Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

..: Nautanki Times #45: Tu Hai Sirf Meri :..

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Nautanki Times #45

Shivu: *standing on the chair* Hum Hai Deewane DVD Ke Deewane... Hum Hai...

Dimple : Hiyaa Shivs!!

Shivu: DimpyHug

Dimple : kya baat hai... aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai??

Shivu: Big smile yun ki... DVD ne BEST JODI ka award jeeta... toh Colgate Smile apne aap aa gayi...

Dimple: ohh yaa!! Congrats DVD!!

Shivu: ohh ya...and before I forget... here's something important!

*Important Announcement*

We have 2 sections empty, 

>> Fashion Disaster of the Week

>> Worst Character of the Week (Bakraa of the Week)

Interested members can post here OR PM us(--Shivu-- OR -Dimple-)

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Monday, 29th April 

The Episode starts with R.K asking Madhu where is she off to, but she doesn't reply and announces in the stage that she loves RK. Madhu then asks R.K to dance with her and both dance for the song (Marjava Marujava) and enjoy the moment. Deepali tells Radhajii that should apologise to Paddy and the former agrees. Madhu and R.K keep dancing but seeing Sulatn all of a sudden, Madhu gets shocked. Sultan gets angry seeing Rishbala. Madhu asks R.K why he did not tell her that Sultan would be coming to the pub. Deepali and Radha ask their apologies to Padmini. Madh then asks R.K weather he was testing her true love and she adds that he can check if her love is true.

Tuesday, 30th April

The Episode starts with Madhu telling RK that she is ready to prove her love. RK asks Madhu to tell her love by coming up and asks her if she can prove her love by ending her life for him. Madhu says that she is ready to die for her love and she finally asks him that if she dies for him ,will he believe and trust her. Meanwhile,Radha who had gone to the chawl along with Deepali, tells Padmini that Madhu is like her daughter. Deepali steals Sultan's number from Padmini's mobile and they both take leave. Madhu is ready to fall down from the terrace parapet, but R.K holds her hand and stops her from falling. Madhubala asks R.K whether he believes her or not to which he tells her that he can never live without her and hugs her.

Wednesday, 1st May

The Episode starts with RK telling Madhu that he believes her and advises her to never repeat such an act again. Deepali tells Radhaji i that they have arranged for a pooja and that she needs her help. Deepali informs  Madhu that Radhaji and she had gone to the Chawal to ask for an apology from Paddy. R.K tells Madhu that he always believes her and gets a promise from her that she won't try to kill herself anymore. R.K then gifts a photo frame to Madhu with their photos in it. Radha gives a saree to Madhu and he tells that they have a surprise for her. and she thanks God for giving back their Daughter-in-law again. Deepali blackmails Madhu that she cannot lie in front of God.

Thursday, 2nd May

The Episode starts with R.K's relatives coming to their home for the pooja ceremony. Radhaji asks Deepali about Madhu's whereabouts and she informs her that Madhu would be coming soon. Radhaji introduces Madhu to her relations and friends. and then asks her to join in their pooja ceremony. Madhu,lost in thoughts,about the recent happenings, suddenly pours water into the Pooja fire instead of Ghee, and the fire extinguishes and everyone gets shocked. Deepali scolds Madhu,who becomes really upset and then and goes to her room. Madhu thinks to herself that she cannot lie in front of God. Radhaji apologises to their relatives. Deepali insinuates to Radhaji that Madhu has been acting all the time. Radhaji scolds Deepali for this but she manages to have her last say. Radhajii tells Deepali that Madhu is like her daughter. Deepali tells Sikki  that some bad things were going to happen in the family soon.

Friday, 3rd May

The episode begins with Madhu apologising to Radha for the mistake she made, in puja. Radha tells her that it was not  a mistake but an accident. R.K asks Madhu the

 reason for her sadness, but Madhu refuses to tell him. Madhu informs  R.K that Bittuji had called her. Aryan arranges a surprise for Sultan's birthday and gives him a greeting card. R.K asks Radhaji what happened to both her and Madhu, to which she tells him about that puja incident. R.K asks Radha the reason for her anger with Madhu for this incident and he scolds her. Madhu tells R.K to stop scolding his mother as she deserved the scolding. Madhu apologies to Radha again and she forgives her mistakes. Deepali and Sikki plan to arrange a party.

