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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a very Eighth Edition of Samjhe ya Samjhaun Weekly - the Newsletter for the Arjun Forum!

A huge thanks to all of the members who have volunteered! It wouldn't have been possible without you.

And here it is! We hope you all enjoy it!

NL Team

C R E D I T S :

Summary of the Two Episodes:StarPlus
Scene of the Week:ll-Shilpa-ll
Emotional Scene of the Week: haruhi26
Action Scene of the Week: nikki08
Dhaasu Moment of the Week:
Bromance Moment of the Week: nikki08
Raute Moment of the Week:
Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz...
Picture of the Week: Love_Arnie
Character of the Week: devildiva21
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina..
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: Duttasweetheart
FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059
OS of the Week:tani23
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh
VM of the Week: Aliya_begh
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]:

Credits for winning siggys: Sneha

This is our complete NL team including the backup members.

Summary of the Two Episodes: ll-Shilpa-ll
Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh-Backup-Duttasweetheart
Arjun Star of the Week: Aliya_begh-
VM of the Week: Aliya_begh-Backup-nughtyykitty
FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059 Backup - shrutisweety
OS of the Week:
Rawte Moment of the Week:
Duttasweetheart-Backup nikki08
Bromance Moment of the Week:
Scene of the Week:
Emotional Scene of the Week: haruhi26
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: Duttasweetheart Backup - kgmu86
Funniest Scene/Dhaasu Moment of the Week:
Picture of the Week:Love_Arnie
Character of the Week:
devildiva21 Backup- Love_Arnie
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina..
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
ankita2804-Backup nikki08
Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz... Backup - Aliya_begh
Action Scene of the Week: nikki08-
nikki08 Backup- Love_Arnie
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]:

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered for the NL on behalf of myself and Naina.

Special thanks to Naina for guiding me through this for all the banner of the NL, flashing headers, and the winner siggies. Thank you so much Naina.Hug

Note to NL team please take a look at these reminders again as we have added few things to them.

1. Our NL will be weekly, we will try our best to get it posted on Friday, starting next week.
2. Our week starts on Sat and ends on Thurs, or at the latest on Friday.
3. Please PM your parts to us by Thurs Evening or at the latest Friday morning.
4. If you can't do your parts then please contact the back up person for that category and give try to let them know ahead of time just in case they are also not available to do their parts.
5. If there is no back up for you please PM me or Naina so we can take care of it.
6. For the members responsible for the FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, and siggie parts please give us a brief write up on why you chose the particular FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, or siggie, and also provide us with the links to post with your write up so we can post it in the NL.
7. We also wanted to remind everyone that our NL is focused on the show itself so lets try our best to submit things that are show related. This will make thing for the new members who want to catch up on the show easier. We appreciate your
cooperation in this, thank you everyone.

Just one last thing, please don't forget to hit the CM every time you log in and press the like button on all the posts you read and find interesting.

Thank you once again everyone most especially our awesome NL team.

Scroll down for more pleaseSmile

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Eighth Edition of Samjhe Ya Samjhaun Weekly
April 13, 2012 to April 26 2013


ETF investigates case of disappearance of Mitali Guha
Episode 67

Mitali, the wife of a business man, Pradeep, goes missing. Pradeep reports the disappearance of Mitali and his car. The suspicion falls on his brother, Amar, who had threatened Mitali at her anniversary party. ETF tracks Pradeep's missing car and learns that Mitali had runaway with the driver, Vinay. Pradeep informs ETF that he received Mitali's finger and a threatening message from Vinay, but Vinay denies knowledge of Mitali's whereabouts after stealing her money and leaving her in a cottage.

The ETF resuces Sandy and arrests Naveen
Episode 68

Dixit enquires Rajul Soni about his kidnapped son, Sandy. Dixit unexpectedly fires at Rajul , while he tries to throw him out. The ETF find a dumbstruck Dixit at the location and arrest him. They find Sandy's bike and learn that he has sold his bike to return the betting money. Mangesh, a bookie, informs them that Naveen participates in cricket betting. The ETF learn that Naveen has kidnapped Sandy for ransom, which he has to return to Mangesh. The ETF rescue Sandy and arrest Naveen.

