OS Amarprem - Chapter 29

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        here's the link to Chapter 28
 Chapter 29

                                                         'Mr. KST has revealed that u urself send ur daughter to his estate to see his spice garden... if u feared that ur daughter was 'kidnapped' , how come u call at his estate , without receiving any clue  or phone call from the kidnappers , unless ofcourse u called to check whether ur daughter reached the estate alright?' the reporter pressed in... bakshi nodded to the guards , as he said to the reporters , while Shailendra smiled awkwardly to the camera ..'no more questions...the minister needs peace of mind ... his daughter is just recovering ...' 'What kind of recovery r u...?' another reporter scoffed...'is this an election campaign gimmick?' another reporter asked... 'everything will be clear by tmw's press please leave...' Bakshi said, as Shailendra climbed the steps to his house... 'hey!!' the reporters pressed , as one shouted 'look , Mr. KST is here!'...


                                            shailendra whipped his head towards the gate , failing to mask his fear , as krishna's Rover blasted its way through the gates ... he exchanged a worried look with bakshi , who stared apprehensively at the vehicles ... 'what is the reason for ur visit here?' the reporters clamoured around Krishna n gayatri , once they got out ...'nothing' smiled Krishna ... just a friendly visit...heard that the minister's daughter is not well... may be her ankle is still paining thought of visiting , with my aunty here , ofcourse...' he smirked, his eyes on shailendra...'now , if u will please excuse us...' said gayatri , manoeuvring her way through the crowd... bakshi came forward , ordering the guards to send away the reporters, as shailendra smiled n welcomed gayatri in, trying not to look at Krishna , who followed them , an amused smile on his face...


                                                          The door bell honked for the umpteenth time since morning n geetha, wrenched open the door, shouting 'i am done with it!...i said don't disturb me!... i...' she flattered , embarrassedly straightening her hair n salwaar for god knows what , the embarrassment quickly replaced by apprehension as she encountered Chandu's surprised eyes...'oh, so u r geetha!' he exclaimed , smiling n entering her small apartment ...  'oh...hi...' she mumbled stupidly , her hand turning the door knob nervously ... Chandu looked at her, his surprise turning into anger as he thought about what she had done...'explain urself...' he said , his face hard...'erm...what?' geetha asked , folding her hands over her chest ... 'i was doing my job...! look Mr...erm... look here , u can't intimidate me like this n...' Chandu interrupted , folding his hands over his chest too, 'ur job? Was it ur job to spy n hide in people's premises ...? n is it ur job to speculate when a girl's life n reputation is at stake? Look at what u have done!!!'...

                                         'I ...' gulped geetha...'I repeat , I was doing my job... u see there r people who r curious about what's happening in the lives of rich n famous n its our job to deliver what they want ... if ur employer needs to hang out with girls he should've done it without showing off to the world or...' 'silence...!' said Chandu through gritted teeth...' he was not hanging out with the defence minister's daughter!... as u must have seen , she was there for a tour in his garden... how dare u cook up stories about such an innocent visit n malign a girl's honour...?'... 'oh, really ? worried about a girl's honor r u?... why do I find it funny , when ur employer himself is a suspected womaniser!!... n I have heard that his family has the tradition of mistresses n all...' 'his private life is not your business...nobody's business!... i am talking about the girl here... Pratigya!... u must have seen how this simple incident is turning out to be... its all going wrong...' snarled chandu taking a step closer to her...

                                             geetha , trying to hold on to the door for courage , said 'i...what could i do if politicians r playing their games !... n its the other news channels that r taking this issue further... its not my fault...' ' r u sure u r not at fault?' Chandu asked , his eyes looking into hers... 'may be... i am... ' geetha admitted, looking away from his eyes...'but u tell me, r u sure u r not at fault...? bec I get a feeling that atleast one of the stories circulating is true... kidnap or...or dating?'... Chandu smiled 'i agree that we r at fault if its kidnapping...i can't understand how we will be at fault if its 'dating'?... 'then why r u not admitting it in front of the media... i mean if dating isn't a fault then why this 'tour story'? bec I know that it isn't true... me n my friend dinesh were there for enough to know that she didn't even see a single plantation...' geetha said , looking smug... Chandu looked away from her eyes , saying 'don't poke ur nose into things that rn't ur business, geetha... u have got a nice flat here, BTW... but poor hospitality ... ' he sighed , a trace of smile in his lips...

