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rockstar_kajen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged

Welcome welcome welcome!!!!!
The topic of the thread itself says what we are here for. It's the birthday of one of the youngest member of the kajen AT. Embarrassed
Though she is the youngest, she acts like she is Amma of everyone out here. Don't dare call her a kid people, she knows all +18 stuffs ROFL
Not only knows but she's even
watched kajen tent wala scene. Stern Smile
Now enough of her burais ROFL we can go write a book on that Embarrassed

Anyways we gotta be nyc to her atleast today. (a common line for everyone on the AT whosoever's birthday comes ROFL)

She is damn talented but then if someone says she's done something good, she gets modest. Her two brilliant talents are
First, she's an awesome writer
Secondly, she's amazing at siggy making.

So wish her happy birthday people Hug she just turned 16. Sweet sixteen. Though the word "Sweet" doesn't go with her image, but can't help Stern Smile that's how it is called as ROFL

Happy birthday Aditi Hug

And you know that we all love you Hug

It's a party time Big smile Party


ADITIII HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have a fantastic day aaj! And you get whatever you have ever wished for! Including meeting KaJen But that's not gonna happen before i do so you'll have to wait for that to get fulfilled You are the youngest of all at the AT and hence have to run away whenever we start talking R rated! Lmfaoo jaldi badi ho jaa so that you can join in too! Coz you know how much you are missing out on

Anyways, Its always sooo much of fun talking to you! Specially when you are on a spamming spree So remain this way ALWAYS! Take care! Enjoy xx - Anamika <3


Happy Birthday Aditi <33 I'm sorry I'll not be here today but I'll write a message for you in advance And since I've promised you to be sweet till your birthday, I shall be on my behaviour best B-) So how do I start? We go a long wayyy back. Although we never talked much until we met here a year back? And thanks to my never-ending-padhai we didn't much until some time back But lemme tell you, you are one of the most amazing person I've met here <3 Although you haven't said it much, but I know you love me as well B-) And idk what else to write because I'm going out tomorrow but hbd bb. ILY <3


Happy birthday Aditi...Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it may god bless you wid all the love luck and happiness -Naaz


HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY ADITI its always so fun talking to you on AT and you're such a friendly and sweet person! I hope God blesses you with all the success and happiness in the world Always keeep smiling and stay happy!

Lots of Love, Radhika


HaPpY BiRtHdAy Aditi *hugs* Wishing you lots of happiness and success ahead! Have a memorable one! Enjoy. <33 -V [Ethereal-Path]


Heyooo Yash Jee..sweet 16 is finally here..Now u can watch the Tent scene officially lol...Gooo watch it man Dekha kitna acha B'day gift diya maine..KaJen Tent scene..Isse acha ho sakta hai kuch Anyways, Happy Happy B'day..Have loads nd loads of fun today..hope u have a rocking year ahead. And please do eat an extra piece of cake for me..and. apply little on ur gusse wala naak from my side Happy B'day
once again


THis is from Oishi - Happy Birthday Aditi... May God bless you & Have an awesome Birthday... hope you'll have a KaJenish Bday


Happpy Birthday ADUU PADUU DADDUUU. DADIII Remember one thing, you may be turning 15 but I'll still remain elder to you SO RESPECT ME And you'll always remain my hippooo Soo, may god bless you with lots of love, luckk and success I LOVE YOU ADDUU PADUU DADDUU

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rockstar_kajen IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 September 2012
Posts: 3983

