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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Love Digger's Husband [2] - Ch36 Pg7 NOTE Pg9 8/6 (Page 3)

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Congratz on new thread and waiting !!

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Hey ladies ! Embarrassed Heart

If you know me at all you would know I am slow and steady. So unfortunately for you, some patience is in order. I will try to keep you entertained in the meanwhile.

Lots of Love!!

Chap 34




Maan was running on the treadmill when he heard a ringtone cut through the music. When he saw who it was he unwittingly yanked the emergency stop key causing the machine to come to an abrupt halt. It knocked him out of balance and made him feel dizzy. He held on to the machine arm, gathered his breath before pressing the receive button.


Maan "Yes Geet, tell me."

Geet "Are you alright? I needed to speak to you for a few minutes."


Maan "Go ahead, I am just trying to relax."

Geet "Is it possible to meet me today somewhere?"


Maan "Of course it is possible my lioness. Although the correct request formation would be: 'Would you mind meeting me today at a convenient place. I would really appreciate it.'. Dev doesn't appreciate your complete lack of deference to authority. There is a word called 'please' too. Try throwing it into the mix."


She was however silent.


Maan "Why Geet? Is there some issue?"

Geet "I had… rather talk in person."


Her voice sounded embarrassingly apologetic. Poor thing always did or said things on a whim and later got herself caught in impossible tangles.


Maan "Alright meet me at the cafe where we met last time. Say a couple of hours from now?"


He was late by a few minutes by his standards. He walked into the cafe with his glasses still on. She had chosen a corner table and was sitting sideways looking back on to the street. She would have undoubtedly seen him driving through. But she was not bothering to straighten herself up which he thought was uncharacteristic. He sat in the chair opposite and she turned slowly. She fetched a folio from her bag and placed it on the table.


Maan "Take it off the table. You don't want to spill coffee on it."


But she let it stay and kept looking at it. If it was a writing draft of some kind why wasn't she being more careful. The coffee table could barely fit those big unnecessary saucers. They ordered some coffee in the midst of all this wondering. She, he noticed was barely sipping into her order. She appeared nervous and the grim setting of her jaw told him she was trying to steel her resolve for something she evidently wanted to say. An apology wouldn't need all this drama. His curiosity was now aroused.


Geet "Maan, I refuse to do this project."


Ok he had not expected that. It had never occurred to him that anybody could be loony enough to refuse such a lucrative opportunity. But then he never understood the intricate workings of a creative persons mind. He was at a momentary loss for words or thoughts. His hand moved from left to right indicating 'because….'.


Geet "I cannot write an 'honest' account about Sir who I don't really identify with. I don't mean to sound rude but I tried sincerely to give it a go. What can I write about a rich arrogant know-it-all mean person? All that came out was incoherent rubbish. I have let things happen to me in my life and that still haunts my dreams. From now on I am going to say no whenever I don't want to do something. I am sorry. Please hire someone else."


In a way it was a relief for him. In fact it made her all the more enticing. He had to hand it to her. She was more than what he had made her out to be. She was not going to be easy and he did not want her to be either. How did she manage to baffle him every damned time? He found himself admiring her atrocious sense of dressing once more. He was silent enjoying his hot coffee.


She looked on at his nonchalant expression in disbelief.


Geet "Did they make the coffee truly Irish? Aren't you going to say something."


He looked at her worried face change into something unreadable all of a sudden. Confusion was writ all over her and he supposed she was trying to figure out why he was not angry about it. Well she had given a good try and there was nothing to be angry about. She finally slouched her shoulders and kicked his leg from under the table while crossing her own. Apparently she had assumed she had hit the table pillar.


Geet "Maan I know that I have let you down and I am truly sorry for that."


Maan shook his head with a tsk tsk.


Maan "Geet, it was a personal errand for me. You did not like doing it. There is nothing to be sorry for."


