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Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150 (Page 6)

katbalhlover Newbie

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 6:54am | IP Logged
ok dee i understud thanks!!!!

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Joined: 28 December 2012
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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 8:03am | IP Logged
wow di super duper update.I LOVE RAM character also...

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
that was super I love the storyBig smile

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Superb start and the first meeting of raya is just awesome I m loving it Continue soon
IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 1:27am | IP Logged
Hi Friends, 

Thank you for loving the chapter 2 , thanks again for liking commenting for it . here i present the chapter 3 of the Short Story , will look forward for you comments and feed backs ..


 Next Few days , passed away doing my daily jobs , family and neha off course how can I forget her , and her excitement about her marriage , I think the way she was and is shopping , she can manage to do , 3-4 weddings easily , and more over , the decoration part is totally on me , and one more tension which engulfed me is that I didn't get any response from the kapoor telecommunications , about the interview date .


In the mean time , I have visited family court twice with my dee and adi , for the custody case hearing , I tried to convince jiju , but he is still arrogant to have his son with him . in one word my life is very miserable I need a break from all this but really I m not getting it …


After few days ,  when I was deep in my slumber I heard a voice behind me, I woke up and turning my head I said " shit!!"


' what you said miss Sharma??" ram kapoor said dressed in a black suite , I hurled and stood up to face him , he glared and me saying " is this you home that you will sleep here ? you know I can punish you for this , I can ask for penalty !!"


" sorry sir" I uttered to him , he in turn shouted , " don't dare to say sorry I hate it …" he with a pause asked for the reports from me , but alas I found it but I couldn't find it , what the hell where the files are … even I searched my table thrice , four times but I failed , I found my throat dry , I gulped air in … and looked to my boss …


" so even you don't have the reports ready , so what the hell you are doing  in my company … I should dismiss you this time …" ram kapoor shouted back at me …


' no sir … sorry sir .. I was ready with it .. I will find it …" I pleaded and ran after him , but he turned and said only one thing "you are fired Miss Sharma !!"


'Nooo……." I screamed as I got out of my dream , in the middle of the night , I found myself sweating …I switched on the bed side lamp  as I sat leaning on the bed rest behind , I crossed my legs and kept a keen watch to no where …. My inner soul said " what the hell why I dreamt like that and what is panicking me ?? the job or the man …" I slapped the back side of my head and said to myself , ' you are over thinking priya … you are over thinking … calm down …." I lied down , I sat up again thinking , if I don't get a call from the office , he will be a familiar name to me , I have to face him again in neha's sangeet , mehendi and in marriage too … does he remember me ?? as I thought I smiled weirdly and I don't know why I smiled …


I preferred to sleep back , flushing out all my thoughts ….. surrendering my future in destiny's hand …


After 2 days  , I got a good news when I was coming back from the office , I got a call for the interview , I was in 9th cloud then , at last I can walk into that building and then next I will give my 1000% to get the job there …. I came back home and informed my family , I called neha to inform her about the interview , she sounded not so happy about it , I thought she might be thinking that if I get the job she has to work alone , I tried to clear the fact out that she has already put her papers down , and she will not be working from the next week . but to my astonishment I found her concern that ram kapoor talked with me separately that day , and she felt that ram kapoor has his eye on me . I preferred a meeting with neha , but she denied saying that if I want to do something I will do it , and she cant stop me from doing that , she hung up , but I know that I can manage my annoyed friend .. My inner soul made me smile , thinking about the interview , but I my experiences said that the chair person will not be taking the interview , so I dropped the hope of meeting the tycoon ….


The Interview Day !!!!


It was the biggest day of my life till date , I walked in my business suite with my testimonials with me , into the glass walled building , the sand stone under my feet , they shined as I looked at them . I noted down my name and purpose of visit in the register , and the security issued me a 'visitors ID card" putting it around my neck and walked inside . my eyes fell on the black L shaped sofas , I counted and with me there are 16 candidates , fighting for one post . I pulled out the interview letter and handed to the interview co-ordinator , she leaded me to a sofa and said 'mam you are the first …"


" what !!!" I yelled , she smiled and said 10 minutes then go straight to the right first room … Mr.Talwar will be interviewing you … the co-ordinator walked away …


' jesus !! I came the last and I m going the first …" I muttered , I was looking down , and I saw the candidates were standing up , I looked up and god !!! what a view !!! I stood up and looked at the tycoon , he is different from that day .. he looked handsome in his Armani or Gucci what ever suite , and the red tie , matched with him perfectly .. my inner good soul snapped me out of my thoughts , remembering me about his nature and about my purpose of visit ….


