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Prishna SS - Kabhie Kabhie (Epilogue) Page 11 (Page 3)

sandiab IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by kmfan_2

Thank you Sandia and Steena...Looks like our forum does not have too many readers...This Prishna SS is dedicated to my Hero Kinshuk! Hope he reads it...I will be more than happy then...Am writing the chapters on my holiday...will post them one after the other from the 20th...Thanks for your comments Sandia and Steena
truly dedicated not even i would write prishna scenes on my holiday. Oh and u do have readers( check the number of views 4 your post) bt they just shy. Lol

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prishna_fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by kmfan_2

Originally posted by prishna_fan

Shanti love your chap. Clap Very interesting  !!!!!! Poor Babloo who decides to sacrifice his love for his brother, how sweet, but at the same time, i feel sorry for him. Can't wait to see Krishna's reaction, hope she'll accept coz i want her with Pintu, Of course !!!!  Hope also, that we'll see some romance between them Day Dreaming 

Thanks a ton for all your appreciation...

And Yes...Prishna it will be...main focus of this SS...

So exicted to read the next chapters, seems to be awesome with lot of romance then. Plzz do post them soon ...Smile

For all the readers,  could you plzz comment ? That would nice for Shanti who is doing a great job, that would cheer her on. Don't be shy and we won't eat you LOL

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter Three ' Babloo talks to Krishna about Pintu


TTS, Ganga, Babloo and Pintu leave for Sargam's place for their first visit. Sargam's family were very cultured and receive them with a lot of respect. They had a lot of regard for Babloo who did something different from what his father did and did not depend on his Dad's business for building his educational centre.

Sargam comes there. She was a very beautiful lady and of a calm demeanour.

Sargam's Dad: This is my daughter Sargam. She is a graduate but not very much into a career. She has always been a bright student though.

TTS: Babloo, would you like to talk to her alone?

Babloo: Yes, that would be nice if we could spend a few moments by ourselves.

Pintu: Before that, I would also like to talk to you Bhabhi----sorry---I already feel like calling you by that name.

So, Babloo, Pintu and Sargam head towards a room to have a chat.

Pintu: (pulls a chair for Sargam) Bhabhi, please seat yourself comfortably while I brief you about my Bhaiya!

Sargam finds Pintu really a jovial person. She smiles and sits.

Pintu: Here is my brilliant brother who eats, sleeps and dreams of books! His students are his breath and their success is his mission in life. What I mean to highlight is that you need to WORK HARD to attract his attention FIRST and then after having succeeded, have got to do something even greater to SUSTAIN his interest in you!!!!

By now, Babloo was feeling highly embarrassed at this introduction of his by his naughty brother though it was an honest one!

Babloo: Pintu, if you are done with your bit, can we be by ourselves please?

Sargam had heard his voice for the first time. He surely had a very warm personality.

Pintu: So, Bhabhi, looks like you have already succeeded in the first part as Bhaiyya wants me to leave----so all the best for the second part!!!!!

He chuckles and leaves showing a thumbs up to Babloo.

Babloo: Sargamji, you must have heard everything about me and my interests. I would just like to add that I would appreciate if you will be productively occupied outside home too after marriage---mainly because I feel a woman should not restrict her responsibilities to home and family alone. She needs to carve a niche for herself and a unique existence of her own.

Sargam: Yes, I shall surely like it that way and now that I have your support it should not be difficult for me.

Babloo has a look at Sargam and finds her to be quite sweet and nice. He smiles and so does she and both come out.

Pintu: Arre----you both have finished so soon?

TTS: Come on Pintu, please be quiet.

To Babloo--- So what is your opinion?

Babloo smiles in consent and Sargam's parents are happy too. They go to bring some sweets to exchange on this happy occasion.


After getting back home Babloo asks Pintu to go with him as he had to meet up with someone. Pintu drives Babloo to the restaurant near the lake. He was unaware of Krishna's meeting with Babloo.

Babloo asks Pintu to wait in the car while he goes in. Krishna was waiting there wondering what her Babloo Sir would come up with. She wasn't sure if he would say what she had imagined-----

Maybe Yes

Maybe No

Babloo: Hello Krishna, hope you haven't been waiting for long?

Krishna: Hello Sir---not really. What was so important that you called me here?

Babloo: What are your views on Pintu?

Krishna: Why Sir?

Babloo: No, actually I thought he really needs to be doing something constructive now and maybe if you told him he might listen to you.

Krishna: Sir, he is a little brash but definitely amenable to reason. His ways may be rude but his intentions are noble. I have noticed that he does listen when explained with concern and love.

Babloo was observing Krishna keenly as she spoke about Pintu. He was convinced that she would be the right life partner for his brother.

Babloo: Krishna, would you like to be a part of his life?

                          Krishna: (shocked) Sir???!!! What are you saying?

