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ArHi FF: Desert Heat #6 *Ch11 pg1, New Thd pg142!*

TINA! IF-Rockerz

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 August 2006
Posts: 9141

Posted: 05 May 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged

NEW ADDITION:  Krystal D'souza as Raj's partner.. you will see her character very soon!

Khushi Kumari Gupta-- Sanaya Irani

An innocent, stunning 18 year old whose once vibrant spirit and spunk has diminished following her parent's ill-fated deaths. Yet the embers of her courage and strength still remain burning. Will a certain Raizada awaken her in all ways? Will he show her the heights of passion and love?

Arnav Singh Raizada--- Barun Sobti

Known as the 'Dark Prince' 25 year old ASR is brooding, rugged, and uttterly masculine as he carries the weight of an old legacy and the responsibility of the north reaches on his lone shoulders. He's been focused on a single mission since childhood, but will a certain girl change everything? Will she show him that there is more to life than pain and hardship--something beautiful and magical?

Nani--- Jayshree T.

ASR's only real family. As his grandmother, she has not only shaped him into the man he is, but also provided him with constant guidance. She is known throughout the north reaches for aiding all those who seek her help. Caring and resilient, she has witnessed much through her aged eyes and knows best what her 'Chote' needs--even if he does not.


Aarti Gupta--Divyanka Tripathi

Aarti was Khushi's young mother who tragically died long ago through no fault of her own. She doted on her young daughter and was expecting her second child (as prologue hints). Her old payals (anklets) are Khushi's most cherished possessions.


Ram Kumar Gupta--Mohit Raina

Khushi's father always placed his family's well-being above everything. Sadly, he could not change fate and died at a young age along with his beloved wife. Khushi has fond memories of his loving nature and infectious laughter. 


Aunt (Diya Pratap)--Eva Grover

Cruel and manipulative, she is the true 'viper,' a name she so often calls her neice. She deeply resents her dead sister, Aarti Gupta, and that hatred was passed onto innocent Khushi, dampening her spirit.


Uncle--Deepak Qazir

A banker by profession, he loves his gold and investments first and foremost, followed by his wife, Diya and daughter, Simran.


Simran--Ashnoor Kaur 

Sweet and angelic, 10 year old Simran was raised by Khushi more than her own parents. She loves her dear cousin and tutor very much and is waiting for the day they reunite.

Aman--Shaleen Bhanot

Arnav's closest friend and Old Mathur's youngest nephew. He has been alongside ASR on every adventure in the desert. Considerate and sincere, he is a devoted friend and advisor.


Maya--Drashti Dhami

Straightforward and mystical, Maya is known by many names: healer, psychic, witch.. But for Khushi, she is simply a true friend. Maya has not so secretly loved Aman since childhood. Now if only the thickheaded, bearded man would accept her wholeheartedly: magic, gifts, love and all..

Taj--Karan Wahi

Mischievous and carefree, Taj is the youngest member of ASR's group at age 19. His jokes and stories liven up the trail. He is also quite popular with the ladies of Rajasthan, although not as much as the Dark Prince (but he's working on that:)


Imran--Iqbal Khan

Another of the men: Imran is quiet and reflective, and has stories of his own to tell.  Earn his trust and he might just reveal something interesting..


Raj--Karanvir Boar

Known for his no-nonsense attitude, Raj is Taj's older brother and the one most fervently involved in the group's mission. His ultimate dream is to see Aakash and Shyam destroyed and ASR in his rightful place.


Akash Singh Raizada--Akshay Dogra 

As the so-called 'HRH Maharaja of Raizada,' Aakash is pompous and reckless. Raised in a world of unfathomable luxury unlike his older half-brother, he is used to getting his way. Khushi, Arnav, and the gang have all earned his wrath.


Manorma Singh Raizada--Utkarsha Naik

Loud and ambitious, Manorma was once a lowly courtesan who rose to become Anil Singh Raizada's second wife. She loves her high position in the palace.


