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Posted: 04 May 2013 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Deepali-


So I don't even know where to begin Munni! I'm so glad I got to know you over the year in both the VS and via the numerous PM chains we had going at one point! I think we've been through numerous ups and downs and highs and lows this year, but know that I wholeheartedly love you Hug I think our relationship has really evolved, we chat, we fight, we get mad, but then we're always there for each other!! Thanks for listening the numerous times I vented and know that I shall always be there! I really do respect you a lot Heart
Anyways, I know the emotional stuff is getting a bit much... so without further ado, I just want to wish you an amazingly HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take some time off for yourself today and enjoy the day doing whatever you love best!!! All the best wishes for the upcoming year and looking forward to spending a lot more time troubling you  Wink LOL
PS: your gift is in progress and shall be here soon hopefully  Big smile

Gun, firstly thank you so much for the warm Birthday wishesHug .. I am sorry I am late in replying .. had a very cramped last few days...  :(  had a great bday .. with hubby cooking and me eating .. even tres leches cake for bday .. *guilty for calories *

and coming to our relation ...   .. I said this before and will tell you always.. you are the one amazing girl and a super girl!!!  glad to know you as a person and as a DT member ... our relation indeed sustained  all ups and downs .. lows and highs .. but still we have the same mutual warmth, respect, regard and love for each other .. which I hold close to me Hug 

Awww your vents .. I am all here .. and I srsly can say that ..I always count on you on anything ..   and I am eagerly waiting for your summer break Gun... miss talking to you ... and troubling me ..even that is mutual for us na.. I trouble you .. you trouble me (you trouble me a bit less though LOL)  

Love you Gun!!! Warm Regards and thank you for such a sweet emotional lines and heart felt message Hug

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Originally posted by -Deepali-


Aahhh, now I've to sum up everything about the coolest Cool Viewbie I know around town, eh? CoolNot a difficult task Embarrassed You're really a sweetheart..Hug I don't think I knew you much (or on a personal level) before you became part of the DT, but ever since you did join us, it's been fun, YES, lots of it! The crazy spamming sprees we have in the NL thread is all cherishable! <3
I love working with you..not to forget the helpful tips you give on and off, about being less-lazy! LOL
AND omg, our recent common obsession- ZGH Embarrassed Those endless talks about ZK and FAK's amazingness Day Dreaming
So, really..before I go on any further, let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! Hug
May you be blessed with the best all year round and forever <3 Embarrassed
Your caring nature makes you very unique and special...something I hold very dear about you..so continue on with that Wink
Have a GREAT day..give yourself some time..from all the cooking and cleaning...sit and watch NiShal all day long..or if you wanna drool together..how about some ZK? Embarrassed

Love youuu! Hug

PS- gift tomorrow! :D

Hawww Coolest Cool Viewbie Shocked now I am confused how did this come to me.. Confused Fairy we didn't knew each other before me joining DT .. I am so glad to meet you and know about you on a personal level .. yes the NL thread is awesome, fun and .. random at times .. hum kuch bhi baath karte na..

and the not so lazy tips .. our new mantra .. bill gates .. I think he should hire me ROFL what say Fairy Tongue  I deserve to be employed by him 
"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."
Bill Gates

him  eeekkkss  ZGK .. I love you so much for introducing to be to this show, to HS, to Fawad .. OMG .. I would have missed out on these master pieces ... had it not been for you merely mentioning in one of our chats ... and I am glad we are talking in WA and FB all about ZGH ... aren't we obsessed a bit too much ..LOL ohh welll... obsession itself means more than too much ROFL #random please ignore

thank you Fairy for the warm birthday wishes .. as I said had a great bday .. cut the cake along with kids.. they blew the candles.. they love it Day Dreaming and NiShal . that is always there Blushing

Love you Fairy for the person you areHug.. I am glad to know you as a person ... you are a sweetheart ..I am fan of your shairis and your creations Day Dreaming

love you... we will resume our talk once I reply to all  the messages  :)))

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Originally posted by -Deepali-


Happy Birthday Munni, may your smile lighten up the candles near you. Your a wonderful girl who is loving, caring, smart and above all has a beautiful soul that anyone can fall in love with. keep rocking sweets.