Babloo: Actually my wedding has just got finalized and so I thought of bringing up this topic of Pintu's too. If you say ---YES--- I am sure he will support you with your IAS as well.

Krishna was a bit confused. Babloo did not let out Pintu's feelings as promised to him and yet manages to plant the seed of Prishna romance in Krishna's mind.

She says it was too sudden an idea and she needed time to think. Babloo was fine with that.

Krishna: Congratulations Sir on your engagement.

Babloo: Thanks. Why don't you come up till the car?

He was trying to get Pintu and Krishna meet at least once on that day!

A Krishna walks towards the car, Pintu spots her through the rear view mirror and gets excited. He gets down. Krishna feels awkward because of what she had just heard.

Pintu was unaware of what Babloo had spoken to her.

Pintu: Hello Krishna---how's your preparation going?

Krishna: It is going on well. How are you?

Pintu: I am fine. I never knew that Bhaiya was talking about meeting you Krishna.

Krishna just smiles. Then follows a silence. All along Babloo remained at a safe distance as he wanted these two to talk a bit by themselves.

Krishna: Okay, I shall leave now. Bye and see you later.

As she begins to walk---

Pintu: But when????

Krishna is shocked to hear this from Pintu. She stops and turns to look at him somewhat shyly. He gives her the sweetest smile. She looks down and again begins to leave.

Pintu: Krishna, you haven't replied.

Krishna: I don't know!

She just wanted to scoot from there, for she could see "something" in Pintu's eyes and smile.

YES----she understood that he loved her!

Pintu smiles and feels happy with this little conversation that he had with Krishna.


 Next chapter will deal with lots of Prishna meetings''

                           Hope you all enjoyed this one''      


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trinilisa IF-Rockerz

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Great SS - Kabhie Kabhie - Shanti,,really interesting and so real,,thanks for posting today brightened up my afternoon,,sorry for not commenting earlier,,take care,,

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by trinilisa

Great SS - Kabhie Kabhie - Shanti,,really interesting and so real,,thanks for posting today brightened up my afternoon,,sorry for not commenting earlier,,take care,,

Thanks a ton glad you are liking it!Smile

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sandiab IF-Sizzlerz

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wow shanti what a lovely surprise just loved it and cnt wait for the next chapter. a very sweet and nyc chapter. but 1 thing i what to know what are the true feelings of krishna for babloo u have me intrigued to know what she feels about the 2. and sargam what a lovely lady love her.

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sandiab

wow shanti what a lovely surprise just loved it and cnt wait for the next chapter. a very sweet and nyc chapter. but 1 thing i what to know what are the true feelings of krishna for babloo u have me intrigued to know what she feels about the 2. and sargam what a lovely lady love her.

Thanks Sandia...though I have written some chapters is taking time to type and then will try as and when time permits...get ready for some great Prishna moments!Tongue

Will be regular after 20th May!
kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter Four ' Prishna Meet More often


Krishna leaves by herself though Babloo and Pintu could have dropped off as she knew it wouldn't be right in the new awareness of what she had just heard from Babloo and the kind of vibes she got from Pintu.

Babloo comes to Pintu now and asks him if he could manage at least a small conversation with Krishna. Pintu says ---YES'with a smile. Both of them leave for the TTS mansion and Babloo shares with Pintu his doing "his bit" for Pintu.


Krishna reaches home with all kinds of mixed feelings. She does feel bad as she had thought of something different of Babloo. A guilt sort of ran over her for having brought in such thoughts into her mind. When she thought of Pintu, she did feel that maybe he was interested in her which made Babloo broach the topic to her.

At the TTS mansion, Babloo contemplates on his meeting with Sargam, sealing the proposal and then the meeting with Krishna. He was thankful for not having let out his feelings earlier to Krishna which would have brought about a lot of confusion in all relationships. Somewhere, within his mind he felt Sargam would be right for him as Krishna certainly was the perfect match for Pintu in the long run.


The following Day

Krishna was returning from her classes when Pintu stops his car near her. She stops and looks at him.

Pintu: May I drop you home? Krishna?

Krishna: No, I'll manage on my own.

She had to be careful now in accepting a lift from Pintu. It was not like before.

Pintu says ---Fine.

He waits for her to go before he moves ahead.

The following days saw Pintu near her Centre but he never came in front of her or offered her a lift. He only went there to have a look at her. Once, when he was busy lost in thoughts near a tree next to the Centre, Krishna spots him. She goes over to him.


Krishna: Pintuji, how are you?

Pintu( startled): Oh'I am fine Krishna. I actually came here to drop off some books at the Centre as Bhaiya was not coming today.

Krishna: (smiling) Oh '.I see. Have you finished with your work then?

Pintu: Yes'.yes

Krishna: In which case, why don't you drop me off today as Babloo Sir has just finished his class with us!!!!!