Her cold coffee was still untouched and she just stared vacantly at his watch. He had seen a lot of people in his life. Rich, poor, middle class – upper and lower, misers, spend thrifts, compulsive shoppers, loan defaulters and he could identify every archetype. But it was rare for him to meet a girl so hard up for money yet possessing so much integrity. A girl whose turmoil he could clearly see on her face.


The fear of letting someone down, a sense of loss for what might have been, the fear of failure, the pain of letting go of something that defined happiness. A drug addict's brother like him recognized all those signs. Yet Maan had never ever come across a person who had so much courage and daring to deal with all of it without even a puncture in her pride or loyalty. It was even rarer to find a non-achiever who moved others to a point that it was hard to just sit back and relax. It was but a given that he would want to be a part of that journey wherever it might lead. Passion and mystery were a deadly combination.


He reached for his shirt pocket and held his own little mystery in his enclosed palm. He could see her neck crane forward to get a better glimpse.


Geet "What is there inside it? Don't kill me with curiosity now. Come on tell me."


He shook his head gently and winked instead! He liked throwing her out of gear. It was amusing to see her shocked expression. Nobody walked away from a deal with Maan Singh Khurana that easily.


She spoke with a frown this time "Maan! Why are you being so casual about this. I seriously mean it you know. I am not doing it."


She lowered her eyes and started playing with her bag. It was a new one evidently. A dull blue smooth square whose material resembled the inside of a tapestry. Annie called it neoprene. He wondered if it was meant to be used for space travel.


He then saw Geet's finger tips tapping to an impatient rhythm. She was biting her lip almost painfully. She was not even meeting his eye. She stole glances at him but would only end up finding it infuriating because he obviously did not care enough. She drove a fist into her other palm.


Maan "Is something bothering you? I understand that you do not want to do it."


He smirked. He was getting to her again. She didn't know what to make of him or his reaction. Wasn't she a neurotic bundle of joy? 


Geet "I hope you will not take this the wrong way."


She fetched a tiny box wrapped in a ribbon from her bag and pushed it towards him. Changing the topic now are we?


Maan "What is it?"

Geet "I got my first royalty check and decided to gift you something. Please don't think it means anything. I…I felt that for all your support I had to tell you how important you are to me. Trust me..I am not getting carried away."


There was not a single tear in her eyes even with all her loneliness. She probably wanted to be swept off her feet just like any other girl her age. He wanted to scoop her up in his arms and kiss her senseless. But again his trademark skill was his restraint until he got the best out of every negotiation. Many a client had suffered the insufferable before giving into him and signing him on.


Maan "Geet, I would love to open it now. But won't you see what is there in my palm?"


She cocked her head and gently pried his grip open with her tiny stubby fingers to balk in surprise. She reached for her neck on a reflex and he had begun smiling.


Geet "Hey Babaji! I never even realized that I am not wearing my chain anymore. You have it since that paper weight day?"


Maan laughed "May be it had become like a second skin and hence you did not notice it missing. I was waiting for you to ask for it. But you ruined the show for me."


She had begun smiling again "Ok now open your gift already."


He clicked it open to find all the sounds of the universe. A talisman which had an 'om' symbol engraved on it. It was rarest of the rare that someone could one up him and jerk the rug beneath his feet. It happened just then.


With quivering lips she described that it was a special talisman that had the power to ward off everything evil "I never believed all this mumbo jumbo before. But then I thought what is the harm if you wear it huh. You will wear it right? You can use my chain to hang it around your neck. It is small and won't even be visible. Please!"


His stomach lurched and he had no words to say. He mechanically opened the chain and slid the talisman through it and wore it around his neck. He felt all his skill, suavity and maneuvers were useless play toys at that moment. 


Geet gulped back and controlled her tears before she stood up and walked away. She didn't seem happy. She turned back three times, only to shake her head and continue on her path again.


He wanted to tell her that he was the cheat who took shortcuts. He researched companies and peoples weak points and gave them smooth deals they couldn't refuse. He was just a glorified salesman. She was the one who chose the hard paths.