After few minutes I was in the interview room , facing Talwar , he tried to de motivate , confuse me a lot but my experience came hand on hand .. that time …. I was at the kapoor telecommunications till 6 p.m , I have given 3 round … but I wanted to see the tycoon once more but I failed … I didn't get to see him the second time …


The  coordinator came and snapped me out of my thoughts , she clearing her throat and said " I m going to take three names , they should stay back , others please leave …" she read out the names , rakesh malhotra , I counted 3 … she said " roshan singh .." and counted 2 …. And then she said ' Priya Sharma .." I stood up smiled and counted "1"  the lady thanked the other candidates for their participation , and asked another man to guide them . the lady asked the three of us to follow her , we like obedient kids followed her . she asked the lift man to 7th floor as we got into the floor , the lady asked us to wait as the big boss is going to go with the final round of interview …..


" ok !!!" I said to myself , as I sat , I looked around the floor , the decors the ambience is perfect , the lady came and asked rakesh somewhat to go in , I leaned as the interview continues … continues and continues …. In checked my watch it was 7 p.m . I need to inform my family that I will be late may be 9 10 I don't know , I pulled my phone walked to a deserted corner and called my dad , after informing him I settled down again , and my wait continues … for that rakesh to come out from that room … and the wait ended .. he came out .. frustrated !!! no exhausted !! no tensed !!! no … I got it he is pissed off … by the interviewer …. Well I left thinking about the man , and waited for the co-ordinator to evolve again , she came and called the other man .. god !!! I yelled softly , leaning I said " so priya you are the last one not the 3…2…1 …. You are the last one …but why ?? is the interviewer a thurkey or gender biased what !!! but this time I don't have to wait for long 15 minutes maximum and the guy came ut from the cabin loosening his tie knot .. I knew that it my turn , I stood up and waited for the instruction from the co ordinator , she came and asked me to go through …


I walked for a second and I m infront of the Broad Room … for the last time I ironed my blazer with my hand , a deep breath in , I pushed the door a little and knocked once softly , I said ' May I Come in ?"


" PLZ…." The voice allowed me …. Do I know that voice ? I wondered and to my great greater and greatest shock , The Tycoon , The Ram Kapoor is sitting just there , starring over my photocopied testimonials , my throat went dry .. I gulped , softly closing the door , I came and stood by the chair which is supposed to be the interviewees chair …


" Sit " he said without looking at me … I settled down , placing my testimonials(originals)  on the table , I guided my hands to my lap and knotted them with each other … I was not able to look at that man , I don't know what was resisting me , I was feeling nervous , I was feeling shy I don't know what .. but I knew that if I want to have this job I have to face this man , I looked up ….


After few minutes , when he was done checking my testimonials , he looked up and said " so ..Miss Sharma this is our second meet …'  he smiled ..


" yes sir !! but the first one was unexpected …" I replied


" no this one is unexpected !!!" he surprised me with his answer , but I smiled and said " no , you should have expected me , I think you should have got surprised if I m not here …" 


" impressive … but don't be over confident ….miss Sharma …" he said , as I found myself under his observation … he continued with his query , " experience .. in ER , recruitment , and training …. In which position you are working now ?"


" Senior Public Relationship officer" I answered .

' why you want to leave your job?"

"because I want to join Kapoor TeleCom"

"and why?"

"I want to work with the ram kapoor"

'any specific reason?"

"yes !! The Ram Kapoor is the reason."

"explain plz"he leaned back and placed his hand under his chin , keeping a keen watch on me.

"one of the most successful business man , and one of the youngest self made man , and I m lucky that you are from my state … how can I miss this golden opportunity …"

" if I was not the ram kapoor then"

" you were not sitting there , and your influence would have not been there on me.'

'explain plz"he smirked this time.

I knew that I m in a flow then , and his eyes are not off from me .. I continued,

"you are a man with exceptional quality and you are there at that chair , and you are successful your business style fascinates me … and I can learn a lot from you … and if you are not the ram kapoor , how could you have fascinated me with your business skill …?? I wonder if you were not the tycoon then some one else will be there and may be I would have got influenced by that person.."

