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KTLK FF:[TH:1] Mere Jeewan Saathi- Chp-6 Pg-117

Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged


" Marriages are made in heaven..."

" Marriage not only binds 2 people into the holy institution of     Marriage, But, also families"

The story revolves around the families bound by the pious wed lock... What happens when, inane human thinking, tries to shake the solid grounds of love, testing their unison...

Here's the story- "Mere Jeewan Saathi"

Hello peeps... Keep waiting for the 1st part... will bring it after my exams... TAB TAK ENJOY THE LAUNCH... lOVE YA GUYS...Big smileBig smile

Here's the Title Song Launch...


As you see guys, there are many relations in this story, this is an index to all the relations...

Ashutosh- The male protagonist- Son of Alok n Anu Mathur, Nidhi's Husband...

Nidhi- The female protagonist- Daughter of Mr. Yograj Mathur, Ashutosh's to-be-wife

Alok Mathur- Ashu, Ranga, n Rohan's father, Anu's Husband

Anu Mathur- Ashu n the other son's mother

Hiraman Kaka- Helper in the MM.

Yograj Verma- Father of Nidhi And Neeti, the younger sons of the Verma mansion

Neeti- Nidhi's younger sister

Kapil Verma- Elder of the 2 sons of VM, Father of Armaan and        Anji

Shyaama Verma- Wife of Mr. Kapil verma

Sarojrani- Dadi of Nidhi and the other childern in VM

Avantika- Wife of Armaan

Other relations to be declared, as n when they appear in the story...Wink

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Hello my dear friends... Here is chapter-1 for you all... I really wish and hope You all will appreciate it to read for once...

               Mere Jeewan Saathi


The huge bunglow of the Mathurs was fully loaded with fun... when the doorbell of the house rang... the helper of the house, Hiraman kaka opened the door and merrily greeted to a young man standing at the door, looking almost like a hero of any bolly movie, who seemed to be in his early 20's, came in and touched Kaka's feet... " Jeetey raho Rohan beta, sada sukhi raho" where the old man's words, when Rohan came and hugged him... a voice from behind came-" Kaun hai Hiraman?" It was Dr. Alok Mathur, the head of the house, Father of Rohan, and the Founder and CEO of the famous Hospital chains of The Kotnis General Hospitals, spread all over the state of Uttar Pradesh, residing in Lucknow...

Hiraman Kaka replied- " Dr. Sahab, humare ghar ke laad sahib, ghar ke sabse chote-sabse khote Rohan Baba hain..." Hearing this Rohan made a Puppy face as Dr. Mathur started laughing... "Aa gaya tu beta? Aaja-aaja" , Dr. Mathur stood to hug his youngest son... Rohan went and touched his father's feet and then enveloped his father in a huge bear hug... "So Dr. Rohan, MBBS ki padhai kaisi chal rahi hai London mein?" " Oh! Baba, not again... uff!!! Samajh nahi aata aap sab log itna kaise padhte they jab aap sab London gaye they padhne... Hey bhagwaan! Mujhe sach mein daya aati hai apne dono bade bhaaiyon par... Itna padhte kaise they...?",said Rohan...  Then came another voice from behind- "Chal-chal bahaane mat maar... Sab jaante hain, tu padhai se kitni jaan churaata hai.." There came the second eldest son of the house, Ranganath, who happily hugged his younger brother... Rohan replied in mock frustration-" Bhaiya aap bhi shuru ho gaye... pehle toh humare Poojniye bade bhaiya ye sab bolte they, ab aap bhi??? Sab sangat ka asar hai.. Isliye kehta hoon door raho unsey.." ... Both the brothers started to laugh...


Ranga: Chal Rohan, Ashu bhaiya aaj ghar par hi hain... Tera intezaar kar rahe hain, mil le unsey.. Pehle se hi warn kar raha hoon.. Teri band bajne wali hai...


