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hello guyz...naah naa i m not back... wooh to some ppl dragged me into thisCry...


...actually it was supposed to be a suprise OS for piu and minizz's bday but got delayed...Confused...kya karu oh ladies mein hun aadat se majboor...OuchWink and as i finshed with my exams i wrote... wrote and wroteConfused emmm...yeah OS se jyada ban gaya...Ermm... emmm sorry Ermm...

all this dukhbhari story will continue...Cry but as if now presenting u the most cliche (read utter boring) story...

i dedicate this story to piu minizz happy bday muahHeart... neilu ( i hate u)Broken Heart and ayushi thanks girlie  for the pmHug

statutory warning : u might faint reading it... its too slow and boring enter at your own risk and mojiris to neilu its her idea... Embarrassed

scroll down for contents in next post...Tongue

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                                                     credit : piu Party


"We cannot love a person with an all accepting, transcending and encompassing love without being hurt somewhat, without being disappointed, without being failed of our expectations. We cannot love without being broken, yet we cannot continue in love without being stronger than our brokenness." 


"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell." 

                      character sketch 

                           Kesar khanna

                                age 23


"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close

                           gulaal khanna

                                age 27

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful'''''..


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Chapter 1

Kesar was sitting in his office  He was dressed in white shirt and black trousers white the color tht she always loved on him. He looked very anxious. The hair on his forehead was sticking down with sweat. He was instructing a person on the phone

The person at the other end "yes sir sab kuch arrange ho gaya hai"

Kesar said in the low tone "fine" and he hung up the phone

Right beside the phone was a picture of Kesar and Gulaal, looking  content. He looked at the picture and the tears welled up in his eyes…


Kesar's house

Gulaal was wearing a red lehenga his favourite color…….. she looked incredibly gorgeous….. 
"hello maa Just making sure you'd be home by 8 o'clock." she was standing in front of a full- body mirror cradling the telephone receiver between her ear and shoulder while tying the string of her choli. She looked at her room the arrangements were done and she looked rather content

She then sat on the chair scribbled on a note……

"I prepared a little surprise for you. "Happy birthday kesar. …….." she finshed writing. she then went near the almirah and started looking for her dupatta suddenly her eyes fell on her wedding red dupatta tht lay proudly at one corner of her almirah Gulaal looked at the duppatta and a faint smile passed on her lips she took her duppatta…..  then, sat on the bed. Her eyes were glistening with tears.

Just eight year ago her eyes fell on this beautiful piece of cloth at the grand fair of rajpura village in patiala and she instantly fell in love with this dupatta not knowing the fact tht she has stolen someone's heart

Flashback eight years ago

Rajpura a villae in patiala

"Yeah dupatta kitne mein diya" gulaal chirped as she saw the red dupatta at one of the stall of mela

vasant who was looking at her stunned came out of the trance and replied in low tone "iske paise nahi chahiye yeah bhent samajh kar rakh loji"

gulaal eyes fluttered in wonder she looked at him with surprise and said "eloji kar lo gal………… bhent?, par kyu tu to mujhe janata hi nahi hai to tu yeah dupatta kis vaaste de raha hai bahoot paise aa gaye hai kya" she teased him biting her tongue

vasant was embarassed he tried to be reasonable "nahi aise baat nahi yeah shaadi k duppatta hai humara yanha kaha jaata hai k kuwari ladki ko duppatta dene se shaadi jaldi ho jaati hai"

gulaal took a deep breath and said "acha to yeah sab jaldi shaadi k liye she smiled then she raised her hands and said "thek hai bacha yeah humara ahsirwaad hai tujhe jaldi hi ek bahoot sundar kudi milegi" saying this she started laughing like a carefree spirit …… 

she looked at him and then she moved to the other bangle stalls….while vasant kept looking at her stupified

suddenly he got a phone call….he called his younger brother kesar a fifteen year old smart flamboyant yet stubborn…..

he asked him to look after the stall and went away

kesar noddded his head for him his brother was his friend his guide his confide he always looked upon him and his sole purpose in his fifteen years of life was to become like his brother in everything……..

kesar looked at the stall and then looked at the cash vouchers even at this tender age he was exceptionally good in business and accounts

while strolling down on the cash voucher he saw the dupatta on a stranger he was surprised "arey yeah to humara dupatta hai yeah dupatta iske pass kya kar rahi hai…subah se to kuch bhi nahi bika hai….he looked suspicious