ETF investigates death of Raja Singh and Seema Prihaar
Episode 69

Raja Singh is found dead in his house on the day of his wife's death anniversary. He is shot with a 32 mm caliber pistol. Raja's business partner, Seema, is also killed on the same night, with the same pistol. Sanjeev, their business partner, was seen arguing with Raja in his house. Sanjeev plays the recording of his conversation with Raja, to the ETF. After listening to the piano playing in the background of the recording, Arjun suspects Raja's brother-in-law, Prithvi, who is blind.

ETF investigates death of Lawyer Kailash Satija and and Ranjit
Episode 70

ETF investigates the death of Lawyer Kailash Satija and Ranjit. They find Magistrate Mohit Behl dead in his farmhouse. Arjun learns that Kailash was representing Suman's case against Ranjit, who was accused of raping her. He suspects Urmila. Urmila confesses to him that Kailash was helping Ranjit, and they tried to kill her after she confronted Kailash. She concedes that she killed them and Mohit, for demanding sexual favour from her in return for hiding her crime.


While we have had many scenes that could be called the scene of the week the one that stole the show for me was end of double murder case where Shakshi writes the article on the ETF members. We cannot imagine what those officers live thru day in and day out and here she talks about how they spend their off time and with whom, while some make their enemies friends, others chose a animal as a companion. For some work is their life and they enjoy spending their time with fellow co-worker who feels the same, but there is always that one who has lost a loved one but always feels her or him around him and for them that is enough.


Emotional Scene of the weekCry

well i only chose one this time, though we had lots of lovely emotional scenes in the other episodes also...
My choice would definitely be this scene from last Sunday's episode:
Be it from the start of that rape video, where everyone was shocked and disgusted with it, from the men to the women,

or be it that scene where we had an all ladies part of Aisha, Sakshi and Liza talking about the destiny of being a girl..

but the best this time isnt Arjun or any of the ETF team members, it's of that mother who cried her heart to Arjun for the blind and unfair justice which was being done with her daughter, and how life is unfair when one is the mother of a daughter;
so let's have a recap of this emotional scenes:

so we'll start with Sakshi's words which triggered the pain of a mother:
S: Agar oon logon neh tumhare saath kuch boora kiya hein to batao, yeh baath kanoon ke samne aani chahiye
Suman's mother:
Kanoon kaunsa kanoon? Kiska kanoon? Kanoon kal bhi andha tha, aur aaj bhi anda hein! Mohit jaise magistrate ki koorsi pe batye hoowe log iss duniye mein kanoon ke sab se bare guneh gar hein, aur aap sab ouski taraf le rahe hein, mein batati hoon ki ousne meri beti ke saath kya kiya( and starts sobbing her heart out)
Ramesh( comes to console his mother): Maa bass...
Suman's mother:
Chod do mujhe! Chod do! Aaj main boloungi,boloungi main aaj, kyunki yeh bhi, kyunki yeh bhi kanoon ke rakwale hein nah!
Sirf sarkali waqil badalne ke liye oun ho ne meri beti ke saath, aur aisi gheenoni shart rakhi meri beti ke samne
In teen mahinon mein, police neh bhi meri beti ko gandi nigahon se dekha, itne gandhe gandhe sawal ouske pita aur bhai ke samne poocha, ke kissi bhi ladki ki ankh sharam se nahin ooth sakti thi
Maine khoya hein,apne pati ko, apni beti ki izzat ko khoya hein maine, ek beti ki maa hona iss duniya mein koi gunah nahin hein, lekin ek gharib aur laachar beti ki maa hona iss duniya ki sabse bara gunaah hein, kyunki kanoon ouske saath kabhi nyay nahin karta hein, kabhi bhi nyay nahin karta...
and then we had Sakshi trying to comfort her and promising her justice...


