Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman FF - *Jab Mila tu*// Chapter 5 (Page 6)

sweettasi Groupbie

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 2:51am | IP Logged
hey bebo first of all belated happy b'day...
nd all d bst for Ur exams...

awesome concept yr...m eagerly looking forward to it...

thnx for d pm...

shabsem Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Interesting concept. .
deepika03 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Kaisa ye isk hai ajab sa risk hai :D nice h
N.Pankaj Groupbie

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 6:48am | IP Logged
continue soon  Clap
Vibhu3 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 1:55am | IP Logged

F**K off"!! The first word I said when that crappy alarm clock buzzed. I walk Up n wore my Justin bieber slippers. Naa!! Don't even this I like him, fact is I keep craps like him under my foot. I walk towards my washroom. Yea!! N now the worst thing ever have to choose my clothes. I open the slider of all my wardrobe. I choose a denim shorts, a royal blue tank top n boots. Now one more confusion hairs open or in a ponny tail"??? Ohh yea! Ponny tail. Ooppss!! Where ponnyy"?? Ponny my doggy. The second person in this world who understands me. After my best friend Maya. I pulled up my boots n moved towards the hall way. ",PONNY"!! Come here my baby"! Nany"!! She ate somethin"?? - i asked her n took in my hands towards breakfast table.N I was again late.
"Manvi"! Ur again late..! - I know what she's going to say. Yea! My dad's second wife not my mom.
"Hey nanny"! - i wished when she was serving my breakfast.
"Manvi"!! U were drunk last night"! - she asked me.
"Nany"! Please pass some butter "! - I said ignoring her.
"Manvi"! M asking u something"? - she again said but a lil louder.
"Nany"! I'll be late tonite"! Don't worry"! - i said standing up.
"Manvi"!! - she said standing up from the chair.
"Does it matters to U"? Byee ponny"! Bye nanny"!!- i said turning n moved our in thrown my bag in my car. Put on my glares n drove towards Maya's house n horned.
"Coming Manvi"! - she said running towards my car. I came out n hugged her.
"Hey"! - i said.
"Hey"! Manvi"! Are u ready"? Auditions are starting foe dance competition today"? - she said.
"Ohh"! Ur know very well"! Miss Ray is the judge"! N she's already impressed from me"! - i said sitting into my car.
"Ohh"! Yea! N m really exited"! But this time its a couple group dance no"? - she said
"Yea!! That's the problem"!! U know very well"! - i said n drove towards my college.
"Manvi"! Ur eyes"?? U were drunk last night"?
"yea! Lil"! - i said n winked at her.
"MANVI"!! LOOK AT THE ROAD"! - she said ordering me. She is the only one whom i listen. My bestest friend Maya. She is really simple n like my sister. I share a very strong bond with her. I know her foe almost 14 years. We Were in same school n now in same college. I parked my car in Parking aley n then me n Maya moved towards the campus.
"Manvi"! Ur boyfriend"! - Maya said poking me.
"Yea!! Don't worry"! I'll break uo very soon"! He is trying to cross my limits"! - I said giving a sigh to him.
"Hey babes"! - I heard raj saying n hugged me.
"Hy"! - I said with a curve on my lips. He came closer to me.
"Stop it"! Don't ever try"! - I said n moved towards my group. Aaann"! Group full of strangers. Yea!! I heard right strange. They are not friends just double faces. This world is full of double faces.
"Ohhmyy goshhh"! Manvi"!! Ur new dress"! Looking preety"! - Jane said.
"Ohhh"! Thankuu so much"! - *Bitch* - i said n moved towards my classes. This is not a college, just a place where people have bakes of makeup n we cant see what there are upto. Maya never liked my friend circle. I know why! She was really simple n loves a guy Arjun kapoor in our college. He is the sweetest guy In our college. I remember that day when he proposed her in front of whole college. They always make me go awww. I wish i get someone like him. Who cares foe me! Who love me not my money. I smiled over them n turn towards my life which i choose foe me.