"hmm lagta hai nazare bacha kar duppatta chura liya abhi batata hun"

he took out his catty and a small piece of stone he aimed at her and hit her with the stone

gulaal who was hit looked back and stared kesar with anger she yelled " oye eeh kya ……………kya batamazzi hai"

kesar looked at her and walked towards her and replied "acha ek to chori karti hai upar se itne tevar…….chal la, waapas kar mera dupatta, sharam nahi ati teno choori karte hue" saying it he snatched the red dupatta from her

gulaal was stunned she said "naa ji yeah meine nahi churai yeah dupatta to is dukaan k malik ne mujhe bhent mein diya tha" pointing towards the stall she said innocently

kesar folded his hand across his bossom and said sarcastically "acha naa tujh se koi jaan naa pehchaan aur mere vasantveerji teno dupatta bhent karenge meno kya jhalla samajh rakha hai aaye mein kudhi naal gal naa kariyaa si……….. hund bach gayi tu ……………warna aisa sabak sikhata ki jindagi bhar yaad karti kesar kya cheez hai"

gulaal fumed "kitna badtameez ladka hai baat karne ki to bilkul tameez nahi hai"

kesar "oye jyada bakwaas karne ki jarurat nahi hai warna"

in meantime vasant came there and found them fighting cats and dogs he intervened "kesar"

he walked towards him and said "kesar yeah sach kah rahi hai yeah dupatta meine hi isko diya hai aur aisi baat ki jaati hai logo se chal mafi maang"

kesar looked at him in disbelief and turned his face in anger

vasant looked at gulaal and apologized "maaf karna……mere bhai k taraf se mein maafi maangta hun" he turned to kesar and said kesar dupatta waapas kar"

kesar looked at his brother and then threw a angry glance at gulaal….gulaal who was enjoying this verbal thrash teased kesar with her raised eyebrows…..this raised his anger to maximum and he curled the dupatta and threw the dupatta at her it flew in the sky and fell on her forhead…

Present day

Gulaal shook her head the memories of their first meeting remained always fresh in her mind the dupatta tht fell on her head tht day changed her destiny forever she was lost in her own thoughts suddenly she heard the knock at the door she wore the dupatta and opened the door

Her mother in law biji a 55 year old widow was standing outside the door she asked "gulaal tune saari tayyari kar li haina mehmaan aate hi honge"

Gulaal said haan "biji sab tayari hai aap jakar tayyar ho jaiye"

Biji looked at her gulaal was always beautful but today she was looking like a damsel

Gulaal looked at her and was embarassased she asked "kya hua biji aise kyu dekh rahi hai"

Biji "bahoot sundar lag rahi hai gulaal aur yeah dupatta teri shaadi k haina"

She took a pause and said "kabhi socha naa tha gulaal yeah dupatta tere upar mein waapas dekh paungi"

She eyes were moist remembering her deceased son who left her years ago but she quickly masked it up and said "gulaal mein bahoot kush hun tera wooh faisela sach mein is ghar k khusiyaan waapas le aaya" biji looked at her with fondness and went away

Gulaal lowered her eyes thinking wat biji said just now was it correct? did her decision really brought the happiness to her house or did it brought a huge hurricane tht shook the foundation of this haveli?

Gulaal looked at vasant protrait……vasant one who entered her life like a fresh cool breeze….she still remembered the day wen  after the grand fair vasant mother send a marriage proposal at her house…..

Flashback 8 years ago

her family members were extremely happy about her daughter……y not after all vasant was a handsome young man with a good fortune he ran a small textile business where his worker decorated the dupaata with phulkari and gotta pati he looked after the other property too tht his father had left for him and his family….he had a beautiful family a caring mother biji and naughty little monster kesar gulaal parent found this alliance best for their only daughter and on the auspicious day gulaal was married to vasant in a gurudwara

It was golden days for her……….. life was no less than a fairy tale with a loving and doting husband beside her and a mother like MIL her life was a complete bliss and then there was him a huge storm in her blissful life…kesar one with whom she had a love hate relationship……….kesar her toy and she his guilty pleasure………he wouldn't let her sit in peace until she cooks all the exquisite delacies he demanded…….at night he would ask her to tell some real horror stories and would clung to her in fear , as she narrated those stories with equal enthusiasm…….during his exams he would demand her to sit beside him…….late night he would doze off on her lap reading and she would sit quitely for hrs watching him fast asleep…she was his piggie bank and partner in crime in the afternoon wen everybody took their afternoon nap both of them would secretly climb the mango tree of the neighbourhood and steal raw mangoes they would sit on the terrace relishing the raw magoes sharing their dreams their desires their naughty adventures…… everything……he never realized wen she became inseparable part of his life…yes the life was going great occasssionally it got stirred due to  jigar kaka  who was distant cousin of vasant;s father with his wife jamuna and his son dushyant who lived at the near end…….jamunakaki and jigarkaka had a evil eye on vasant's property some or the other times they tried to create rift in the family but dushyant intentions were something more than tht it took no time for gulaal to understand the real intentions of dushyant but she kept it to herself as she didn't wanted any rift in the family…….

