! her why you wishing you didn't stop Shashi


Ohh try and convince her to call home... Interesting to bad it back fired she email Big smile


What you up to with the watch!! (Eyes popping, getting nervous)

Ohh that was you plan, why didn't I get it? I use my phone as a watch. 

You lost your phone!

No wonder Arnav! She hasn't got a call yet, dnt shout its not niceAngry



Rofl!!!! Cab driver rofling 



LOTS of CALLs for the past 2 HOURS do I need to guess who's?


Aww she's mad! Stupid idiots leaving her. 


WAT you made ASR blush? 



Door close I see naughty ;)

And here we start

Backwards and forward... Forwards and backwards


:O blouse really


Now it gets naughty!!


Ohh no her past is back to hunt her :( 


I knew she would hear the wrong this... It runs in IPK


Its an FF misunderstanding to ana hi taLOL


Give me something hard to hit khushi with Angry you dnt want to know you groom you fool. Your a bigger idiot then Arnav

LOved the last part!!!! hyyy red ROSE!!!! and his words so sweet and she heard!!! good now shes going to regret saying YES on the trip i feel bad for her... to bad she doesnt know thats her future HUSBAND LOL 

wait!!! Cry wat will happen to there shopping trip she doesnt want to do shopping with out him i still remember Cry

i know its not a in depth review but short on time this week... but thanks for the long update couldn't resist but to read it 

i do give a few reviews like this but never given you one no idea why... you deserve to know how you readers feel you writing is amazing and the story is GREAT!!!!! 

at the beginning of the week i was planning to give you one like this but i was a few chappys behind so didn't review them... i'll come back and do them Confused if i can there is a few i want to tell you about Wink 

now im blabbing so let me say the last bit and go!!!

Let me tell you about a story i read Wink

Two strangers meet in a flight Argued and still Comforted each other 

they stayed apart for years but kept something of the other's with them 

they meet again and this time exchanged numbers or cards 

strangers started dating 

strangers oblivious to the fact one is the boss and one is employee 

both strangers fell in love and didnt realize it   

love story began again on a FLIGHT 

Stranger admitted that they missed each other

now two strangers are about to marry with one not knowing who there strange groom it!!! 

Strangers have always been strangers in this FF and I love it 

Great work 


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First part: amazing, superb fabulous!
The story is getting more and more interesting day by day, that means more stalking .
I love the way u use different colours it makes easier to read and understand emotions .

Khushi is being just crazy, but I think she is right with past like her it is difficult to trust anyone.
Just love ASR his understanding and unconditional love for her Hug

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excited photo: Despicable-Me-excited_zps166768e7.gif

hug photo: hug2 hug.jpg

clapping photo: clapping clapping.gif

hug photo: internet hug tumblr_mjs1o1ww3N1s8deono3_400_zps0c031b9f.gif

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Lovely update...hope the midunderstanding clears off soon

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Raadhiyaaa IF-Rockerz

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loved it
cant wait for d update

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Soo much misunderstanding, hope kushi gets to know the truth soon.

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