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[VM FF+18] One Mistake Chapter 25, pg 144 UPDATED

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Haaalllooo honey bees... It's me Faria Kushal Tacker.. I'm presenting you my first FF on VirMan,  One Mistake, an unwanted fate...

One Mistake will reveal the bitter truth of unwanted fate and vicious part of VirMan's destiny.. A life where love will be paradise but still it wont be enough for them as a everlasting joy. You may come across with a gloomy world, filled with tortures, pain, hurt, guilt, regret, and suffocation. Hope of ray will be there, but how long will it last will be a mystery.

For comments n concerns ummm I wud love to know ur honest feedbacks... But won't scold u if u don't give one  ... As I have tons of silent reader which gives me silent comments lol.. So comment or no comment I appreciate all.. If u want Pms thn send me a buddy request.. 


Character's Sketch

Virat Singh Vadhera:

-belong to the high profile lawyer family aka The Vadhera's
-Heart throb New York Film Academy (NYFA) 
- A complete flirt, extremely mischievous and a bad prankster! 
- however when he is home he is completely opposite! In short best child a mother can wish for! 
- Moral of his life: jiyo... Jine do chill maro :p

Viren Singh Vadhera:

Same as the show!
- have all the qualities of a good son, grandson, husband n of course best brother!
- he is the best critic n buddy of virat!  Only one who is allowed to pull virat's leg! 
- partly mischievous but not as extreme like virat!
- knows all the secrets of virat and 
supports him no matter what!

Jeevika Viren Singh Vadhera

- not bechari like the show one! 
- hates tears!
- chilled out fun going n bubbly girl
- partner in crime of virat! 2nd best friend of virat n 2nd mom too Wink

Manvi chaudhary

- cousin of Jeevika ( both r single child so they just love each other like behnas however no OCD :p)
- miss red nose! Attitude is her charm. Ego is her pride (better not to mess with her)
- hates to wear Indian dress! Only jeevs can make her wear them.
- heart throbe of beeji
- prankstar n a rockstar

Rest of the characters r same old same! :D however dabba is not married n there is no sweety ! 

Raj Singhaniya 
- best friend of virat
- boyfriend of jenna 
- is a good boy but virat's partner in crime 

- famous girl of  NYFA 
- used to date virat but now with Raj
- good from heart but a jealous one

Chapter 1

New York - 8 am boys hostel
An annoying alarm clock woke up everyone except Virat.

Raj- virattt uth jaaa mere yaar subha hogaye! Aaj late nehi hosakte final exam hai... Miss Ria will be pissed if u r late this time! Remember last week was ur last warning??

Virat- go to hell let me sleep! Will take care of Miss Ria...n fall back to sleep covering his face with blanket

Raj- yeh kabhi nehi sudhrega... Ok 15 mins baad uthjana Mai phir se alarm set kararaha hu...
Meantime someone called raj ... So without looking he set the alarm for 45 mins instead 15...
He put the clock on the side table n left without fixing his mistake (he is so dead!)

8:45 am
Virat (v)- again taht annoying alarm woke him up n he just hit the clock which shattered into million pieces... N thn slept for another 15 mins... Usually his routin is like taht.. Hit the clock n go back to sleep!

9:05 am

V- Half Sleep half awake he checked his phone to see the time n screamed "9:10!!! up really quick took shower.. Wore his favorite white shirt with jeans. And just ran for his class!

9:30 am
Finally reach the class room door!
V- may I come in ?
Ria (R)- turned n gave him a dead look... Oh Mr Vadhera y not after all it's ur kingdom. Rules n regulations are for nothing!
V- stepped inside n was about to say sorry but stepped back outside cuz she gave him "u r so done" look

R- virat step outside n rest of u buck up u got only 30 mins to finish ur paper.

V- damn she is on fire... Better do something or else ...

Raj- (thinking) virat beta tu toh aaj gaya... Waise late Kyu hua ?? Alarm toh thik se lagaya tha maine.. did I?