Things were going great for her until one day everything turned tops and turvy wen vasant was bitten by a venomous snake…… while he was walking in the field……he fainted right away he was brought to a local hospital but too late his fate was decided doctors had given up it was a painful………. sobbing, shaking and knowing death was imminent, she held her husband's hand for hrs…….after two hrs he opened his eyes  the last look he gave his wife was one of deep acknowledgment…and before closing his eyes forever he put his kesar;s hand on her and took her a promise to look after his family his kesar after his deadth It was the only thing he did and breathed his last breath


Present day Sanour

Gulaal was staring at his protrait…….silent tears roll down her cheeks remembering the moment vasant put her hand on his…..strange but her and kesar's souls were always entwined it was then it was now.

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                                           chapter 2 

Present day Sanour

Gulaal was staring at his protrait''.silent tears roll down her cheeks remembering the moment vasant put her hand on his'..strange but her and kesar's souls were always entwined it was then it was now.

Here kesar was sitting in the office he was unusually quiet dark gloom surronded him '..with a sudden knock kunal his manager and childhood friend walked in the cabin he looked at kesar and said "kesar tu jo kar raha hai sahi kar hai parjaiji ko bahoot khushi hogi kesar" teri saath hun

Kesar looked at him and nodded his head kunal left'..kesar shivered "will she really be happy? Does she want this? Will this bring the smile on her face? the smile tht he always carved for'. the smile tht died a silent deadth after vasant died'..after the sudden demise of his brother his family was shattered they were torne into pieces the pain was unbearable and the loss was immense''everyone was vunerable except gulaal who played a great role in bringing her family out of this trauma'wht they would have done without her? rather wat he would have done without her'how he would have survived' he was so engrossed in his sorrow tht he almost forgot the pain and the torment tht befall on her but she never displayed it never infront of him instead she was present like anchor like a guiding star''..

She not only supported them emotionally but look after the finances as well''.. though she passed matrics only but still she managed to look after business very well her success and her strong will irked many'many ppl raised their eyebrows the society tht is male dominated for them it was hard to accept a independent strong woman''jamuna kaki and jigarkaka sensed the concern voices of the ppl and finally they got the chance to lay their hands on vasant's property

8 years ago sanour (punjab)

sarpanch house

jamuna kaki "aap log kuch karte kyu nahi, dekha naa apne abhi sirf chaar mahine hi hue us gulaal ko yanha aaye hue kaise wooh vasant k vyapar mein kundli maar kar beith gaayi hai'.kisi ko kuch karne hi nahi deti humn kitna kaha aurat ho ghar k char diwari mein raho yeah vyapar yeah zameen jayadad k dekhbhaal dushyant kar lega'' par nahi wooh kisi ki sunati hi nahi hai"

sarpanch "par wooh vasant k patni hai"

jamuna kaki "haan par vasant to is duniya mein raha nahi aur din hi kitne hue hai use yanha aaye hue kaise vishwaas karle uska''chalo maan lete hai gulaal ka maksad nek hai par phir bhi wooh ek jawan vidhwa hai kaam k silsile mein kitne paraye aadmi se milti julti hai kahin koi ounch neech ho gayi to'kahin koi aur uski jeevan mein aa gaya toh kya hoga is ghar ka biji ka kesar ka'.. is jayadad ka aakhir kitna bharosa rakhe hum ek parayi aurat ka

sarapanch looked at him in suspicion jamuna kaki quickly changed her expression she said in the soft tone "waise mein janti hun gulaal dil k boori nahi hai mera to kaleja phat jaata hai uska dard dekhkar'..kash uski zindagi sanwar paati''''

sarpanch asked "aap kehna kya chahti hai jamuna"

jamuna kaki "matlab ekdum saaf hai sarpanchji sadiyaon se humara yanha karewa (chadar dalna) k parampara chalti aa rahi hai sirf isliye taaki vidhwa k jeevan waapas se sanwar sake aur purokho k zameen jayadad parivaar mein rahe koi manmutav naa ho"

sarpanch said "haan janate hai par karewa kaise sambhav hai kesar to shaadi layak hai nahi hum kaise yeah sab"

jaumana kaki intervene in between "mein kesar k nahi dushyant k baat kar rahi hun haan janati hai hum door k rishtedaar hai par hain to apne aur dushyant gulaal ka devar hai is naate uska karewa/chadar dalna ka haq banta hai sarpanchji, aap bas is vivah k anumati de dejiye dekhna gulaal ka jeevan wapas se hara bara ho jayega"

sarpanch was in deep thought and then he called his servant to call biji and gulaal

later gulaal and biji were standing in the panchayant

biji asked "kya baat hai sarpanch ji apne hume is tarah panchayat mein kyu bulaya hai"

sarpanch said "parjaiji yanha aapse bahoot jarori baat karne k liye bulaya gaya hai aap to janati hai parjaiji humara gao aapke dukh mein behad dukhi hai apke aur gulaal k bhavish k chinta hain hume'..hum is gao k mukhiya hai is naate hume apne logo k bhalai k liye faisla lene ka poora haq hai"

biji said "haan par'."