Rohan:  Hain??? Par kyu??? Hey Bhagwaan meri raksha karna!!! (Rohan was half tensed and half mocking... Suddenly he spots his mother in the hall & falls in her feet..) Maatey!!! Meri raksha karo... Aapke Bhagwaan Ram ke roop wala beta aaj mera vadh kar denge... Mujhe bacha lo...


His mother Dr. Mrs. Anu (Wink) Mathur, one of the finest OG of the city, started giving a loud laugh... "Uth jaa mere bachhe... Kuch nahi hoga... Ashutosh bohot acche mood mein hai... Jaa mil le... Subah se ek pal sukoon se nahi baitha hai tere intezaar mein... Aur tu Ranga, kyu dara raha hai mere bete ko??"


Ranga: Maa aapko bhi pata hai, Bhaiya kis baat par chidhe hue hain... Toh bataiye na isko...

Maa: Rehne de... Khud pata chal jaayega isey...


Rohan interrupted- " Kya pata chal jaayega mujhe... Koi mujhe kuch bataao na...


Ranga: Chal tu mere saath... Sab pata chal jaayega...


Ranga almost dragged Rohan to the hall, & their mother smilingly went to the kitchen attached to the hall... "Bhai..ya...!" Rohan hesitantly said, when a gentlemanly  handsome man in his mid 30's, looked from the journal he was reading, gave him the most killer smiles in the world... "Rohan... Mere bhai..." Ashutosh- the eldest son of the house, the MD of the Kotnis group of hospitals... A renowned Cardiologist, both Nationally and Internationally... The right hand of his father... n the soul of this house, who bound everyone together in a thread of love, no matter where they were...

Ashutosh hugged his youngest brother as tight as he could and suddenly released him and took hold of his ears, -" Kyu bey!!! Tu kya karta rehta hain din bhar London mein? Itne waqt mein tujhe kitne mails bheje, ek ka bhi response nahin... Cell par kitna call kiya, but always, either busy, or switched off... ek baar bhi call back nahi kiya... Hostel mein call kiya, lekin bhaisahab ko fursat hi nahi hai... As a last resort, mujhe khud tere Dean se baat karni padi..." Ashutosh was miffed...


Rohan: Oh! I see!!! Ab tak wo khadoos chutti nahi de raha tha... Aur Achaanak kaise de di... Ab pata chala, main Dr. Ashutosh Mathur ka bhai jo thehra...--THE ASHUTOSH --Aapke ek baar kehne se hi chuttiyan sanction hi gayi... Too good huh!


Then all of a sudden Rohan's eyes fell over the window of the kitchen- " Oye-Hoye!!! Humare ghar mein kanyaaein... Ati Sundar!!! Kaun hain ye haseenayein?" asked Rohan in his daze... Ashutosh's face instantly reflected a glowing radiation of love and pride, introducing his Lady love..- " Woh  jo cooking kar rahi hai, wo Nidhi hai... Aur..." Ashu's sentence left incompleted by Rohan's  interruption.. "Aaaye-Haaye... Ye humare ghar mein kaise hain Nid-dhi!!!" Rohan sighed taking Nidhi's name... Then, Ashu, completed Rohan sentence by adding-"Bhabhi"...

Rohan: "Hain??? Bhabhi??? Kiski bhabhi??" Rohan said, still keeping his eyes on Nidhi...

A: "Teri aur Ranga ki bhabhi...",Ashu answered...

R: " Aur aapki?" Rohan asked again...

 Ashu smilingly replied- " Wo meri Nidhi hai..." 


Rohan was so absent minded looking over nidhi that, he didn't  keep sense of his words, n said-" Kya bhaiya... Jo mera aur Ranga Bhaiyaa ka hai, wo aapka bhi toh hai... Mere aur Ranga bhaiya ke Maa-Baba aapke maa baba... mera bhaai aapka bhai... Toh meri bhabhi bhi toh aapki Bhabhi hui na..."  