Posted: 26 April 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged

Hello meri kameeni underage ladki,
Since it is your birthday I decided to be extra-nice to you but then socha ki subah only you got shocked when I talked to you properly so I decided not to be nice and behave as the usual KAMEENI I always am Embarrassed
Anyways it is your birthday today- SO HAPPY WAAALA BIRTHDAYY MERIII Dr.KEEERTIII Hug 
So you have finally turned a year older but still not 18 Ermm Matlab you're still UNDERAGE for the censored talks we have on the AT,2 more years to go ROFL
I know you want to kill me now for telling your b'day to everyone and I WAS ACTUALLY SCARED to make this thread since I thought you would KILL me for not listening to you and keeping your b'day silent! But Saumya,Ana & aparna told me,okay? SO KILL THEM or GLARE at them with your Keerti waali nazreROFL
Anyways I'll try being nice- You're the first friend I made on the AT and I still remember all the bakwaas we used to do everyday and how we used to fight over your creations & even over our phone-numbersROFL And I never ever thought that meri jaisi adult ladki Cool ek underage ladki ki itni achi dost banugi but galtiyaan kisse nahi hoti Stern Smile

Chalo I'll be nice to you a little- I wish that you get lots of happiness & pass your boards with flying colours!And you get to meet KaJen real soon and really hope that till the time you turn 18 hume KaJen ke bache dekhne mile Day Dreaming  Anyways keep being weird the way you are! To tell you the truth you're one of my closest& best-est friends on the AT and though I say the opposite of this everyday- BUT I DO LOVE YOUUU Hug (Now don't DIE of shock ROFL)
Anyways this is my gift for you since you have whining for a KaKa siggy for SO LONG-

Okay there are more gifts if I manage to get them made by the evening Clown
Lots of kameenapan,


Kiddo, happy wala birthday my baccha..I've been so fortunate to have a poti like u ROFL I didnot even come to know wen my son got married and he got a daughter as well Stern Smile I've been so lame not to notice that Stern Smile
I've been so nice to you for putting up with your bakwas all these days Cool but those big lectures that you give me Ermm sometimes I get confused if I m your daadi or you are Ermm
You get so boring at times, thats a different thing that I turn u boring. ROFL
Thank you so much for coping with my bakwas all the time Big smile
We've got so close to each other in such a short span of time...I can tell u and share smallest possible things with you, without much hesitance.
Mostly in our talks we play "depression depression" with each other ROFL I cry then u cry, u cry then I cry ROFL.
We're officially crazy Embarrassed one thing I m sure about is you're always there for ur daadi, and get one thing clear ur daadi is always there for u as well. You need me, and you know I'm just a phone call away Embarrassed
You will always be my kiddo Embarrassed come what may, I'll always stand by my kiddo...
I love you a lottt kiddo,
May you have the best birthday ever, may all your wishes get fulfilled.

The important reason that I continue my writing is you..thank you so much for encouraging me throughout..


Lots of love Heart

Ur gift is on its way Embarrassed

-Ur daadi Hug


HAPPIEESS BURDAAYYY BABYYY =D it's always been so fun talking to you, you're like so cute and sweet <3 I absolutely LOVEE KaJening with you on the AT and I love how you always listen to me even though I'm a right Hitler at times LOL and you're an amazing siggy maker and writer psht so don't deny it :| oh and you're FINALLYY 16 today so that means now you are officially allowed to be as much besharam about KaJen as you want EmbarrassedROFL not like you already weren't but yeah whatever I won't call you a bacchi anymore during the "r-rated" talks ROFL LOL OKAYY happy birthday once again babe, may you always be blessed with all the love luck succes and happiness and may all your dreams and wishes come true on this special day and oh I hope you get to meet KAJEN SOON :D lol have fun muaahh <33 

Lots of love, Roshaan xoxo

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rockstar_kajen IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 September 2012
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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged

Since you're still a bachi we're going to put photos with KaJen & bache ROFL

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abditory. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
Many many happy returns of the day ADITI:-)
May God bless you with all the happiness and success
Enjoy and have a blast^^