sarpanch said "abhi baat khatam nahi hui hai parjaiji humara samaj vidhwa k dard ko samajhta hai aur hamesha humare samaj ne yahi kosish ki hai ki ek vidhwa ko uska jeevan jeena ka phir se mauka mile'..aur isliye hum chahte hai k gulaal ko bhi uska jeevan jeene ka mauka mile aur is naate humne'he took a pause and said "humne tay kiya hai ki uska karewa (second marriage) ho"

gulaal was shocked she was stunned

biji was equally perturbed she said "karewa par kaise mumkin hai"

sarpanch said "mumkin hai dushyant vasant ka bhai tha is naate gulaal dushyant se karewa kar sakti hai isliye humne tay kiya hai ki hum gulaal ka karewa dushyant se karva denge"

gulaal eyes widened in the shock horror paralyzed her limbs she looked at jamuna kaki and dushyant who threw a trimphant glee at her

gulaal yelled with all her strength nahi hargiz nahi mein yeah shadi nahi kar sakti bilkul nahi

sarpanch replied gulaal hum tumse apne rai nahi maag rahe hai balki yeah is panchayat ka faisla hai ki tumhara karewa dushyant se kar diya jaaye

gulaal retorted "par yeah jyaadati hai bina meri marzi ke apko yun mera karewa nahi kar sakte"

sarpanch said gulaal yeah humari parampara hai humare gao k riti aur rivaaz tumhe manane hi honge yun is tarah tum iska apmaan nahi kar sakti

gulaal was shattered she said "nahi manti mein aapke yeah faltu k riti rivaz niyam kanoon nahi manti mein"

jamuna kaki interfered dekha sarpanch ji mein kah rahi thi naa iski niyat mein khot hai dekha kaise humare riti ko faltu kah rahi hai and she threw cunning smile at her

gulaal was completely blank

here sarpanch said in the firm tone gulaal yeah hum sab pancho ka faisla hai sadiyon se is gao mein karewa ka silsila chalta aa raha hai arey shukr karo k tumhara devar aage badhkar tumhara haath thaam rah hai warna kaun poochta hai vidhwa ko gulaal tumhari liye hum apni parampara nahi tod sakte karewa is samaj ki parampara hai aur agar tum is parampara aur rivaz k khilaf gayi to hum tumhara aur tumhare mayaake ka hukka paani band kar denge yeah is khaap panchyant ka antim faisla hai'''..

with tht her fate was sealed her destiny was decided wat a cruel decision it was she wasn't even allowed to make choices she was only asked to accept the cruel decision of the panchayat in the name of rules and tradition

gulaal fell on the ground lifeless dushyant and jamuma kaki were extremely happy their plan to inherit 50% of the property was finally going to be sucessful'dushyant walked towards her he sat besides her and said in low tone "tayyar ho jaa gulaal tujhe mein apni raaton k rani banaunga"

gulaal looked at him the lustful glance he threw at her made her shiver in fear

after tht day gulaal sat mostly on the her room quiet and contemplating'''on one hand was her family whom she had to protect at any cost on the other hand was her honor her pride at stake she would wither at the thought of marrying dushyant the one whom she loathed whole heartedly days passed in this agony and confusion finally the judgement day arrived

the villagers have gathered around vasant;s house to witness the the karewa of gulaal and dushyant'..dushyant was wearing wedding sherwani he ego blotted with pride and triumph jamuana kaki and jigarkaka sat near dushyant they were floating in ecstasy

Biji and gulaal's family was also present there they were disheartened and sad but they chose to be silent as they thought was best at tht time biji who had suffered the pang of windowhood knew how difficult and tough it was for a woman to survive alone in this harsh world she was content somewhere as gulaal could lead a married life again though she wasn't happy with the choice of her husband but still tht was best for her she  thought and took a deep breath

kesar wasn't aware of all these rituals all he knew tht after some customs his gulaal could wear the colorful outfits again and he was genuinely happy for her'''..only if he had known his life would change forever after this event'''.

Gulaal was sitting in her room she was looking at her wedding dupatta the dupatta tht dushyant would put on her forehead and will ruin her and her family;s life forever


(karewa or chadar dalna a common custome prevalent in punjab haryana and rajasthan it is the custom by which the brother in law marry their sister in law it's the custome with the double advantage tht allow the brother in law to inherit the widow's property and in turn provide support and care to her it is effected by the men throwing a red chunar or wrapping her forehead with the red cloth and later on putting chura or the wristlet on her arms)


she was in the deep thought suddenly she stood up as if she had got some strange power to fight with her destiny with firm and resolute steps she came outside she looked at kesar

she walked towards him everyone else was busy gossiping and talking they overlook gulaal and kesar'..gulaal went near him and said "kesar tujhe bharosa hai mujhpar"

kesar looked at her confused "yeah kaisa sawal hai gulaal yeah bhi koi pochne k baat hai"

gulaal continued "mein jo bhi mangungi dega mujhe?"

