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Love Digger's Husband [2] - Ch36 Pg7 NOTE Pg9 8/6 (Page 6)

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Oh okay what was this! They were a lot of surprises in here. Be it Tara using Geet for writing a report or Gauri sticking her nose into Khurana matters. 

Geet actually dosed off while Dev was making her understand it all. How convenient girl... LOL

Maan is too smart to fall for Gauri's scheming mind to set things differently between brothers. I liked his approach of being silent & uttering few words only when need be... while all the time letting the other speak out all that's within them. 

Geet heard their convo but feels inferior with all her insecurities & her feelings for Maan. 

Waiting for what's store in here ... Smile

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beautiful update
cont soon dear
no pms from ur side now a days y?

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Hey munchkins,

Here is the next update.

Let me know how you find it ok?

Lots of Love!! Big smile

Chapter 36:


Geet and Maan:


Every waking opportune clandestine moment in office Geet had stared at the man in front of her. But today of all days he was looking a unique shade of rugged masculine handsome. He had been a day late to shave. Instead of making him look unkempt it made him look sexier. He was indeed a cruel beast who was put on earth to torture poor female souls.


Her anger wasn't taking the name of placating. Anything if at all she was feeling like poisoning his mind against everyone close to him. Aside from kidnapping him and breeding with him in captivity she didn't have better ideas. Yes, she understood her thinking wouldn't exactly win her a Nobel peace prize. But there had to be a way in which she could draw him to herself and hypnotize him. If Menaka could do it, so could she.


She looked at Dev seriously nodding along to whatever Gauri was saying little knowing that she was trying to provoke Maan into overthrowing him. Geet had to admire the good old lady's intelligence. She had managed to shut Maan up and entangle him in his own words.


It wasn't long before Gauri finished her monologue. As she scrummed to leave, Geet walked up to her boldly.


Geet "Nice bag, Mrs Bottlewala."

Gauri smiled "Oh this old thing! Believe it or not I have had it for ten years. But old is gold right? Take care and see you around." 

Geet "Good day Mrs Bottlewala. Sorry for the interruption. I hope you did not mind it. We really appreciate you coming all the way down here."

Maan wanted to break into a smile at that statement but pressed his lips together. She was a quick learner that one. He had just spoken about manners the previous day and she was already applying it? It seemed totally out of character for Geet to be actually speaking in a univocal tone without every word being expressed on her face. Her subdued self was as good as the bubbly counterpart. Bubbly babbling worked out well for girls with baby fat. An ability to assume a stoic demeanor when called for was critical for corporate success. 


In his opinion Gauri was not really what you would call 'new age global desi'. She was of the old school who believed breeding and manners spoke more than a person's actions which translated to her having perpetual Botox induced non-expressions. There was zero accent and plenty of posh spice when she spoke. But Maan had to accept she was a resourceful lady. So much so that her poor husband Anuj was relegated to the background and had begun to resemble her pet Chihuahua. 


Gauri "Not a problem Geet. I will show myself out. I have parked outside the building."


Gauri bid them adieu soon. Dev mumbled something to Maan about irritating meetings for which he had only himself to blame and left in a hurry.


Maan "Good job handling yourself at the meeting Geet."


The reaction he got from Geet was definitely not normal. Not that he expected her to be hyper for a mere compliment but she seemed subdued with him as well. She was evading all forms of eye contact and looked angry at the file in her hand. Was he missing something here? She whispered a thanks and started gathering the documents and blueprints lying around.


He didn't have more time to think about Geet for he had a very important errand to run. It had to be done when he was in an angry mood else Daadi wouldn't get the message. He considered waiting for Geet to leave but what the hell. His personal life had ceased to be a defence secret a long time ago.


Daadi "Ha beta. Tell me."

Maan "Daadi, how many times have I told you not to go discussing my personal things and plans with your dear friends."


