Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #10, pg 45, epi 113 (Page 70)

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thanks so much Chlhov, again that song, i love it, i'm singing it but can't for the life of me remember which movie its from. the way they were acting with each other at the party was unbelievable, reminds me of teej puja, so into eachother, though here she was also into him as much as he was. thanks again for the comments, lol, he does get in the habbit of stealing her jewelry, guess he has to have a part of her all the timeLOL
@Ami its 1942 a love story

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Episode 111-113


It Doesn't Mean A Thing

Please Let Me Know Dear God




Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Why the poolside is lit with lamps all about and the warm glow is soft like a candlelit room?  It is the perfect place for romance; a place for me to get lost in emotion.  Why is the poolside, a safe haven to let down my guard and allow all that I am feeling to burst just like the crackers outside on the streets. The little boy guilt for having her payal is no more, I will take the precious payal and clasps it around her ankle.  This precious payal was her mother's and was returned to its rightful place on Kushi's ankle and I feel content. 

She brings her sari down passed her ankle and he stands up; she does too but there are many unspoken questions lingering in the air.

Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Why did I walk away?  She watches me almost disappointed that I am leaving but I turned around, I was compelled to as she nervously wrings her hands and looks away.  Seconds pass but it seems like an eternity and then her eyes slowly shift upward gazing into mine.  She has just given me permission that was all I needed.

He starts walking towards her intently looking into her eyes, her lips quivering and for every step forward he takes, she takes one step back. She too can feel it, the strong attraction and mesmerizing pull.  Thud'.there is no where else for her to go she is up against the wall, cornered.  He is coming closer'. closer'.. closer'she can feel his breath upon her skin.  He reaches and caresses her face, she closes her eyes in bliss, his touch so appealing. Her breath starts as a shallow pant, high in her chest, but then deepens and comes hard and fast; he moves her so much. Her hand clenches her sari. Her pink luscious lips are calling him and ever so slowly he is answering their call.  He wants her with all his being; he can't fight it anymore.

Just when his lips are about to touch hers,

               RRRINNNGGG '...  RRRINNNGGG'... RRRINNNGGG...

reality hits'...

eyes open'...


His hands release her as if he has been burned.

Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

I close my eyes and think why did I do that?  Why was I carried away?

I look at her she too looks embarrassed and I walk away.

Oh, Devi Maiyya,

How has this happened, what does it mean and why does did he have my payal?

I must find out, help me.


He is alone, eyes closed.  He pictures in his mind how his lips nearly touched hers.


Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

How can I do this?  How could this happen? Why? Why was I so weak?

She comes to him. He leaves.

Back at the party ASR is assisting Di and Kushi is on the phone telling her sister she will be home soon.  La asks Kushi where has she been; she has been looking for her.  Kushi says I have been right here.   She sees him talking with guests and then he is gone and she tells La she will be right back.  He is avoiding her averting his eyes everytime she looks at him.

 Something is definitely wrong.

Anjali asks Kushi what is the matter, oh, she knows it is getting late.  Anjali says don't worry she will send her home in her car.  Kushi sees Arnav and walks away from Di leaving her hanging.  "Kushi'Kushi?''

He is at poolside again and she goes there.

Please let me know my dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Why did I fake being on the phone and she knew it.  She says to me that she needed to talk to me and my reply was I didn't want to talk to her but she says I must.  Why must I?  Why must I admit my feelings for her?


Back at the party neighbors have come and they have met Lavanya.  They have heard that she is Arnav's live in girlfriend.  How can Nani allow this in her home?

Oh Devi Maiyya

Give me strength.

Where did you find my payal? Since when have you had it and why didn't you return it earlier?  Why today?   Tell me, answer me.

Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Don't let her see I am lying.

Don't you learn when you're told once? Leave me alone, in fact I don't want to see you. Don't you understand?


Oh, Devi Maiyya,

Give me courage!


No I don't understand, you explain it to me.


He tells her, Go away from here!!!

He tries to leave but she blocks his way.

Explain it to me! Why was my payal with you?  What does this mean and all that happened'..

Angrily and frustrated he tells her,

I said just leave me alone!!!!

She starts to talk to him again.  He can't take it; he grabs her, "don't you dare say another word!"  He is hurting her, gripping her like a vice, like the pain he is feeling in his heart. He finally realizes the pain he is causing her when he sees tears in her eyes and it stops him; he can't stand to see her in pain, even if he hates her right now for revealing his true feelings to her.  He closes his eyes, he has done it again, hurt her.  He releases his hands from her arms.


Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Give me strength!

  I don't need to answer anything you ask.

He walks away.

The neighbors are still carrying on about the live in relationship, when Arnav walks up grabs Lavanya's and and says that his intentions are to marry Lavanya.  All are surprised including Kushi across the room.  Everyone is happy while Kushi is in tears and all he can do is watch her reaction.  ASR and La take Nani's blessing and everyones hugs and congratulations.  La is ecstatic!

Kushi runs to leave.  She is in tears and La catches her from going out the door.  She asks her why is she crying, is everything okay?  Isn't she happy for her?  Kushi lies and tells her they are tears of joy.  La thanks her for everything since it was Kushi who has enabled this to happen. 

Absolutely, La, because if nothing had happened at poolside you would still be just a live in and not a soon to be engaged girlfriend. 


Please let me know, My Dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Why am I glad I hurt her?  Who does she think she is? 

And who am I kidding?

And I certainly wouldn't be praying to you!


Kushi is dragged back by Lavanya and she is the one who has to give the sweets.  My Dear God, such a punishment.  This girl is just realizing her feelings for this man, has experienced a very intimate exchange only to be slapped in the face and he engages himself to someone else!  She must leave and Anjali is insisting he take her home.  She says No!  She will be all right and she leaves.

Kushi is devastated.  As she is walking, she relives what just occurred between them.  It is too late. 

The family is so excited making plans for a quick engagement and marriage.  Arnav becomes angry he only agreed to get married he didn't say when he would do anything!  He leaves.  He can't stand the idea she is out there alone, he goes to find her.

He reaches her and gets out of the car and tells her to shut up and go sit in the car.  Way to go arnav, take control of your woman, jerk!

The car ride is awkward with Kushi babbling to hide her pain and he is asking her don't you want to know about your payal?  He has come up with some crazy excuse for having it I am sure.  She is congratulating him on his engagement and she is happy for them. 

Oh, really?

He stops the car soon after.  I said get out!