Saturday, 4th May

The episode starts with Siki and Deepali planning to send Madhu away. Radha, Madhu and Deepali are going out for shopping. Sultan and Aryan also come to that same shopping mall. Madhu and Sultan see each other and Aryan informs her about Sultan's birthday. Deepali sees Sultan and Madhu talking in the shopping mall. Sultan tells Madhu about the situations in his life the reason for which he cannot celebrate his birthday. Deepali brings Radhaji to show Madhu and Sultan talking to each other. Meanwhile Sultan leaves and when Radhaji comes,she sees Madhu alone and she asked about her Dupatta which had fallen down a while ago. Aryan sees Madhu's Dupatta lying on the road and he tells Sultan to keep it with him. Sikki sees that Dupatta with Sultan and he tries to take it from him and then gives the invitation to the party.

30th April

Har dharkan tumhari meri hai har saans pe hai haq mera
tu zinda kisi aur sharer mein hai bas itna sa hai haq tera

That's what Rk claims when Madhu jumps off the terrace when RK asks to prove her love for him and doubts madhu that there's something between her and sultan to make rk believe her love she jumps off the terrace and is about to fall when rk grabs her by her hand and pulls her up rk hugs madhu tightly and yells at her for doing such a crazy thing(wasn't he one who asked to do a crazy thing)he tell she that she's his and everything that she has is hers her breaths,her life and her death too because"tum sirf meri ho"

Marjaawan too was romantic,hot and sizzling but more than "Ishqia" it sounds like to me more a part of a plot.


1st May

As madhu wakes up and didn't find rk she says rk and hears rk's voice:

Pukarti ho jab tum apna hi naam muje khaas lagnay lagta hai…

As she puts her feet on the ground she sees a carpet of flowers

Baday Haseen hain pair tumharay inhay zameen pe rakh do…

As madhu begins to walk

In phoolon ko bhi tu moqa miley murjhanay se phelay apnay aakhri waqt mein tumhe chonay ka…

Rk says to madhuhe couldn't sleep all night because of what she did and he realizes that how meaningless those questions were and now he trusts her completely rk tells madhu to promise him not to do such a thing ever again or else he will come in her dreams and will not spare her he than takes madhu's hand and shows her a portrait of them of KC,rk tells madhu how he was burning all the time when she wasn't there with him and she was always his although she was far from him he tells her she was his always he hugs her and tells her that she's now with him and will always be in his arms like that forever.

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Ok so for nailed it scene of the week...i was conflicted with which scene to actually choose because, honestly (in my opinion), there really wasnt an amazing scene that stood out for me...but then...maine soocha...that if i didnt at least mention the Rishbala date and drama then all the Rishbalaians would hunt me down and kill me just kidding, of course...sort of Wink...but yes...i will was an amazing scene...DD really stole the show with her expressions...and her dance moves...the song was a perfect selection that was a nice lead in to the scene where she had to prove her "love" for RK by "dying"...coincidence? I think not Tongue...she looked gorgeous...he looked dashing in his had all the elements of a typical RK date...RK's arrogance at making a point was present...Madhu's success in making him think she's in it for the long haul was there...and for us few Sulbala fans, we got to see His Hotness even if it was just a few seconds...Embarrassed...the scene after, the melodramatic "jump off the building to prove you love me" bit...typical RK style...its all about him...after he saves Madhu..he turns the entire situation about he controls Madhu's life and what of to CV's for sticking to the characters shades...wonderfully done by DD and VD...just because we're not all Rishbala fans, doesnt mean we cant enjoy the scenes and give credit where its due...ClapClap 

Err m sorry... but this week.. for the Stupidest Category.. i have to mention the scene..that has me extremely annoyed with the CVs. ...    Jumping off the water tank to prove ur love?? Shocked