kesar smiled and said confidently "maag kar to dekh"

gulaal took a deep breath and said to "phir yeah duppata le aur odha de mujhe" chunar daal de mujh par kesar'..she extended the duppatta the same dupatta tht he had threw at her at the fair the same dupatta tht fell on her forehead the same wedding dupatta

kesar looked at her confused wht does tht mean? He couldn't decipher

gulaal looked at him with firmness "dekh kya raha hai kesar odha de mujhe'''chadar daal de mujh par kesar"

kesar looked at her though he knew not wat was going on but he had a immense faith on her he took the red dupaata and put it on her forehead'''..and he married her with tht auspicious piece of cloth

the ppl who were present their were shocked they were stunned at this gesture

dushyant was unable to react and jamuna kaki was furious she walked towards him and she slapped kesar hard and yelled "yeah kya kiya tune sharam nahi aayi tujhe"

she was going to slap him again just then gulaal come forward and stopped her "jamuna kaki khabardaar jo kesar k upar haath uthane k koshish ki"'.kesar who was shaking in fear clung to her and hide beside her

jamuna looked at her with hatred and said "dekha aap sabne is besharam ne kya kiya''kahin ka nahi choda hume'koi kuch kehte kyu nahi"

sarpanch who was too shocked too react finally shouted gulaal yeah kya kiya tumhe kya kiya'.

Gulaal looked at him and replied confidently kyu sarpanch ji kya kiya hai meine'meine to sirf aapki baat maani hai aapne hi to kaha tha riti aur rivaaz nibhane ko mein to bas wahi nibha rahi thi"

Sarpanch interfered "par tumhara karewa dushyant k saath tay kiya gaya tha par tumne to kesar ko chadar dalne ko kaha"

Gulaal replied "meine jo kiya riti aur rivaaz k hisab se kiya rit aur niyam yahi kehte hai k pati k maut k baad uski vidhwa se shadi karne ka haq uske pati k sage bhai ka hota hai ise naate mujhpar is gulaal par pehla haq sirf aur sirf kesar ka hai" she said with firm tone

Kesar who was standing beside her looked at her in shock "wat was she saying? did he had a right on her? Did she belong to him? His mind was processing fast'..

Biji interefered "par kesar bacha hai gulaal wooh sirf 15 saal ka bacha hai gulaal"

Gulaal looked at her biji with tearful eyes she folded her hands and signalled her to remain silent to have faith on her

Sarpanch looked at biji and said "parjaiji sahi kah rahi gulaal kesar bacha hai tum uske saath yun shadi nahi kar sakti

Gulaal said "mana sarpanch ji kesar aaj bacha hai par kal kya hoga jab wooh bada hoga tab wooh apse sawal karega ki mere rehte aapne gulaal k karewa kisi aur k saath kyu kar diya kyu mujhe mera haq aapne nahi diya tab'tab kya jawab hoga aapke pass sarpanchji"

Sarpanch remained silent he was thoughtful

Jamuna kaki intervened "aur agar iska ulta hua toh agar keasr ne yeah kaha ki meri marzi k bina aapne mera karewa kaise kar diya tab kya jawab hoga humare pass"

Gulaal looked at jamuna kaki and said "tab k tab dekhi jaayegi jamuna kaki filhaal kesar chota hai sirf isliye use uske haq naa mile yeah sahi nahi hai" with that she threw a victory smile at jamuna kaki

Jamuna kaki was amused at her attics she thought her to be a weak fragile lady but gulaal emerged as strong iron willed woman who wouldn't give up at any cost gulaal's move was calculated either the case she will definetly win''

Gulaal referred back to sarpanch she said "meine apke kah anusar riti nibha de hai ab faisla aapke haath hai sarpanchji yaa to mujhe vasant k vidhwa bane rehne de yaa phir kesar aur mera karewa ko sweekar kare"

Sarpanch and the other panchayat member engaged themselves in discussion and after few minutes sarpanch spoke" kafi soch samajhane ka baad humne yeah faisla kiya hai ki gulaal ne sahi kiya kesar vasant ka saga bhai hai is naate gulaal ka us par pehle haq hai isliye kesar aur gulaal k yeah shaadi panchayat ko sweekar hai saath mein panchayat yeah bhi manati hai ki kesar ki umar abhi shadi layak nahi hai isliye is karewa ka antim niraya wooh kesar k haath mein saupati hai jab kesar bada ho jayega tab usko poori azadi de jaayegi ki wooh yeah karewa sweekar kare yaa phir is bandhan se azad ho jaaye agar kesar is bandhan se azad hona chahega to wooh gulaal ko uska hissa dekar usese apne saare sambandh tod lega tab tak gulaal kesar k patni k roop mein is haveli mein rahegi"