Daadi as usual was pleading innocence "Who friends beta? I didn't discuss anything with anybody. I am just an old lady with no 'proper' friend circle."

Maan "Oh really? I wonder how Gauri knows so much about my Daadi's feelings then. I had to only mention in passing at dinner that I am working with her now for you to pounce on that opportunity. You are always…"


Daadi "What you think I am going to sit quiet here while you are enjoying out there? You cannot get away with this kind of behavior. I am your Daadi in age and intellect, remember that. This is only the beginning, my son. If you don't start behaving like a normal person soon you will have it from me. Learn something from your brother you idiot."


Maan threw his hand up in exasperation "Daadi! Between you Dev and the secretary I have no respect left."


His eyes met Geet's sharp gaze; finally!


Daadi "Who secretary?"

Maan "Just a figure of speech."


Her nostrils flared up and she made a motion to throw the dangerous object in her hand. Confirmed; something was the matter with her.


Daadi "You stop all this drama now. You are so irresponsible and useless. All you think about is your business and deals. As if no one else in the world has a career."


Maan fumed "Daadi I am serious. Curse me all you want at home but stay away from my office. Do you hear me? Otherwise I will drown your favorite grandson in so much work that you will never see him again."


Daadi "Both of you are like my eyes beta. If you create too many problems I will get myself a live-in daughter-in-law."


Maan "What the hell is that now?"

Daadi "You know like live-in girlfriends. I will just bring a nice girl home and shove her in your face."


Maan was nursing his forehead tired with the same line of argument "Daadi why are you this desperate?"

Daadi "I was just joking beta. I am just concerned for your well being that's all."

Maan sighed "I will talk to you later, bye."


He hung up and reached to loosen his tie but thought the better of it. He had a meeting to attend. He rested back on the swivel chair and closed his eyes. He heard some interjections and commotion which seemed like Geet leaving the room.


With his eyes still closed "Do we have a problem Geet?"


Geet "Not at all MK. See you later."




Geet wanted to hurl some objects at him. She truly did. For he now represented everything that was wrong in her life. Hell he had not acknowledged before even a single person that he was friends with her. A few tears were on their way but she bid them bye. Would it be so bad if he could tell others that he was friends with the secretary.


'I am friends with Geet Handa. I happen to think she is very cool and special. She cares about me a lot and no before you can jump to conclusions we are just friends.'


Really would the above be very hard to say for a respected man? Instead all he did was pretend. Pretend in front of everyone that he hardly knew her. Pretend in front of the world that his brother was the most precious teddy bear that could melt a four year old's heart. She really loved Maan, she really did. It was not one of those crushes she had had either. It was the real deal. But her feelings were for him a joke.


The way he had kept silent during the entire exchange with Gauri – the genius, felt to Geet like a slap on her face. What had Geet expected him to say, she had no clue. But she had wanted him to say something, something to the effect that: I have so many people who genuinely care about me. People who are related to me by blood look down on me by letting me be inferior. But my generosity is such that for me water has become thicker than blood.


Geet had never felt as jealous about another human as she did about Dev. If she were able to get away with it she would make him pay for everything he had done to make her feel like a non-entity.


A small voice in her head kept repeating softly that Maan had spoken out and tried to pacify Gauri but she had not listened. But Geet was too far gone to worry about nitty-gritty. All that mattered was the summary. Everything she had mentioned was quite reasonable and would not count as being 'carried-away', right? Wrong! Instead now she had become a 'figure of speech'. She wanted to maim Dev's face and make it turn grotesque.


'Are you alright', the nice lady sitting next to Geet asked. Geet just replied 'Sure, I have a cold; that's all.'


Before she could further ruminate about misguided missiles she received a call.


Geet "Hello Arif, tell me."

Arif "Geet, please stop by the office this Saturday morning at 10."

Geet "Sure ok. What is it regarding?"

Arif "This is our monthly meeting. You will know more about us and it would be important for you because you don't come here everyday. Thanks bye."