They are outside her house, she didn't realize.  She thought he was throwing her out of the car again.  She tries to unbuckle her seat belt, has difficulty, as always and when leaving her dear dupatta doesn't want to leave him she is holding on.  Kushi struggles aqnd as she does her wallet falls into the car.   Ah yes, that is why our lovely little dupatta held on; he must return to her again and say all those nasty little lies.

The family is just so totally frustrated and confused.  First Arnav agrees for the engagement and then says no for the wedding.  They have to meet Lavanya's parents so why was he like this.  Anjali mentions that they didn't know if he would marry and now atleast he has agreed, and Shyam says he must feel like he is being rushed.  They all agree to let Arnav take his time.

As he comes to a halt the wallet falls below his feet.  He sees it.  It is HERS.  Hmm, was that a frustrated sigh I saw?  He throws the wallet on the dashboard.

She is at home, her life will never be the same.  The whole family is in the living room and Buaji is pressuring Kushi for an answer to her marriage with Shyam.  Garima asks Kushi if she wants some tea.  A true mother she is to Kushi, she notices her tension and wants to calm her. 

She has to have a good reason why she shouldn't marry him.  And her reason knocks on the door.

She goes to answer the door and it is Arnav with her wallet.  Buaji invites him in admonishing Kushi for her bad manners.  He enters the home and Garima says she will get some sweets.  Kushi answers like a good wife would," Nahi, Mom he is not suppose to have sweets". Arnav is very polite.  He asks how Babuji is and tells the family if they ever need anything to inform him, just like a good husband would say.  He wishes them Happy Diwali and leaves to go, both glancing at each other knowing the events of the evening.  Garima tells Kushi to go and walk him out.

Please let me know, My Dear God and Devi Maiyya
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Why is it that the spider is still spinning his web?  He is trying to leave the house with an excuse of going to receive his allergy injection.  Anjali is worried, Dear God.  She wants to go and support her husband but he is weaving and weaving an excuse and again she falls for it, falling into his web, so he can devour her. 

He leaves and we know where he's going!

He calls his goons he has something planned.

Back at the GH, Kushi runs out after him thanking him.  He tells her "she has a habit of leaving her things with him just like the payal at the pool.    I had your payal don't thionk otherwise.  Don't think that I held on to the payal as a mememto to this rich man.  It doesn't matter to me.

It doesn't mean a thing."

She pictures what happened at poolside questioning,"it doesn't mean a thing?"  She saw his face as he placed her payal so reverently on her ankle, she saw the intensity of emotion when he tried to kiss her, "Doesn't mean a thing?"  That's not true and she knows it deep in her heart.  He does too but he must stop the thoughts. "Maybe you do and you thought you would change your life forever." He walks forward, here it comes, "All that happened, doesn't meant anything at all to me.  It doesn't mean a thing."  The final slap in the face and kick her when she is down, she deserved it for making him reveal himself and his feelings.  Now he shouldn't feel anything for her, now it will be over.

He leaves.  The slamming car door makes her jump.  He speeds off and she slowly sits on the steps crying.  She is devastated.  Payal comes out noting that Kushi has found her payal and asks her about it.  Kushi pictures the scene at poolside and says to her sister it doesn't matter and runs to her room, locking the door behind her.  Here, alone, in the quiet of her room she slides down the door and collapses on the floor crying hysterically. 

He is in his car.  She is in his head.  The psychiatrist couch of his car is not going to help him out of this mess he has gotten himself into.

Please let me know my dear God
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

faasle meelon ke hain, dono hai alag disha,

There's miles between them, both are going different directions,


kabhi ye mil payenge, nahin kisiko hai pata,

Will they ever meet, no one knows,

nahin kisiko hai pata

No one knows,

tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

ik baat usme bhi hai, to ik baat usme bhi hai,

there is something special in him, there is something special about her too,

hai dhoop saa woh agar, wo chaandi raat si hai,

If one is like the shade from the sun, the other is like full moonlight,


mil paaye kabhi dono, kya teri isme hai razaa...?

Will the two ever meet, do they have your permission

tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba
tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

na paas aa sake, na door ja sake

They cannot come close nor can they go far from each other,

gar pyar inko kheenche, takrar inko roke

If love draws them close, their tiffs stops them,

gar pyar inko kheenche, takrar inko roke

yun to badhe hain inke kadam, inhe raasta tu hi dikha

They have moved on , so please show them the path,

inhe raasta tu hi dikha

Show them the path

tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba-

Tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba

Tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba


They are broken.


Buaji says Kushi is going crazy she has locked herself in her room.  When will she realize what a catch Shyam is?  On and on and on she tyrates, enough Buaji!  Payal says Kushi is very worried she will speak to her.  Shyam enters bearing a gift of sweets.  He says to Buaji a light is out she should check it and when Buaji goes out there she finds the graffiti written on her house in the shape of a heart with Kushi and Shyam's name.  She is so upset, making a scene, they all run out and the web is so big they have all been caught.  The spider has succeeded in catching his prey.  Shyam makes such a scene it is disgusting and Shyam has hurt Babuji in all ways and I can't even type what he has done to this man in the episode forcing him to aspirate the sweet. UGH!

Kushi  is blamed and now she is forced to accept his proposal for her family's sake and dignity.  So disgusting and so sad for our Kushi especially after the night she has had.

Both Arnav and Kushi are fixed to be


But not to each other.

My Index

*Sorry had to combine 111-113; real life got in the way!

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Originally posted by indi52

hi everyone,

off to sydney for a week tonight. will be coming in for a while every day i hope. durga has sweetly taken over episode posting... thanks, my poet friend Hug.

tried to finish 112/113 before leaving, then the computer ate up the stuff. maybe it's a sign, possibly that rushed writing was nota  good idea, hopefully, tomorrow.

i loved diwali week. it was for me the most powerful week of ipk.

the acting by the two in 112/113, just went deep into me and happily sat there. what is with these two. why are they so good? and why am i not seeing them on my screen any more.

i will see you soon.

please do pray that all goes fab with my kid's conversion. and if any one of you is in singapore on 26 may, sunday, please come and celebrate with us her becoming a bat mitzvah girl.

a coming of age ceremony in the jewish tradition.
lots of dancing, music, food.
Have a pleasant journey and have a great time, Indi!  Will truly miss your presence in this thread.  Nothing to worry about on this front because it is in good hands, thanks to Durga!  Big congrats on your daughter's Bat Mitzvah!!  Please sent our love and best wishes to her!  Adieu, see you soon!  BTW, it would be a dream come true if all the Blasters could meet someday!!

