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:: AarYan Express #23 : Kabira ::

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AarYan Express 
P U N A R   V I V A H   W E E K L Y  N E W S L E T T E R

#23rd Edition : Kabira

Yes, we heard of the news of PV 1 ending too! Certainly going to miss doing the NL and thank you for the support given to us all this while. . We hope you would love the NL we are presenting to you this week Smile

  C r e d i t s : 

The weekly newsletter will not be possible without the effort of the following members. So a big round of applause for them Clap

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Best Dressed Character of the week : Visha_Dhami
Romantic Scene of the week : poonamgarg
Best Performance of the week : angake Backup gafulu14
Dialogue of the week : Abby-GC-Crazy
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: pickachu Backup : zster 
Picture of the week : anu93
Shocker of the week :  shubhika124
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : anu_93
Hottie of the week : shubhika124
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami
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22 April 2013

Aarti slaps Ishita on watching her baby with Ishita. Ishita however, manipulates the situation in her favour. Radha informs Aarti of staying back with Aarti in the hospital. Ishita hence, decides to take advantage of the situation. She makes preparations to woo Yash at the Scindia house. However, Yash's kids interrupt in her strategy. Radha admires Aarti, for the bond she shares with Yash. Ishita on the other hand, decide to take her next move to come close to Yash.

23 April 2013

Ishita makes preparations for her next action to get closer to Yash. She tries to feed a drink to Yash mixed with some ingredients, to make him drowsy and get control over him. She however fails after Yash's kids inform him about Yash's visit to the hospital to meet Aarti. Yash brings Aarti back home the next day. Aarti gets delighted after watching Yash's preparation for their baby's room. Maya gets annoyed after she hears Pratik and Paridhi's conversation of staying without a baby, due to Paridhi's inability to have one in future. 

24 April 2013

Pratik caresses Paridhi after she weeps on her inability to give birth to a baby. Ishita decides to take revenge from Aarti, by causing harm to her baby. Aarti however, reaches the venue and sheds her anger on Ishita for getting close to the baby. An occasion to welcome the baby takes place in the Scindia house. The family members individually give their blessing to the baby. Maya stops Paridhi from getting close to the baby. Maya hence, reasons it by announcing Paridhi's truth to the family.

25 April 2013

Paridhi feels hurt, after Maya stops her from giving her blessings to Yash and Aarti's baby. Aarti however, convinces Paridhi to keep her hopes alive of having a baby in future. She further urges her to give her blessings to the baby. Ishita hires a female to kidnap the baby from the celebration. The celebration begins and the female successfully kidnaps the baby. The Scindias get stunned, after finding the baby missing. The female on the other hand, changes her mind, because of her concern for the baby and his parents. She hence, places the baby in his room and do not reveal Ishita's name on asking. Ishita orders her to leave from the city. 

26 April 2013

Yash brings Akash to their office and asks Akash to assist them in their business while the clerk in Yash's office manage to take Yash's phone and makes a call to Aarti saying that Yash meet accident and Aarti rush to meet Yash bringing Aayu along. Once Aarti drives at the spot, she gets down from the car and Aayu gets kidnapped and Aarti informs the same to Yash.

29 April 2013

Aayu's kidnapper informs Ishita about Aayu's kidnapping. Aarti informs Yash about Aayu's kidnapping. Yash gets furious on Aarti at the Scindia house, further, blaming Aarti, about Aayu's kidnapping to be due to Aarti's carelessness. The Policemen informs Suraj Pratap, of handling the case sensitively by considering, Aayu's age. Aayu's kidnappers break the barriers that were installed by the police, in order make their way out safely. Yash tries to ignore Aarti after she tries to talk to him. Ishita however, takes advantage of the situation and humbly emphasises with Yash.

30 April 2013

The police is at home and Yash wants to leave to look for Aayu alone and Aarti decides to follow. Ishita calls to the kidnappers and informs about the police being on look out for them. While driving, Aarti spots the car used by the kidnappers and runs to the car and finds it empty. Aarti finds the necklace of Gayatri that was gifted by Buaji for Aayu. The kidnappers calls Ishita and the police takes the phone away and the kidnappers lie to the police. Yash is angry with Aarti which Aarti is upset.

May 2013

Radha convinces Aarti which Ishita is happy to watch. Aarti gives the food to the kids asking them to make Yash eat the food and Yash eats the food. One of the kidnappers comes to meet Ishita at the house which Aarti spots and starts chasing the guy but the kidnapper manage to run away. Aarti calls everyone out and they see no one. 

