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Blast from the Past Thread #10, pg 45, epi 113 (Page 6)

Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Unres on page 2!!  
Unres on page 3 and updated with fabulous vms!!

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arshidiehardfan

Originally posted by indi52

A man kneels down to put on an ornament on a woman, is that a proposal?
The man leans forward to fulfil his desire and the woman does not decline, is that an acknowledgement?
An engagement is announced, for the eldest son of the house, but is the bride's name correct?
The engagement takes place, at the most auspicious time, at the most auspicious place, Devi Maiyya's abode on the Earth, her temple, but does anyone know?

Congrats for BFTP#10... Does anyone know??? Actually arshi acknowledged it finally that they have indeed completed almost all the rasams earlier right... The sweetest part was it was arnav who kept reminding khushi abt those moments... A man who never believes in the institution of marriage, values every moment with his khushi that he recollects them sweetly & points them out everytime... Thats why I love ASR alot...

Hey Arshidiehardfan ,welcome to IPK land.Yes it was always Arnav who realized and acknowledged and reminded too during remarriage.He sais to Khushi on their SR ,I started cherishing the moments I spent with you" and also on Bachelor's night without you I was missing something in my life I was incomplete.He started forgetting his past and the pain started diminishing .Khushi became his life the reason of his survival.

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Katelyn

[SBB] 31st Oct 2011: Barun & Sanaya (Arnav-Khushi Romance on Diwali), Episodes 109-110

Direct link:

[SBS] 31st Oct 2011: Barun & Sanaya (Arnav-Khushi Romance/Catwalk)

Direct link:

credit goes to uploader

ClapClapClap Very nice both of em but How adorable they are looking in the first one ,nobody can say they are ready for that shot.Such a cool pair is this.Too good katlyn .Again Thnx for sharing.

Thnx for  VMs my fav second one "Jodha Akbar" song uhh Katlyn how am I going to finish my work after this I have a pile sitting with me .

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758


Episode 109


No Way Out!

At the RM the pooja has begun, excluding one Arnav Singh Raizada, but surprisingly there is a young woman in a teal sari who is attending, Lavanya.  Nani begins Mami follows, and Shyam and Anjali together; Anjali all smiles but Shyam's thoughts are elsewhere'

evil guy, don't even scare of God!

Kushi at her home has begun her pooja, followed by Payal.  In the background Babuji is in his wheelchair and Garima behind him and Buaji besides them all taking part as best they can.  There is sadness at Kushi's home; they help Babuji with the pooja.  After pooja Payal and Kushi place Babuji into bed, Payal asks Kushi why she has to go to the Raizada's house tonight. Babuji is aware.  Kushi answers that Anjali has done so much and given so much to her family the least she can do is bring them sweets.  Kushi turns and places her hand on DM and prays that she heals her father and brings happiness back to their house.  The music just enhances the feel of sadness in their home and makes me cry.  The sincerity in Kushi and Babuji's eyes is just so beautiful. 

 Khushi and her babuji share a beautiful bonding. I also get emotional to see them.

And now she is off; Payal and Kushi are packing up the sweets and one of the sweets is packaged differently, Payal asks why.  Kushi says that is for Arnavji' uh, he has ones without sugar.  She almost got caught.  His sweets wrapped so nicely and her LG no longer called LG but Arnavji.  Watch out Kushi you may get caught!

true.Aww so sweet of her!

 I wonder why both of the sisters, anjali and Payal couldn't suspect anything! Anjali may have reasons, that La is Arnav's GF, but how cum Payal couldn't feel that khushi got weakness for Arnav.

At the RM, Lavanya opens the door to her friends!  Pam, Wam, Sam, whatever their names,(Neetu, Ritu) you know those stupid girls from the office. 

Not only stupid, but terribly mean. I still can't forget how they made Khushi guilty in that model's fur coat incident! 

La says Happy Diwali and they are in shock she is wearing a sari. They give each other air kisses and Mami is just a hoot asking what is this and asks why her friends are so strange.  She introduces the girls to Nani and the others.  She shows them how to say hello with folded hands, Namaste.  Pretty impressive I must say, so far Lavanya is doing well.

yup, she is a changed woman.

Anjali asks Om Prakash to make sure there is no pineapple inShyam's pudding he is allergic.  Thedoorbell rings and Anjali says it must be Kushi.  Shyam goes into panic mode, what is he going to do?  Kushi enters and he is trying to leave and Anjali says she wants him to meet Kushi. 

What's taking her so long to come?   Anjali keeps calling her but Kushi has brought many sweets and is explaining all of them to OP.  She makes sure he knows which ones are for Arnav.  Come, Anjali says and she says she is coming.  Shyam drops a package and while Anjali goes to pick it up he scoots into the kitchen.

Kushi says Happy Diwali as Anjali looks around for Shyam.  Kushi distributes her sweets, Mami doesn't take nor hugs, mami is impossible! another mean lady of the house.Kushi takes blessings from Nani.  Anjali says she will go check on her husband.