By now, Ashu was exasperated by his foolish questions, & hit the back of his brother's head, bringing him out of his trance...- " Come into Your senses God Dammit...!!! Shaayad... Shaayad kya? For sure, iss duniya mein ek ladki aisi hogi na, jo teri aur Ranga ki bhabhi hai, par meri nahin..."

"Huh!?? OOHHH!!!!" Finally  the fact got into Rohan's head, "Humari Bhabhi... Aur aapke dil ki chaabi... (Ashutosh smiled to him at this) Finally the most eligible bachelor in the town has decided to settle down, after making every beautiful lady wait for 36 long years!!! They must be so heart broken... nahi?" Rohan again looked at Nidhi innocently...

Ashutosh: Rohan, don't keep staring at her... She gets conscious of people staring...

Rohan: oh! Didn't she get used to your stares Bhaiya? (Rohan teased him)

A: No! I don't keep staring at her like a love-sick Puppy like u are looking... Not publically atleast... (The last 3 words came almost like a whisper... Because at heart he knew, it wasn't possible privately)

Ro: No! I'm not intending to look like a love-sick any more Bhaiya... I'm just trying to gauge, what's so extra ordinary about her, that you- 'YOU- DR. ASHUTOSH' fell for her... I must admit, she's really special... I know, how hard it is to convince you... & How come you got convinced, that is what I'm trying to seek...

         So what she does..? Seeing how comfy she is with the Kitchen work, with Maa, is she some house wife kinds..?


A: No Rohan... she herself is a Doctor... Doing her PG in medicine.. Infact, almost complete... Works as a resident in KGH... A genius Doc... I must say  ...


Ro: Really, she is a Doc? & does all these works too? I'm impressed...


A: Yup! A multi tasker actually... Maa has found a 'Her kind of Bahu'... Just like our mother... Inspite of being born, with a silver spoon in her mouth, she loves cooking for her family on her own... Although, Maa, kaka, and the servants keep helping her, yet she loves spending time with her family work... Maa-Baba are really fond of her...

Nidhi is the daughter of one of the two partner-Brothers of Verma group of Industries...


Suddenly Rohan's eyes fell on another beautiful girl next to Nidhi, helping her...- "And who's she?" asked Rohan...


A: That's Anji... Anjalika Verma... Nidhi's best friend... Actually she is Nidhi's Taauji's daughter... They all live in a Joint family... Maa-Baba had seek her for Ranga... Anji is 2 years younger to Nidhi... Thus, she isn't getting married at yet... Only engagement... she had started doing her PG an year ago... Ranga ki classmate hai...


Ro: Great!!! So when is the engagement?

A: Who's?


Ro: Aaapki aur Ranga Bhaiya ki... aur kiski?


A: Ranga ki, as per fixed program, kal Ganeshji ki Pooja ke baad hogi... Aur meri engagement.. well... woh ho chuki hai...


Ro: What? Bhaiya aapne mere bina engagement kar li?


A: Rohan! Relax! Her family had to fix it as soon as they could, to proceed with the wedding dates... and that is why I was asking u to look for your leaves, so many times, in the e-mail... But u didn't and thus, I had to request your Dean for these many leaves only for the wedding...


Ro: WEDDING??? Hey Bhagwaan! Aap mere upar pataakhe phod rahe ho... ek ke baad ek revealitions ... Kab hai shaadi?


A: Functions starting from tomorrow... kal 6th May 2012 Ganesh ji ki Pooja, Followed by Ranga's engagement... Day after tomorrow 7th May 2012 is, combined Haldi function for me and Nidhi, both here at our home... The next day 8th May 2012, Mehendi- Sangeet at Nidhi's home, again combined for us... The next day, 9th May 2012, by evening  5- 5.30 pm the baraat will leave from here, mahurat is at 8 at night, for the phere, followed by Dinner... And the next day of the wedding, we are throwing a reception party for all the guests...


Ro: Uff!!! That's too much for me... I'm going into our room to freshen up and sink in the facts revealed...