"Hey"! Manvi"! Miss Ray is calling U in the Auditorium"! - Ryan said loudly.
"Yea! Just coming"! - i said n moved towards my locker n changed my clothes into a track shots n red short tank top. Sports n a jacket. I pull up my ponny tail with fliks on my forhead. I ran towards the auditorium.
"Hey"! Menvi"! Ur late"! - Miss Ray said in the mike looking towards me.
"Miss Ray"! That Manvi"! N m sorry"! M here now"! - I said jumping up to the stage.
"Ohh mahn"! She's hott"! -a guy said to the boy beside him. I gave him a *Sigh* n ran towards Miss Ray n stood beside her.
"Ohkay"! Boys n girls"! Now every one look"! Our college is participating in the next inter college dance competition"! I'll take an audition of all"! N we need a lead pair too"! - she said.
"So !! Music will be played"! N I was all girls one my one"! N remember dance should be full of passion, like a fire inside U"! - she said n music played. Everyone were performing one by one. I wanted to go in last n when all were done I entered the floor n started with some free style then comes to contemporary n a lil belly. I took 7 turns for which I was famous for. That made everyone clapped. I heard everyone hooting. I dance to reduce the pain n loneliness in my life. Dance is my passion, my first love. I forget everything while dancing. Just me n a spotlight which give light to me but the shadow is always black. Like my life. I took 7 more turns n dont know when I moved towards the stares n my foot slipped. I was about to fall down from the stage when someone held my hand. I tried to open my eyes properly but couldn't, may be because of the strong drinks last night. Everyone came running towards me n helped me n lay me down on the floor. Maya sprinkled some water on my face.
"Phuuu"!! Omggg"! - I said holding my head which was still spinning.
"Manvi"! Why U did that"? What if U fell"? - Maya said.
"Ohh"! My fine"! M sorry"! Was just out of mind"! - I said standing up.
"Manvi"! Congratulations"! Ur the lead"! N boys ur audition is after break"! So be ready"! - Miss Ray said n left.
"Congratulations"! Manvi"! - Tanya said giving me her bitchy smile.
"Ohh"! For what"? Coz u are not selected"? - I said giving her a sigh.
"Ohh"! Manvi"! Now its just an audition"! 1 month anything can happen"! - she said poking at my shoulder.
"Oh"! Yea!! Tanya"! If u have a lil extra brain"! So please dont waste that on unproductive things"! - I said poking her shoulder.
"Whatever"! - she said n walked off.
"Bitch"! - I said in a low voice
"Hey"! Maya"! Who was that guy who saved me"? - I asked Maya.
"hmmm"! That's a new guy"! He's arjun's friend from India"! - she said n we both moved towards my locker n then to my class.
"Manvi"! Ur again"! Late in ur classes"! - Proff said. I think its my hobby to be late
"M sorry"! Sir"! Actually...Actually hmmm!! What was that"! I m selected as a lead"! Either wishing me"! Ur scolding me"! That's no fare"! - I said walking into the classes holding Maya's hand.
"Ohh"! Congratulations"! Ooo ummm"! Manvi don't change the topic"! - he said.
"Sir"! I promise"! Its the last time"! Now sir"! Please don't waste time on me"! Everyone is waiting foe class to start"! - I said n walked towards Raj but stopped at the moment when I saw Tanya sitting with him.
"U BITCH"! - I said a louder.
"Manvi"! Language"! - Maya said hitting me from her elbow.
"Tanya"! How dare ur sitting with him"? Its my seat"! - I said
"Ohh"! Really"! - Tanya said moving a lil forward.
"Tanya"! M sorry"! M not wearing heels today"! Or if u have good imagination"! Then I think u will stand up by ur own"! - I said folding my hands around my chest.
"Manvi"! See there's a seat behind mine"! U can sit there"! - Maya said dragging me. I glare at raj who was sitting quitely n I moved towards his table n bangged on that "see U later"! BABY"! - I said with an angry face n left with Maya.
"Hey"! Arjun"? - I asked Arjun giving an hi5 to him.
"Good"! - he said n moved towards Maya.
"Ohh my goshh"! Maya blushing"? - I Said poking Maya.
"Ohh"! Shut up Manvi"! - she said.
"Ohh"! Arjun"! Where's Ur new friend"! I think i should thank him"! - i said
"He's at his home"! Unpacking his stuff"! Will join us in evening"!
"Okay"! - i said in a disappointment n buried my head in my books. I couldn't see his face.