Shyam has no way out.  He must do something so Kushi does not meet him.  OP tells Shyam that his pudding is on the counter the one without pineapple.  OP has given Shyam a way out.  He sees the pineapple pudding and eats some knowing he is allergic and will be ill.  He eats it and starts sneezing almost immediately.  Anjali comes and goes into panic mode, OP is being admonished for something he didn't do.  It was Shyam who was cornered with no way out, that he chose to do this terrible thing.  Sneezing, he places his hanky over his face as they pass everyone asks what happened, starting with Kushi, and Anjali tells them he ate pineapple accidently and he is allergic so she is bringing him to their room. Anjali helps him to his room where he will take his allergy medicine and be able to hide out the whole night; absolutely disgusting. You are now tangled in your own web, you nasty spider. 

he got his punishment. good lord, now he won't be able to celebrate diwali.Clap

(Indi, I am glad you have some insecticide! Keep it handy!)

Kushi says to Nani let's go and prepare the offerings for the Goddess.  They leave to go to the home mandir where La is with her friends. 

"Stop, Stop,  STOP!"  Lavanya yells to her friends, they must remove their shoes before entering the temple.  They will light the lamps and by then ASR should be done with his conference call and they can talk.  The girls look at each other and say,"Take off our shoes? No wayzzz."  This was most impressive about La'her answer.

"Yes girls, the God is here and this is a special sacred place for Nani."

The girls answer, is this really Lavanya or does she have a split personality?

Nani and Kushi come and observe the scene.

nani is really happy now.

Laxmi enters.  The girls freak out and La calms them.  They say dogs have names but a goat?  La says she is really lovely and a member of the family.  La tells Laxmi to go to Nani's room so she doesn't get hurt.  How sweet, La!  They tell La to stop talking so boring and they attempt to enter the temple again with their shoes on.  "Guys!  I have already told you that God is there you must remove your shoes.  It is a sacred place for Nani and I don't want to hurt Nani's feelings."

The girls answer indignantly,"Naniji, the one with all the wrinkles on her face?  Who does she think she is?  She looked at us as if we were aliens." 

Nani and Kushi overhear and Kushi is holding Nani's shoulder for support.

La answers, "Enough girls, this is not funny.  Do not talk that way about Nani. She is older than us and you must respect that. Okay?"

Nani and Kushi smile.

Pam says to Lavanya to stop acting like an old fashioned girl.

She answers, just because she is taking care of her family and their feelings does not make her an old fashioned girl.  AND just because you conduct yourself in the way you just did does not make you modern.  Okay?  It took her some time to realize this.  There is nothing wrong with learning traditions, morals and values.  If you do not like something but it makes the elders happy then what is the problem in doing it for them?

"Pam says, La, whatever.  Girls, let's go."  And they leave.

Nani turns to Kushi and says," You have done an outstanding job.  You not only have changed her appearance but her mentality. Is this the same girl?  Bless you dear!"

All are happy and we are very proud of Lavanya!

yes we the beginning, I really hated her, but I love her now.

Nani leaves and Kushi goes to Lavanya.  Lavanya puts out her hand and says Happy Diwali.  Kushi looks at her and gives her a crushing hug.  She gives her sweets and La takes a bite and gives some to Kushi.  So sweet the bond these girls have developed.  Lavanya tells Kushi about the mistake Di made with the sarees.  The red is ASR favorite color so she was supposed to wear it and the blue one was for Kushi.

*Note: ASR is wearing ta shirt that matches Lavanya.  Is this a hint of what is going to happen? 

Arshihamesha can answer it better. But Arnav just announced his engagement. the real thing he did with khushi. I mean he actually told Khushi that he loves her, not by words, but by his action. though he broke her heart later.

Kushi apologizes and Lavanya says don't be so silly.  It's okay.  She tells Kushi she looks beautiful in this sari.

Down in the large hall of the Raizada Mansion Kushi is setting up the diyas in the circular rows for Diwali.  Lavanya comes over with a basket full of crackers.   Lavanya asks does she like them and Kushi responds that they contribute to noise pollution and that they risk children's lives working in the factories.  They are made with child labor therefore she does not encourage the use of fireworks.  Diwali means illumination not noise and look how beautiful this place looks with the diyas!  Good lesson for us Kushi and Lavanya says she will put them away then and get some more oil for the lamps.

In the quiet of the night, a gust of wind occurs as a man walks down the stairs a phone to his ear, he stops, the phone slowly coming down from his ear, he sees a radiant beauty in red, illuminated by soft firelight, Kushi.  He is mesmerized and hypnotized; he is drawn to her.  Slowly he walks over and he watches as she lights the diya and she has a soft smile on her face.  Blowing out the candle something happens, she is made aware of his presence and her eyes lift up to see him intently staring at her.  She looks at him and then away, he can seduce her with his eyes; she averts her eyes. 

beautiful description. 

Khushi was looking like a Goddess and our sexy boy is her perfect prince charming!

If she continues to gaze into his eyes she will be whisked away into her dreamland, where rose petals and sparkling stars fall from the sky. 

can't agree more.

She stands up, maybe that will give her some leverage against his paralyzing gaze.  She has to look away from him; he looks satisfied to just stand there with his gaze on her and an ever so slight smile on his face.  He approves.  She is stunning in another red sari. 