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha





Episode 111

Diwali Part 3

continue from part2

He takes out the payal from his pocket and deliberately but humbly shows her. She looks at him with riveting emerging feelings with so many questions .His silently offer is circling in her with astonishment as her mother's only sign the one she thought she'd lost he has it but why?. She is completely speechless and he puts the payal around her ankle with his complete right on her but with delicacy ,Is this the same Arnav Singh Raizada for whom"mujhe kissi larki se koi farak nahin padta"[Not a single girl matters to me] is sitting by bowing his head down and giving some girl the feel of being special to him but this is not some girl and he would definitely not do this for anyone else either but its Khushi and for whom he wants to do it to make her feel better ,may be because he wants to lift her fears which she shared with him only and since then he shows concerns or may be its for him as he knows she values his the same way.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:Its started the day she left the Payal,today he made her wearing payal,later he will give her the bindi and bangles.Aren't these all rituals they are performing now..

Yes they are to show "khushi mein aur tum .Hamesha Na"  Khushi completed his stance which he is starting here.Staying together for "Hamesha" which started that day "hum ja rahe hain hamesha keh liye"[ am to Lukhnow for forever]


He gets up and two steps backward,she gets up without leaving her sight which she was missing couple of minutes before when he disappeared but this time with unresolved questions are circling around without thinking anything else.Their eyes met and it becomes unbearable for her so she turned first and then he turns to leave but then after two steps[2 is sexual tension] stops and turns back to her to follow his heart to its Dhakan by putting all the guards down to let go of his shell behind.


His intoxicated looks ,her innocent beauty and these burning desires which were making her with quivering lips with her uneven breathing which is adding fuel to fire for him as he can't or does not want to control these appealing desires of her.He wants her to be closed to him with all of her avatar but just for him.He wants to gulp her glowing beauty,wants to devour her innocence , inhale her essence, taste the nectar for life .

These arousing desires make him step forward and its not hard to understand his intentions as she flusters immediately but anticipates along with him as she is not leaving just like she did not stop him for having his right on her everytime.She steps backward with each of his forward one with the same rhythm which clearly shows him her intentions.

"Jadu hai nasha hai" circles around em with enchanted winds along with arousing waves of hidden desires in the pool of their bodies which is quivering the water in the pool along with flickering lights.He wants to go any length with her at this moment to make it his ,to make it for them to cherish "hamesha.

She hits the wall and he hits her avatar so close to feel her heaping bosoms to lavish her quivering petals which are lusting the intoxicated and liquorish nectar to devour.He caresses her hair from her forehead and then keeps his warm palm on her cheek , she closes her eyes by clutching her saree as she is flushing away with these overflowing heaping desires along with her bosoms with half opened lips as she is craving for it.He holds her other cheek with the gentle but warm breezy touch.They look at each other to get the admired permission as she did not stop him or said "no" and he took that cue as a "yes" which weakens her with closed eyes along with his hazel liquorish ones which are having firm focus on her rosy petals.

Pause here: All this time his one eye was covered with Khushi as always "eye of Horus""He is her protector"regardless what ever will be outcome of this he is going to be besides her.

And there it is a phone ring ,a circle of waves to shun their intimate act at this moment.

If Aman [ want to kill him if he ever comes in front of me] would've called imagine this act would've been ended where.hmmm'''.The Act of the moment of inflated desires is now startled them from their traumatic yet beautiful charisma which is going to get nastier each second.

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: He held her close when she called him "character Dheela"  felt her and since then he loses his control for her proximity.That day it was due to his anger but after that it was simply attraction which has become an arousing desire now.


ASR is back with closed eyes but with fears and shattering disbeliefs how he could let anyone allow to break his shell to make him that weak.He needs to walk away from there with his armored walk.



Khushi, "yeh kya hua... hum iss tarah kaise? aur... arnavji ke paas humari payal? matlab kya hua iss sab ka... humain pata lagana hoga... poochna hoga ."

Translation: what happened ?... how can I?... and  my payal is with arnavji? what is the meaning of all of  this... I have to find out... I will have to ask. she wants to know about the payal, but above all..." woh sab."


ASR in his weak and vulnerable atate," "kaise kar sakta hoon main yeh... kya ho gaya tha mujhe... kyoun... kyoun kamzore padh gaya main."

Translation:How can I do this... what happened to me... why did I become weak.[weak in love MR Yummylicious]

He avowed for not letting any woman matter to him or come even close to his heart.Near the window, finding his calm and strong shell but here she is with her determination to seek answers of her questions which are bothering her since couple of days and this is the moment she wants confirmation not other than anyone else but him as he is the answer himself but for the sake of peace of his inner turmoil he leaves her there baffled.[I wish she did not go there to seek answer right away as his storm needs time to settle down but it was meant to be that way totally my POV]

Symbolism:10 glasses on the table and Arnav and Anjali is in the frame.10n represents the divine forces of the universe and the harmony of the matter and God is creating its ways to protect these souls as horus is not only protector of Khushi but Anjali also.All this happened for good.[uski raza se]DM signs'.

Amazingly when Anjali rearranged these we have 5 glasses visible and 5 is for harmony and divine forces also.Too good


This time she follows him for her answers as couple of minutes he was doing so.She finds him in their eternal heaven,he knows this sehar ,this whispering steps in his heart just needs to pretend but if she let be.

Khushi," "hum jaante hain ki iss waqt aap phone pe nahin hai..."

Translation: I know you are not on the phone, she said standing behind him with uneven breath circled with intensity and worrisome.

Khushi,"humain aapse kuch baat karni hai," [I need to talk to you.]

Arnav with his classic firmness,"mujhe tumse koi baat nahin karni," [I don't want to talk to you,]

Khushi with her determination and persuasion "karni padegi.. aapko humari payal kahan mili.. kabse yeh aapke paas hey.. aur.. aapne humain pehle wapis kyoun nahin ki.. sirf aaj hi kyoun"

Translation: Tell me, where did you get my payal and why didn't you return it to me before and why only today? Today she wants real answers and only from him who just gulped down every word of her quietly and obstinately


Khushi,"bataeye--- jawab dijiyeh... ," [ tell me, answer me] she is persistent and assertive.

Arnav, 'Eik baar kahi hui baat tumhe samajh nahin aati hai? just leave me alone"

He attacks with his nastiness... [don't you understand first time when told]
"In fact, tumhari shaqal bhi nahin dekhni hai...aur na baat suni hai  do you understand." [In fact, I don't want to see your face or hear you, do you understand? ]
Khushi with deep hurt at his remarks but still insistent with steadiness,

Khushi,"nahin understand... aap samjhaiye humain,"[ I don't you make me understand]

Arnav"nikal jaao yahan se..." [get out of here..].