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rockstar_kajen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 4:23am | IP Logged
One more message to pakao you ROFL
The first message I wrote seemed really small for making you khush Embarrassed
Btw I called you 5 Times yesterday. Birthday ke dinn you shud attend calls Stern Smile or atleast call back :P
Anyways, I know u were on other call Tongue maaf kar diya. We'd met on the AT few months back, and started talking to each other as if we'd always known each other. May be coz true kajenians have one thing common in them, that is thier craziness Embarrassed We can go on talking for ages and never get tired :D when we can go to the limit of discussing about their family planning, u know what all can we talk about. ROFL . Shhh now you are not allowed to talk those stuffs Embarrassed u may not seem bacchi, but you still are one.
I still remember your reaction wen I first called you a kid ROFL you were like "15 is not a kid Shocked" just 'coz I was stubborn on calling you a kid, you started calling me daadi Stern Smile, since then we have a strong daadi-poti bond Cool. We theek promised each other that we would share everything with each other but I always break the promise. Tongue I loveee breaking them Embarrassed.
Btw don't dare to go and meet kajen without me Stern Smile. What if you scare my kajen? Ermm atleast wen I m there with u, I would be able to calm them saying, no she's a human being only, don't be scared ROFL. Sometimes I wonder, if you love kajen more or kaka Ermm your craze for kaka makes me doubt you Stern Smile.
Atleast once agree that you are a good writer Stern Smile, you always say I'm a better writer, but the truth is, I may be a better writer, though u r a bacchi, there's a maturity in your writing which would increase as you grow up and I am sure u would be writing 10 Times better then me. So, no, u r better :D stop being bias and modest, it doesn't suit you Tongue. Dare you open your mouth to protest. Angry Now wen you r 16, don't fly in the air, you still have two years more, to be legally valid to run away from ghar with your boy friend. Stern Smile so atleast don't think of it atleast for two more years Ermm
Enough of my banter Embarrassed I better shut up now...people here would kill me IF THEY READ THIS MESSAGE. I doubt people have the guts to read such a pakao msg :P
Nyways happy birthday once again...Hug
Blow the candle, cut the cake...feed kajen first and then feed me. Embarrassed Don't eat the whole thing yourself, you would get even more moti, then you already are ROFL *don't glare me now Tongue*
Mwah ILU <3 <3 Heart
-your Daadi Heart

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hiraethhearts. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
omkajen Stern Smile
ILY you bothh.. I will come back from class and give detailed reply to this.. Btw I'm still not 16 :D I'm 15 :P
Daadii , Shikha , Deepu , Aarti JEE , Saumya ,  Ana , Roshu , Salwi , Naazu , Radz , Oishi , Vini Hug

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Mojo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 5:00am | IP Logged
ADDIII <3 HAPPYBIRTHDAYBACCHE HugLiar YOUARETURNINGSIXTEEN. You told me 15 :P BUTTT yeaaahmmaaannn I am a month and 4 days younger than you NANANANAAN I am the youngest :P Okay I really should stop being mean :P 

Adu Padu (Just came up with it. Your new name :P) you are an amazing person, always stay the same, party loads since you are turning SIXTEEN (yeah I won't get over it:P) and don't so zada ashlil stuff like WATCHING KAJEN TENT SCENE AGAINWackoLOL Okay! I am just jealous you are such an achi bacchi :P And ache bacche don't underestimate their work and I love you and your work even more. It is so damn good. ILOVEYOURWRITING so much. And you siggies wow! And what do we get in return? "Chiii they are so bad why do you even like them?" Trust me I'll kick you :P Always keep smiling. :D And and have a great year ahead. And yah always stay buddhi than me ROFL I will never let it go kamini :P (I just hope mombatti was right when she said you turn 16) 

Have many many many birthdays, so many that you have chotte kajen jese bacche ke bacche ROFL I know it was a lame one but cute tooBig smile. But I am typing (for the second time cuz my MESSAGE WAS NOT POSTED >.<) whatever is coming to my mind -.- I don't even know if I am thinking while writing this or no xP Weird I know.
Confession: Whenever a feel a little off I go to the AT and you are mostly there and you have no idea how much you lighten up my mood Adu Padu. So thank you so much. You are a sweetheart.
Oh btw I have finally uploaded the VM you wanted me to :P But lemme tell you it is multifandom. So if you want watch it here.

Erm...what else should I say? Okay I am thinking now :P So happy birthday once again Adu Padu. ENJOYYY <3 ILY xx.

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abditory. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Wah ShikhaROFL

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