We've known each other for almost a year now. I remember having Chat sessions with you and all other in EHM Lu thread. where we cribbed and shared all our views regarding the show. But that was so much fun. Its then we got to know each other really well. And you've become one of my best buddies since then.

A simple celebration,
A gathering of friends; 
Here is wishing you great happiness, 
A joy that never ends.
Happy Birthday MunniHugHug

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. 
Loads of Love,

Send this precious heart to say Happy Birthday

Thank you Deeps for the beautiful thread which is a huge huge huge surprise .. I will always cherish this .. Thank you for your sweet words *blush blush* ..smart LOL that is because of laziness .. you know na what Bill Gates said ROFL  Fairy and me laugh out loud ..

Awww EHM LU ...that indeed makes me nostalgic now ... it gave me whole bunch of new friends in EHM section whom i always hold close.. it was fun . we used to crib for one single VirMan scene .. the excitements and disappointments linked with VirMan scenes are so much cherished now .. and indeed we have come a long way ..best buddies .. you are so sweet and friendly Deeps .. love you loads Hug

and Thank you for the warm wishes .. had a great bday as I have told you and this thread is a super surprise ... Day Dreaming  thank you 


Haaapppy Birthdaaay Munni! Hug  Hug  Hug 
Now I'm sure you know by know that I officially suck at making any sort of creations. So I'll just go ahead with my heart wrenching message. Okay I joke. My wishes are all happy types no rona dhona right? LOL
On this special day of yours, I wish you get all the happiness in the world, and may all your wishes come true Embarrassed
The most cliche line: blow 101 candles! Gaaah Wink
I hope this surprise package thrills you, and you get even more surprises from your kids and family! Hug 
Cut a huge cake (which I hope you bake yourself, since you're an amaaazing cook!) and don't forget to leave us friends some!
You're one of closest friends I have here, and you're one of a kind.
I always love all your advises, gossip and drama in our spamming thread, and I hope we go a looong way! Blushing
PS- Never change, cause you're loved the way you are.
PPS- A more personalized message coming your way!

So once again, haaapppyy birthday! Love youuu! Hug 

first Sonia!!!!!!   thank you for the emotional heartfelt message LOL JK . we are no rona dhona types LOL and yes I agree u cannot make creations.. but you are very artistic with respect to the lay out and the initial conversation which is so like us all Day Dreaming

the thread is a gorgeous gift . it is a huge huge surprise... cherished always Day Dreaming

Sonia, you are the first in DT whom I got in contact with in SNS forum.. you used to comment in my WUs .. always cursing UrShi kalakaries LOL

LOL one of a kind .. Unique... hope i don't have any manufacturing defect like Maanvi ROFL

advises .. gossips and drama in our thread.. always cherished by all dabbas of our choo choo train Day DreamingROFL  and going long way as in choo choo train LOL I would love to Sonia...

and gladly didn't have to cook any thing myself... Masterchef Munni ko chutti mil gayi thi uss din LOL  so sharing a piece of Tres Leches cake with you all 

Thank you so much for the thread and for the happy wala message .. 