He sat there fingering the talisman, a vague mixture of warmth and goodness enveloping him. She hadn't been gone even two minutes before he heard a message beep "Maan, I think I will do the project. It is just a phase. I will get over it."


He had the last lonely laugh.




It was a week of unchartered territories apparently.


"Why are we here?", she whispered into Yash's ear.


Yash "Hush! Sir is going to be talking about goal setting. He does not care to be interrupted."


Geet opened her notebook to a blank scary page and was ready to fire her pen.


Dev "Alright this year has been a little tight and we have had to almost touch our capital reserves for meeting some of our expenses. It has been a good year too. One of tight competition for people as well as customers. The vendors have been lagging behind in deliveries because of intrinsic problems and huge demands. All in all, to keep it brief it has been tough. The goals that would be set from a company perspective would be inline with getting the reserves back up the next quarter and also…"


The rest and already said went blah, blah and more blah for Geet. She contemplated asking a question or two but looking at the intelligent nods around her made her wary. She had hoped Maan would do the talking. She would have at least understood the jokes. But Maan was sitting dispassionately in a corner. She made some notes just to be on the safe side. Which right now meant just scratching the page as fast as she could so whatever she heard was transferred on to the lines directly.


The meeting was over soon enough and Yash had a grave expression. She wanted to ask if somebody had died.


Yash "Geet be careful when you sign the innocent looking form. If your goals are not met you will be held accountable."


Geet looked down for a moment at the unintelligible gibberish on her page which would now be called her 'goals' and nodded equally gravely.


Yash "Last year I took on more than I could chew and I couldn't meet Sir half way. It was an avalanche. Sometimes I forget we don't report to MK but Sir."


Yes it was easy to forget that detail until an appraisal or goal setting happened.


Yash continued to whisper moving his sights shiftily "Don't listen to all these overenthusiastic twerps. These engineers are so lucky. They can write any garbage and get away with it. MK allows them to 'correct' the goals anytime they want. But Sir treats it like a bible. Ok just in case you didn't know already, don't write your happy club activities there. It is not considered a goal."


Geet gulped "Where should I write my goals?"

Yash "Sir will distribute the link to an online form. So think very carefully and put stuff there. You have already thought this through right. A mail was circulated last week."


Geet gaped "What mail! I did not get anything."

Yash "Arre I am talking about this meeting notice."

Geet "Oh that! I did not know what it was. I haven't really given it much thought."

Yash "Well you better start now then. You have until end of today as deadline. If that tool shuts down there are no more goal settings allowed unless Sir approves it."

Geet "Can I talk to somebody about it?"


Yash shook his head "It is best to write it yourself. Discussion of goals or appraisals or salaries is not encouraged. This is meant to be a personal milestone between employee and boss."


She smiled wanly and came back to her seat. Before she could even unlock her PC, Dracula came by her seat.


Dev "Geet we will start with you. You know that I suppose since I asked you to schedule all the goal setting meetings. I find this fifteen minute slot free unscheduled. We can finish yours and you can fill in the details."


Actually that fifteen minutes had been a breather for him to start the day long procession of meetings. Hey Babaji, she had to manage his meetings all day and do goal setting at the same time for herself. This was going to be a disaster. Her legs were already shivering as she walked into the room.


Dev began with a resigned sigh as if he knew the meeting was going to go badly.


Dev "So Geet you have been here a while and understand your responsibilities somewhat I hope. Nod your head when you understand something. I am not talking to a tree."


She moved her head like a bull – in between a shake and a nod which could be interpreted to mean yes or no.


Dev "Ok since this is your first time doing goal setting, let me tell you what it is all about even though it was mentioned in the mail. You need to clearly jot down points that are concise realistic achievable and within your job profile. You need at least five points there. One of them should state what training you will be undertaking. Second should be how you will contribute better to the job you have been doing. Third can be what changes you would like to make around yourself, Fourth and fifth I give you freedom to write about your own goals and aspirations. It can even include pursuing something beyond what your responsibilities are at the moment."