                                                   'what? Oh...I am sorry... tea or coffee?' geetha asked , indicating him to sit, blushing... 'oh, no ... nothing... I would want the negatives pls...' said Chandu smirking... 'look here mr...err...' she said bristling ...'Chandu...' said Chandu , smiling, his eyes roving over her frame unconsciously  ... 'oh...ok..Chandu, don't think that u can intimidate me...' said geetha, blushing again...why r u blushing?...'bec I am not going to give u the negatives...' Chandu continued to gaze at her... just then he remembered that he  was supposed to be making sure that she got their message ...n what was he doing? Wasting time in small talk...! 'ok... but make sure that u won't feel the urge to do ur job again, miss geetha... bec I meant what I said ...' Chandu said , walking up to her, his eyes boring into hers...geetha staggered back, her back hitting the wall, her eyes wide at she stared at him...'don't poke ur nose into our business... n don't think that i am intimidating u...bec i haven't even thought of doing it...' he said, his face close to hers, his one hand on the door knob...'don't make me do could turn nasty n i don't want such an asset  to journalism wither away to oblivion...' he smiled pleasantly n went out of the room, shutting the door... geetha took several deep calm breaths to stable herself , her hands twisting her shawl , as she rubbed her face , moping the sweat... she was thinking how his face n voice changed from friendly to threatening in spilt sec...


                               Durjjan was sitting on a couch , his eyes narrowing at the sight of gayatri n Krishna, who's eyes swept the hall... Sakthi was not there , he had gone to Jamuni Bai's , thinking that the fun will only start after tmw's conference...'why r u here?' snapped shailendra , the moment the doors closed ... 'If u think u can force me to withdraw the complaint, its not going to happen... remember its defense minister's house... if u haven't brought the file, u may leave...' he continued , his eyes slits on Krishna... Krishna smirked , his hands in his pockets, as he said 'u will not get the file... n u very well know that ur 'allegations' against me can't be proved... so don't waste ur time thinking that u r scaring the living daylights of us... where is ur precious daughter , BTW...' he asked , his eyes glinting in anger n lust... durjjan's sharp eyes caught the emotion n his eyes narrowed further , his brow knitting ...


                                     'out of my house' Shailendra said through gritted teeth ... gayatri looked tensed , as she said ' look Shailendra ... i think we could find a solution for ur problem other than empty words or threats...' 'or death ...' Krishna smiled crookedly , walking closer to Shailendra , his voice low... 'oh , don't act smart , kid! I know that u r disturbed by  what my daughter is going to announce tmw... sure, we can't prove anything ... but urs n ur father's carefully masked face will find a particularly large crack on it... which we know u can't afford... so that's why u r blackmail us with death threats n to force my daughter to abstain from the conference...that's not going to happen...u can't see Pratigya... leave now...' shouted Shailendra...

                            Krishna smiled, his face inches from Shailendra 'yes n no, mr. Defense minister...I aam not here to give u 'threats'... firstly i don't give threats...ur dear friend knows that ...why don't u just explain that to him while u r burning ur head to cook up half baked rape attempt plots...?' he said to durjjan , his eyes still piercing shailendra ... 'n secondly, ' his smirk widened, his voice a barely audible whisper ,  thick with mockery n underlying lust  'I want u to know that ur accusations may not be entirely false...u see, I had a taste of ur daughter today morning... just a tiny teasing taste ... she is delicious... n I am hungry for more... may be , if she is willing, as willing as she was in the morning , I would like to have more... ' ... Shailendra looked shocked n angry , while durjjan gritted his teeth in anger...gayatri looked horrified , Krishna was never particular about a girl...never ever...

                                          'how dare u...?' shouted Shailendra , angry that the boy has such audacity to speak mockingly in front of the defense minister of the state, trying to catch Krishna's collar, but Krishna gripped his hands , still smiling 'don't do anything that u will regret , mr. Defense Minister ... I am here to let u know that ur daughter, Pratigya,  will be spending the rest of her life in my bed , conference or no conference... if she abstains from the conference , the depth of her punishment will be less... she will be my mistress... but if she is going ahead with her lie, she will be my mistress , nevertheless, but she wouldn't even enjoy the status of a speck of dust on my shoes... '  ... shailendra looked deranged in anger as he freed himself from krishna's grip 'u ! standing inside my house n asking for my daughter to be ur mistress!!!... I am the defense minister of this state!!!...u wait!!!...u wait until tmw... u r going to be ruined...u ...' he stopped as durjjan held his shoulder , his eyes on Krishna ... ...