May 2013

Paridhi gets a call regarding her application for an adopted child and Aarti convinces Prateek to agree with Paridhi's decision. Ishita tries to be close to Yash by trying to feed him but Yash scolds Ishita saying she has no rights. Ishita goes to the orphanage and asks if did they had any new born baby and the caretaker informs that a couple have already adopted the child.

May 2013

Prateek and Paridhi brings back their adopted child which is none other than Aayu which no one else is aware. Everyone is happy with this except of Buaji. Aarti gives the baby to Buaji and asks to throw if she dislikes the baby and Buaji changes upon looking at the baby and accepts the baby. Paridhi is having hard time since the baby is crying and Aarti comes to help where Paridhi asks Aarti to feed milk for the baby. 

Best scene of the week undoubtedly goes to both the scenes of Thursday episode ...One where Yash blasts off Ishita and asks her to stay in her limits Star and second is the AarYa night moment on Abhi mujhmein kahee song sequence Day Dreaming

The way Yash reminds Ishita not to forget her limits as a woman and also the relationship she has with this house and then the way Yash gives that disgusted look to her when Ishita tries to feed halwa to Yash but at the same time making sure he does not shout at Ishita but tells her off in silent anger tone so that noone in the house finds out about it  Wink, makes me feel that Yash has his doubts on Ishita already but he is being quiet here because he does not hv any proof against Ishita and also he fears that if he openly accuses Ishita , then who knows Ishita might harm Aayu Ermm... Best part about the scene was that Yash does not even bother to look at Ishita while blasting her off Thumbs Up... This was a much needed reality check for Ishita and the fact that its coming from none other than Yash who finally puts Ishita in her place by directly telling her that he has not given this right to any other person in his life except for his wife is even more better Star...

Now Coming to the beautiful night sequence on Abhi mujh mein kahee song ...OMGGG OMGGG OMGG Entire AarYa night scene was such sheer class with some sizzling chemsitry between GC and KS Day Dreaming ClapClapClap .. Yash dreaming of Aarti in his arms is a clear proof that he is simply hurt with Aarti and not angry  Embarrassed ... I loved the fact that it was Yash's dream and not Aarti's dream which proves how much Yash still loves Aarti and well AarYa r a case of when silence speaks volumes between both Embarrassed ... Also I loved the fact that Aarti turns her back against Yash this time ..errr serves him right  WinkTongue ...This time Yash has to take the initiative and make it up with Aarti Embarrassed ... 

Coming to the dream , aahhh it was so beautifully done the way Aarti rests her head over his hand and keeps coming closer to him and ends up resting herself under his protective arms completely and Yash then protectively covers her up in his arms thus giving her the much needed comfort Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... And the best part about it was Yash dreaming it all which clearly indicates how much Yash wants to take her in his arms now Embarrassed and even Aarti there could see the desire in Yash's arms before she deliberately turns her back against him because she has now learnt to give him space so that he can cool down and himself take the initiative to bridge the gap between both EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Night scene ,then silent romance between Yash-Aarti only via their eyes ,then  no words but only physical gestures and actions ... all deja vu of early days of AarYa when their actions used to speak volumes Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.. This AarYa night scene was exactly like the Suhaagraat of AarYa and after that how both used to sleep on same bed , felt the desire to physically touch each other but pulled each other back ... Its so similar to those days ... Nostalgia ... BEAUTIFUL MOMENT CryCryCry

The aww moment certainly had to be the Ishq Wala Love dance between Yash and Aarti where they were completely into each another that they forgotten everyone else were looking at them. Soon, all the family members join them and it was a 'Picture Perfect' sequence.

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None Embarrassed

It has to be Aarti and Yash sharing the title as both looked amazing in their grand attire. Aarti's saree suits her a lot while Yash's black sherwani made him looking as handsome as ever.

   Yash in surgery doc dress all covered goes to Aarti's ward and is about to pick up Aayu..

Aarti keeps her hand on his shoulder from behind..Aarti is about to shout.. The person closes her mouth and takes off the mask..Its Yash smiling...Aarti smiles wide..Yash advances towards Aarti... with eyes locked..  Yash takes Aarti towards the wall... and throws the mask..Aarti turns towards Jaalis...Yash goes the other side... looks intently..Aarti smiles and comes towards the wall.. Yash moves his finger on her hands..Aarti smiles and tries to move away .. yash holds her and smiles at her...Aarti blows on her face and runs...

                             Song Dil mera chura lo apna bana lo starts...