Love you Soniaa... you are my Sonia .. Dancing  *remember your son :P 


Diii Hug
Happy Labour Day! I hope you have a fabulous time with your family and go out and enjoy the nice summer breeze with a picnic! Big smileWinkROFL
Coming to the real thing..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI! You're the first DT I came across and I still remember how nervous I was cause I'd just been offered a promotion and I didn't know Fari/Gun/Soni/Deeps and you reassured me and now I'm all chummy and pally with them! Bah we need to find a show where we can work together, you as the boss and me as your unpaid slave, ROFL! ROFL
Here's hoping you have an amazing time with your family! May all your wishes come true, and may you have a wonderful year ahead. God bless your and your family always!
Now listen to this, I am sure you'll be all happy and cheery on watching this vid! 
Lots and lots of love,
Nautanki Saali TongueWink
In other words:
Ritchelle Embarrassed

Awww meri nautanki mannu ...phir se shuru ho gayi ... thank you for the labor day wishes .. truly touched  ROFL

lol I know u were so confused and nervous with the promotions.. but ab dekho .. you are so hyper with caffeine LOL and wish out rail gaadi continues to the next station as well Day Dreaming

I had a wonderful birthday Ritch ..  thank you for the warm wishes and also for the song .. those were good old days of EHM ..Day Dreaming  Maanvi's bday and Virat's song for her.. Day Dreaming

Love you loads my nautanki Mannu Hug

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Posted: 04 May 2013 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Deepali-


Hey Munni!You are one of the coolest cool viewbies on India-Forums. You're generally the sweetest person. Don't change and remain the same. It's really awesome knowing you because you are always soo calm and I guess everyone comes to you with their problems because along with being calm and cool, you're also collected with your thoughts! Big smileHAPPY BIRTHDAAAYY! PartyHave a fantastic day and an amazing day! HugLove,Saraa.

Saraa !!! you too .. whats with the coolest cool viewbie *confused* and looks at Fairy *  Thank you Saraa for your kind words .. Hug  not sure how far I am able to help  and resolve the probs but surely have easy way out .. as Bill Gates said the lazy ones have easy way out ROFL  Thanks again Saraa...for the warm message...and I would like to know more about you 

and eeekkkss  the gift is gorgeous.. the two most fav couples of mine Day Dreaming

I had a great birthday !!! and you all made it even more special .. Hug  

Love you ... Warm Regards -... 


Happy Birthdaaay Di! You are amazing just the way you are! Don't change for anyone! May you have lotss more birthdays to come! May your life be filled with love, happiness, success, good wealth and prosperity! No matter how much i praise you, it won't be enough! We haven't interacted that much but I know that you are a gem!  My Didi! Heart Mwuaah! Lovee youuu Hug Have fun and Party Hard! :DHappy Birthday once again!! xox
Krupaa x

Krupa Hug thank you so much for the warm wishes and  message.. itna praise mat karo ... it's not good for me LOL  you are embarrassing me Krupa .. I miss talking to you .. had fun and great time .. Awww my lil sis .. Muaaahhh .. love you too Krupa ..Hug

warm regards 
love ,


 Best wishes for the happiest day filled with love and laughter. Happy Birthday.

Deepika Thank you for the wishes and gift Hug.. the gift is so beautiful .. VirMan and ZK Blushing


On this special day of yours, i would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and may you be blessed always with good health and happiness Big smile

Thank you Visha !!!.. for the wishes and for the gorgeous gift Hug


Many Many Happy Returns of the day Munni. Have a great Day. Hope this day brings a lot of joy and happiness in your life and may u have success in all that u do.Have an Amazing Super Duper Birthday! Hug

Will try to make something for u soonish!Anyway, Enjoy!! Big smileLoads of Love,-Ridz

Thank you Ridzzi Hug.. I had a wonderful and fun filled  birthday .

Love you lots  !!!  and warm Regards

Munni you are very cute, mature and protectiveFirst time I thought that you are a masti wali and caring girland of course you are just like that EmbarrassedOnce I wrote something on CC which is I shouldn't write toh she jaldi se PMed me and said to delete it , how caring you are ...I love your explanations over the scenes and characters, and your writings, so mature!Happy Birthday and I love you so much Hug Heart  