Her heart was pounding. Every word he had spoken was flying around her head like stars and she felt faint. She couldn't even muster enough courage to put all those on paper.


Dev "You have five minutes to finish that and then we can discuss."


Geet "I…I mean I did not know what this was all about. Can I go in the end."


Dev's face was going red and hers blue "If you didn't know why didn't you ask? Didn't the mail I sent say schedule a meeting for every employee who reports directly to me for goal setting and that in the meeting they are supposed to at least have a draft ready?"


She was rubbing her palms together to make the sweat there evaporate.


Dev "Anybody could have helped you with it. You know what. I don't like to ruin my mood when there are others lined up who are very serious about their work. You have five minutes to think and come up with your goals."


She closed her eyes willing for a goal to form in her mind. She just needed one word. One word that would define her entire profession. Maan had said people in the yonder times passed on their profession with almost as much pride as surnames during his speech. He had said a sculptor's son knew he had to be a sculptor.


She realized then that for every important role in the world there was a name. She had always been an avid reader. Books were for her an escape from her sordid reality. She thought of all those books and one particular book fought for her attention. A fashion magazine with an article about the US president Obama. Geet had looked up the meaning of his daughter's name out of curiosity and had come to know it was a pet name for Alexander, the Great!


She opened her eyes and said simply "Sasha."


Dev blinked "What!?"


Geet smiled in relief "Sasha is Greek for 'helper and defender of man'. That is my goal and purpose."


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I don't know how to describe the way I am feeling after this update..
Maan's thoughts at having been found out, thinking of himself as a salesman and recognizing her for her true self... You blew me away...  Such an honest self perusal of Mr. Elusive.  For people to whom things come easily it must feel this way.
She turns with every whiff that he blows her way.  Her adamant stand in the beginning really made me like her a lot and yet her molding herself again to his wishes is so her.
Dev with this evaluations! I hated self evaluations and goal setting meetings.  Neither did I want to do them nor did I want them done with me..ugh..  total waste of time.
The Om pendant and her chain on which he will wear the universe to him, lovely gesture.
Sometimes I recognize that for all the reading I do, I am quite unable to get everything the writer wants me to in the first go around, so I may be back to add to this as the tubelight turns on..
Thanks for updating.

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Yayieee after so long!!
Hey you totally forgot about the Index post once again! LOL

Can I simply say I loved loved loved the update! After reading this update...I came to a conclusion which I should have come to a long ago actually! 
You give me some nice Maan-Geet dialogues, their thoughts about each other and I'll become a jazbaati soul in seconds. No matter what! LOL

Geet learns to say No! Two letters yet very difficult to use! 

The Om locket...Geet's gift!  Heart
Geet actually bought such a gift for Maan! I don't think you could gift something like that to someone unless you know that he/she would gladly accept it and the feelings behind it. Even a little doubt and you just don't buy it even when you would love to gift it. Not letting evil wander around you LOL..I once wore it to chase away some fear and now I make fun of that incident but at that point I almost believed that it was the reason why I'm no more scared of certain thing!! LOL


P.S. I love you! Heart

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finally u updated

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there r so many deep thoughts alws in ur updates...again a brain really lvd th moment btwn maaneet in cafeteria...before that the reaction of maan on treadmill aftr geting call from geet...n then geets beahiviour in th cafe dont knw y sometimes i was just laughing...n maan uffn hw this munda alws succeeds to hide his emtions before geet...he he alws observes everything of geet...n thn his desires to kiss geet insanely felt somersault...geet gave him a tabiz n he wore it wth geets chain wthout ny protes or hesitation...yaar if this draculla is drug addicted thn hw he alws able to become calm n quite except in front of geet...he he manages everything..i knw maan is there wth him bt firbi...

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I am jealous to the hilt of the mind that writes this... period. Loved every bit of character progression, the talisman, Maan's thoughts... Sasha? You leave us with a ticking time-bomb if all that until then wasn't enough!  Confused Clap

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