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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

*||Saathiya turns 3, Congratulations !!! ||*

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Banner Credit  - Muskii

May 3rd, 2013 

On May 3rd 2010, Saath Nibhana Saathiya was launched, at a new time of 7 p.m. which redefined the Prime time on Indian Television... On this very day of May  3rd we are here to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the our beloved show Saath Nibhana Saathiya .. !!! Congratulations to everyone associated with show at any given point in the 3 years and kudos to the viewers for watching it consistently through the years

Saath Nibhana Saathiya - Backdrop !!!

A simple story of two young girls with widely different aspirations and dreams about marriage and their varied expectations, Saath Nibhana Saathiya chronicles the story of Gopi and Rashi.

 Gopi, an orphan grows up with her loving maama and cruel maami. She dreams of love from her husband and his family and a mother like her mother-in-law. Her aspirations are simple. She just wants to belong. She wants to be loved and all she has to offer is loads of love in return.

Rashi, her street-smart cousin dreams big, big house, big cars, money and luxury and a husband who loves her and dances to her tunes. Her cruel mother who pampers Rashi as much as she hates Gopi ably supports her.

 The destinies of these two cousins are linked with Ahem and Jigar respectively. Both men are cousins themselves belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Rajkot, Gujarat.

 Saathiya is the story of these 4 people and those near and dear to them. It is a story of love and relationships. It is a story of families and traditions. It is a story we have lived ourselves at times.

The Awesome Foursome 


~*~Gopi Ahem Modi~*~
An innocent, docile girl with few expectations, Gopi is content with the simple things that family life has to offer. She is very fond of her her Mama and Mami (Jitu and Urmila) and stays with them after losing her parents at an early age. She has no big dreams and her only regret is that she is uneducated. Her mami treats her almost like a servant, but Gopi stays mum. She happily does what she is told as she feels its her responsibility towards her family.

~*~Rashi Jigar Modi~*~

A flamboyant, urban girl of today, she believes in living life to the fullest. She doesn't like to take up too many responsibilities, but is capable of going to any lengths to make her dreams come true. She does not believe in traditions or rituals. Rashi is the apple of her mother's eye and she thinks that life is full of fun and games.

~*~Aham Parag Modi~*~

A 27 year old modern man, he is the son of Kokila and Parag. He is a workaholic and believes in himself. Although not outright mean, he is insensitive towards others' feelings, mainly because of the way his mother has raised him. He is a mamma's boy and blindly follows whatever his mother asks him to do. He single-handedly runs the whole Modi empire.

~*~Jigar Chirag Modi~*~

He is a good-hearted 25 year old boy. Son of Hetal and Chirag, Jigar adores his Baaand can do anything for her. He is very fond of his mother,but scared of his father. He is slightly lazy sometimes, but it is generally because he loves to live every moment to the fullest.

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The Family

It all starts when Kokila Parag Modi, the strict matron of the Modi family starts looking for a 'sarvagun sampanna' bahu for herself and a wife for her son, Ahem. She wants a daughter in law who would toe her line and not come between her son and herself and finds a perfect one in Gopi

Urmila, not one to let her own daughter Rashi stay behind, works out a plan of manipulations and  Rashi marries Ahem's cousin, Jigar to become the daughter in law of the Modis just like her cousin Gopi.

The Modi family consists of Baa, the matriarch, her two sons Chirag and Parag, their wives and their children.

Chirag, the eldest son is the head of the family business. His wife Hetal(Called Mota Bhabhi by all) is a soft, loving person and Jigar, their only son.

Parag, Baa's second son is a poet who dreams of castles in the air. Kokila, his wife is a fair but strict and sometimes a frightening mother who takes care of the entire household with an iron hand. She makes the rules at home but is also bitter about her husband's lack of work. Parag and Kokila have two children Ahem and Kinjal.

Kokila is proud of her son Ahem who on his part dotes on his mother. Ahem handles the family business with his Kaka and is also a go-getter perfectionist with a short temper.

Ahem lives for Kokila, his mother and he makes it a point to give her everything she desires. This includes marrying Gopi, his mother's choice of girl even if it means forgoing his love with Anitha.