                                ' u can ask her urself...' said durjjan to krishna , his hands restraining Shailendra ...'What r u...?' shouted Shailendra as Krishna n gayatri exchanged confused looks...'no Shailendra... let him see Pratigya...let him know that we r not forcing her to lie...' durjjan sighed dramatically , his eyes warningly flashing at Shailendra , so that Krishna won't notice ...oh! so she is the one out for revenge! Thought Krishna angrily ... all the more reason to humiliate her further...!!! 'what the hell...he is standing here in my house n ...' shouted shailendra , but durjjan squeezed his shoulder warningly , as he watched krishna's face fill with anger... he turned to gayatri , who was looking at durjjan with confused eyes 'Gayatri ji, pratigya is a lawyer ... she won't take her kidnap lightly ...she want her case to be strong n so she has her own agenda going in this matter, besides the fact that she wants to help her father to win the upcoming elections... tell ur nephew that she , the defense minister's daughter , can't be his mistress, as he wants her to be... neither will she abstain from giving the press conference tmw...everybody has their own please take ur nephew n leave...'


                                 'no!...' shouted Krishna ... 'I want to see her... now!...where is her room?' he demanded , his eyes burning in anger... 'upstairs ... left corridor... 2nd one...' said shailendra, nodding at durjjan...'krishna ...don't loose ur head ...'gayatri almost pleaded as Krishna ran up the stairs , his features wrought with anger... durjjan turned to Shailendra ' calm down Shailendra... let him see her n go... we know that she has no choice...' he made shailendra sit...'but i find something really interesting ... n I am sure u must have noticed that too, gayatri ji...' he continued , his eyes on gayatri...Gayatri n Shailendra looked at durjjan, their brows frowning ... 'but before we talk any further , I need to know certain things, gayatri devi...' durjjan said , looking at her intently... 'we have nothing to file... n i am sure that he will ,erm, persuade ur daughter to do as he wants...'said gayatri , as she took out her phone n nodded at one of their 2 men who flanked her 'call chandu n tell him that we may be late...I will talk to sajan now...'


                             '1 min gayatri devi ji... I want to know a simple fact n after that u can busy urself with ur household matters...' interrupted durjjan , nodding at a fuming Shailendra...'what do u want to know?' snapped gayatri, irritated... 'hmmm, it will be good for u if we talked in private...' said durjjan, smiling at her men...'wait outside' she ordered the men ...once it was only her n durjjan n Shailendra in the hall, she snapped at them again 'tell me, what do u want to talk about?... don't know why r u adamant on inviting death earlier , with this little game of yours...if u think that sajjan will think twice to kill off a minister , think again ...u know him, durjjan' 'hmmm' deliberated durjjan, looking at shailendra... 'ofcourse I know him... n his son!... which makes me wonder about u , gayatri devi ji...' he said , smirking ... 'lets leave the topic of our deaths for a moment, tell me ma sahib, have u ever thought of ur death ?' 'what r u talking about? ' laughed gayatri...'if u think u can try n scare me or kill me by sending my guards away , think again durjjan!... Krishna is here...u will be dead before u even know it... ' she scoffed ...

                           'oh, on the contrary , i wasn't talking about us killing u, Ma sahib... I was talking about him killing, here...' gayatri looked up, confused 'I don't have time for ur jokes...durjjan!... why would Krishna want to kill me, when u two r competing with each other who will die first ...?' Durjjan smiled at Shailendra , before turning to gayatri...'oh, I don't know... may be he will, if he comes to know that u made the disastrous plan with my father to kill ur dear step brother n  framed his mother!... or may be he will leave u within an inch from ur death so that sajjan can finish off his dear elder sister...'...  Gayatri inhaled, terrified ...

              Hope u liked it Embarrassed

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Yes Durjjan is right about tht.l I so wanna read kriya confrontation as soon as possible... do we hv the second part of this chapter.?

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wah wah dear
excellent  i can't wait to read kriya confrontation pls update quickly dear Wink

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Another great updateClap

Can't wait for Kriya to confront each other.  After the confrontation and the misunderstanding will  KST  start suspecting that something is not quite right and discover the real reason why P is lying, or will the mothers of P and K have some hand in clearing up the misunderstanding.

Dhanya, your story is so good and riveting that it has made me  have all this guesses about what is going to happen.   Can't wait to read how it progresses your writing is amazing. Star

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Once again amazing update Thumbs Up
I so want Krishna to know abut gayatri ASAP Angry
Bt for now waiting for kriya confrontation and I feel that Krishna might feel something and there,ll b again some eye lock Wink

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Originally posted by babithaj

Yes Durjjan is right about tht.l I so wanna read kriya confrontation as soon as possible... do we hv the second part of this chapter.?

Soon...i am trying to make the confrontration quite memorable

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nice update,,,,,Clap
do update nxt one soonEmbarrassed

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