Ria- wat is this virat? Did u even realize that u are late for ur final exam?? I mean there is a limit for everything!

V- oh Miss Ria u know I am never late for exams! U see it's all Raj's fault he set the clock on wrong time n I woke up late n all this!

R- but taht doesn't mean u r not responsible for it !

V- I know I know.. N I'm sorry for it. Btw u r looking gorgeous today . This purple suits u very well! Mr. Baker will faint today

R- oh shut up! Ur flattery words won't work today!

V- but I never lied! N gave a billion dollar worth of smile

R- l don't know y I'm giving u this chance...
V- cuz u r my sexiest professor :)
R- silly boy! However u r getting 15 mins penalty so hurry up n finish ur test.
V- fair enough! Thanks
He finished his exam n left the room t


Raj n bunch of other friends were in the hanging around ...
Virat throw a basket ball at Raj n hit his chest!
Raj- ouch .. Wats wrong with u?
V- ur timing for the alarm was wrong. N u asking me wats wrong with me?
R- umm did I? Well sorry thn but u finished ur exam na no big deal!
V- yah no big deal however wat will Jenna do to u will be a big deal

R- wat u mean?
V- sat on the grass n said "nothing much I just told her u were flirting with Saly n was about to make out with her :p
R- wat the... Virattt.. Swallowed n said "f u ... U jack ass y did u do that..."
V- scoffed n said "b4 u murder me u might wanna control her temper cuz she is burning like a lava"
R- I hate u do much! U r the worst friend I can ever have.
V- I know :p now run
R- just ran n look for Jenna

Student auditorium

Princy-good morning everyone! You all are welcome to NYFA! Feel like ur home. These 15 days will be a time to remember! Hope you all enjoy n burn the stage. Saying that he head toward his office n other professors took care of that meeting. Later, all of themwere lead to NYFA hostel.

**** 10 students came from London Film academy for a play... They will be paired with NYFA's best students. This play is for Make a Wish Foundation (charity organization for cancer patients).

Princy call virat n some other good students such as Raj, Jenna, Maya n ...

P- good morning students. Today I have called u all for the Make a wish foundation play which will take place in 15 days!

Everyone shocked cuz it was their spring break n they only get 1 month to spare

Raj- sir u r kidding rite? I mean our vacation just started n everyone is going home.. N that charity suppose to take place after our vacation is over!

Princy- I know I know... Am sorry for it. I tried hard to change the date but London academy princy was pressuring me! I understand ur feeling. But please do this for those patients..n all the students are here. Will start the rehearsal tomorrow.

V- guys we can handle it... Let's do this for them...
Raj- was shock to hear this from virat cuz he was excited to go back home! After all, it's been 4 years since he have seen his family!
He whispered to virat n said "you r saying this ? R u ok?"

V- stared at him for 1 min n just smirked
R- understood him.. N said "ok fine but we want extra days for our vacation since we r skipping it for that charity"

Princy- ummm sorry taht can't happen because all the classes will start at the same time n I don't want u all to miss it. However u guys will have extended day to complete ur assignments! Fair deal?

Raj was about to say something
But virat interrupt n said "deal! "
Everyone was mad at him but didn't say anything...

Princy- cool see u all later! Have fun at rehearsing and yes u guys better be nice to them! Ur action will reflect NYFA status! So keep that in mind n behave

V- (in mind) don't worry princy will make them feel like home. London waliyos be ready cuz virat Vadhera will show u wat u have done!

All of them exited princy's room

Raj- wats cooking virat?
V- tandoor! Want some?
R- come on.. Wat r u up to? N y did agree with princy? Don't u wanna go home early?
V- just looked at him with a dead look.
R- ouch! Calm down.. I guess will manage.. See ya... N he left with Jenna
( raj ne Jenna ko manaliya n he promised her to take her on a date )

Meantime Jeevika called virat

J- virat! How are u boyfriend ?
V- girlfrienddd wats up?? How r u? How's bhai? N Ma vo thik hai? Dadaji ka gussa kaisa hai?