He wants to leave... she advances to stop him.[my older one does that every time when I am angry and want to leave his room lol] She is getting angrier along with him and as whenever she gets upset to seek answers she asks too many questions .How can she let him go  after whatever happened.Transformation of burning desires to determination and from there now turning it to bitter agitation.

Khushi,"humne kaha samjhaiye humain... bataiye kyoun aapne humari payal apne paas rakhi... kyon ab tak wapis nahin ki.. iss sab ka kya matlab hai..."

Translation: I said make me understand... tell me why did you keep my payal... why didn't you return it before.. what's the meaning of all this? You can hear the glare in her voice'.and then suddenly loses the intensity  "aur wo sab,"  [and all that?]

"aur usska jo kuch dair.pehle..." [and that which a little while ago...]

Pause here:I WISH SHE NEVER SAID THAT my pov it might be a different outcome as she is perplexed as he is but her consistently pushing his buttons worsen the whole thing which rolled him towards his nasty and hasty decision of marrying La.

Arnav's half turned away face now gets that glare from these two words and becomes untolerable for him

"I said just leave me alone..." He is weakening now and he needs to do something to stop her and by stepping forward grabbing her tightly with gritted teeth and biting words and hiding his weakness for her in anger

"Ab Eik shabd bhi bola na toh..." [
If you say one more word now]

Her pain and rolling tears in her eyes... his pain and staring with glare  melts him, shatters him and he releases her with closed yet painful and inconsolable eyes as he can't see her crying and above all he can't meet her eyes today.. Rabba Vey circles more pain in the surroundings of this eternal heaven.Two soul mates in pain with longing for each other but whose fault is here ,no ones in my POV ,it meant to nbe like that as they both are right and wrong in their own ways. 

Khushi, "aap iss tarah bina humara sawal ka jawab diye nahin ja sakte."[ you can't leave like this without giving me an answer]


Arnav"jawab? mujhe tumhe koi jawab dene ki zaroorat nahin hai..." [answer? I don't need to give you any answer] and he leaves without giving answer

 But he left being decisive as he has to stop this tidal wave from reaching to shore and this was his decision to marry La...The girl who he refused to marry just a while ago in front of Di and Naniji and now he is saying what they want to hear "Shaadi kar rahe hain" [we are getting married] to just push Khushi out of his life who was making him "kamzor" weak but did he get stronger by saying that "no" as he is not meeting anyone eyes here ,can't see or enjoy their happiness for him either as his yearning eyes are screaming for one and only one and that is Khushi on the other side of that glass window whose small world again collapsed as she saw him ,heard him with his mysterious action which is impossible for her to understand why did he do that.

A man who aroused her feelings up to this level ,kept her payal, gave her that much respect by putting it on her , flushed himself against her and now this...She is unable to connect dots as only one dot she can connect she is no one here and he was playing along as "character Dheela" but she does not feel that way for her as her Mind Vs Heart war is so on just like him.

Now he is marrying with her friend and the whole family is happy how can she do anything to hurt these people who she loves so much ...What a night where his eyes never left her in passion or in abhorrence ,If ASR is back so is Khushi with tears...which always make him "Kamzor" weak!



MY fav "tu hi bata mere coming up in the PART 4


Sorry Arshi! Forgot to comment! Your writeup, collages and gifs are worth dying for!Dead The Arshi scenes were hotly written, guruji. Kya baat hai?!Wink 
BTW felt like posting your first page analysis here. Hope you don't mind. Its really really touching! I had tears in my eyes!Cry

Sorry! I didn't kiss you...

By ArshiHamesha

I embraced your beauty in my arms while ravishing your lips to capture the essence, the nectar, the immortality and ended up tearing apart the purity of your innocence. That innocence which entangled along with me with these pearls to tear apart the darkness of my life, a shell of lifeless tycoon who thought he can write and mold fate. That Fate brought you in front of me to captivate me back in that essence to embrace you to inhale every bit of it as there is no distance left . That proximity ended up tearing my shell right to my heart . That heart which started beating with your name and interlinked with your thoughts which put me into your spell day and night to see you keep you right in front of my eyes . Those eyes which cry when you cry and smile when you smile made a promise to be your side when you embraced me to shelter your essence, your purity within its protection. That promise went beyond under control to disentangle you from all of your pain which in return emancipated me to have a right to touch you, feel you, embrace you, seduce you, to inhale you the way this heart wants, the way these eyes want, the way my mind wants to put these arousing desires at peace. That peace which comes and plays by your touch, your voice, by your proximity and now when I had you right there in front of my proximity having all this immortality with your purity of this essence, the nectar of life in the palms of my hand to devour, I ended up again tearing it apart, disentangling with these pearls to remain in my dark shell, a shell of lifeless tycoon who still does not want to believe in Fate.

Sorry I didn't kiss you... I'm really really sorry!


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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  and ideas are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 111: Madhoshiya (Intoxication)

A silent plea from her "don't go" as he turned to leave after he lovingly placed her amma's payal on her ankle. did he hear her plea? How come he cant hear our plea, BD?Cry We are always giving him our sexiest 'come hither' look arn't we?Wink yes the whooshing wind is proof he heard. To her hearts content, he stops, and with his best palat ever, turns his eyes to her. Hayye yeh palat!Dead Well captured BD! Clap

Thirty still for this lady in red. He marvels on. Admiring the delicate curves under the red sari, from her waist, to her chest, to the lean neck then her beautiful face.

 His madhhoshi (intoxication) shows in his slow blinks, completely oblivious to his surroundings. How can any woman survive a look like this from any man...let alone THIS man? No woman can survive, I agree, sauten! No woman even wants to survive!Big smile

Khushi tries her best,  but there was no escape from that look, those eyes...not that she was looking to escape. A bit scared of course, these aroused feeling all new for her, her body untouched. but  she wanted him just as bad.

She had to look away if she was going to survive, but with  her heaving ches,(and slightly low pallu!)twirling fingers,  and blushing chheeks, how will he? This intoxicating moment puts all else on freez. Its just a man and a woman, a gentle breeze and tons of fire in between. Fire is  between them yet we are getting heated up and smoking!LOL

 Before she knew it she looked down to his feet, they were eagerly coming towards her the same way they did at the party, determined and full of intentions. Did you apprehend when watching the original telecast what his intentions were? I dint expect him to grab her for a kiss on national TV! The serial was pretty bold in this respect!

