Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150 (Page 7)

ady1218 Groupbie

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Woah that was fantastic update please update soon waiting already

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Dsudipa Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 5:57am | IP Logged
read all part in one go its difference story loved this u written very well pls continue soon and PM me if possible thx a lot

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anupam_dil Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 6:01am | IP Logged
wow what an interviewClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Woww nairita flawlessly written Clap loved priya's answers in the me i would have fainted then nd there only LOL
Cont soon nd plz pm me next time

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itsmeg3 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 8:35am | IP Logged
WoWWW..its superbClapClapClap

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anisha789 Newbie

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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Nice ..infact v.nice continue sooonnn

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Hi friends , 

once again thank you for loving the Chapter 3 .. Interview ... now i present the chapter 4 of the story ... and .. expect your comments , as feedback , as a token of love .. for the ff and bit for me ... 

Cheers , 


I luckily got an auto rickshaw, for getting back to my residence . An old romantic tune was playing on 92.5 F.M. the sea breeze hit me softly as I was crossing the marine drive . I felt little better after those 4 rounds of marathon interview and specially after the interview with The Tycoon. I leaned back and closed my eyes .. but my peace didn't continued much , my phone buzzed , it was from papa , I received it and also informed him that I will be home by 30 minutes maximum , my father got relieved after that I guess . the auto drove in its speed , and due to less traffic I got to reach home in 20 mins , I cleared the bill of the auto and hurried to my Flat .


It was almost 11 p.m , when I got into my apartment , I was exhausted , I needed a bed them , my bed more obvious , but I was not so lucky , my extra caring , over thinking best friend is there . I paused and remembered what the tycoon asked me to do . I was going to open up my mouth , neha turned and went inside . I shrugged , and sat down on the sofa by my father. My mother served me water , as I took it i also informed them that why I was late and what are my chances to get selected.


Next I asked for my elder sister , and I came to know that she has went for an outing with her friends , I didn't wasted time , as I m worried for adi , I peeped into my dee's room and when I didn't find him , I walked to my parent's bed room and there I found adi sleeping calmly hugging his tweety as tight as he can , I sat by him caressed his head , his cheeks , placed a kiss on his cheek , I found this boy to be so poor by fate , his father is fighting to get him back only because he is his son , and his mother , leaves him alone at home , in many occasions . covering adi properly by the duvet I came to the living room . my eyes fell on the clock , "shit !!" I uttered , the tycoon asked me to tell neha to call vikram .. I should ask her now , its almost 11.35 p.m .


I ran to the bedroom and found neha lying down on the bed , covering her eyes with her hand , I sat softly by her , she turned aside , I smiled '


"arey .. kya hua ?" I asked

" you know priya what happened ..?" she snapped

" what I know ?" I said as I know nothing rather in reality I knew nothing .

" you don't know" neha sat up and showed methe call log of her phone I saw there are 24 calls from vikram.

'strange!!, when he doesn't call you , you get angry and when he .." neha over voiced and said ' its your Tycoon who was calling to get your track!!"

"You Cow!!" I said while I stood up , "when does he became my tycoon.." I opened my blazer and threw it on the chair , I took out my PJ from the closet and a loose fit top for the night .

"if not then what else priya .." neha was shouting at me ..i turned and find neha standing on the bed ..

"what !!!" I asked her ..

'priya I asked you t keep yourself away from him but no you are getting trapped ' and tell me one thing do you like him '" neha's query shocked me '

"I like him !!! Holy god !! neha you are mad '" I opened the wash room to get in

" stop .. don't change the matter 'priya finish this '" neha demanded me to stay and I looked back to her with great dissatisfaction '

' priya ' look ' ram called me 24 times onlt to know that if you have reached or not " neha now sounded concerned..

" I know neha , but I thought it would be vikram , I didn't thought of the Tycoon calling you , yes he asked me for a lift and when I denied it he requested me to inform vikram about my safe coming back that's it .. nothing to worry about '' I said taking neha's hand on my

" you  don't know this man priya he is dangerous , nd a out going girl like you , he is thinking '" I now over voiced neha , "neha neha neha neha .. calm down ' nothing is going to happen as such ' and if he is thinking to try me then I think what I have heard that day by the pool side , you are over thinking  he will never try me .. and if you are true , then I will show him what is what !!!" I smiled assuring neha that nothing is going to happen wrong with me ..


Neha though pretended to get convinced , she sat back unconvinced , I hugged her and said " so jaa , one day now left for your sangeet and I want you to look best , at least better than me .." neha hit me with the pillow , we hugged each other .