Somehow a call from Arif did not excite her as it ought to. He had personally called her to attend a meeting instead of just dropping her a mail. Did he do that for everyone? When one is in a vacuous mood everything seems out of place. The entire world looks like a conspiracy and she, the loop hole.


She made a decision that day, that instant: she wouldn't talk to Maan unless there was some way he showed her she was special for him. And that all his promises were not a bunch of lies and that he wouldn't leave her to marry some 'beautiful, intelligent' woman. If that didn't happen soon she would plot to murder Dev Khurana. If no one even noticed her, they wouldn't suspect her of murder now, would they?


Ya, ya her thoughts might appear on the surface to be downright silly. But she was the dark knight who would rise from Dev's ashes. Maan wouldn't think of marrying somebody if Dev were to die surely?


But Mr Maan appeared to be in his own usual world of grand gaiety. He didn't even notice that she was upset. Not that she was emitting any visible wavelengths to indicate such but still she expected him to care a little bit more. Didn't she matter at all?


A couple of days past; she couldn't bear the distance any longer. She reached the Happy club to find him tottering towards a defeat against Tara once more. You go girl!


Tara "Maan, I don't get why you cannot accept my findings about the shipping. I even spoke to the coast guard about it."

Maan "Tara, I am afraid you don't have visibility beyond this. It is not all in my hands you know. You did your duty and filed the report exercising your best judgment. You don't have to concern yourself on what happens after that. You will not be judged just because you did not agree with our surmises."


Tara received a phone call and had to hurry back to her desk. Geet sat opposite him feeling a punch in her gut; not knowing what exactly she was angry about. But Maan made no efforts to even inquire why she was upset. He didn't really know what she was going through now, did he? He didn't know she had heard Gauri's monologue.


She began gingerly "I…I just wanted to say that I get I am a secretary and don't have visibility."

Maan looked up "Visibility for what?"

Geet fingered the knight "I don't know, everything. I guess I should know my place and cannot expect many things."

Maan raised a brow "Stop talking in puzzles and tell me what is bothering you."

Geet "Why do I get the feeling you don't always keep your promises. You make tall claims when it is all subject to so many assumptions."


Maan began frowning "Again the sentence formation does not make sense. Why don't you just say whatever is on your mind. It doesn't help to talk nonsense."


Yes she was speaking nonsense because she felt like the trash bin behind him. Her anger threatened to surface again "I don't know what to say. I was told you will help me and as a friend you are supposed to help me."


Maan "And when did I refuse to help you?"


Geet sighed "I don't know. Gauri is an important client it seems like. I am like an invisible fly on the wall and she does not even notice what I am up to. Why cannot you introduce me to people as someone important."


Maan seemed taken aback "She knows you are Dev's secretary already. What more introduction can I add to that?"


Geet's eyes felt moist "I don't know just include me in some conversation so she knows I am present in the room? And when I leave makes an effort to find out I am gone."


Maan pursed his lips "Ok let me get this straight. Although you have nothing constructive to add you want to be included in the 'conversation'? Geet it is not chitchat or banter over drinks. It is about work and in work only people who can contribute get to be on the 'inside'. I cannot change that for you or anyone else even if I want to."


Why couldn't she be as smart as Gauri! Geet wiped her tears away "Nothing. Anyway leave it."


Maan was glaring at her sharply. His breathing seemed a little louder than usual.


Maan "The whole world does not revolve around you. You cannot take me for granted this way. How dare you think I am some kind of PR agent for you? Show some respect for people when you are talking. I get the fact that you don't exactly care about experience and wisdom that comes with age. But trust me when I say this. If you want to get noticed, notice people and help them when they need help. Hard truth but that is the only way."


He was angry now? She blinked at him sheepishly and began stuttering "I meant, I am scared."

Maan's brows loosened a bit "Scared? Of what! Geet, you cannot be scared of people."