As he came near, she stepped back. they've mad a habbit of this, but tonight its different, tonight her stepping back only pulls him closer.  One steip after anothoer, she walks backward, he moves forward. "jaadu ha nasha hai, madhhoshiya..." 

She looks at his unwavering eyes, still stepping back till there was not more back to step in to, a wall stops her, nothing to stop him. All she can do is wait. His eyes burning with passion, he wants her and she waits for him to take her. 

His left hand lifts on her right side to  gently tuck her long bangs behind her ear, so he can see her better,  she quivers with his touch,  his hand lingers where she's rested her face, nudging her to look up at him. Awesome! Congrats! You have watched every nanosecond of the scene! Paisa wasool from Star Plus! Jokes apart, I love the detailings in your analysis, sauten!

, and she does.  The way he looks at her, like telling her what she has meant to him in the past few months, the only confession from him before till the kidnapping. Gosh! I need to see this scene again BD! You have intoxicated me!

How, delicately his other hand cups her innocent face. how he's dreamt of doing this many times,  and how she indulges in his embrace...he slides her bangs back again on the right side, she is dizzy  and absolutely crazy with all he's doing to her. she grips the side of her saari. With her face in both of his hands, gently he lifts it towards him. Superb, superb! Carry on!

 he leans in and looks down on her trembling pink luscious lips in anticipation, alluring  him even more, he leans in closer. Both are in a state of pure ecstasy (major madhoshiya). With her eyes closed, she's ready to experience the inexperienced, and He wants so badly to taste her soft, pink, luscious lips , to take the trembling away when he takes them  in his own. Close enough to feel each other's warm breath, I am dying slowly. a sweet dagger is penetrating...obviously my heart!

tririiing triiinnng tririiing triiinnng tririiing triiinnng 

(the moment where all IPK fans simitaniously  screamed NAAAHHHIIINNN! and some other expletives.)ROFL

loud irritating sound doing what nothing else has been able to do all night, like a vaccum sucking  both of them out of

this mind blowing 

trans, . She watches as his face goes from enticed to a certain fear instantly.

 She is confused as he releases his palms from her face he so delicately placed almost like he committed some crime. Soon she realizes he is pulling away,  she turns to her side and he steps away. taking a moment, his eye close in total disappointment  in himself in his "kamzori"(weakness). 

He looks to her, she looks to him, both  have questions but no answers. He leaves, she's left alone, her cheeks still rosy from his touch.

 "Yeh kya hua? hum iss tara kaise? aur Arnav ji ke paas  hamaari payal? matlab kya hua iss sab ka? hame pata lagana hoga."

"what happened? us like this? and my payal with Arnavji? what does all this mean? i have to find out."

In the dark alone,  his eyes close again flashes of his lips mere inches away from hers, he wants it so badly, yet he hates himself for it.

"kaise kar sakta hoon mien yeh, kya ho gaya tha mujhe,  kyu kyu kamzor pad gaya mein?"

"How can i do this, what happened to me, why did i become weak?"

Being kamzor, something he never wants to be associated with since he bore all the responsibilities at the age of 14. When he threw her pearls out he told himself there is no room for emotions and feelings, he must know they can make one weak. "itna kamzor nahi Arnav  Sing Raizada" he went on. Khushi makes him weak and as a result he loses control. How he was willing to kill for her in Nainital is perfect example of this, and he kicked her out of the car to push her away because she asked a question that he was losing control over.  It's always been that way hasn't it?  since the rainy stormy night, where he had to pulled over because he lost control over his sense of  sahi(right) and ghalat(wrong).  He was determined how ever "Arnav singh raizada ko kis ladki se koi farq nahi padta...mujhe boora nahi lag sakta"

"no girl makes a difference to Arnav Singh Raizada...I can't feel bad"

Tonight a different storm is brewing in his head, of failing his promise to himself, never to let a girl make a difference, and all she does is make a difference.


After the Nainital incident, in his bedroom, he was angry at his reaction just the same,  but the turn of events with Khushi's father and how she ran to him, he completely melted. Since then, he has only fell deeper willingly, forgetting about all his promises to himself. Tonight in his eyes, getting so close to her was a moment of weakness,  but his disappointment in himself is going back days. 

Soon she finds him but before she can even ask anything, he leaves. A few more attempts at getting his attention at the party fail, hurting her further, not that he wasn't' in pain, he was, just as  much as her but pushing her away is his natural reaction when he finds she is causing "farq". 

At last she finds him by the poolside immerse in his thoughts still, a major battle between "Farq padta hai" and "Farq nahi padta" i assume. He feels her coming and pretends to be on the phone, she tell him there is no need,  she knows better.

He turns around with his ASR mask on his face.

"Hame aapse kucch baat karni thi" I wanted to talk to you

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai"I don't want to talk to you about anything

"Karni padegi" you must" she instists, he owes her an explanation and he knows it too.

"where did you find my payal, how long have you had it? and why didn't you  return it earlier, why today? tell me, answer me"

Every question made him feel cornered, in a way she put up a  mirror to him showing how badly he fell for her. Using the only thing he knows to his advantage, anger, he tries to intimidate her

"ek baar kahee hui baat tumhein samajh nahi aati hai? jus leave me alone" looking away as he can never look her in the eyes and say these words he so doesn't mean "infact tumhari shakkal bhi nahi dekh ni hai"... Really ASR? the same shakkal you couldn't leave alone for one second all nigh, the same one you so lovingly  held in the palms of your hands?? 


"Nahi understand, aap samjhaiye hamme?" "no understand, you make me understand

"Challi jaao yahan se" "leave from here"

She's not leaving but he tries to, love how she  stands in front of the "great wall of Arnav"...

Many times she's kept her silence and didn't question his sometime rajakumaar (prince)sometimes "Shaitaan (monster)" behavior, maybe she couldn't grasp enough to ask him before, but today after silently confessing his feelings, seeing all that she saw in his eyes, after seeing the payal she thought was gone forever in his hand.   she needs answers.

"hamne kaha samhaiye hame, bataaiye, kuy aapne hamaari payal apne paas rakhi, kyu ab tak waapis nahi di, iss sab ka kya matlab hai?...aur uska?"

"i said make me understand, what does all of this mean? and  that-"

 his eyes slowly lift up to hers almost begging her not to ask,  but she proceed, 'aur uska. jo. kuchh der. pehle"

"I said leave me alone" He understaind all her valid questions, but  in his state of mind,  he would never admit the answer out loud...and when whe  proceeds to defy,  he grabs her shoulders with both of this hands and pulls her in, again his attempt at keeping things under control "Ek shabd bhi aur bolana toh" If you say one more word!" 