J- pheww breath ... One question at a time... Everyone is fine dadaji's anger reduced a bit ... Na is fine misses u ton. U don't have the time to call her ha?

V- it's not like that girlfriend class timing sucks. N I didn't wanted to call u all late night.. So sorry but I miss u all a lot. Tell Ma I love her n will see her soon.

J- ya ya... Wait wat "see her soon" R U Coming homeee???
V- bit his tongue. He wanted to give surprise. Ummm vo Mai
J- virattt?? Mai abhi ma ko bolrahi hu...
V- no no no ! I wanna give surprise n u wanna spoil it?
J- o I see... Ok fine I won't tell anyone but wen r u coming?
V- well that's a surprise!
J- oh come on.
V- girlfriend thora toh patience rakho... I will come.. Very SOON!
Leave that.. Tell me how's bhai? Bhai se kabse baat nehi hui... Kaha hai vo?

J- ur bhai! Don't ask me... He is so mad at u n the reason for it is self explanatory
V- cares his hair n said... Aaah I'm sorry ... I know I know I have been jerk n havent msged him for a month.. Is he really mad? I mean mere bach ne ke chances kitne hai?

J- 10%
V- ouch. ... I guess I better be ready for his scoldings
J- u better ... U know virat.. Since last week he visits ur room every day after returning from home. Plus IPL is going on n he is really missing u. N he haven't watched a single match for IPL!

V- wattt! Bhai n missing IPL... Aaa I'm so dead.

*** both brother never missed a single match of IPL cuz they always watch together ****

He was walking n talking... And he hit a girl's who was passing by him...
G- ouch...Since he is all muscular n all it hurt her a bit... She turned to see who that jerk is but couldn't see only his back was visible.

G- jack ass! Don't they have any curtsy to say Sorry? Urghhh I hate NYFA. Thank god I buttered princy to prepone the date or else I had to cut Short my vacation ... N he just left to see princy

V- didn't realize whom he hit so sorry toh door ki bast hai...
Ok girlfriend I gotta go i have to deal with sum business...
J- virat is koi saitani karne ke toh nehi soch raha?
V- girl friend did I ever do anything wrong? U know me well rite..
J- oh no... Tum kabhi nehi sudhroge... Just don't get in trouble ok?
V- yess ! Bye love u take care n hosake toh bhai ko mana lena... I will call him soon.
J- bye! Take care n ha khana thik se kha lena...
V- ya ya will! Bye

Princy office

G - may I come in?
P- yeh sure come in..
G- good morning sir... I am ________
P- nice to meet u miss ________
G- the warden said u wanted to meet me?
P- yeh! Actually I have to discuss about the play for MWF (make a wish foundation)
G- go ahead...
P- so we have already selected ur partner for the play! This is ur partner : Mr Virat Singh Vadhera! The heart throbe of NYFA... Hope u two make a cute couple
G- interesting ... Name is cool hope he is good enough for me.
P- oh ya he is... All the girls of this academy loves to work with him. N y won't they he is handsome .. Umm wat u all call it? Ha SExY.. Hahah hope u have fun working with him. N ya if u guys have any issues just let me know ..
G- ok then... I guess that be all?
P- yah.. See ya at the play! Have fun rehearsing ... N ya it starts tomorrow sharp at 9 o clock.. Don't be late cuz Miss Ria hates those students who r late to her class..
G- lol sure u have a good day sir.
P- u too n she left!

G- miss Ria... Mr virat.. Watever! Will see u both tomorrow. For now let's check out wat do they have here.

Thank you for your time... let me know if you liked it or not.. Part 2 is below

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Ekkksss Balleee Balle..!! Dancing

 Got you to post it! FOBLLL LOL Im proud of myself...and you know I'm loving this story of yours..! Still in shock that you are writing it ROFL

 Update soon <3

- Luv Pari

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Liked this..
Continue soon nd do pm me if u pm...
Again this was fab...