This week was fully an action packed week as we had many action scenes. Also Arjun's leg got fractured because of the same.
Anyway moving to the action scenes of this week.

First one is from the 'Missing Wife and Car' case when Arjun and Shree go to the drug dealer in search of Vinay. While fighting Shree was also hit by a bottle on his head...Poor Shree!
But the highlighting part of this scene was that even Sakshi ran behind Shankar (the goon) and helped Arjun catch him. Good job Sakshi!

Another scene was from the 'Bookie Murder Case'. This is none other than the brilliantly shot beach scene where Arjun's SUV was chasing a bike. The SUV screeched to a halt and Arjun jumped off the car and caught hold of the biker. A treat to watch scene!

Credits: aliya_begh

This week we have one super dhasu momentLOL

undoubtedly it has to be chhotu's dream sequence..
'lal la laa lalaROFL

pahele shree aur liza ki shaadi ka dreamROFL

jaha shree aur liza slow motion me ek dusre ki taraf daud rahe the..
shree waha bhi apne lappy ke saat thaROFL
aur liza ke haat me microscopeROFL

I wonder,instead of exchanging garlands,they might exchange their lappy and microscope in mandap?ROFL

Hi-tech jodi haiROFL

After shriza wedding dream...!
we had chotiza wedding dreamROFL

later this dream sequence turned into nightmare for chotuLOL

jaise he liza ne chaako mardiya chotu koROFL

Just look at his expressions..!
As if he is thinking
"haila..liza se shaadi?
nakko re baba..
Kahi autopsy na karde shaadi ke din "ROFL
Thank god!..chotu ne liza se shaadi ka idea drop kardiya..!
warna 11.30 ki kya hotaROFL

It was damn hilarious...!ROFL

Credits: nikki08

One is from the 'Double Murder Case' where Arjun and Rathod were in the interrogation room while others were discussing outside.
Aisha brings coffee for Shree which was snatches away by Chotu, earning a glare from him!
I particularly chose this scene because there are very few instances where we get to see Chotu teasing Shree.

There was also a small scene of Arjun and Shree in the 'Missing Wife and Car case' where Shree hands over the required information to Arjun. Arjun praises him for his work ( a quite rare scene to see where Arjun praises someone)


Credits: Duttasweetheart

The Missing Wife Case

The Sweetie Cutie Pie actually tweeted a picture he clicked himself asking us what we thought.Well...we thought the obvious.That he is the hottest star walking the earth at this time.The tight sweatsuit, the cap & the shades highlighting his chiselled face was enough to set hearts racing but no he had to get into an awesome fight at the den along with Shree.But not before a sweet game of carrom with Shree while waiting for the goons to arrive.EmbarrassedDroolicious! Rawte Moment No 1Cool

The Blind Killer Case

"Kehte hain jab bhagwaan dekhne ki shakti cheen leta hain, toh baki shaktiyon ko aur tez kar deta hain!"

What an awesome innovative way to catch an equally innovative killer.Clap Taking a cue from this statement ACP Arjun sets out to hunt down his criminal.He first travels in a taxi to mark down the landmarks to the victim's house.With his keen sense he absorbs each & every nook & corner along the way.All in a day whereas the killer had it practised for a year.He then shoves a black band at Rathore and asks to be blind folded. Very accurately he leads his chief & the criminal through the lanes & by lanes of a busy city & the path the killer took to eliminate his second victim.As he was leading them I hung onto precariously to his every word & of course his very well shaped lips.Day Dreaming Truly, truly a Rawte Moment No 2.Cool