The tight grip brings tears to her eyes and as always a chot 1000X greater to him. Releasing her he steips back. "Rabba ve" even now while  pushing her away, the farq from her tears even he can't deny.

Relentless, she pushes some more for answers

 "you can leave without answering me"

"Answer?  I don't need to give you any answers"  He walks away.

Inside where there is a bickering about La's live-in status with Arnav, Nani getting the burnt of it. Arnav walks in with all the heat from the poolside, away from the girl that  makes him kamzor and

 out of control, 

, he's determined to do something about it. He gives his hand to the girl that wouldn't of dream of doing such things. He once told her on the phone, "tum jaisi ho waisi mujhe pasand ho" while his mind shuffled through Khushi's definance.  This was the only way to push her away, to prove to himself  "farq nahi padta"

His cold eye look at the floor "shaadi kar raha hai" Getting marrid"...him to Lavanya.

Outside by the poolside, her  heart shatters into a million pieces. In his quest to gain control, he has left her out in the freezing  rain all over again hasn't he? 

but even here he know he is "ghalat" and the farq is in his constant watch on her outside, his heart breaking  while watching hers break. Iss pyaa ko kya naam doon? 

DROOL CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart gotta love him checking out her lipsHeart Remember, he did that in their first meeting also!

Fantabulous write-up.Clap collages are lovely, DC has me swooning yet again!Big smile Pink is perfectStar and blue is meSmile! I don't think I should praise my sauten anymore!LOLBTW, I am not the pineapple in the raita, I am the one sitting on RM's kitchen table watching the fun as Arnav flushes the halwa out of his system after eating it and kisses the pineapple for making his namakharaam jijaji sick!LOL

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

Friendly Disclaimer: My words, thoughts  and ideas are mine only, please do not copy. You are welcome to use it, but credit accordingly. Thank you!

Episode 110: Jaadu & Nasha

The payal dangles from his fisted hands yet again. He had kept it close, kept it safe and only he knows how many other times he pulled it out to admire the "Khushi-ness" it exudes. The chirpy loud, happy, beautiful piece of jewelry fell out off her ankle, only to be noticed by Arnav.  Before her payal fell into his life, it was her pearls that found their way into his pocked the day they met, but when thoughts of her  became too much and he thought she had left him "hemesha ke liye", he vigorously threw them out, in hopes that she would leave with them. However the payal he would go out to rescues when no one was looking.  Maybe his wanting to keep the payal marked her return back into his life...whatever it was he immediately felt the attachment towards it.

Beautiful insight.ClapHe always like to keep her belonging with him. may be he wants to feel her presence.

Today he learns its significance to Khushi, they are the  only thing left of her Amma, who he knows by now just how much it means to Khushi.  As he holds it up, seems a mix of emotions run through him, not wanting to part with it, but at the same time he knows he must.  On a higher level, could it be just that the purpose of the payal, is over? it did have a mind of its own when it freed itself from Khushi's ankle and chose to stay with Arnav. At that time it was uncertain when they would see each other next. Arnav needed something to live by. Now her place in his life, his heart has become permanent. He would never be able to throw her out try as he may... starting tonight.

well said again, he tried to push her away, but never could, cause Khushi is Arnav's heart and soul.jeena mei tab sekha jab tum ayi.

 "Chotey"  His thoughts are interrupted by Anjali and Naniji, he quickly puts away the payal in his pocket. Anjali has a huge smile on her face "Chotey, nani wants to say something to you"   Nani also in a good mood as La has made her proud by sticking up for the RM family and its values in front of her friends.

Nani explains,"i never thought i would say this in my dreams but  the way Miss.Kashyap" 

"Oh God, now what happened" poor guy, so used to the pattern of Nani's complaints about La.

"let me complete my sentence, the way she stood up and protected the respected of the Raizadas in front of her friends, i felt really good...maybe this is the Ms.Kashyap i'm looking for so i've mad a decision...I have no problem with yours and Ms.kashyap marriage"

Arnav knew what was coming as Nani has never talked so highly, he was uneasy as she went on.   La might have changed but Nani forgets that his  outlook on marriage hasn't, and makes no plans to ...except for the occasional fake marriage with a crazy drama queen in Nainital.

He turns around in anger and frustration, Anjali asks "what's wrong?"

 I know things are being setup for later, but still wonder why they expected some other reaction from him, hasn't he been completely clear that he doesn't want to marry?  He broke up with La at one point  didn't he? if he really wanted to marry La, can Nani really stop him?

good point. Arnav is not marrying La cause he doesn't want to. It's not that, he is not waiting for Nani's consent. all Raizads are buddhoos.

 "Nani if you think by telling me all this, i'll marry Lavanya, then you think wrong" he clarifies again. Nani leaves disappointed  after telling him  to think about it "if not today then tomorrow, you must start your family life"                                     Also, the sympathy for La is tremendous as she becomes the innocent victim in all of this. I still fail to understand her constant ignoring of Arnav's attraction towards Khushi at times even forgetting it, why did she ask him to help her through the diyas when she know he feels something for her? How did she figure that just because Nani accepted her, ASR would also as his wife?

La is a nincompoop,don't you know? may be she knows Arnav gotta a attraction for Khushi, but she might not know that it's not only attraction but love.

  "Ab ASR mujhse zaroor shaadi karenge" (now he'll marry me for sure)" elated she tells chamkili.

There is that look on Khushi's face, just one step short of a lone tear drop. "chamkili, what happened, why do you look sad, don't worry this time ASR won't be able to say no to me" Khushi fights off the strong feelings to force a smile. 

"The guests have started to come." Op comes to inform. 

The party is in full swing, mamji ready to "show off" the decor  and the "buttiful boquet" While Anjali once again has to answer questions about  her husband. Khushi comes down with La, Nani proudly introduces her to her guests. 

 As Khushi stands there, the gust is back stronger than before bringing along with it pure jaadu (magic). Her eyes draw to him  and for the first time she sees it, his "mehsoos" of her, as he turns to answer her call the eyes know exactly where to look. He can read her startled face, the same feeling he has when he felt her "mehsoos" of him.


La interrupts and pulls her away just as the tunes of the majestic song "jaadu hai nasha hai" chimes in and  Khushi's eyes default back to him, his eyes still where she left them. Uff the electrifying mutual attraction here is intoxicating,  no confusions from her, no walls to hold him back, just two people only seeing, feeling the scorch of each other in a crowded party. 

hai naa! too intoxicating. I go madhosh every time I see the scene, uff Arnav's yearning gaze to Khushi, just too irresistible!