Preity .. you still remember the PM LOL yeah AT mein i was like a patrolling cop ROFL
Thank you Preity .. and Love you too Hug


first of all avery very happy birthday dii ,yeeeDancingDancingeks today is ur birthday ...all our meet and talks r just coming in my mind ..AT se we all started and look here we r such a grt friends ..a true analyzer and true person i have seen..a friend a dii which i will always be with..and dii wait there is a surprise from my side for u.. A OS by me for u ...on fb ..hope u like it ..once again wish you a Happy Birthday..andA Peom-

God gave a gift to the world when you were born'a person who loves, who cares,who sees a person's need and fills it,who encourages and lifts people up,who spends energy on othersrather than herself,someone who touches each life she enters,and makes a difference in the world,because ripples of kindness flow outwardas each person you have touched, touches others.you are a special treasurefor all that you've done.May the love you have shown to othersreturn to you, multiplied.I wish you the happiest of birthdays,and many, many more,so that others have time to appreciate youas much as I do... Hug

A siggie for u on ur birthday also .. [will edit] credit to sana helped me in it-

Chaitu !!!  Hug me too having all the flashes of our good old times in AT and now all the convos of NiShal/VirMan in all our groups and inboxes .. very true . we all have come a long way ..nostalgic indeed .. but loving what ever time we are catching up every other day ...  and the OSDay Dreaming ..I left a detailed msg in FB Tongue 
the poem is beautiful and lyrical .. but 200% its not for me LOL  but thank you chaitu for you think so kindly of me .. 

but one thing ... I love you always hamesha Hug

I got the siggie it is beautiful... nishalicious .. using it Embarrassed Loads of Love !!! muaaahhh 

 happy bdaaay munni di !

its being more than 6 months now that i have known u !
u are realy a sweetheart  n also a child at heartEmbarrassed
i m lucky to have met u !!
really i can share anything n everythin with u !
u really understand me better !!
n love to hear ur kids stories
n i must say u are a super mom !Embarrassed
love our nishalicious convos too !
u are not just a good sigige maker or a good friend but also a good human !Embarrassed
always be the same..
loads of love from ash !!!

Thank you Ash for the kind words .. I am glad to met you too Ash . .. and yes we can speak anything and share anything . kids stories.. will tell u more .. I know you love them .. super mom .. LOL hawww nishalicious convos .. can anything beat those convos for us 

Love you ash for everything .. muaahhh Hug


Wish you a very happy birthday filled with lots of surprise and happiness! Embarrassed

Thank you partner !!! and the beautiful siggie also says partners for life Day Dreaming


Happy Birthday! Hug Hug Hug

Thank You MiniiHug


Happy Birthday Munni! Hug

Thank you Xar!!!!!  beautiful Nishalicious gift .. Day DreamingHug

munni di..wish u a many many happy returns of the day...u r one of the beautiful writers i have met...i rember how u made one beautiful poem in my virman's marriage celebration thered in just few hours...u r gifted..god may bless u with many more things..love you and have a blast..enjoy and wish u all the happiness


Priyaa!!! OMG it's you .Big smile...  how are you ... Thank you so much for the kind words .. and ohh yeah now i remember those lines for VirMan marriage thread .. 

Love you Priya Hug


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Originally posted by -Deepali-


MunniHug wish you a very very happy Birthday Party
May this year bring great joy and prosperity to you Munni- Tum jiyo hazaro saal Big smile

Thank you Nikhila Hug  Love you muuaahhh 


Munni dii, U are one calm, lovable, level headed & sweet person I've ever come across in my entire life. And it were these qualities of yours which made me talk to u that day, wherein I confided my deepest, saddest secrets that were eating away my heart & soul. Being the cute person u are, u took out time to reply to my long rants & made me understand stuff, so like an elder sister which I never had.. I've loved u from then & Yes, I'll love u so till eternity. I know cyber world friendships are kinda wavering & non existent, but not to me.. Even if we dont talk, Even if we lose contact, U'll sure hold a very special place in my heart. This I promise on ur birthday, from the bottom of my heart, U'll be my elder sister.. For life! Love u dii...HeartHeart May god shower his blessings upon u & keep u smiling forever.. Happy Birthday! 