Shyam Jha--Abhaas Mehta

Cunning, smart and manipulative; some would say Shyam is more in tune with the changing landscape of Rajasthan than his best friend, Aakash.


Nafisa Aunty--Waheeda Rehman

The matriarch of the Khan family, Nafisa Aunty saw Khushi raised from birth and loved her like a grand-daughter. Has a well-known love for kheer.


Lavanya--Sana Khan

The beautiful gypsy girl that has always had an eye for ASR.



Old Mathur-- Kulbhushan Kharbanda

Arnav's dead mother's oldest and most loyal servant. He moved to the north reaches with his family when the new heir was named. He also happens to be Aman's great-uncle.


(note: more characters will be added as story continues)

(note 2: notice no Anjali..sry Anjali-fans but she was annoying me in the real show when I wrote this so I deleted her character)

Hello Dears,

The pup from Mind Games is not free,

So instead of Taffy it will be me.

I will bring you hints of what's to come,

But don't ask too many questions--what's the fun?

I see a white, billowy shirt--you may recognize it..

But instead of ASR, there is Khushi inside of it!

Are you all waiting for the pool scene?

Wondering what it will mean?

Arnav will be tempted no doubt.

Our Khushi all wet and in white--ASR, don't pout!

You two are inseparable, 

As I once foretold..

And cheer up, I see Khushi as the one to hug you first,

Innocent girl doesn't know the lion in ASR threatening to burst!

The sands of the Thar shift with time,

Who began as strangers, fates entwine

Our Khushi has spirit and strength and has come so very far

But does she have the courage to face the ruggedness that is ASR?

He is a difficult man to understand, as I once warned her,

Will she be able to see past his flaws, and love the man who cares for her--beyond all?

Our journey through the sands is now roughly a quarter complete, I deem.

Now you know the fears that plague our Dark Prince every night it seems..

You know of two hearts growing close, despite everything in their path.

Will hearts entwine as they once did in a bath?

Arnav and Khushi will next venture to Abhaneri--Remember that name?

The festival of colors will bring a new visitor in their midst--but will things change between our lovebirds or remain the same?


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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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(will be added to as story continues)

Amma=mother Babuji=father Beta=son/child Bindi=decoration placed between eyebrows Bazaar=marketplace Bitiya=daughter Chote='little one'/nickname Ghagra Choli/Lehenga Choli=traditional two piece dress consisting of long skirt and top Didi=older sister Haveli=manor Kheer=rice pudding Jalebi=syrupy dessert Jiji=sister Maharaja=king Masi= aunt, specifically refers to mother's sister Namaste= literally 'salutations to you,' a common greeting Nani=grandmother on mother's side Pallu/dupatta=long cloth/train Pandit=priest Payal=anklet Rajkumar=Prince Rajkumari=Princess Salwar Kameez=traditional tunic and pants for females aka 'suit'

I do try to write with minimal Hindi so anyone can easily read my stories, but some words just can't be helped, especially since this is a historical romance

I only PM those who comment. If something happens and you're unable to, please pm me. I do realize that work, school, or sickness can happen to any of us. Silent readers can follow me through my blog (link on profile page), although I would like to hear your thoughts too.

New Readers: Send a buddy request and comment regularly. I remove everyone else.

I've capped my PM list at 600 and edit it all the time. I'm trying to get it under 500. Thanks to the new readers who are pm'ing me with name of someone on my buddy list not actively commenting. I will verify it but yeah that saves me time. 

Note: I am currently going thru my buddy list. any probs, pm me!

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Ch. 11 is hereParty Thanks for being so patient everyone. I will be updating Secluded Island in a few minutes also.

Chapter dedicated to anku (togetherforever) for having some of the best DH discussions with me and being so supportive!Hug I know you loved Holi in the show; hope you like it here in DH alsoEmbarrassed

Note: it's in two parts. Second half right below this one. Then precap and some historical facts pg 109

"Maybe it would be better if I rode behind you," she suggested, mindful of the others and still a bit embarrassed.