She can't look away, neither can he, soon  they embrace in dance of their own, gliding together  across the room. He matches her steps , fully aware of the effects they have on each other. 

She soon looses him to a guest, but not his attention. Their sizzling atraction, how did they  manage to keep is a secret in this room full of people?  Even when on opposite side of the room, it was as they were inches from each other.  Perhaps that's why Khushi's got flustered when Anajli casually asked where Chotey was, she stayed mum, it  may have given her away?

 When he walks over he stood by Khushi, but her dhak dhaks definetly got faster than her saansein (breaths)...till La slides in in between. Soon after  they were left alone, both in front of each other, hesitating to leave, slowly they start walking the opposite direction

 He can no longer fight the magnetism, turning around he catches her attention. With a determination and intentions  of some sort he steps towards her, taken back by his fierce-ness, she steps back and bumps into someone. Maybe he would've given her the payal back here had La not snapped her fingers to snap him out of it, but have a feeling there would've been more. Arnav seemed irritated as  Khushi had disappeared.

true. he doesn't want to leave her out of his sight just for a moment.

 For someone who always accidentally bought these two together, she sure is interrupting them a lot today. Telling of whats to come maybe?

All the enthrallment, the desires, the attractions follow them outside by the poolside to add a little nasha (buzz/high) to their magical night.. Khushi sets up more diyas by the poolside. OP leaves, while  a pair of long legs make an entry in slow motion behind her. Alone at last. On his face, a certain sense of urgency to be close to her, a "cant stay away".  His voice soft, sweet, vulnerable, uff how her name sounds with his husky voice in such a state.


 Khushi goes still for moment, perhaps that determined walk of his full of intentions still fresh in her mind, she tries to get up fast and loses balance and twists her ankle, but as hamesha, he "sambhaaled" her.


 He walks her a few steps to the lounge chair, and after sitting her down, he kneels inches away from her face, his hands on her shoulder, he's been itching to be  this close to her all night. How badly does he want her?

yup,the sexual tension is to high between them.

She senses his strong sexual desires for her, as soon as he looks down to her feet, she retracts them under her saari pleats. He look displeased. Immediately with full rights he grabs her hand from the pleats and  moves it up  but a "trust me" vibe along with it.   He lifts up her leg and puts it on his thigh.  How very intimate and profound..she is no low-status girl, she's everything. 

Arnav is always very possessive of Khushi.

I can feel his fingers gently brushing on her feet, and bit a of a tickle too.

 He gets into position. "thoda dard hoga" a slight warning A quick jerk to the left "aahh" she lets out and her hand immediately grabs on to her shoulder, another quick jerk to the right the same reaction. Who knew sprained ankles can result in such a sexy moments. Only Sobti would make want to sprain my ankle...

If I'm around then no chance, I'll pretend to faint. then he will rush to pick me in his arm.Wink Or moreover, if he comes near to a girl, any girl will twist her ankle or faint! no wonder why khushi always trips, twists and falls in front him. wo te sref bahana tha usko chune ke liye.

The much talked about scene with double meaning, after watching again, the way she grabs his shoulder and especially these sensuality in his eyes as she lets out her pain are suggestive of a sexual act. Perhaps it was the only way the CVs could relay their intensity and the depth of their desires especially on Arnav's side.

we know, you naughty chick.

 "Ab teek hai?" - "is it ok now?"

 Not in her right mind to answer him, all she can do is remove her hand off his shoulder fast. Her heel still in his hold, she tries to lift it up but he keeps the hold. she's puzzled. Slowly he reaches into his pocket and pulls up her Amma's payal, his eye go down for a second as he is guilty of taking it and it meant so much to her. 

She is in disbelief, questioning him quietly. Seems payal did have one more purpose after all. 

I need to stop here with this episode, and brace myself for the major madhhoshiyas (intoxications) on the way.

let me sit with an Oxygen cylinder 


Heart this expression as he watched Khushi witness her mehsoos in himHeart

Plz someone call 911, I'm dying!

Uff what a take!
you made me insane with all the breath taking pics of our sexy boy with his sexy girl!
all the bold lines are superb!
My comments are in red.

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Originally posted by sohara


Her beautiful foot is still resting on his knee. He gets the payal out from his pocket and shows it to her with a guilt look.She is astonished, looking at him incredulously. He delicately puts the anklet around her ankle. There is tenderness, care and lots of  emotions in his eyes. She drops her saree down and pulls away her foot from his knee. He slowly stands up , takes a step back, but still can't take his eyes from her. Khushi looks at him with eyes full of questions, but she is also spell bound. He intends to go, but turns back, he just can't leave her out of his sight. A gentle wind blows, makes her errant locks touches her beautiful face. He is mesmerized, wishes to touch those tendrils. His amused look makes her wriggling her hand in anticipation. the ambiance becomes rife with the passionate note of Jadu hai nesha hai. He starts to walk towards her prowlingly, causing her to take a step back involuntarily. He keeps moving towards her, she is stepping back. Finally he plasters her on the glass door. Her bosom is heaving in anticipation, her luscious lips are quivering in desire. she is looking like a seductress. He can't take his eyes off from her for a single moment. He lifts his hand and cares her tendril gently. she looks at him. She can't see the yearn in his eyes. She closes her eyes involuntarily. He starts to care her soft cheek with his rough hand.They both want to indulge in forbidden fantasy. His gentle cares makes her edging towards a chasm. He leans towards her quivering lips, she is clutching her saree in perturbation. His sensuous touch causing chaos and disorder in her already uneven hear beat. He cups her angelic face and delicately lifts it a little upward. He has been longing to seep the nectar since the day  she fell on his lap in seesh mahal. He has been vulnerable since that day. He tried so hard to hate her, throw her out of his life, yelled at her,humiliated her. But he is lost against her own self. today his lady love in red is burning him in aphrodisia. He can't resist himself to taste those rosy lips, he has to seep the nectar of her, cause he is feeling a billow of love for this girl. Uff! Thats garam, Sohara!

Things have changed drastically after the Nainital trip. so many things happened in their lives. He felt her importance in his life more than ever. Her reliance on him at her most distressed moment, his affability towards her, all of their recent encounters brought them more closer to each other. She also found the reason of her dhadhak that Arnav didn't cast a spell on her, but her heart pounds for him, cause she is in love with him. She is also ready to give him the pleasure. So she is also pampering her desire. when he cared her delicate skin with lots of passion herbody automatically ignites from his eternal heat. They are quite oblivious of the rest of the world creating a gentle cadence that beat in harmony with their thumping heart.