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Ohk so u posted waise I already ready dis.. waiting for next part Faria.. Smile

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Wow this update was fun ...
Virat is such a jerk too much of self praising ...
But I loved his dialogues those were just amazing ...
Bt soo rude he left her with those cockroaches nt fair virat am sure yu are gonna get back hard from manvi prepared ...
Loved this update ...
Update next part sooon and do pm me :-)

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luv tis onee...


waiting 4 the next part

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Chapter 2

G- wondering around the hall way of NYFA.

Jenna- hey .. R u new here?
G- hey.. Ya kind of... I came from London Academy...
Jen- oh really ? Welcome then...Hi I'm Jenna... Nice to meet u
G- thank u n I'm __________N it's a pleasure meeting u...
Jen- smirked... (in mind) wont be after u meet virat.
So wat r u doing now? Wanna hang around? Feel like ur home...

G- sure...
Jenna took her to meet the whole gang ..
Raj- wow! who is that new chick?
Maya- wanna be murder by Jenna again?
Raj- oh no no... Mai toh aisehi bol raha tha...
Maya- yah rite... Behave! if u wanna stay alive...
Jenna- hey guys ... Hi baby (raj) n kissed him..
Everyone said hi back to the ladies n introduced themselves to the new stranger...Jenna sat by raj n he hold her waist.
Jenna- guys this is Manvi... Manvi Chaudharay from LONDON Academy...
Raj- was drinking coke n just spit it out and coughed out loud...
Jenna- r u ok baby? Wat happen?
Raj- relaxed himself n said "no I'm fine don't worry ...just choke something
Maya- rolled her eyes to raj n started a convo... So u like our home?

Manvi - ya kind of... Haven't seen everything yet ..
Maya- is that so? Then come with me will show u around..
Manvi- sure...
Maya excused herself n took her to show the campus...

Raj- hmmm I just hope virat don't do anything wrong ... She seems like a good girl ...
Jenna n everyone "I hope so 2"

Maya - so do u know who is ur partner for the play? Let's see who is the lucky guy...

Manvi- laughed n said I think... Mmm va.. Ummm... Vadhera or something.. I forgot his name..

Maya- Vadhera? With big eyes she literary screamed n questioned "VIRAT VADHERa" ??

Manvi- ouch.. Chill out... I guess that's wat his name was...

Maya- oh no this can't be possible... Gimme ur letter...
Manvi showed her n her eyes was popped open.. N she started to walk back n forth chanting "her partner is virat!

Manvi- (in mind) I guess I was wrong not just rude but weird people r studying in this academy... God save me... Hey maya chill y u r marching? Wats wrong?

Maya- she screamed again... Manviii UR PARTNER IS VIRAT! The heart throbe of NYFA! Mr hotness sensation n the sexiest man alive in this planet ... OMG OMG OMg! Girls die to be his partner n u!!! OMG do u even know how lucky u r?????

Manvi- hmm... Ok?? But does it make any difference? I mean he is just a student rite? Not a prince charming

Maya- her mouth was wide open... U kidding me... U did not say that rite ...,

Manvi- lol I did say watever u heard.. So shall we go n see other places? I wanna go to the library.. wud u like to show me that?

Maya- about to faint... She is thinking manvi has no damn idea wat virat is... Relaxed herself n said... Ok as u wish... While walking she texted virat..

Virat... Where r u? Guess wat I got a surprise for u...

V- received her text he replied
Hey babes... I'm at the library checking out books.. N surprise.. Interesting... Wat is it?

Maya- library? Cool we r coming there! I got ur play partner... Wanna meet her na?

V- smirked reading her text...N replied..
U did? Hmm not interested to meet her now... Got lot to do b4 I meet her. U have fun... N ya make her feel like HOME... ;)

Maya- Shaked her head.. Yeh kabhi nehi sudhrega...
"ok then see ya soon. N I will make her feel like her HOME ;)"

Manvi n maya entered the library while virat exited

Manvi- I have to get some books for the play
Maya- sure let's go to the reception..