Neha went back to sleep while I went to the wash room to get fresh '


It was 12.15 when I finished my so called dinner , and my mother informed me that neha's apartment is under renovation so she will be staying with us till her marriage day and she wanted me to be with her all the time , even she wants me to be with her till her reception . I assured my mother that I will be with neha all the time till marriage , but I cant confirm about the reception 'and the reason was Mr.Tycoon . after several warnings from neha , I also started to think about him '. About his bad habits '

Though I slept so late , last night only thinking about the tycoon and his concern and also about neha and her warnings , I got on time for my jog and exercise , it was about 7.00 then in the morning , and I was completing 6th round the ground , I was focused on my fitness routine , but I stopped suddenly and peeped back , I smiled slapping the back side of my head I said " how can he be here?" actually I saw Mr,Ram Kapoor standing by a tree , just by the side of the ground . I carried on with my jog . with the 8th round I finished it , I stopped , I was bit exhausted , leaning forward I supported my hand to my knees '


" there she is .." I heard neha speaking to someone , looking up to my good fate , I found neha vikram and The tycoon too there , 'so I was not day dreaming'" my subconscious mind made me speak..


"what ??" neha asked me out of her curiosity .

"it is not the right place to talk about it ..'  my inner soul muttered , and I said " no .. nothing ' I means its pleasure to see sir , here .." I pointed to the Tycoon ..

"good morning miss Sharma .." he wished me  , I wished back with the same gesture '

"she is taking care of all the decorations of the marriage ram '" neha said , and made me surprise that she greeted him with his name .

" ok ' then miss .sharma I need to talk wd you for a minute or five will you let me to '" ram kapoor asked me for my time ..

" any time '" I looked at neha with a pause , " Sir'.this way '" I lead ram kapoor to a bench .


I watched him kneely , I tried to observe him , I don't know why , but I did . I saw that he took his handkerchief out from the pocket of his tracks and placing it carefully on the bench he sat . I sat carelessly on the bench , he said " will that not ruin your clothes."

"sir' can we come to the point..' I replied with an awkward expression to him ..before he could start , adi, came running to me , he hugged me and said "mamma , where is mummy ??" I looked at the man sitting by me , he was having an aweful expression , thinking about what is happening around .. I concentrated on adi , kissing on his cheek , I asked him if he wants his favorite ice cream after the school , the kids got extra enthusiastic and giving me names of his three favorite ice creams he ran to the school bus , I stood up to see if he reached the bus safely , when the bus left , I sat down.

' you mentioned in the application form , that you are single ?" the tycoon asked me .

" I expected this sir , I m not the mother , I m masi to him , but from his early childhood , he used to call me mamma , I like it too , rather I taught him to call me mamma . he is Aditya .. my nephew sir , my di's son.." with a pause I said "mummy' you remember he asked for his mummy ' that's my di ' if you don't mind sir , can we finish the discussion as I have to head to the hall , for decorations .."  I don't know I have a apologetic tone '

" yes ' I mean yes ' Miss.Sharma , can you keep roses out from the decorations '" the tycoon surprised me

" this was it ?" I asked '

" yes !! I have allergy from it '" he replied in a low voice ..

' ok .. I will .. but sir it's a marriage , and keeping out roses , I mean it symbolizes love ' ok I will see what I can do '" I replied thinking a bit

" I need a firm confirmation miss.sharma or .." I over voiced him , " other wise you will skip the marriage ?"

" no miss Sharma , I will send my decorators to decorate .." his reply amazed me .

" excuse me sir .." I stood up and after me he stood up too.. I continued , " sir , it is true I m not as rich as you are , but let me tell you some thing , I have a heart which is at least bigger than you , and loving than you , it's the marriage of my only friend in this good earth and I m not going to spoil it with your utter nonsense decoration , and if you have so much problem then skip your friend's marriage '" I said in one breath ' I was loud , neha and vikram joined us asking ram what happened , ram kapoor showed his left hand to vikram and he was angry , insulted or what I didn't know cause , I was not at all looking at him that time .

" look ' I was just telling you from what I m allergic ' nothing else .." ram kapoor said to me gritting his teeth '

" oh!! Really !!! then what about sending your decorators '" I rolled my eyes on him ..

" lady!! Be careful I hate those who smirk and roll eyes on me ' so better don't do that again '" he warned me .