I looked back at manvi n smiled. I wish she'll get someone in her life soon to fill loneliness in her life. Finally lecture over n i left manvi with her friends. Yaa! Friends, I wish I could get my manvi back. This is not that manvi whom I knew. She's lost...I was standing near Arjun's car n watching manvi standing in front of me. "smoking".
"Maya"! Why don't U stay away from her! U both are different"! - he said looking at manvi.
"No Arjun"! U R misunderstanding"! She is not what she shows"! - i said looking at him. She walked away from them near her car ALONE. She was again sad. I never saw her crying after her dad's death. Like she has not else left to lose. She was still smoking. The only thing which can kill that pain in her life is smoking or drinking. Her mom is a witch, she never liked manvi. Manvi was the only kid who was close to her dad. She was brought up by her nany. Whom she love like a mother.
I get back when Arjun patted on my shoulder in an assurance.
"Dont worry"! She'll be on her place very soon"! - he said. He knows very well that manvi is like sister to me.
"okay"! Anyways he's VIRAT"! My friend from India"! - he said introducing me to his friend.
"hello M Maya"! Arjun's...
"Girlfriend"! Right"? - he said smiling.
"Yea! Thanku so much"! U saved my friend"! She wanted to thank U"! - I said.
"Ohh"! My pleasure"! N I think she's ur friend"? - he said looking at manvi.
"Ummm"! Yea! She's manvi"! - I said smiling. I could see a disgust expression on his face. M the only one who understands her.

3 years back...

"Manvi"!! Stop"!! I said STOP IT"! - I said snatching bottle of wine from her hand.
"what's happening manvi"?? U know what ur doing"?? - i said holding her by her shoulders.
"Why all this happen to me Maya"? What i did to him"? - she said pointing towards sky.
"Nothing U did"!! Now get up"! I'll drop U"! - i said dragging her.
"So why he did to me"? He has no one to love"! First mom"!! N then dad"!! N now Rahul left me for that bitch"? U won't leave me na Maya"? - she said pointing towards me.
"No"! I won't"! Now come"! Ur drunk"!!
"Kaun kumbakt bardaas krne k liye peeta hai"? Hum toh gum bhulane k liye peete hai"!! - she said n started laughing.
"Manvi come"!! - I dragged her to my car n drove to her house.
"What happened"? Is she alright"? - her nany asked.
"No"!! Actually she's drunk"! - I said n nany helped me to take her to her room.

---- Flashback ends----


My first day in that college n met the weirdest girl of the college. Dont know what was her name but weird. Unpacking done n heads to catch Arjun... He introduced me with her girlfriend Maya. Nice girl lucky Arjun. But suddenly my eyes fell on that girl. N I was shocked to see that she was smoking in the campus. I ignored her. I smiled slightly thinking off what the other guys think about her.