The Triple Murder Case

Once again the "out of the box" thinking Super Cop follows the footsteps but this time of the victim to trip his criminal.And Boy! did he do it with style! The hoodie look was so blazing hot! Day DreamingI am certain there wasn't a female heart that wasn't aflutter. HeartThe way he went about getting Urmilla to confess up was breathtaking.Kudos to Shaleen Malhotra for some fine acting chops!Thumbs Up Rawte Moment No 3!Cool

Scroll down for more pleaseSmile

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Credits: ankita2804

The Rathore moment of the week has to b the one wen sameer rathore n aisha went to the godown to locate sandy n free him from kidnappers. The scene was indeed amazing n we were shown dat kidnapper hung Sandy to a crane. Sameer rathore to protect him also climbs up d crane. It wa indeed beautifully picturised. Rathore did a marvelous job while d scene was picturised. On one hand aisha goes n catches d kidnapper n on other side, rathore manages to rescue sandy.

Credits: Duttasweetheart

Chupke Chupke Moment - RaEshaHeartHeart

That one scene that turned out be such a shocker, a pleasant one nonetheless!No one had expected to be assaulted with a Raesha romance moment out of the blue. I tried to think of all sorts of romantic melodies to go with the awesome act of Super Dude Rathore with the Theekhi Choori Ash but this was only song most apt

you're my chammak challo,
Where you go girl I'm gonna follow
What you want girl just let me know

Kaisa sharmana aaja nach ke dikha de
Aa meri hojaa aaja parda gira de
Aa meri akhiyon se akhiya mila le
Haan tuna nakhre dikhaa...
Wanna be my chammak challo"Day DreamingLOL

That's exactly how Ash was dressed. A damn good one at that! Rathore was shaking with untold feelings & simply couldn't take his eyes off her!She too was completely aware of his feelings & couldn't keep check her own reactions Their beautiful eyelock was treat and it got so personal after a while that I had to look away blushing.I have always loved the subtlety with which their relationship moves forward.No flying duppata, "dhin dhin dhan dhan" BG score, 360 camera angles.Just a look, a blush & a looking away.

The icing on the cake was the way Ash tried to the cheer the disappointed chief saying,"I know.maine toh apni shaadi ki jewelry bhi khareed li thi"

& Rathore's shock & blush was a sight!Day Dreaming

Easily The Chupke Chupke moment of this week!Heart


(CREDITS :: Uploader)

This has been my choice for 'Picture of the Week' for the current edition of our NL.

Shaleen Malhotra, the heart-throb of thousands! And his breathtakingly handsome smile can make anyone go gaga over him. But that's not the reason to select this picture as the winner. Reason is his indomitable spirit, his dedication towards his work, his and determination. Defeating away all the hurdles and difficulties with a simple wide grin, he has re-defined the term 'professionalism'. He has emerged himself as a true triumphant over adversities with his will power.

Kudos to you Mr. Malhotra!


character of the week is our very own... Arjun Suryakant Raute...
his theories and sharp thinking helped a lot in solving the cases quickly... his presence of mind and seeing beyond obvious is truly commendable...
and hats off to Shaleen despite being injured and on being crutches... he perfomed so well and did such awsum stunts... arjun surely had to be the character of the week...

Credits: ..Naina..

"Har waqt mazak. Enjoy karne ke liye aaye nayi hum yahan.

"To tum kya chahti ho? Sab log tumhare tarha mun phulakar kam kare yahan? ...Auragar tum apna kam ko enjoy kare to, kam karne ka kya faida ACP sahab?"

This was chosen as the dialogue for this week because it was a statement that made Arjun step back and think. After a long time of grouchiness, Sakshi made him face reality about working and enjoying your job. Yes, people shouldn't be playing around in their jobs, but at the same time, they should enjoy the work they are doing and try to create positivity as well :)


The Missing Wife Case

Well the whole case was a blooper so to speak. The elite ETF lands to find a missing wife a few hours after disappearance was hard to didest.In real life a person must go down to the Station House to file a complaint & the actual complaint is taken & acted upon only after 48 hours after missing. The most unforgivable was Lisa's presence.For what on earth did they need a forensic expert to look for a missing person?ShockedConfused They are needed only at crime scenes na?