Pintu gets caught and doesn't know what to say. He just thought of the first excuse that came to his mind earlier.

Krishna: Pintuji, what happened? Aren't you free to give me a lift today?

         Pintu: No---no. I mean Yes---yes! I am free. Sure, I'll drop you off home. Come.


Both are seated in the car. Pintu wears his seatbelt and looks at Krishna. She also wears it. Pintu begins to drive. Both are silent.

Then just to break the silence, Pintu turns on the music system.

This song starts----

Voh dekhnay mein Kaisi seedhi saadhi lagti

Hai bolti ki woh toh Kuch nahi samajhti

Andar se kitni tez hai

Kabhi ajeeb si Kabhi haseen lagti

Kabhi kisi kitaab ka Hai scene lagti

Philosophy ka Craze hai Ho..

kehti hai Ye ek phase hai

Ladki ik full on chase hai!!!

Krishna feels awkward so quickly Pintu changes it to another song-----Now it was time for this song---

Tenu main love karda, bematlab karda

Baahon mein aa soniye, bas ajj raat ke liye

Saadi taan desi hai adaa, saade te hoja ni fida

Baahon mein aa soniye, bas ajj raat ke liye

Subah hone na de, saath khone na de

Ek doosre ko hum sone na de

Tu mera hero oo oo

Tu mera hero

Now Pintu switches it off completely as they are not too comfortable with it either!!!


Krishna: Looks like you are too fond of film music!!!

Pintu: Not just music, I am too fond of films too'.. By the way, my friends say that I should try my luck in films as I've got the "HERO" type looks!!!!

Krishna just smiles to herself.

Pintu: Why are you smiling? You are not too much into films right?

Krishna: Yes---I do not watch much of them but doesn't mean that I don't like them.

Pintu: So, do you think I should give it a shot in films?

Krishna: Why not? It is also a profession like all others. And I must say I've got to agree with your friends.

Pintu: Regarding what Krishna?

Krishna: About whatever they told you!!!

Pintu: Can you be a little more specific???

Krishna changes the topic now and says: May I ask you something?

Pintu: Yes, go ahead'

Krishna: Were you aware why Babloo Sir came to meet me?

Pintu(with a smile): Yes, I was.

Krishna: I am in no way anywhere close to you or your family. So what made you think in those lines?

Pintu does not say anything. He continues to drive.

Just as they were nearing Krishna's house he stops the car and says: Krishna, you may get off now as it wouldn't be nice if someone saw you get off the car with just me around.

Krishna gets down and thanks him. He smiles. As she turns to leave she says: I shall wait for your answer.

Pintu just smiles at her.


After a week

Pintu goes to the Centre and this time he was actually waiting to meet Krishna. She comes out and wonders why he looked so excited.

Krishna: Pintuji, you look very happy and seems like you want to tell me something good.

Pintu: I have cleared the auditions for an ad film and I am so happy.

Krishna: Congrats! I knew you would do well. So finally, we can see you "on screen"!!!

Pintu: Krishna, I am worried if my Dad will be happy with all this. He feels the show biz world is full of make believe and a lot of fakeness.

Krishna: Why don't you yet again use your "best bet" to convince your Dad!!!!!

Pintu: What do you mean?

Krishna: I mean Babloo Sir. Haven't you used him before???


Pintu looks at her and is sort of embarrassed.

He says: With you, it was alright but Dad????Oh no------ he is not so considerate.

Krishna: Have faith Pintuji. I am sure he will understand and you'll do well.

Pintu: Thanks Krishna. I knew you would support me and I'm so glad today.

Krishna smiles at him.

She says: I've got to leave now. My exams are nearing and I have to give it my best shot!

Pintu: Please if you don't mind will you come with me for a small ice cream treat?

He was quite nervous as he said the above words. He wasn't sure how else he could spend a few more minutes with her

Krishna agrees and Pintu is thrilled. They walk down to a nearby ice-cream parlour. They maintain a decent distance while walking. There were moments of silence and some conversations too. Suddenly a motor bike passes close to Krishna forcing her to move away from the road and she holds on to Pintu's right arm. He holds her hand to lend her support.


Krishna quickly lets go of his hand and returns to the "safe distance"!

Pintu gets her an ice cream and after that tells her: Krishna, are you sure you are okay if I take this up as my profession?

Krishna: Pintuji, But why are you asking me this? You are free to choose anything which gives you happiness and satisfaction.

Pintu: Yes, Krishna, but you are also my choice. And should you agree we may have to travel this path of life together. So your consensus is of utmost importance to me.


Krishna never thought Pintu could say something so seriously. She always thought him to be the happy go lucky types. She was at a loss of words. She did not know what to say.

Pintu: Relax Krishna---you can take your time but be honest with your answer. I'll be fine with whatever your decision.


So how was this one, friends???

Next one will have Krishna's answer'.and Babloo ' Sargam wedding!




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