' really !!! I didn't know that.." this time I smirked on him '

"god this lady '." He said in a frustrating tone'

Before I could say n e thing , vikram wanted to know what is happening , and ram kapoor briefed about our conversation , vikram looked at neha and asked her permission to allow ram kapoor's decorators to decorate for the marriage. Neha was a hyper person I know and she was about to shout , but I didn't found it right for neha and vikram to fight just before one day of their sangeet , I bumped between them and said " ok guys ' my fault I cant decorate without roses , better , mr .kapoor's decorators do the work .." I didn't gave a chance and started walking .. from there '


" miss Sharma '" ram kapoor followed me , and managed to stop me after my 8-9 steps ' " I m sorry if I have offended you '"  he said ' he added "I m so sorry'"

" its ok mr. Kapoor , but just a little advice to you sir , don't think that every person of this earth will get suppressed and amazed and attracted by your wealth , what is it in wealth sir , aaj hain toh kal sayed app ke paas na ho .. but a good relation will fetch you a life time .. well I don't want to talk about it more ' but its your call , I surrendered with the decoration , and if it was not neha , I would have preferred to skip the marriage .. and now if you will excuse me '" I didn't looked back this time , but with a sad heart I walked to the apartment '


When I entered the apartment I found my parents arguing with my elder sister .. about her night stay out of home , from my early childhood I have a habit of not talking or interfering between elders , I silently walked to the kitchen poured water for my self and sipped it ' 


"priya .. why cant you take care of adi , when he is more found of me than me ?" my sister asked me ..

' di ' who said I don't take care of him '" I asked in a hurted tone ..

" you parents are telling me that I don't rather I cant take care of my son , he is found of you naa so why you neglected him , when you always take him not less than your son '" my di again charged me '

" di what are you talking about .. and where from the hell adi came between papa and mom are asking you about your where abouts nothing else .. nothing more than that di .." I tried to handle the situation which in reality went out of my hand , I don't know what exactly hurt my di she screamed out " yes now this is left .. I have to answer you also priya , don't forget that you are younger than me .."

" di .." I cant finish when my parents asked me to keep out the matter and concentrate on myself only , that hurted me a lot , I could control myself , I took the car keys and ran out of my apartment .. I hurried down the stair case and just in the garage I found the naha vikram and ram kapoor discussing .. neha came to me and said that ram kapoor wants to talk wd me , but I was not in a mood to talk with n e one , I took my hands from her and I pressed the unlock button with the remote , my Maruti SX4 , which I brought after saving lots of money and also with a huge risk of five figured EMI for it . ram kapoor was leaning to my car , he stood up as the car buzzed . I was passing by him , when he said " you are crying '" I snapped at him ' "you are !!" he confirmed '


" priya '." Neha came to me ' and looked at me ' finding me in tears she asked for the reason , I ignored , looking at vikram and ram kapoor . I wanted to leave , neha reached out for the keys and snatching it from me , she said " again the dailies '" tears ran down , though I wanted to stop it .. neha turned to the men and said ' sorry I need to be with priya now 'plz excuse us '"

" Miss Sharma '" i looked up as he greeted me , I saw his hand extended to me his handkerchief adding , " it is not that one which I used to sit on that bench it's a fresh one ' plz Miss Sharma ' tears doesn't suit you '"  he said with a concern for me in his tone '

"I m ok '" I replied wiping my tears with my thumb ..

" ok ' I will not insist you , but one thing before I and u part for today' he paused and let me look at him , after I looked at him , he continued " I was here to say you thank you , that you kept your promise yesterday , and asked neha to call vikram , and also tell you that .. I m really impressed by your interview'but I ended up fighting insanely with you, and ' which I don't do ' and first time I m doing it ' " he scratched his forehead and said " I m sorry Miss Sharma , to show you the power of money ' actually till today this world has made me learn that all people here can do any thing for money and it is the god for humans , I actually forgot that there are people like you who still persist on earth ' and '" he stretched and said " I wish .. you get someone , who will never let you cry '.and" he again stretched " I will be happy if you take care of decoration of neha and vikram's marriage 'and'" he again stretched and said " I hope our this fight will not effect our professional relationship '" he smiled as he ended '

I smiled back in reply '

" I think that's a positive reply from your side .. against  my every request '" he smiled , and made me smile broader '

" I wish ' to God , you get someone who will always make you smile '.it is the best ornament for you'" he smiled , I looked up to him 'he and vikram left after a few seconds '

I don't know why I kept on looking at the tycoon as he walked from there , neha came and hitting me softly said " I have a gut feeling '" I looked at her with an expression "WHAT.." she said " I think he likes you '."

' what !!!!" I screamed and neha said " yes 'may be you are his next hunt '."

" come on neha .. don't stop at that point ' its just a gentleman's gesture from his side .. nothing else '" I said , and I didn't know why I blushed as neha said it to me for the second time .. that ram kapoor likes me ' I blushed and walked inside .. while neha followed me ' constantly saying that ram kapoor likes you .. ram kapoor likes you '.


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LovingRaYa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
fantastic update
update soon
especially ram and priay conversation

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