A: Uhh-uhh-uhh!!! Your's and Ranga's room...


Ro: Matlab?


A: Our room(he pointed towards himself and the kitchen window, for Nidhi) is already renovated... (He winked at his brother...)


Ro: So Sir, where shall I go, to get OUR room? ( This time rohan pointed towards him And Ranga..)


A: where it already was... Aur haan... Rohan fresh hoke neeche aa jana... Breakfast sab saath karenge...

Rohan left with an OK...

Soon the breakfast table was set, n Rohan joined in too... Nidhi came with a huge bowl in hand, n placed it infront of Rohan...

N: Good morning Rohan...! (Nidhi beemed...)

Ro: Good morning... emmm... Bhabhi...


Nidhi shyly smiled towards him and looked at Ashu, with the corner of his eyes, that was certainly not missed by Ashu... He passed a smile in return to his love...

To break the  trance between her n Ashu, Nidhi spoke up - Ye lo Rohan... Your favourite Noodles...


Ro: Oh! Thank u bhabhi... I hope, nobody gets furious... (Looking hesitantly towards Ashu. Who was helplessly smiling at him.) Bhabhi, I thought, saari chuttiyan mujhe sabzi-roti, daal-chaawal khaake guzaarni padegi... But, I guess, I got my respite...


Soon came Anji, with a tray full of coffee mugs & a huge special mug too...


An: Good morning Rohan...( She spoke very sweetly and chirpily)


Ro: Good morning Bhabhi... oops! Yahan toh do-do hain... ok then, done... Nidhi bhabhi and Anji bhabhi...

All smiled over, when Anji looked over the special cup... "Oh! Rohan! Your filter coffee... You like it with noodles na..."


 Ro: Arrey waah! Aap dono ne toh meri pasand par research kar li hai shaayad... ( Anji and Nidhi started keeping the tea mugs indivisually, for all, which happened so, that Nidhi kept for Ashu n Anji for ranga) Aaah-ha-ha-ha... Bhabhi aap logon ka apne pati logon ke liye ye pyaar dekh kar mujhe ek gaana yaad aa gaya...


Listening this, the entire family, except Nidhi and Anji screamed in unison- "No Rohan! Subah-subah nahin... Hum sab abhi soke uthhey hain.. Phirse nahin sona... neighbourhood ke saare bachhe darr jaayenge... Tum rona shuru mat karna..", Anji n Nidhi were bemused, when ranga explained-" Bhabhi, Anji, pata hai, humaare Rohan babu ko gaane ka bohot shaukh hai, par aawaaz zaraa si besuri hai"... To this Ashu interrupted- "Zaraa si Ranga...? tum isey zaraa is kehte ho...? Please yaar..." Ashu shook his head in disagreement, on his voice being little besuri...

To this, Nidhi interjected- " Oh ho!!! Kya ho raha hai... Aap dono bhi na... Usney hum dono se kaha hai na? Hum dono sunn lenge... aap log kaan band karke baith jaiye... (she then turns to Rohan) Haan Rohan, shuru ho jaao...


Ro: Ehmm-ehmmm( Clearing his throat..) Haan toh, jitney pyaar se meri hone wali Bhabhis apne hone wale patis ko Chai ke cups de rahi thi, mera mann kar raha tha ye gaane ko-


Ek garam chaai ki pyaali ho,

Koi usko pilaane wali ho,

Chaahe gori ho ya kaali ho,

Seeney se lagaane wali ho,

Mil jaayein toh mil jaayein har ghum...

Tara rum pum pum(3)

Jhim pa pa pum(3)

And with every beat in the music, his hands were banging the table.. While both the elder brothers mockingly stuffed their fingers in their ears.. "Ho gaya???" Ranganath asked...