Everybody clapped at this decision it was the wise decision dushyant left the spot with the vow to take revenge with her, biji was griefstricken she was so emotionally drained tht she was unable to react and gulaal was quite her destiny was changed forever

Kesar was too young to understand anything yet the two words "shadi" and "haq" engraved in his heart forever

The two words tht messed their life big time

Kesar remembered the day and closed his eyes in desparation

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Posted: 03 May 2013 at 6:21pm | IP Logged idea kaise hua...ShockedLOL

nahi doston ye sach nahi hai ..i just asked her to post it...
ye  W was not posting it earlier thinking birthday was over..
so the credit of this beautiful story goes entirely to arti...Embarrassed

coming to the chapters..

wow arti i enjoyed it thoroughly..especially...the punjabi set up..the punjabi dialogues..maza aa gaya and their first meet was so dreamyyy...
i loved vasant and gulaal ka meeting and also with kesar

kesar such a bigda devar hahahaha

ye chadhar daalna  i dint know that..i mean i knew such custom existed but never knew it was done by putting chadhar...

and sirf kesar ko hi nahi mujhe bhi ye "haq " word bohut piercing laga...

chalo bring on next !!!Embarrassed

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Posted: 03 May 2013 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Res res res...m sooo happpyyy...eeeks...thankuuu aruuu uuu Hug
Unres Edit:
Aru just love u dear...first of all thanx alot for writing again..after so long..i just love ur writing..Simple,Easy,Beautiful,Meaningful nd ofcourse ur talent.. Clap
Now cmng to the story...
Beautifuly written punjabi culture nd ofcourse the heart throbing kesarr...
When i read tht scene..his hairs sticking to his sweaty forehead...OMG..eeekkks... Hug
They way u wrote chunar scene of kesgul just mindblowing..nd thn their understanding in relation ship ..
How shweeet..wdout knowing the reason..wdout thinking for a moment he put on chunar on her..wowww...
Dying to read leaving till next..plz plz dnt evn ask me for keep reading..ofcourse m reading yar.
Just granted the request..keep writing...muaah.. Clap Smile
Love u... Hug Confused

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                                   CHAPTER 3

Kesar was too young to understand anything yet the two words "shadi" and "haq" engraved in his heart forever

The two words tht messed their life big time

Kesar remembered the day and closed his eyes in desparation


Present day Sanour punjab

Kesar thought for a second and gathered all his courage and strength he picked his phone and dialled her number

Gulaal who was preparing for the party heard the phone ringing she picked it up and said "hello"

He heard her speaking''.his voice was stucked in his throat he wasn't able to speak gulaal knew it was him she always understood his silence, his apprehension''.the silence ensued upon them

Unable to speak he caressed his forehead with his fingers he tried to find his voice "hello gulaal hmm wooh mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi"

Gulaal;s heart pounded heavily in her bossom since past few months he havent spoken to her infact he avoided her he use to leave early morning for the work and he made sure tht he returned only after she fell asleep he wasn't able to met her gaze now all of the sudden he wanted to talk to her

Gulaal swallowed the huge lump and said in low tone "haan bol kya kehna tha"

Kesar paused and said nahi yahana aise phone par nahi ghar k pass jheel k kinare mein tera'tera intzaar karunga gulaal

He then took a deep breath and asked suspiciously "aayegi naa gulaal'.."

Gulaal consented "haan"

Kesar replied "thek hai adhe ghante mein tujhse milta hun" saying this he hung the phone

Gulaal put the phone reciever biji came outside and asked kya baat hai gulaal kiska phone tha

Gulaal replied "biji kesar ka phone tha kuch baat karni thi '.biji mein kesar se milne jaa rahi hun mehmaan ko aane mein abhi time hai kesar ko saath mein lekar aaungi baaki saari tayyari bhi ho chuki hai mein jao biji"

Biji replied "haan tu jaa mein ratan singh se kah dungi tum gadi le jana"

Gulaal noded her head she went outside and sat in the car she instructed her driver to take her to the nearby lake where kesar was waiting for her''kesar the one who always looked at her for support for comfort for guidance one who needed her in every walk of his life but the fact was tht she needed him equally he had become her purpose of existence hadnt kesar stood beside her she would have died a lonely death he her knight in shining armour the person who unknowingly saved her from falling in the cruel hands of dushyant and jamuna kaki''.she always wanted to tell him the reason behind the karewa but this boy never seemed to be interested as if the reason never mattered to him for he knew only one thing  she was his bride and he had a rightfully right on her'''

Flashback 8 years ago sanuar punjab 

After karewa badi haveli

Gulaal walked with heavy steps she had faced sarpanch villagers dushyant jaumana kaki but how will she face him how will she explain him what if he doesn't understand what if he misunderstand her