"hey"! Maya"!! Hey Arjun"! Ummm"! N U"??? - she came towards us n said looking at me.
"He's virat"! - Arjun said.
"Umm"! Heya"! - she said n i just gave a faint smile.
"Umm"!! Btw I want U to join my party tomorrow"!! Hmm Arjun"?
"Hmmm"! Party"! N that of manvi"!! I should think first"!
"Ohh"! Hello"! U have to come"! Okay"? U can't ignore my invitation.
"Ummm"! Manvi"!! Okay! I'll come"! - he said
"Okay"! Ummm"! Thanks! U saved me in auditorium"! - she said, I just smile.
"Umm"! U can join us"! May be I'll get a chance to thank U"! - she said.
"No"! Ummm"! Actually I have some work"! Excuse me"! - I said n left that place I felt he glare at me but I ignored n moved towards library. I was choosing some books too read. But suddenly Arjun came in front of me.
"woo"?? Dude"? Virat"? U ignored her invitation"? I mean"? Are U serious"?
"Yea!! So what U thought I was joking"? - i said taking those books n moved towards library.
"No just"! I mean the sexiest girl of our college"! Invited U for a party"! N U ignored her"! Or may be she is trying to know u"!!
"Dude"!! She's not my type"! - i said moving outside the library.
"Hmm"! Lets see"! N i think half of the college girls are already drooling over u"! Haha!!! -he said pointing towards some girls looking at me.
"Arjun"! Just shut up"! Look i need to go now"! Have to call mom too"! - i said n moved toward parking.
"Hey Virat listen"! - he said n I looked back. "wooo"!! What happened to Ur white lady(his car) n I looked back n my jaw dropped to see what happened to my car. Someone made drawings on that with lipstick. I heard someone laughing over there at the back n some boys were laughing to the other side. I got to know who did this that weirdoo. I was fuming in anger n I unlocked my car n throw books n my bag inside the car. N headed towards that girl.
"Hey"! Listen what's ur problem"! - I said loudly in anger.
"What?? - she said being innocent n laughing badly.
"Okay! So u'll not buck up ur mouth then I know what I have to do"! M new it doesn't mean u'll do whatever u want"! - i said pointing my finger towards her. I moved towards my car n took out some tools n headed towards manvi's car n punchered all tyres of her car. I saw her jaw dropped. I moved towards my car but suddenly I heard her voice from the back.
"U crap"! How dare u did this to my car"?? - she yelled at me n I looked from the corner of my eyes.
"Coz u did that to my car"! - I said
"Excuse me"! N can I ask u why I'll do this"? - she said louder n moved towards me turning me around.
"Coz ur ego hurts when I ignored ur invitation"! - I said
"Ohhhuu"! Wait"! Which invitation haan"? M not that cheap that I'll play pranks like this"!
"U R cheap"! N that all looks with ur gestures"!
"Listen Virat"! Ur over reacting now n on a wrong person"! - I heard Arjun saying. She moved back towards her car n took out bet phone to call someone.
"Hello"! Nany"! Please send a car to my college"! N moved towards the campus.
"MANVIII"?? Arjun what happened"? N what's this"? Who did this with her car"? - Maya said coming towards us.
"Look what she did to my car"! - I said pointing towards my car.
"But she didnt do that"? That group was moving around ur car"! She was just sitting here"! I was there in park n was looking at her only"! - she said n I was like "what"?? Is it"?? I brushed my hairs with hand in a guilt closing my eyes.
"Virat"! First day n ur impression"? - Arjun said. I took place in my car n moved towards Ground n pour water on that to clean it first. I think I should say sorry. I moved back but noticed my shirt was gone all wet. I took off my shirt n bend towards my car n took out my gym tee n when i looked back i saw some girls looking at me jaws down. I raised my tight eye brow giving a smile n look at them.
"What"?? N they moved away. I wore my t-shirt n moved towards the parking aley.


I decided to apologize for my mistake but it wasn't enough what i saw there. She was sitting on the wine counter. Hooting n gulping glasses of vodka. My eyes popped out staring at her. I never saw such a gal before.
"What happened"? Shocked or surprised"? - Arjun said poking through his elbow.
"Na"! Just a mixed thought"! I mean she is really's maya's friend"? I mean just look at her"! Opposite"! - i said in a surprise.
"Coz Maya don't even know what image manvi has in college"! No one knows what life she has outside this world"! Its normal for us"! She's ADDICTED"!
"I think i should stay away from her"!
"Good for U"! - he said n i looked at her again.
Hahah!! :P m sorry guys actually i can't stay away from writing. Buy I'll update once in a week. I know this update is not so good..! I mean not a healthy talk between Virman. But it'll be in next updates...

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 2:00am | IP Logged
well this update was unexpected bt thanx a lot for updating :-)
the update was fun ...
Feeling so bad for manvi
and I adore manvi's and maya's frendship ...
maya understands her soo well...
Next what will virat doo ...
update next part soon.

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 2:40am | IP Logged
Again I missed the precap ...:p
Sounds like virat still didn't apologise..
And didn't maya tell anything to arjun abt manvi ...??
Manvi all drunk again thts gonna be interesting ...
Will be waiting for the next update thts next week just hoping to get it little early ...:p

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Wow Vibhu fab hun.. Virat Sanskari kid nd Manvi sploit brat Wink
Awesome updateee.. loved it.. Heart
And Maya simple girl ROFL Chal now concentrate on ur studies.. Smile

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