Ro: "Ji bhaiya... (Then tiredly) Kya Bhaiya?? Aap log, settle ho rahe ho... Bade bhaiya shadi kar rahe hain, aur aap engaged ho rahe ho... Aur ek main hi akela bachelor reh jaunga... 'Haaye!!! Main aur meri tanhaayi, aksar ye baatein karte hain...' "

Ashu interrupted... "Oh mere melodrama king! Naashta kar. Thanda ho raha hai... Padhaai kar le.. Baad mein fursat se apni chai ki pyaali ke saath romance karna..."

To this, ranga added- "Haan! Aur nahin toh kya? Jitney din sukh ke mil rahe hain, jee le mere bhai... Phir kal ho na ho... kyu baba?" Tried cajoling Ranga to his father...

Anji glared  daggers at Ranga... To this Ranga continued- " Le dekh le... Bolne ki bhi aazaadi nahi hoti... Dekh lo kaise ghoor rahi hai mujhe..."... With this Anji had had enough... she banged her fists at the table... "What do u mean? I have taken over ur freedom?"

Ranga: See Rohan, u'll be coerced like this...

By now Ranga knew, his words are up, so he ran away to save his life... Anji ran after him, only to be held back literally by Nidhi...


N: God! Anji... Tujhe dekhke lagta hi nahi ke kal teri engagement hai... Kisi high school ke bachhe lag rahe ho dono... Aise hi ladte rahoge?"

A: (Anji protested) Tumne dekha Di, kaise pareshaan karte rehte hain...

N: Uffo!!! Anji, come on yaar... U know him... Wo seriously koi baat karte hain?

To this Rohan interjected- "Haan! Aur nahi toh kya Anji Bhabhi... Sab humare bade bhaiya ke tarah thode na hote hain... jo sirf pyaar se baat karte hain (Now Ashu glared at him in mock anger... To which Rohan gulped down with a frown) ya gussa karte hain... SEE!!! (Everone laughed at that) God! Nidhi bhabhi... Aap kaise rahogi inke saath?

Ashu retorted back- "Tujhe fikar karne ki zarurat nahi hai Rohan... She's happy with me..."

The teasing sessions continued, when Nidhi quietly slipped off there and came with her hand bag into Ashu's new renovated room... He had renovated it beautifully, with pics of Baba & Maa, Rangu & Anji, along with Rohan and Nidhi's entire family, surrounding a large pic in the centre... Hers and Ashu's Engagement pic... She quietly ran her fingers through all the pics, paying homage to them... She then pulled out a rose she had in her hand bag & placed it under his pillow, the way she always does, everytime she comes to his home, almost like a ritual, she places it and goes off... Today, after placing it, she was in her own thoughts when, suddenly a pair of masculine hands came around her waist from the back & a chin on her shoulders...

Ashu: Hmmm... So my rose has reached its place huh?

N: (Smilingly)Ji...

A: Room pasand aaya?

N: Hmmm... Lekin ye bed ke saamne wali wall mein itna huge sa khaali frame kyu choda hai?

A: Wo shaadi ke pic ke liye hai... A big one infront of the bed, taaki we can smilingly get up seeing the holy institution of marriage we will be bound in...

With that he poked his nose further on her cheek...

N: Mujhe yahan Aun...emmm... Maa ne isliye nahin bulaya tha... Chodiye... Dadi ne agar aapko aise dekh liya hota, toh aapka mujhe dekhne tak par ban lag jaata...


With that, Ashu turned her around & asked- "Tum khush ho na?"

Nidhi agreed in a yes to him n said-" Achha chaliye main chalti hoon... Kal pooja hai na, bohot kaam hai... Deir ho jaayegi..."

A: Nidhi shall I drop you both home... Car bhi toh nahi laayi tum dono... It's getting quite late... Mujhe thoda unsafe lag raha hai tum dono ka yu akele jaana... Kyu Driver ko bula rahi ho... I shall drop You both...

N: (Nidhi confusingly looked) Ashuji... Kya late? Its afternoon my dear... Waise mujhe koi pob...emm.. problem nahi hai aapke drop karne se...