She opened his door with heavy heart and called for him

Kesar looked at her and exclaimed "arey gulaal tu yanha aur yeah kya yeah safed rang kyu pehen k rakha hai jaa jakar badal kar aa lal rang k salwar kameez pehena tu lal rang mein bahoot soni lagti hai"

Gulaal couldn't resist to smile

Kesar said "aur menu bahoot bhuk lagi hai meine aaj rajma chawal sarso ka saag aur makke ki roti khana hai''.. aaj mein bahoot khush hun ratan singh kah raha tha karewa k baad tu hume chod kar chaiji aur dushyant veerji k pass chali jayegi par dekh ab to kahin nahi jayegi hamesha mere pass rahegi"'..he chirped with great enthusiasm

Gulaal said in low tone "kesar menu kuch kehna tha dekh kesar wooh karewa" she was confused all sorts of logic failed her she didn't know how to make this fifteen year old boy understand about the gravity of the situation

Kesar smiled and said "acha karewa tujhe batane k jarurat nahi hai menu sab pata hai ''. tune thek hi kiya joo mujhe chadar dalne ko kaha waise bhi tujhse nibhana aasan kaam hai kya'wooh dushyant veerji to tujh jaise jhalli ko jhel hi nahi paate'..tujhe sirf mein hi jhel sakta hun"

Gulaal said "acha to men jhalli hun''. aur tu'.. tu kya hai? She raised her eyebrows smiling at him

Kesar looked at her and replied confidently "tera pati aur kaun"

Gulaal was speechless The word husband struck like lightening on her''late night she sat on her window seat thinking about kesar about his future after sometime kesar came inside her room he was reading his course book soon he dozed off keeping his head on her lap something tht was habitual for him maybe their relation had changed forever but it least affected him    aftersometime biji came in her room she looked at them and said to gulaal "tune subah to mujhe chup kara diya tha par ab kya hoga tum dono yeah rishta kaise nibha paoge aur kesar uska kya uspar kya prabhav padegha kahin in sab ka kesar par boora prabhav"

Gulaal cut short her "kuch nahi hoga biji mein kuch galat hone nahi dongi mere rehte kesar par koi boora asar nahi hoga" she was fearful

Biji "phir"

Gulaal looked at him she careressed his foreheard"biji aap aur vasant hamesha chahte the naa kesar shehar mein jaakar padhe khub naam kaamaye bada aadmi bane'."

She took a pause "meine tay kiya hai biji kesar ko padhne shehar bhej dungi wooh shehar mein padhega to yahin ki baatein yahan k log, mujhe sab ko bhul jayega" she said with deep pain in her heart she looked at the innocent face of his she had decided to make him stay away from her no matter how much painful it was'''.but it was best for him

Biji placed her hands on her shoulder "aur tu kya karegi tu rah paayegi kesar se door"

gulaal looked at biji the tears rosed on her eyes "biji bahoot muskil hai biji''bahoot takleef hogi kesar ko door bhejte hue par mujhse door rehne mein hi iske bhalai hai yanha to log aur yanha ki baatein use naa jaane kis raaste par le jaaye par shaher jayega to akal aa jayegi samajh jaayega biji" she said painfully

next day she brought a admission form for him she had decided to send him in the best boarding school at patiala'.

The news came as a shock to him'.kesar was angry and furious to hear it in anger he threw all his books clothes and the furniture of the house

Biji tried to control him "kesar kya kar raha hai kyu sab phenk raha hai"

Kesar was adamant he said "nahi kuch sunana nahi mujhe'mein kahin nahi jaunga kahin nahi" and he turned the house upside down

Gulaal who returned from the factory looked at him

She ran towards him and tried to stop him "kesar kya rah hai tu paagal ho gaya hai kya kyu phenk rah hai sab kuch"

Kesar was not in the state to listen "mujhe kuch sunana tu mujhe khud se door karna chahti hai par mein shaher nahi jaunga

Gulaal was furious she said "kaise nahi jaayega mein bhi dekhti hun tu kaise nahi jaata hai tu jayega kesar" she shook him with his shoulder

Kesar retorted back "nahi gulaal mein kahin jaunga to chahe jo kar le par mein yanhi rahunga" and he started throwing the vessels saying "bahoot buri hai tu"

Gulaal's anger reached to maximum tht she slapped him "kesar aur badtameezi karne ki jarurat nahi hai"

Kesar looked at her stunned with teary eyes he said "jitna maarna hai maar le gulaal par meri ek baat dhyaan se sun mein tujhe chod kar kabhi nahi jaunga tu mujhe apne aap se dur nahi kar sakti gulaal kabhi nahi" he looked at her teary eyes eyes tht were vunerable yet they carried a hint of passion in them''giving a scornful look he ran in his room

Gulaal slopped on the floor she was helpless and in tears she knew it wasn't easy but she had to take decision