But the outside world is so imprudent that can't let them alone for so long. The shrill ringtone of his phone throws him to the real world instantly. He snatches away his hand from her face in a jolt, he is flummoxed at his action. He slowly steps back  from her, turns his face and closes his eyes in anticipation. Khushi is still tremulous .He gives her a last look and huddles away from the place. She is still perplexed, "what is just happened?" She is blaming herself to get weak, but still can't get the answer, why her payal is with him! 
pause: Both Barun and Sanaya was outstanding in the scene. And honestly I never witnessed such a romantic, intense passionate scene never in my life. And of course Sarun made it special with their brilliant acting and magical chemistry. Gautam Hegde is absolutely right, they are the missing pieces of each other.

In the hall, a sardonic man closes his eyes in convulsion. His mind is whirling in vortex of emotions, "How could I do it? what happened to me? why did I become weak?" ASR can't get weak for a girl, he can't fall in love, cause where there is love there is deception, what he learnt from his distorted past of his parents. He doesn't want to face the girl who makes him weak. but the girl is valiant, she needs to know the answer. She comes and stands right beside him. He turns his face to look at her. There is lot of questions in her eyes. But he doesn't let her speak and leaves the place.

Arnav joins the party. Khushi is following him. She needs the answer badly. But La intervenes her, "where have you been Chamkili?". She wants to take Khushi with her. But nothing is more important than talk to arnav now. When their eyes finally meet, Arnav avoids her.

Mami is chitchatting with some guests. They ask her where is Akash? By the way where is Akash bituwa, why he is absentia from the partiya! I think he is coochicooing  near GH!LOL Anyway the guests ask about his marriage. Mami brags that he will marry Miss India. Suddenly their sight goes to Khsuhi. they get amused at her beauty, 'who is this beautiful girl?" Mami teases, "she is phatti saree." Gosh mami, torn saree or whatever you have to admit, she is sparkling like a diamond in the party.Star

Anjali notices Khushi's tension "are you upset that you are getting late? don't worry we will drop you home." Khsuhi is lost in some other world, cause her eyes is groping for Arnav. Finally she finds him standing by the poolside.She rushes towards there left Anjali flabbergasted.

Arnav's mind is whirling with conflicting emotions. so he needs some isolation. When he saw Khushi is coming towards him, he pretends to talk on the phone. Khushi speaks with bravado, "I know you are not on the phone." 
He understands that he is caught, so he gradually gets the phone down from his ear, "i don't want to talk to you.". 
Khushi is no less," you have to." 
I must say, she has all the qualities to be a perfect Mrs. ASR in every aspect. Khushi starts her queries
"when and where did you get my anklet? how long it was with you? why didn't you return it to me? why you decided to give it today? answer me."
He looks up at her. Anger is raising in his voice,
"don't you understand the words I told you once? just leave me alone. i don't want to see your face. don't you understand?"
Khushi is indignant, "nahi understand. you make me understand."
He is fuming, " go from here."
 he intend to go, but Khushi blocks his way, "plz make me understand. why did you keep my Payal with you? why didn't you return it before? what does it mean? And that thing?" She means his attempt to kiss her. He looks at her intently. 
She is incredulous," or what, that happened a while ago?"
Arnav says with a big grin on his face, He was grinning! How come I missed this!"I said just leave me alone."
Khushi tries to speak more. But he holds her vehemently, grabbing hold of both her upper arms tightly. She gets tremulous in fear, tries to vacillate, looks at his grip on her arms, tears well up in her eyes. He can't see tears in her eyes. He wanted to avoid her for so long, but she keeps provoking him. He extricates her slowly but closes his eyes in perturbation. She looks at him with heavy heart. He says scathingly, " I don't need to answer you."

Back in the party, some mean guests mock La. They accuses nani to shelter a damsel in their house. they crosses all the limits by directly hitting her, " you talk about marriage, customs and rituals, but left your grand son with a girl without marriage." (pause:gosh I never saw such mean guests in my life, comes to the party and insults the host! Is it happen in real life!) A terribly disturbed Arnav enters the party hall, grabs La's hand. All of the people around them get stunned to see the sight.The mean lady gets another chance to insult the family, "look what is happening under your nose?' Arnav stops her mouth right then. "I'm going to marry. Khushi turns in consternation. Anjali is confused. Arnav assures her that he is going to marry La. Khushi feels a scorching pain in her heart, as if someone bereaved everything from her. Gosh I'm crying again. It's to painful.CryAnjali, nani, mami la, everybody's face glint with a smile. La's happiness knows no bound. But sorry dear i can't feel happy for you. Arnav assures nani, she sure will marry La. but he is saying it looking straight to Khushi. why man, what joy you are getting to hurt an eighteen year old orphan girl, whose life is already laden with pain and anguish! Anjali tells both la and Arnav to take nani's blessings. They hug nani, but arnav sight is fixed on Khushi, as if enjoying her grief. La leans her head on his shoulder. He smiles back at her half heartedly. Rabba vey in piano, Khushi's pensive state, her tears, heaving my heart. My heart is too weak. i can't take it any more. Arnav keeps starring at her, ramrod, measuring every bit of her pain, how relentless you are Arnav! You are not my sexy boy any more. You are bad and I hate you. Great, thats what I needed to hear Sohara. Hope you will not forget you hate him!Big smile

The family are exulting in happiness, they are hugging each other, guests are congratulating Arnav. But another distressed damsel is noticing everything with teary eyes. her heart his heavier than the rain laden clouds. La is so happy, she needs to gratify the person who is responsible for her happiness today, "where is chmakili?' Anjali is delectable, "I'm so happy for my brother. My chote will soon become a groom.'  Mami, nani all are showing their love to him and sharing their happiness.. Finally all of their wishes came true. Arnav seems in despondent state of mind. He is gesturing the greetings perfunctorily. He is checking Khushi's sad face incessantly. He is literally mortifying her. Khushi can't take the torture any more. She turns to leave but looks back to see him for the last time.

A heart wrenching gazal of chitra sing is resonating in my years
"mera dil bhi shauk se todo

My Arshi VM for today is another Gazal of my mom's favorite singer Mehedi Hassan.
 thanks to sheena to make a vm with this gazal

I have pinked all your passion, Sohara!Big smile Fabulous 111! ClapThankyou. I loved reading it over and over again. Day DreamingGhazal and VM are top class!Thumbs Up

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