Cry Cry Cry why does one need to prove their love??? N that too by putting ones life in danger???  Tho the setting.. the dialogues were bang on ..n so were DVD.. but scenes like these are really not..palpable. n should not be encouraged...! sowwie. .but.. have to mention it..!! Angry

'Kabhi na harne wale ko ... RK Sir kehte hain..!!'  - RK Cool

Party woot woot.. now.. ise kehte hain.. ATTITUDE Cool ... Sexy Biwi.. CHECK.. Sexy Gown .. CHECK ... Sexy Coat.. CHECK ... Sexy Dance.. CHECK ... Sexy Romance on Terrace.. CHECK ..!! RK ..took Madhu to the terrace.. n showed her.. the Heights of his LOVE Wink quite literally ..n enlightened the environment with his special PUNCHLINE..!! Approve

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Har Dhadkan chali fanna hone
Har sans chali tabah hone
Hamesha ke liye tumhari ban ne
Lo mein chali tumse juda hone

BIWI to cha gayi.ClapStar I loved the way she said that this dialogue is a mixture of some of Rk and some of Madhubala. The line which stole my heart was "Hamesha ke liye tumhari ban ne" TongueBlushingMadhu was ready to jump off coz RK said.Madhu was ready to jump off so that RK trust her. She knew that RK will never let her go like this but still she had a fear of what if she really dies at this very moment..."Hamesha ke liye tumhari banne"Day DreamingHeart

Madhu agar tumne haath choda to mein tumhe jaan se maar dalunga

ROFLROFL Like Seriously Mr. Rishabh KundraROFLROFL Itne serious moment pe bhi Stupid Dialogues maarne mein peeche nahi hat taROFL ONLY you RKROFLLOL

Yeh kahani madhubala RK ki hai, Madhubala nahi to RK nahi 

ClapClapThis is the way your inner souls are connected. How much you both fight. How much you try to hate each other, But at the end of the day both of them knows that they are empty without each other.

Harr dhadkan tumhari meri hai, Har saans pe haq hai mera
Tu zinda kissi aur shareer mein hai, Bus itna sa haq hai tera

ClapYeh hui na baat. Just forget about this revenge drama of both RK and BIWI. Just imagine those golden moments they spend together and then read the above lines. They are so intense. It says all. It says that both our hearts are connected. I have the right on you. 

Hello .. people.. a week that started with thoda dance.. lots of drama.. n ended on.. the start of another puja... had a  few photo - op moments.. so presenting.. them as under..

>> Mar jawa... RISHBALA pe . 

^^ Do i need to give any description of this.. amazing... 'Mar jawa' style dance of Rishbala Embarrassed .. just drool on...!! Day Dreaming

>> Tere ishq pe.. tere jism pe bas haq hai ek mera..

Shocked hayoo rabba.. ye BIWI ne kya kar ditta... Pati ne bola nahi ke..sidha.. JUMP mar ditta Ouch Thank God .. RK caught Madhu in time.. Cry  RK went totally hyper.. after the jump.. n told Biwi that.. only he has the it life or death..! Embarrassed

>> Tofa.. Tofa... Main Laya.. Laya..

Aab RK .. hai ... jab.. ladta hai to style se.. aur pyar woh bhi style se Cool .. after the I-DARE-U-SCARE-ME jump scene of Madhu.. RK boy.decided to call truce with Biwi. n so.. gifted her a huge pic of Rishbala Embarrassed Embarrassed!! 

>> Happy Budday Papa 



Aww.. Aryan... so very adorable...this gesture of his.. where he made a biscuit CAKE for his dad..Sultan..n made him a card too Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Really.. nothing can compare to the bond of that a child shares with his parents Heart Truly loved it.!! 

Madhu ofcourse for giving her life for the one she loves to make RK believe her love she jumps off the terrace when rk asks her to prove if she loves him really.

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By --Shivu--

By: Ash.TanHa21

Another tie this week each member receiving 41 votes!

.Shiva. (pg 30)

saher_90 (pg43)


By Dips..

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(BY : -Deepali-)

Non Sticky

(BY : -Deepali-)



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lovely edition 
5 left of 50 Embarrassed

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