  Aarti goes to Aayu and keeps her hand on him..Yash goes there and keeps his hand on her..Both look at each other and bend.. Yash holds Aarti's hand under the baby bed...Aarti breaks free and leaves...Yash goes to look for Aarti..Aarti hides behind the sofa on which Radha is sleeping..Aarti peeps from behind..Yash sees Radha sleeping and laughs silently and advances towards Aarti...Yash is about to hold her hand when Aarti takes her hand away and Yash is about to lose balance and fall on Radha but balances himself..Aarti angrily goes and lies on bed ...Yash goes behind and gets her up and back hugs her...Aarti signals Yash to be quiet and both look at Aayu smilingly..


Dil mera chura lo, Aankhon mein chhupa lo, Apna bana lo sanam

Na na na..Na na na..Haan haan haanNa na na na

Chura lo na dil mera sanam,Bana lo na apna sanam,Ki tere bin na ji sakenge
Ki tere bin na mar sakenge,Kuchh bhi na kar sakenge

Chura lo na dil mera sanam,Chura lein kyon dil tera sanam

Na na na..Haan haan haanNa na na na

Masala baant loon,Main pyaaz kaat loon,Chhuri kidhar gayi
Uff hai nal khula hua,Main keh raha hoon kya
Tu sun rahi hai kya,Tu sun rahi hai kya,Main keh raha hoon kya

Tera deewanapan hai yeh,O bekhabar kitchen hai yeh,Yeh kyon vahaan utha dhuaan
Kya jaane kya jal gaya,Tere bin na ji sakenge,Ki tere bin na mar sakenge
Kuchh bhi na kar sakenge,Chura lo na dil mera sanam,Chura lein kyon dil tera sanam

Na jaane kya kaha,Kaho na phir zara,Sunoon mein gaur se
Kaho na zor se,Kaha jo zor se,To chaaron aur se
Hasenge hum pe sab,Hamaare shor se

Karenge baat phir kabhi,Jawaab chaahiye abhi,Nahin nahin abhi nahin
Itni bhi jaldi hai kya,Ki tere bin na ji sakenge,Ki tere bin na mar sakenge
Hum soch kar kahenge,Achcaha hua jo pyaar ki pehchaan ho gayi
Dete thay jis pe jaan woh anjaan ho gayi,Mausam to main nahin hoon
Jo aaoonga jaoonga,Rootha jo ek baar to vaapas na aoonga

Na na na..Na na na..Haan haan haanNa na na na

Chura lo na dil mera sanam,Bana lo na apna sanam,Ki tere bin na ji sakenge
Ki tere bin na mar sakenge,Hum soch kar kahenge

Dil mera churalo,Aankhon mein chhupalo,Apna banalo sanam..


This week we had an easy pick. The performance of the week award is shared equally by our very talented leads Kratika and Gurmeet. The scene where everything blows up and Yash goes ballistic and Aarti tries desperately to make him see her side of the way the events unfolded was brilliantly enacted by Gurmeet and Kratika. Yash's anger that Aarti could be so careless and his hurt that she broke the promise she made to him was amazing to watch and gave you goosebumps. Equally amazing was Kratika's portrayal of a mother's distress and a wife's hurt that her husband doesn't believe her. And then there was the scene at night, in their bed, both longing for each other but unwilling to take that first step to bridge the distance. Their eyes spoke volumes of the need to be in each others arms but the hurt that kept them away from reaching out to each other.Take a bow Kratika and Gurmeet, you are two actors who are in a league of their own. 

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Well there were few moments that made us go OMG! What were they thinking,but one scene which made me really pissed off was ishita kidnapping ayu.What exactly is going on in that woman's head?Why does she think she will get yash by separating ayu from aaryaErmm.

God knws what is she thinking but she would not be successful we knw itWinkLOL

There were few moments that made us go OMG! What were they thinking, but one moment which made me so happy was when ishita tried to make yash eat halwa yash stopped her and got furious and showed her right place...This ishita deserved itApprove! Good job yashThumbs Up

ArYa holding their Pyar Ki Nishaani Ayu

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Our Ayu got kidnapped leaving AarYa devastated , Yash is so absorbed in the grief that he refuses to believe or even talk to Aarti. Even after a month.

The devil herself IshitaAngry

The Scindia's have an office??

Suddenly they showed an office which we had never seen before. We used to think that the worked from house Shocked

And what happened to their security? Someone could just come in with their bike and there is no one to stop them?

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Siggy made by Saher

Siggy made by Anu

Siggy made by Sano 

By JanakiRaghunath


by ZsterRose's Freind

And here is a gift for you Wink :

None other than the little AarYa , Ayu Yash Scindiya

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And here is your gift Party:

By Jyoti06

And here is your gift Party:

As we all know, the end is near. Now that Aayu have entered the Scindia house again as Prateek and Paridhi's adopted child, the truth of the child being Aarti and Yash will not be far. After all, the show needs a happy ending right?

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Sorry for the delay and the NL is now up Smile

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