He bit back a smile. "Ah, so you like it that way, do you?"

"What?" she stammered. She had a feeling he wasn't talking about horseback riding.

He grinned at her, looking sinfully handsome in the fading light, his lean, muscular form a vibrant shadow against the backdrop of blowing sand dunes.

"Never mind, I'll explain one day. Now, don't argue and just sit in front of me like normal. It's more comfortable."


"Ignore the others, they're just having some fun at our expense. And besides, they're more worried about you than anything else. Apparently, my reputation is not the greatest."

"Really?" she asked, curling her arms around his neck.

He nodded, smirking. With ease he set her on the saddle and swung up behind her. His arms pressed her to him as he kicked the stallion forward. Their bodies shifted tantalizingly as they rode, the friction hard to ignore.

"Arnav.. please.."

"Please what?"

She swallowed, covering his hands on her waist with her own. "Please don't stop."

He kissed her long mane of hair, galloping ahead with an increased pace.


Desert Heat by TINA!

Chapter 11: The Festival

Outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan

March 9, 1876

"Now Khushi, remember to hit him as hard as you can," Taj directed, his scruffy face shining with amusement.

Aman rolled his eyes at his friend but said nothing, keeping his palms raised towards Khushi. She however hesitated, her gaze flying to Arnav.

The man in question was lounging back on the sands with his usual carefree air, sharing words with Imran in hushed tones. In his hands was the leather-bound book he never seemed to part with. She stared at him intently, willingly him to turn her way.

But of course he did not. Only the slight curve of his upper lip let slip that he was well aware of her every move. Sighing, Khushi fisted her right hand as he'd taught her and then with a last grimace of regret, punched Aman's open hand. 

Her eyes closed reflexively. Silence greeted the blow. Biting her bottom lip, one caramel brown eye peeked open.

Aman stood in the same exact position, as if he'd not even felt her fist. Taj was biting his lip too, but to keep from laughing it seemed.

"I'm so sorry. I--"

"Khushi, it's okay." Beyond his thick beard, Aman's smile was warm as he stopped her. "And I can't believe I'm saying this, but Taj is right. You're going to have to hit me harder than that."

Taj looked almost comically astonished, lifting a hand up to his ear. "What was that? 'Taj is right'? That one's for the history books. ASR, are you writing that down?" he bellowed.

Arnav and Imran barely glanced their way.

Taj threw his hands up. "This is what happens when you're the youngest," he grumbled, turning back to Khushi. "Now, this time you have to strike him harder. Otherwise, what's the point of the practice? And let's not forget how disappointed your defense tutor, ASR, will be."

Khushi brushed back a wayward strand of hair, shaking her head. "But I can't hit him full strength."

"Why not?" questioned Taj. "I know Aman may look like a bear, but he won't retaliate. You trust us all, don't you?"

She nodded, grinning at the squabbling pair. "Of course. But see, that's just it. Aman is so very nice. How can I hit him?"

As Taj began to patiently reason with her, Aman marched between the pair, calling out: "ASR!"

Arnav shaded his eyes with his hand as he looked up with annoyance. The sun shone down overhead, a brilliant gold and just as powerful.

"What, Aman?"

"Khushi needs you here!"

A blush blazed across her cheeks. She began to stop him, but Arnav was already jogging to them, his black robe flapping in the light wind. His gaze dotingly traced over her slim form.

"What?" he asked again, smirking at her charmingly.

She ogled at him. How could he stare at her--like that! With everyone watching? And so as he smiled at her, she did her best to frown right back at him, her eyes flashing with warning.

If anything, his grin only widened.

"Did you need something, Khushi? From me?" he whispered suggestively.

Continued on blog.. (link on my profile page)

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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TBC..Embarrassed Precap, some Historical Fun Facts, and A/N pg 109

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heyyy congratulation on the new thread Big smile
eagerly waiting for the updateWinkTongue
plzzz update sooon LOL

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Congrats on the new thread...
Eagerly waiting for the next update...
Do update as soon as you can...

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