Geet swallowed back tears and her voice was barely above a whisper "I am just crazy. That is all. Ignore me. Sorry for behaving like a spoilt brat."


She stood up with as much dignity as she could muster and walked back to her desk. She hadn't eaten lunch and she didn't even feel like having coffee. What was happening to her. Why had she ever met this man.


She sat at her desk and became a punching machine for the rest of the day. The evening seemed easy breezy beautiful and she began a brisk walk towards the bus stop when she heard a car stop by her side. The passenger window opened and his hands motioned her to get in. She was too tired to be proud.


The drive was silent for most part, a gentle rhythmic sound playing like a background score from the stereo. She almost fell asleep when the pattern was disturbed by the car stopping. She still hadn't looked at him and he was behaving as if he was her chauffer. But when she looked to her left, instead of her home she found a quaint little place that housed a few canopies and tables.


She looked at him now but he was already unbuckling his seat belt and getting down from the car. She didn't really react, may be he wanted to take away a cup of coffee. Who was she that he would take her out to make her feel anything. She heard the door beside her unlatch and stand open expectantly. She got down mutely although she wasn't in the mood. She followed him into the restaurant where they were directed to an alcove like private setting. It wasn't expensive enough for him but she found herself feeling somewhat soothed.


She sat herself opposite him but still didn't say anything. Everything stood still for a couple of minutes and she saw a limp menu being thrust into her hand. She just pointed at the first item.


Maan "Geet that contains alcohol. See it has a red glass sign next to it."


Oh vow, she was so sarcastically dumb. She had been thinking it was a non-vegetarian drink.


Geet "This is a free country and I am an adult who doesn't plan on driving."


Maan frowned "Why don't you drink some wine instead? That one is too strong."

Geet rasped "I can take care of myself and I will take my chances with the establishment. Don't worry Mr Waiter I will tip you well. You can put the tab as an accrued profit for next year."


Maan looked at her looking more obstinate than an overloaded mule. It didn't seem like the right moment to debate age limit for drinking. One drink wouldn't hurt and the waiter seemed more interested in their argument. "Suit yourself. Get me a lime soda without sugar and ice."


She was looking at the painting above him. A couple of awkward moments later.


Maan "What is the matter?"


Geet wasn't feeling very chatty so she stayed mum and glum.


This was all the ego that he had to spare and so Maan gave up the conversation. Instead he leaned back and enjoyed the breezy night with delicate sips of soda.


Ok she shouldn't have ordered the funny colored liquid. It tasted like loose tar. When she sipped it, it felt like her tongue and throat were melting. In fact it melted every part of her it reached. She had sipped it a few times when she felt her brain being pulled backwards. Her eyes were blurry as if she had slept for a day straight. What the hell was that hammering noise. Her whole body felt like it was hung out to dry in the scorching hot sun and then things began reeling. But the drink asked her to continue and promised it would only get better. She kept sipping; didn't stop even for hiccoughs. The liquid now had turned colorless odorless and tasteless. It was actually divine when she thought about it.


She looked at him and smiled. Was he smiling back? It was hard to tell. But she felt good about life now in general although her skull and brain were hurting.


Maan wondered if she was drunk already. May be she wasn't a regular drinker. Surprising considering there were a few in Annie's class who drank like fishes and managed to act sober. He smiled at her and found her eyes teary again. He just couldn't figure out why she was upset. What had he said or done that could hurt her this bad? He had even avoided her for a couple of days so things could simmer down. Still she wasn't letting up. May be the drink would loosen her up.


Out of nowhere she said "I hate you like I love you" and her head slumped to hit the table. 


His heart began pounding in his chest. Of course he knew she liked him but to actually hear her say it sent his blood circulating to areas he didn't dare think about at that moment. He smiled again weakly. And then she began with the giggling. It was a private setting but still managed to catch some glares from the folks at the next table. Whatever; when a hotel had an attached bar he could think it was normal.