The Bookie Murder Case

Shree couldn't locate Navin's business interest was shocking.The Property Registration Database is one of the main databases the police are directly linked to.With a few clicks one can find out who owns what property in which area. Sakshi calling a favour from a friend to give this info was jarring.ETF looked like fools.Ouch

Triple Murder Case

The time line of all three murders was so skewed.Ranjeet entered Kailash house at 11 in the night.Mohit was found murdered in the morning the next day at Madh Island which I assume is outside Mumbai. Just how did Urmilla manage so much in so little a time?Confused

Even if she killed Ranjeet in self defence Urmilla ought to have been arrested at the hospital for manslaughter.She went scot free to kill Mohit?

Please scroll down for moreSmile

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This Time the ff chosen is "Rab ne bana di Jodi"by vidya Anand...It's a Ariya ff where arjun n riya are married but a misunderstanding causes distance between the couple.Riya misunderstands arjun as the reason behind her sisters death.
the story has reached a point where misunderstanding between Ariya is cleared and hunt for resham(riyas sis) is going on.whereas resham is shown a mother of a sweet girl..

Congratulations, here is your Siggy Vidya, flaunt it.Smile


The OS of week would b a beautiful one shot on Sameer rathore n Aisha kapoor. The story was written by very talented "Indigo-Blues" The story entitled :"Distance Makes" was not a typical Love story. It was sumthing more of love and most importantly concern. Aisha goes for a conference, but she didnt return on tym. There was no way to contact her. Sameer was a bit tensed for. At this tym, the distance between dem makes him realize ho much she s imprtant for him.

Fianlly when she arrives, how he reacts n how dey end up just Hugging each other , has been written very beautifully by the writer.

Do give it a read people.

Love n regards

Congratulations, here is your siggy.Smile

Credits: ..Naina.

Siggy by Shilpa

Thank you Naina.Smile

Credits: ||-Shilpa-||

For this week we have two discussion topics that I found very interesting. Both of these topic makers have made good points in their posts regarding the safety of women in todya's world.
The first topic maker is Duttasweetheart(Zuby) "Much Needed in this time."

And the second was made by haruhi26(Tina) "Being a girl, that too of a poor background"

Great job ladies, congratulations, here is your siggy.


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Here it is everyone, eighth edition of our Samjhae Ya Samjhaun Weekly.
As you will notice, we are missing few categories like Avi of the week, VM of the week and the Arjun Star of the Week. The reason for this is because we have had the same people making avis, VMs and commenting on the cast profile.
We request all our talented forum members to please be active and make some Avis and VMs please if you can.
We also request everyone to comment on the cast profiles so we can bring up the ranks of our actors of our beloved show.
We are also looking to add more new and fresh things to our NL so if you any suggestions please do let us know.
Thank you,
NL team.

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Wow! Another sooper dooper editionClapThumbs Up Well done & Thank u,Shilpa & NainaStar

Congrats all winnersClap Thank u Shilpa for appreciating my post on the sunday episode.Congrats Tina dear for being my co-winnerHug

Lovely choices,ContributorsClap As always Sanchu, loved your reasons for the choice of Pic of the WeekThumbs Up Double loved that line about his grin. Mr Malhotra is truly blessed with a unfettered spirit. I am now beyond his hot looks & beginning to respect the man he really is at the core.Very inspiring & motivating personalityStar Proud to be his Super Fan!Embarrassed

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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m always surprised by the fact that u ppl come up wid so wonderfull wrk ..
naina di,shilpa di,tani,aliya,zuby,tina,sanchi,nikki,samy,devildiva,anku,..evry NL member(sorry if i forgot anyone)...
superb wrk done by u all...loved all of them Smile
all the winners congratsClapClapClap

waise i loved all the zuby --loved that chammak challo song yaarLOL

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