Next day gulaal barged in his room she took out his suitcase and started packing his clothes kesar looked at her and tried to stop her "gulaal kya kar rahi hai tu aur yeah mere saman kyu bandh rahi hai"

But gulaal didn't budge

He said "dekh gulaal mein pehle bhi kah chuka hu mein sheher nahi jaunga tu chod mere saman ko"

But gulaal didn't care she packed her suitcase and holded his hand and forcefully dragged him outside the the room she was making him walk with her

Kesar was in tears he ran towards biji and yearned "biji dekho naa gulaal kya kar rahi hai wooh jabardasti mujhe sheher bhej rahi hai biji kaho naa gulaal se mein nahi jaunga samjhao naa biji gulaal ko"

Biji was in tears she looked at gulaal helplessly but gulaal shook her head in denial she had to be tough she cant let lose herself ,her kesar needs to stay away from these politics she cant play with his future

She grabbed his hands harshly and dragged him asking ratan singh to take out the car

Kesar was extremely fearful he begged "gulaal'gulaal meri baat sun mein sach mein bahoot acha ban kar dikhunga tujhe tang bhi nahi karunga kabhi koi zid nahi karunga tujhe kahani sunane ki liye bhi nahi kahunga class mein awal aaunga gulaal vada hai gulaal ruk jaa mujhe apne se door mat kar gulaal"

Gulaal stopped and shouted at the top of the voice "bas kesar tu sheher jaayega tujhe meri kasam" she put his hand on her forehead making him swear on her

Kesar was taken aback he could break all the shackles of the world'..morality ethics hardly mattered to him but he simply cant break her promise he retorted with teary eyes "thek hai gulaal jaunga mein sheher'..par tujhse kabhi baat nahi karunga katti"

And he sat on the car angrily

Whole journey kesar kept crying bitterly but gulaal was stern like a rock''

At the railway station keasr touched biji's feet biji kept on instructing him to take care of himself in the hostel but his eyes was fixed at gulaal he thought maybe some miracle happen and gulaal will call off her decision but gulaal was resolute the train whistled half heartedly kesar bid adieu he sat on his berth and kept looking at gulaal but she turned her face away for him'finally train left the station taking her soul away''

As soon as the train left gulaal slopped on the floor she was torn into pieces

For two days gulaal kept on crying she didn't ate properly many times she had this strong impluse to call him back but she cant' was her startegy to keep herself out of him '..she thought keasr would get busy in his new life''' his schools college his new friends will help him forget her and their so called marriage '' for the sake of his life she decided to stay away from him and hence she never visited kesar at hostel in patiala'.every time kesar waited eagerly for his biji and gulaal though he was angry at her yet he missed her miserably he looked forward to seeing her more than anyone else and it was much more brothersome for him to see tht gulaal never turned up

Though biji made an excuse "kesar wooh gulaal ko kuch kaam tha"

But it was painful for him he replied angrily "acha aisa kaun sa jaruri kaam tha biji jo gulaal apne pati se milne nahi aa sakti thi"

It bothered him but gulaal chose to stay away from him

In the summer vacation gulaal went to live with her parents in rajipura making an excuse'..wen kesar arrived and found her missing he was shattered he was heartbroken he ran inside and cried bitterly

At night biji came in his room and consoled him "kesar wooh gulaal k biji ko uski jarurat thi naa khet mein bhi kaam laga hua tha isliye use jana pada warna wooh kyu jaati bhala"

Kesar cut her short and replied weeping "mein sab janata hun biji yeah sab behane hain'mein chota hun naa isliye gulaal apni manmaani karti hai'thek hai biji bade hone de mujhe dekhta hun gulaal kaise manmaani karti hai tab uski ek bhi chalne nahi dunga dekhna aap biji dekhna"

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ArtiHugOMG I was so excited when I saw your post.I did not even check my PM.I was that happy to see you writing a new SS...and jab post khola toh another pleasant surprise...awww this is the best kind of B'day surprise...Thank you so so much for this beautiful gift.I am so moved.I am unable to express it in wordsBig smile

coming to the SS Karewa awww what a beautiful idea.I loved the Punjabi twist to the familiar story and the dupatta which looked as the familiar device to make the leads meet up and bicker turned into such an important part of the story.That was wonderfully done.Waise even the first time he did manage to cover her with the dupatta naEmbarrassedI loved the bickering between them...I was imagining them trying to speak in Punjabi...kaash we could see them speak in this toneCryam loving the way the story is being presented with a smooth transition between past and present.awww bechara Vasant...even though he had a guest appearance here I felt so sad when he diedCrycause she was so happy with him na but then Kesarji is the hero rightTongueThanks for explaning the word Karewa.I loved that sequence a that last sentence is making me so curious...shaadi and haq messed up their livesCryHow?????dying to knowEmbarrassed

Thank you so much Arti for starting this SS.I hope you did well in your exams.

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