Jigar, Ahem's younger cousin  is a happy-go-lucky guy, embedded with deep family values. He gets his sweet nature from his mother and loves his family completely including his cousins and Kaki's family as his own.

Kinjal, their little sister is egoistic, rich and pampered girl who loves Anitha's brother who she wants to marry him. Unfortunately her family fixes her marriage with another (Elesh) and Kinjal conspires with Umang to stop this alliance. Unknown to her, Umang tricks her to exact revenge on Ahem for his betrayal of his sister leaving Kinjal in disgrace.

Due to circumstances, Kinjal is married to Dhawal Umrila's nephew and Rashi's brother. Unfortunately Kinjal finds herself unhappy in marriage. Dhawal belongs to a middle class family and he makes Urmila's house his home leading to Kinjal being dissatisfied with her way of life and her marriage. 

Saathiya - A saas bahu saaga with a difference

 SNS, is a saas bahu drama with a difference, it is a show, which, plausibly for the first time, in recent time,  is dealing with or highlighting the social, day-to-day, civic issues in a cinematic way which reaches out to the people... if we keep counting about the issues they have touched, we will be surprised. and initially the show SNS,  was not like this during the first 2 years of SNS... but in the recent past .. they are molding the show so creatively that they added the element of social TV to it.. Here are the few issues which they brought on TV through the show 

A few flashbacks of the show!!! ..  "Nayi soch pal" of Gopi's education, women empowerment using achaar track,  dealing with the middle men like the shah caterers who intoxicate food with artificial color and also make sure you are alert in business, Gopi raising voice for the improvement of jail conditions.. showing how fatal can the open bore well pits be.. which is illegal. Doctors operating or treating for extra money, never trust one doctor, always go in for a second opinion ,. it is not your option .,. but your right, Doctors negligence of forgetting items inside the patient's body during the surgery ..  Not to believe in fake and false babas or sages (as shown in kinjal didi track), .Don't harm the birds during the kite flying with the string.. by pasting the string with the glass pieces,  You can't escape paying taxes forever.. pay your taxes regularly (Savita ben track) , and how to handle the conman's and beware of conman's like Ramji Garodia bhai, Avoid air and noise pollution by having a diwali free of fireworks and crackers . Modis adopting Gandhigiri towards the docs... social change.. violence does not work for sure... nonviolence has the guarantee...  and now the latest track where the entire family is risking their life to get  justice to the girl who is dead because of dowry ...

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Moments  to recollect 

TRPs of 7  

STAR Plus' super hit show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya broke all records by garnering a TRP of 7. The entire cast and crew of the show are jubilant that their hard work has borne fruit. The story of an orphan Gopi, her search for love, her journey into marriage and her courage in the face of adversity has touched the hearts of many fans in India and around the world. Here's what the cast has to say'

Gopi aka Jia Manek is exuberant and claims, "It was unbelievable. When I got a text this morning, I thought it was a joke so I asked the team members. Later my producer called and told me the same. This is phenomenal and I am over the moon. Our hard work has paid off. I want to give the credit of our success to the audience who religiously watched our show just like one would pray daily. People who made claims like the saas-bahu genre of TV shows were over should eat their words now. Our show has broken records from the day it was launched, as it was the first show to air at 7pm and delivered high a TRP since then. We have been number one for a while, yet crossing our own numbers and getting a TRP of 7 is thrilling."

Gopi shares yet another gem. "Would you believe that our show has more male audiences than females? I was amazed to know the same."

Rashi aka Rucha too is giddy with happiness. "We were expecting high numbers but 7 is a pleasant surprise. We are all very happy to say the least. Saathiya has been ruling the roost since the launch. I guess people relate to the strict saas Kokila, the sweet bahu Gopi and my grey character. I find it amusing to know when people meet me that they love the schemes my character cooks up. Everything works for Saathiya I feel which is why our show is a hit. I guess housewives are our biggest audience as they relate to Gopi who is not only seedhi-saadi but also loving and caring towards her family. Most women are like Gopi in small towns while in metros you might find women relating to Rashi more than Gopi. I guess our show has an audience in all sectors," she laughs.