But the problem was she was giggling as she was drowning in hiccoughs and refused to drink water. He was now getting worried. What if she choked? He decided enough was enough. Before the waiter could come back offering a refill and she taking him on, it was better to clear the premises.


He offered to help her stand but she waved him off. With shaky legs and support from the balustrade all the way she slowly made it back to the car. In the middle there were a few scares when she stopped and gave shout-outs of 'Bhaag Bhaag DK , Bhaag DK bhaag BHAAG!'


Oh dear! Where did his poor brother have to run now? Maan made sure she was tightly seated.


Geet "Maan do you like me?"

Maan smiled with his eyes still on the road "Yes Geet. Don't you know that by now? Why are you so upset my dear."


Geet shook her head and gave an elaborate thumbs down in front of his face trying to distract him. It was eerie dark outside and he tried to control her nervous hand twitching but found it too bothersome.


Geet's voice was slurry shrill and unnecessarily loud "Stop the car!"


His ears were ringing as he brought the car to a gentle halt near a park. He heard a distant rumble of thunder and found the road deserted. She could fall sick here if she wanted to.


Maan "Why did you ask me to stop Geet? Are you feeling alright?"


Geet raised her middle finger "Ok I will ask one question."


She started to unbuckle her seatbelt even as he tried in vain to stop it. Before he knew it with one swift motion she had leapt on to his lap. He could hardly see anything for he found himself shrouded by her mane. A few strands of hair entered his mouth; the conditioner seemed bitter. He tried to extricate himself out of her grip but Geet suddenly seemed to have gained super human strength.


He mumbled spitting out a few hairs "Geet, why don't you sit in your seat? You have no idea what you are doing, do you?"


Before he knew it her lips were on his. Did he taste tequila? He tried to push her back but his back almost had a catch because the seat jerked backwards. Her leg had pressed the seat lever.


Her chest felt so soft against his. Her hand was massaging his thigh and was sending off warning signals in him. Not to forget her tongue was flicking against his. Finally he couldn't take the titillation no more. He slowly got into the mode of responding back. His hand reached places on her clothes on its own accord without seeking his express permission. Eyes closed, he tried to keep up with her intoxicating – literally and figuratively - lips. He didn't want to ask himself what he was doing.


Her stunts and curves were defying gravity but he ought not to. After what seemed like a god's minute, the sane part of him prevailed. He pushed her up with some might and whispered breathless "Remember I do the opposite of hate you."


With some effort he made her sit back on her seat and she fell asleep immediately. For the time being he wouldn't think about what just happened. But how the hell was he supposed to get her back home safely without alarming her entire household?



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Interesting turn of events...
Geet feels herself slighted by Maan and yet for all she does not know he does have feelings for her. 
I love the DQ Daadima.  Live in wife for you...LOLLOLLOL
Nice dhamki.
Dev without doing much is a thorn for Geet now because she wants and craves Maan's attention.
Loved the update.
These two are like a pendulum swinging from one end to another.
Thanks for updating Sheesh.

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wow geet angry...cause of maan ..and him not giving her importance...
well she still doesnt important she is for him...
maan is always confusing in ur ffs...mysterious typess...and i like that...
poor geet have to think and be sad cause of tooo hate dev...without any reason...

love u daadima..Embarrassed...u r the best...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

drunk geet...and maan trapped...what trapped...
ulta...maan ki tu maze hogaye...geet on his lap kissing him..blushing... what will happen next...ghar kaise le jayega maan...

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maaneet first kiss
will geet remembers the kiss nxt mrng or nt

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Their first kiss..maan also respondef back..remind me he denied taras kiss once upon a time..

poor girl so hurt by maans talk with gauri..n he ignored her too..

Hope that maan will take geet confession seriously..

Maan indirectly told her tht his feelings is opposite oh hate..whats th meaning..he lvs her

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Wow ! That was awesome!

Totally unexpected Kisss!

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