Arnav is completely lost in her beauty.  

They are interrupted;

oh yes, by HIS live-in girlfriend.

Lavanya says to Kushi,"Look what you have done; you have surrounded yourself with lamps!"


She tries to move but'.


Lavanya turns to ASR and asks him to help her; she will put the oil in the remaining lamps.


Lavanya leaves.


He walks slowly to the center, they are both there alone, illuminated by diya lamps, heartbeats, shallow breaths, and '..


 awesome analysis of one of the epic episode of IPK.
It's really no way out.
all the bold lines are amazing.
 my comments are in red.

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

I open Thread 10 nd all i see is

Heart , MagicStar nd Romance wub.pngall the way 

Indi nd Durga  - Fantastic work on the Page...huge thanks.gif to you guys Hug

Does any1 Knw , Into the Second Season , Sorry i din Kiss you , The Yin nd The Yang nd Finally Written in the Stars - make the main Page look Excellent with Fabulous Editin nd Writing worthy.gif Blasters

Chalhov your poster Amazing Clap , Ami - how did u do the tinkling stars Clapi love them nd Drool Corner wink3.gif totally Drool worthy , nd Arshi awesome Collage especially the last one beneath your post ClapClap

Katelyn thanks for those awesome Diwali segmentsThumbs Up...gonna re watch them again Embarrassed

i made this as i couldn come up with good words tht would sweep you off your feet Embarrassed...but i hope u get the cheerful wish m tryin to convey Smile

vworthy.gif to u too for such an amazing job for collages.and  how do you make em which website.Totally in love with them
Thnx for liking the piece and the collages.I personally love that one too.
Hey I love this birdie just like our doll cute and sweet.Heart

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Thnx for your lovely comments for 103 and I am glad it was getting hot because no matter how mant scenes came after but this one is always has special effect.Love him seducing her and she let s him.But both got lost in their engrossed thoughts, feelings and desires and yearning looks.

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Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by Katelyn

[SBB] 31st Oct 2011: Barun & Sanaya (Arnav-Khushi Romance on Diwali), Episodes 109-110 Direct link:

[SBS] 31st Oct 2011: Barun & Sanaya (Arnav-Khushi Romance/Catwalk) [YOUTUBE]Direct link:
credit goes to uploader

ClapClapClap Very nice both of em but How adorable they are looking in the first one ,nobody can say they are ready for that shot.Such a cool pair is this.Too good katlyn .Again Thnx for sharing.

Thnx for  VMs my fav second one "Jodha Akbar" song uhh Katlyn how am I going to finish my work after this I have a pile sitting with me .
You are more than welcome, Arshi!  Glad you've enjoyed the SBB/SBS segments and vms!!  yahoo.gif  Sorry this is off topic, but I wanted to share with you since you are a fan of "Jodha Akbar."  I remember your discussion with Indi regarding this film!  This is for you too Indi and all the Blasters who have time to watch!  I actually saw this movie as well because of this vm made by Cecilia. beautiful!! Day Dreaming  Be sure to watch it in HD!!!
[FAN] Hrithik & Aish - Jodhaa Akbar - SEREBRO - ???? (Breathe)  by Cecilia

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Originally posted by BarunDiwani

 Flame Text

Can't believe how fast we're moving! 

Indi & Durga, what a dhamakedaar thread, thanks for all the hard work and putting it together, very appreciated always!!!

@Indi, the start is amazing and thought provoking, never thought of the 'payal" kneel at a proposal, but hey if the payal fitsLOL LOVE it,all of it

@Durgey, awsome poem ms.queen of words!! "blaster's den" Clap LOVE IT!!

@Chalhov, wonderful poster, we've moved on from "to hug or not to hug" to "to kiss or not to kiss"LOL

@ArshiH, Heartd your intriguing piece on his regret regarding the kiss-miss, he better be sorry!! great take on his inner thoughts, what moment that is when the phone rings and he releases his palms from her face as if he commited some crime. He was sorry about letting it go that far yet he was sorry he couldn't finish the kiss. ClapClap also loved all of your creations, especiall this one, too good!

@Cyn, yin/yang piece is amazing, i  always felt that about  Arshi, opposite with a tiny bit of each other in both of them. She's got the angry side to her, and he has the gentl caring side to him. loved the whole thing!

@Supi, im spell-bound by all of your work,standing-Os on these three!!! just WOW!!!

@Katelyn, thank you again dear for all of your contributions behind the scenes Hug 

@Wiwy, if you're changing into red, I'm going to go change in to black Shocked

 luv being a part of this thread :) here is to the power of 10

Flame Text

dear dus ka dum,

thanks a tonne, but ha ha, won't grab someone else's glory. the introduction is written by durga, so the payal proposal thoughts are hers. maybe i should do a shyam and steal it. hyuk. my little note is tucked at the bottom straight after supriya's collage... into the second century.

your star writing is gorgeous. i am so pleased for all you people who remember exactly when they started watching, i can't remember boohoo. this good looking man and this impossible love story is messing with my mind.

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