LOL, I know thats too many Happy Birthday's in  lot.. But Yeah, No kanjoosi when its My dii's birthdayLOL Have a blast diii..!! & Yep, I wish u on behalf of my Virat & Kushal too.. Happy Birthday to the world's greatest mom!!!StarStarStar

Like we always say..LOL Hugs across seven seas on my dii's birthdayy!!HugHug
Yours & Yours,

Awww my Rapunzel Hug  why do you have to do this time and again .. made me extremely emotional... your words always make my heart swell .. with love and warmth.. I donno what made you confide your secrets to me.. but I am glad if that helped you in any way ... I know what friendship is to you even in virtual world... I srsly have no words like always .. uff i can't write here anything .. will take it off line..

Thank you for the warm and heartfelt wishes and messages.. and greatest mom . that goes out to every single mom in the world... Clap

yeah I love this out trade mark .. hugs across seven seas Hug

Load of Love Gowri.. I am not poetic and not good with expressing myself one one personally .. ...  but I love you hamesha Hug

Only Special people receive birthday messages from me, and you have always been one of the special ones.. I wish You Millions of Greetings, Thousands of Colours, 100s of Wishes, Kilograms of sweets and Lots of smile Muni JiEmbarrassed  i dedicate this song for you, since it has become so synonymous with You..

Ifyaa so I am the prerogative one to receive a message from youBig smile.. that means a lot to me,... Thank you for the wishes and this is a unique message ...  love you Ifyaa and indeed the song is sooo synonymous with me .. .. I am munni .. and I am badnaam ROFL

Munnidi We really love you.. And we are really sorry for irritating you.. May God fulfill all your dreams.. Yours loving ShiSa (Shiv nd Sana) 

And finally a BIG group hug from ALL your friends on I-FHug  Hug  Hug  Hug  Hug 
Have a blast! Party  Party  Party

Love you too Shiv. Sana and a very big group hug to all friends on IF ..  Hug  Hug  Hug 

irritating me .. i toh love it lol and thank you for the super nishalicious siggie.. .. 

p.s: btw ShiSa kab ban gaya .. mujhe pata hi nahin hain LOL 

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Originally posted by -Deepali-

Once again Happy Birthday  my dear MunniHugHug many many many happy returns of the day dearPartyParty   May all your dreams come true on this auspicious day and May God bless you with His entire bounties! SmileSmilehere wishing u best of wishes for your coming yearTongue      I wish that you be strong so that you go very far and reach the heights you aim for!!SmileMay all your wishes be fulfilled and May God Bless you with Love and careHugHave a splendid birthday!!! with lotss of love...Muuuaaahhh God Bless!!!!!Hug

Special Thanks to Sonia who helped me to made that thread so awesomeHug

Also very Special thanks to My Sautan melz aka Aahana ..i am chorifying some stuffs from her...after all sautan hoon itna toh haq banta hi hai ROFLROFLROFL
thank you so much Sonia and Melz  DearHugHug

Thank you Deepss..awww you are showering me with wishes ... all I can say you is I Love you dearly ...muaaahhh stay blessed Deeps Hug

and Sonia thank you for the surprise... very thrilling and exciting !!!

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Originally posted by ..Gowri..

Happy Birthday Munni diiHugHug Hug

photo Bdsistcm_02.gif

Love & Kisses,

Rapunzelll Hug  love you muuuahhh thank you 

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Originally posted by --Iqra--

Happy Birthday!!! Embarrassed

Lovely thread! 

Thank you Iqra Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Sweetzo.Tuhi-

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most intelligent, kind , caring and dashing friend i have on IF lolLOL Happy birthday darling !! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you get all that you want in life. God bless u sweetzo, enjoy ur special day !!Heart

Awww Tuhi ... thank you for the warm wishes Hug   you are such a sweetheart actually you are a sweet sweet sweet person.. i said this before also .. Love you ..muaaahhh 

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