' basically you have a plan to establish your own firm ? be truthful"

" yes sir.."  

" then why should I hire you?"

" coz who knows you may like my business proposal and allow me to offer that to you …"

" smart girl … good I like it …. But can you handle a whole department of outsourcing!!"

"when I have handled this interview without sweating , though I m nervous I can sir !!!"

' wonderful !!! lady!!!"

"thank you …" "sir…" I added …

He stood up , as I wanted to stand , he asked me to sit back , and I obeyed ….

"will you mind if I smoke?" he asked , I know he was not facing me , so I winced my face and he asked again …in the mean time ….

"yes…sir !!!!" I guessed a harsh reply in reply … but he smiled and said " I like honesty …."

"so he was checking my honesty …ok !!!" I said in mind , he came taking the chair from my side , he sat there , " don't worry I don't smoke in front of ladies …"

"gentleman's gesture …" I smiled at him , he smiled back

Leaning to his chair he continued "1200 including me … can you look after the HR issues of this much employees miss Sharma …"

" I have answered sir .."

"so you don't like to repeat your actions …hmmm..?"

"not that sir , sorry .. I can sir … and I will handle it sir .."

"well I m difficult boss to handle every body says that …"

" I will break the myth …"

" myth ???…lady .. this is not a myth .. I m really a difficult boss to handle …"

' then I will break your myth too…" I took the courage to reply …

"I will wait for that day …. If I select you.."

"do you have a choice?" I asked him

"excuse me …" he glared at me .

" no I mean , the first one surely gonna faint when he will see his face in the mirror … and the second one didn't managed to be with you for 15 minutes and I …." I looked at my watch and smiled …

" 1 hour 12 minutes 23 seconds… miss Sharma ….you match my professionalism .. and I liked you and your presence of mind , your business sense …. But … I cant confirm you that I m going to appoint you for the post , as I will go with the scores of every round that you have crossed and I admit it you managed to impress me , but you have to wait to open the Champaign….to celebrate your new appointment …"  his reply impressed me …

" I don't drink sir …." I replied …

" who asked you to!!! open up a soft drink taking it as Champaign.. you know naa how to pretend to drink … I guess you have attained a lots of parties and you should have pretended to drink …" he asked again …

He is again checking me if I get nervous , I know that , coz once I have also recruited people for my first employer I know the tricks … I smiled broad and said " yes sir I know !!!"

"good !!! again you passed !!! and tell me how will you travel back to your place .. today now …own convenience or public transport or something else …" he asked looking at me …

" public transport sir …" I replied thinking of the choice "something else " what does he wanted to say pointing that point , is he trying to get if I have any …. No … cant be .. I stopped thinking as he offered me a lift to my residence …

" no sir .. I will be ok !! and it don't look good to take lift from a prospective employer for me .." I stood up …

" I m not offering you lift for the professional relationship which we might share , but I m offering you lift because of our personal relationship Miss Sharma…" he said as he stood up … and slipped his laptop in his bag …

"holy god !! what personal …" I muttered … I got little nervous this time and asked " sorry sir personal .. we don't share anything personal .."

" we do miss Sharma we have a common connections through vikram and neha so I should make sure that you reach home safely …"  he sounded concern , which made me more nervous .

" it's ok sir ….i can manage sir …."

" ok … when you are not agreeing can I expect a msg to vikram's when you reach your residence  ….' He asked me as like a gentleman …

" I don't have his number sir …"

" ok !! can you ask neha to drop back a message to vikram as you reach your place …" his voice has concern…

I nodded positively to him , he smiled and extended his hand  to me we had a firm shake this time …

" good night sir …" I wished him before I left .. he wished me back ….


With a smile and took my testimonials , and for the last time I smiled at my prospective employer , I opened the door and walked to the lift,  with many thoughts in my mind about the tycoon …. The lift opened , I got into it , as I looked up I found no one there , I got relaxed …. And pressed the "G" button …..

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 2:45am | IP Logged
continue soon dear

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bpatil3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Wow what a narration..ClapClapClap
Much firmed , determined answers from priya.

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by viny_queen

continue soon dear

Thank  you ... will continue soon... 


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