Rec- hello ladies..
Manvi n maya- hello..
Manvi: do u have this books? I wanna check out...
Rec- oh that... I'm sorry the last stock was checked out by virat Vadhera... N new supplies will come after 10 days...

Manvi- oh ok.. (thinking) Virat Vadhera I already hate u b4 meeting u. God knows wat will happen when I meet u... Hope u stay alive...

Maya- oh wow... U know wat manvi... U r lucky again... Cuz this Vadhera is just damn genius he never study for his tests n always get As!

Manvi- n once again how does it matter?
Maya- signs... That means u can just use his books I'm sure he won't even touch it...n share with u
Manvi- if he is not gonna touch it thn y the hell he have it?? I mean other people might need it... (now I hate u more Vadhera)
Maya- ummm not like that manvi i was just saying generally.. He is a good guy.. u will like him...
Manvi- will see..I'm so hungry..
Maya- me too lets have lunch.. We have the best dining hall.. U will love it...

Dinning hall...
Virat was munching some French fries n Chick -fil- a sandwich...
N thn his phone rang...

V- bhaiii.. The food was stuffed in his mouth so viren couldn't understand a single word...
Viren- hello... Virat.. I can't hear u... Speak louder
Virat- swallowed his food.. drank some water n left his seat n walk toward the bar..

V (virat)... Vv(viren)

V- bhaiii... Kaise ho... I was gonna call u...
Vv- but u didn't...
V- it's not like that bhai. I'm sorry I should have contacted u long back but this exams n all... Plus our time difference ..
Vv- really now virat. Tu kab se time dekh ke phone karne laga... yeh Bol ke yaad nehi aya ... Isse liye nehi kiyA

V- ruffled his hair n said "bhai senti horahai ho?" Hindi drama ki bahu Kyu banrahai ho...
Vv- oh shut up... Bye thn

V- ops.. Sorry .. I know its my fault n I'm sorry for it. yaad toh Mai humesha karta hu na after all I have ur bracelet with me... Which reminds me of u... I miss u bhai... I really do...

Vv- was overwhelmed by his words...this distance was killing him... He loved himSo much... N missed him
A lot... All the fun n pranks they use to do... Pissed of bua... Hear scolding from Ma n dadaji... All crazy fun ...
Suddenly a tear fell from his eyes remembering wat happen 4 years ago..

4 years ago...
Virat was doing push ups n counting.. 105..106..urghhh was about to give up..but heard viren saying 107... Come on virat... Itni jaldi har maan gaya...
Virat- bhai I'm tired... 100 toh karliya na... Ab bache ke jaan loge kya.??
Viren- agar NYFA mei Jana hai toh this should be piece of cake..after all hot dekhne ke liye muscles toh chahiye na?
Virat- already hai... N was about to lay down..
Viren- don't give up virat.. U can do it...chal dekhte hai kaun kitna karsakta hai...
Virat- oh ya... I will win u know that...
Viren- ha ha will see.. N both of them started to do push ups. They did 150 pushups :p finally they gave up n lay on the floor n started to laugh... Teasing each other who got more muscle n all.

Viren- took a deep breath n said "Mujhe chor ke jaraha hai..."
Virat- his smile disappeared... Looked at him n said "kabhi nehi "
Viren- kosish bhi nehi karna warna mujhse bura koi nehi hoga...
Virat- no way viren Vadhera se kaun panga lega... Jail nehi Jana...
N both burst out laughing...
Viren- he took off his bracelet n gave it to virat.
Yeh le papa ki hai... Aaj se Tera hua...
Virat- par yeh toh apke liye tha na... Mujhe Kyu de rahey ho...

Viren stood did virat ..
Viren- Kyu ke papa ne unke bade bete ko diya tha aur maine apne bte ko deraha hu...
Virat- bhai... N just hugg him tight! I love u bhai.. U are the best...

Flashback ends...

V-Bhai kaha khogaye??? Hello..

Vv- ha yehi hu..chal bata kaisa hai? Exams khatam hogaye na?

V- ha khatam hogaye par ek play hai... Jisne mere vacation ka satyanash kardiya...