A: Oh-ho! Nidhi! Main isliye nahin keh raha tha... Aaj 5th May hai.. You remember, there is a strike of public vehicles, outside after 12 Noon... Raastey mein thoda tension hai.. Main isliye keh raha tha, ke its getting late, I feel it unsafe to send u both alone... Thats it...


Nidhi gave him a loving smile and said- Ok! Anji ko dekh leti hoon, if she's coming along...

A: Ok! We 4 will go together... Then I n Ranga have to go to Hospital... Mera OPD hai, N ranga ki last duty hai... Before the leaves for the wedding... Tum toh nahi aa rahi ho na?

N: Nahin... I'm already on off...

A: Ok! I have a surgery scheduled... Will have to leave for the hospital...


Nidhi & Anji went to touch their Parents In-law's Feet, before leaving...

Ranganath and Anji were at the back seat, busy discussing the upcoming engagement and wedding, While Nidhi sat on the passenger seat, Next to a Driving Ashu, smiling and stealing glances...

Soon they reached, towards their Bunglow gate, and Nidhi asked Ashu to leave them there only, as if Dadi saw them together, it wouldn't be good for them...

Nidhi n Anji after bidding them adieu, went in to their Home...

After doing preparations for the next day, Nidhi had dinner with her whole family... finally retiring to her bed...

Nidhi took out her book, that she was recently reading, from her rack, to sleep... Suddenly, a beautiful, off-white envelope fell from it... She picked it up... Her lips spread into a beautiful dreamy smile,that shone on her face, seeing it...

Written on top of the envelope was...






9th May 2012


Nidhi tenderly opened the card, as if it's the most valuable and delicate treasure of her life, at date... It was a double leaflet card... One side invitation in Hindi and the other in English...

She clearly read the invitation, as if making herself believe again, that what's happening is for real...  She kept caressing the card, specially, where, her's and Ashutosh's name was printed with the 'Wedlock' in between...

With the card in her hand, kept near her heart, Nidhi drifted into sleep...

Likes and/or Comments welcome...Big smileBig smileBig smile

Precap: Introduction to Nidhi's Family...Wink 
             And the First ritual of the Wedding

Coming up...Big smile But don't ask when...LOL

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kya Azeen,itna reservation?aapki exams kab khatam ho rahi hai?

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Aazuu beta mujhe toh us pic main aur song main sirf mera shona Embarrassed mera babbu Embarrassed mera jojudi Embarrassed mera babbudi Embarrassed hee dhikayi de raha hain Embarrassed Yeh tune kya kar diya!!! Haayee!!! Embarrassed   Embarrassed   Embarrassed

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Originally posted by alkaparmart

kya Azeen,itna reservation?aapki exams kab khatam ho rahi hai?
Hehehahah...!!! Ab kya bataoon... Main apna title kabhi-kabhi cell phone se edit karti thi, toh 1st post ke fonts kharaab ho jaate thhey... Isliye 1st post only 4 index... Ab, to keep u all know abt the story a bit, had to post a preface... Aur 1st update, 1st page par ho toh behtar hai, isliye uska 3rd reservation... Phew!!!

My exams are ending on 15th May...
Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Mithalee

Aazuu beta mujhe toh us pic main aur song main sirf mera shona Embarrassed mera babbu Embarrassed mera jojudi Embarrassed mera babbudi Embarrassed hee dhikayi de raha hain Embarrassed Yeh tune kya kar diya!!! Haayee!!! Embarrassed   Embarrassed   Embarrassed
Haaye Allah! Main toh bhool hi gayi thi, ke u are MB's big Pankha-AC... Par kya karein... I cudn't find anything more appropriate than this... N I'm glad to tell u, I love this Movie...

Well I too love MB... But I love SK too.. N SK stands for both, Sharad Kelkar n Salman Khan...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

well, I'll put a presumption, that plz think of SK as Ashu... Atleast, I had thot this way only while writing..

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Good Luck Aazeen. Will wait for May 15th.

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