Aham aka Mohd. Nazim too is smiling. "I can't believe we have touched such great heights. It is a big deal to garner a TRP of 7 in today's times. Our show was growing since launch. I wish, pray and hope that we touch greater heights. I guess earlier when the show launched the audiences loved the fact that the show had a saas who wasn't biased towards her son or mean to her daughter-in-law. It was refreshing. My mom is strict yet not partial ' she's fair and just. Now the interest and excitement of the audience seems to have grown because of the current Aham-Gopi track wherein it seems Aham is finally softening towards Gopi."

7 pm, the new prime slot

Once upon a time in Hindi GEC, 8 to 10 PM was known as prime time. Then happened Kahin To Hoga and Kaahin Kissii Roz (both on Star Plus), and prime time viewership extended up to 11 pm. The interesting thing here was that while 10 to 10.30 pm slot was viewed across HSM, 10.30 to 11 was largely metro centric. And today, the slot is used for more mature stories like Maryada Lekin Kab Tak. 

Interestingly, channels have now realized that older children and teenagers are not watching that much television any more ' and there really is no requirement for shows tailored specifically for them in the 7 to 8 pm slot. Enter Saathiya ' and now 7-8 pm has become an integral part of prime time television viewing. Star Plus successfully proved yet once again that Saas Bahu still works ' 

Moving back to the extended prime time, the 7 pm slot was made popular by Star's Sathiya and 7.30 by Sasural Genda Phool on the same channel. However, now shows on Zee and Colors too are working well for their respective channels.

Nayi Soch Ka Pal

Gopi going to school to get educated is the moment which emphasized the Nayi Soch ka pal which the channel was flagging ... Kudos to the makers and Saathiya for staying in line with channel's Nayi Soch .. nayi prerna !!! The moment was indeed a turning point of the show...

Saathiya in Switzerland

The track where the characters go to Switzerland, is another high point in the show, the four leads along with Kokila Modi went to Switzerland and shot in the beautiful snow filled mountains, freezing temperatures .. It was quite a refreshing change in the story for the audience and for the characters 

there are many more cherishable moments associated with the show, Like any other show even Saathiya has it's share of ups and downs .. it went through rough phases,, but stood still and is going great !!!

Kudos to the cast and crew for the successful completion of  3 years  Party

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Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Saathiya on the 3rd anniversary  Party
3 years in recent times is incredible,Saathiya has always been a saas bahu saaga in a new package,... There are many tracks which we loved... many which we hated...Saathiya had it's own fair share of Ups and downs... but still it stood firm with resilience ..

It is the show which touched a TRP of 7 Clap in recent times .. incredible writing and brilliant performances reason behind the high numbers...

And over the last few months the show is redirected to social TV .. where they are taking each show with a message ... or an awareness attached to it 

and and and .. 

most importantly ... the SNS forum, has been incredible by far, along with it's share of Ups and downs... , as this is the place where  I met you all Saathiyans.. who vent together on a bad episode and smile and appreciate the good episode . .

Kudos to the makers and actors of the show for the resilience and consistent performances .. Best Wishes for the show !!!

Three cheers to the show ClapClapClap

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Congraulations to the entire team of Saath Nibhana Saathiya turely this show has Rockz till date.. Clap so many ups and downs Saathiya had face in journey of 3 years but * Woh Kehte Hai Na Jab Iradha Naake Ho Toh Manzil Mil Hi Jati Hai * wish all the very best fot future and hope Saathiya bring new heights of sucess.. Party Love SNS Rockz...

@Munni such Amazing thread dear u refresh all good memories Hug

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Congratulations for the entire cast and crew of saath nibhana saathiya! Fantastic show! The first ever show I liked on the Indian television! And the only reason I joined india forums! Love this show irrespective of the plot they show. Kudos to the entire team Clap congratulations saathiya and saathiyans! Hope we complete 10 years Smile

Awesome thread munni Clap

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Congrats 2  Saathiya Team, Wonderful achievement Tongue
Amazing Thread MunniTongue

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Awesome thread munni...

Congrats to the saathiya team ... Wonderful achievement.. Keep up it up with good tracks.. And keep rocking!

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