Vv- toh abb.. Tu nehi araha?
V- crossed his fingers n said "ha nehi... Thora mushkil hai..." (in mind) I'm sorry bhai... Jhoot bol raha hu...

Vv- was sad.. Sighed .. Ha ok.. Tu thik se rehna.. Aur ha badmashi kam.. Le maa se baat kar..

V- hi ma...
N it's getting boring so skipping taht part :p

Manvi n maya came to the dinning hall .. Joined the gang..
Jenna- hi again... So did u like our academy?
Manvi - yah it's nice...
J- cool.. So wats ur plan for today?
Manvi- nothing much just wanna do some shopping...
J- that's nice... In fact raj is taking me for shopping too.
M- aa... Obedient boy friend ha..
J- pretty much.. Haha... Hey virat...
M- was about to take a bit but stopped...

Bar side...
V- ok ma.. I gotta go. U take care sleep well n don't cry .. I will come soon ok... Muaaah... Love u all...

Jenna- virattt come over here!!! She screamed out loud..

M- turned n saw a ugly pervert waving toward their table
(oh my gosh... That's virat?? The hottest dude of NYFA ?? From which angle???) I was sooo rite this college is so damn pysco... Ewww he is my partner... No freaken way... Gotta talk With princy...

Manvi excused herself saying she have to call someone n just left the table..

Flashback: When Jenna called virat .. He heard her n waved at her but thn that pervert guy was In front virat n was waving at the nearby table girl. So manvi misunderstood n got the shock of her life!

** Lesson of the day : don't assume things without knowing the facts cuz u never know wat can cause u to be in trouble :p **

V- hey guys..wats up.. N y were you shouting Jenna? Was talking to mom.. >.<

J- oh I'm sorry.. Vo actually manvi was here so I thought u wanted to meet her...

V- manvi who?
J- lol ur play partner. Manvi chaudhary from London n winked..

V- o manvi chaudhary ... M where is she?
J- just left... Had to atten a call. I guess u guys have to meet some other time... Oh wait we r going shopping... U wanna join?

V- hmm... Not yet! World is not ending yet so she can wait..

J- ya ya... Wats cooking.. Wat r u upto?

V- nothing is cooking.. Now let me finish my food..

Princy office

Princy's assistant- hello
M- hello ma'am I have to talk to the principle ..can u plz schedule an appointment? Plz

Pa- umm sorry but he just left. He is going out of station so u gotta wait a week.. Wats ur name.. Let me fix a schedule for next week...

M- wat? Oh god... Is there anyone else available? Like the vice principle?

Pa- nope she is preggy so she is out too.. Wat u need ?

M- I have to talk to him about the play..
Pa- MWF ? Oh for that miss Ria is in charge u May talk to her...
M- ok pheww where can I find her?
Pa- her favorite place... The theatre...
M- thank u.. Have a Great day...

Pa- btw who is ur partner?
M- rolled her eyes n said "Vadhera"
Pa- hmm Vadhera .. Virat vadheraaa! Lucky girl ha.. Not everyone gets the chance to have him as his partner.
M- ( in mind) the whole school has losted... Manvi u better do something... N she went back to look for miss Ria..

R- virat... Have u met ur partner yet? B4 we start the rehearsal u 2 will have to do the dance practice! Cuz it will be our prologue .. N we have less time to practice ... So buck up. I'm thinking to start from today. Wat say?

V- wow wow Miss Ria looked (gave her a wide smile) Take a break. Dance practice is a piece of cake.. Don't worry about it... Will do but not now at night... Cuz now I have to enjoy my vacation :p so see ya

R- but virat ...
V- u trust me na.. I will handle it..
R- hmm ok then see ya...u have fun..
V- oh I will...
R- left..

Meantime manvi came inside looking for Miss R
M- excuse me.. Have u seen miss Ria?
V- turned..O She Leee couldn't finish his word ... Checked her out from top to bottom...
M- smart enough to know taht he was checking her out.
With angry tone she said "get ur f**ken eyes out of me... I will rip u apart"

V-cleared his throat n said ouch.. Language..just gave her a smart smirk...

M- u bast.. B4 she cud finish the word he said "a a not that.. N wat do u think of ur self? A cinderella that everyone will check u out? Or a snow white for whom the dwarfs will do anything to make her smile?"

V- n who gave u the permission to come inside? Did u read the board? It says "Closing hours ONLY for Faculty"

M- was just silent cuz she did not check anything just came inside..

V- exactly that's wat I thought..

M- head down... I'm sorry.. I didn't check...I just wanted to meet miss Ria...

V- bad boy... Hmm miss Ria went home wat u need... Say quick I gotta go..

M- who r u btw?
V- asking who am I? Was about to say his name but stopped. N said.. Doesn't matter who I am. I'm her assistant.. So

M- oh cool...hi my name is manvi.. N I wanted to talk to her about the play?
V- (in mind) oh that's manvi.. Hmm interesting...
Carry on...
M- I wanted to change my partner...
V- ok.. Who is ur partner..
M- virat Vadhera...
V- wat...
M- exactly... I don't know wats wrong with every one but everyone is just praising him... But ewww he is so rude... Arrogant.. Selfish ... Kind of abnormal character... not my type n he won't suit me.. In fact he is ugly n .., I'm being mean but.., I can't work with him... (she thought to if she complain n all she might get lucky)

V- his mouth was open... So much self praising...
Closed his mouth... N said.. Did u meet him?
M- no .. I mean yess I did... N I can't work with him...plz help me ...
V- umm sorry but I can't do anything about it... Miss Ria don't change her decision... U gotta work with virat,,,
Ok thn see ya... N he left the spot

M- thinking wat to do now.. She didnt wanted to work with that pervert looking boy. After 10 mins she stepped out side n said "closing hours Faculty only" hmm n thn look at the wall... there was no such sign taht says "closing hours faculty only"

Her mouth was wide open .. Taht bas**** urghhh jerk... I hate this place!

Outside... Campus ground

V- rude.. Arrogant.. Selfish... Ugly n wat abnormal...
Bring it on miss manvi... U have praised me without seeing me... Well let's play a game ... U will get ur rude arrogant selfish ugly n abnormal virat...
He called someone n plot a plan.

Evening... Manvi went to shopping with Jenna n couple of girls bought some sexy short dress...n thn went back to her room..

Knock knock...
A girl came n handed her a letter.she opened it n read

Hey beautiful... Hope u r having fun at NYFA... Wanna have more fun?
Meet me at room 006 by the gym..
Gotta talk about the play!


M- W*F! He haven't met me yet. How the hell he know me? Watever I Gotta tell himThat I can't work with him... She crump the letter n head toward the gym...

V- was exercising.. Was sweating a lot... But still doing it..

M- stand at the door.. This time he looked on the wall for a board which say "boys only!"
F... How do I go now? N y the hell that virat called me at the gym? She looked around no one was there so she just entered!

V- was feeling so hot... So he just took off his shirt n pour water on his face...
M- just stop n was drumstruck...
V- he looked at her from the corner of his eyes n just smirked.. N pour water n shaked his head.. Some water sprankled on her face.,, but she was still drooling him...
Her eye moved from his Messy wet hair to his forhead.. Eyes.., nose.. She was following the water droplets n was thinking,,, I wanna ne that water... Lips... Chin.. Neck... Chest... Abbs... N Stopped at his waist..
N again looked up .. Watching him ruffling his hair n sipping water.

V- he turned n saw her..
M- she did not move nor utter a word her eyes was just stuck at him...
V-he was staring at her chocolatey brown eyes... N thn he screamed "help help... She is trying to rape me! Help"
M- came back to her sense n said "wat no... Y r u screaming"
V- smirked n said cuz u r trying to rape me...
M- Wat the f**k. R u out of ur sense?
V- I'm in my sense its just u r checking me out...
M- got embarrass.. N blushed.. Looked at the ground..
V- he chuckle..
M- cleared her mind n said "I wasn't drooling u"
V- u wasn't? Step forward
M- no I wasn't..
V- yess u were I saw u checking me out... N stepped forward
M- no I'm not.. She stepped back n hit the wall.. Her heart was pounding...
V- blocked her with one hand landing it on the wall...
M- heart beats going abnormal..
First he was shirtless second was way too close 3rd was blocking her...
V- u were checking me out...
M- no i wasnt so just get off me... N just pushed him..
V- wow.. Chill out... I was kidding
M- u...
V- I'm too hot I know! Btw wat r u doing here ? Did u read the board?
Last time u didn't now did the same...
M- oh shut up... Last time there wasn't any sign u pervert... N u lied ... Today I read the sign...

V- oh so u read the sign n still came here? Irada kya hai??? Wanna rape me?

M- wat the f**k ... Y wud I rape u? Get ur brain fixed u jerk...

V- oo temper temper ... Want some ice?? Well u can't rape me.. Only I can... N just winked...

M- made a O shape.. N said how dare u jack ass...

V- oo.. Language again.. Ps: I won't rape u.. U r not my type...

M- how dare u...
V- I guess u forgot its boys gym plus no one is around n don't say about daring cuz u don't know me yet babes... N he winked..

M- Pervert... Get lost...
V- I'm lost... In ur eyes only.. N winked again..
M- gave him a dead look..n said
Wear ur cloths u pervert..
V- realized he want wearing his shirt.. Look down n smiled. ...
Well I think I look better this way don't u think..?
M- unintentionally s "yes"
V-raised his eyebrow n said "that's wat I thought.. U girls never miss any chance to drool over me .. Oh god.. Mere izaat"

M- drooling u? My foot..u r not worth to drool over... She cut him off n started to look for room #006

V- wat r u looking for?
M- none of ur business..
V- attitude...
M- buzz off..
V- Incase u forgot.. It's my place... N u r on boys gym..
M- not my fault that it ur stupid gym... Ur so called me not so hot Virat Vadhera called me here. I'm looking for room
#006.. Stupid jerk .. Y did I even come here urghhh...
V- u like chillies don't u?
M- wat?

V- no its just ur sentences r way too spicy.. I can't digest...
M- to bad who the hell told u to talk to me in first place?
V- u know wat.. It's pointless to talk to u.. N ya virat is not here :p
M- n she saw room #006A
Wat a jerk. The room is rite there. N she walked toward te door.
V- hey miss no brain...
M- wat the hack u called me?
V- u heard it want me to repeat!
M- F u
V- u sure wanna do? N just gave a naughty smirk
M- go to hell ...
V- apparently hell is too cold for me.. I have to go to some hot place! Where hot chicks r waiting for me... Btw just a advise... U might not wanna go indie that room..
M- who r u to tell me wat to do or not... I will n she just entered the room
V- cool! Have fun with cockroaches then miss notso smart...
hasta la vista baby! He wore his shirt n just left the room...

10 mins later
M- aaa ... Ewww ewww aaa helppp... Some one... Eeewww aaa

It was 8 pm.. All the class rooms were closed. Usually it closes at 11 but it's spring break baby. So :p

Virat's room...

Haha... Miss not so smart hope u r having fun! Aaah I'mSo tired...
Wat time is it? 8:10.. Ok miss Ria's class is at 10 Let me take a nap...

see i told you before i will bore you alot... if u still survived then do let me know hopw horrible wasd it

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Originally posted by kulsum_virman

Wow this update was fun ...
Virat is such a jerk too much of self praising ...
But I loved his dialogues those were just amazing ...
Bt soo rude he left her with those cockroaches nt fair virat am sure yu are gonna get back hard from manvi prepared ...
Loved this update ...
Update next part sooon and do pm me :-)

Thank u for ur feed back appreciated. Hahah such a jerk I know! But u gotta love him na. Next 2 parts u gonna lOve him more ;) stay tuned n send me buddy req so I can tag u when I update next

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