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Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150 (Page 4)

anuraya Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
hey di nyc to see u here with new ff..gr8 start..waiting for raya first meeting..cntinue soon

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Waiting for next part please

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haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Wonderful starts...RaYa first meet will be all CLASHES or something like FIRST SIGHT attractions...waiting to know..
Have send a PM pls send add

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Hi , 
Friends , 

Thanks for such a overwhelming response and warm welcome and acceptance of the FF and me ... Thank you for loving the first part , and here i present the second chapter to you all , hope to see your comments back , as it will help me to improve more from your suggestions ...

Cheers ,


 Next Day , Neha hurried into my bedroom , she pushed me so hard that I fell from my bed , and only thing I could utter is "OUCH!!!" my back hurted really … it hurts …. I got down to the floor, rolled in my duvet , I managed to get escaped from it , stretching my arms I said " do you know what is going to get happen with you right now …." I calmly took the duvet managed it and put it on the bed .. I looked at her as I stepped to the bed , next moment I m behind neha , she dashed out from my room and the safest place for her to hide is behind my dee and she did it again …


" what happened what happened ?" my dee said wrapping her arms around neha …


' dee she kicked me off from my bed , is that a way to wake her best friend  from sleep … what a dream I was having and you the bloody hell broke it …' I said as I poured tea into my cup … I walked to the couch , my mother was reading the newspaper , I need to peep in it , I slipped myself to my mother's lap , she smiled looking down to me , she wished me good morning kissing my fore head .. I took a quick glance over the headlines and then my view stopped on an advertisement , I jumped from my mother's lap , snatchingthe paper i smiled , rather I jumped from the couch out of my over excitement , I shouted "first step to my Golden Ticket !!!! neha neha .." I ran to my best friend , hugging her I aksed her to kick me off from my bed daily ….


My father came and looking at me , he asked the reason of my overwhelming happiness , I took the newspaper and read the Kapoor Telecommunications Vacancy Ad loudly .. and I also added that I m going to apply for it …. I don't know what happened Neha grabbed me out from the living room to my bed room …


'what ??" I yelled out at neha ,….


" you know I m feeling something fishy …" neha sat by me … I pursed my lips and asked about what so fishy ? her reply made me dull , and what I could say is "WHAT!!!! He is the friend …"  my mouth opened making a shape of O that I know too …


Neha informed me that today I m going to meet The Ram Kapoor , the self made man , the chair person of Kapoor Industries … after getting the news , I didn't wasted a moment to get ready for the meeting … 


After half an hour I m ready to leave , I took out my best jeans from the closet and a lime yellow kurti with white flowers on it … I took out the white band for my watch which provides me to change the bands , I wore it and a match ear ring … I was done , but neha still not ready , she is not at all liking her final touch up …


"err…. U irritate me, neha …" I took the blusher from her hand and taking her strap side bag around my neck , and I dragged her out from my apartment … down stairs at the parking I pushed neha into the passenger's seat and I ruled the driving seat , though the car belonged to neha . I usually avoid to take my car , as I leave it behind for my family … , especially for my nephew Aditiya


After few minutes ……


I was driving with in the speed limits , but I cant hide my excitement to meet the tycoon of the millennium … i cant hide it from neha , my lips arched itself to smile , I said " why ??? why didn't you informed me earlier that he is the friend … I thought may be some one else will be the friend … god man , I can meet the man with whom I m trying to work since 2 years … god !!!"


" keep your excitement within yourself girl.." neha said in a warning tone , which made me little annoyed and I looked at her for an answer …


" look priya .. I know you know how to keep your personal and professional life apart , but this ram ram kapoor don't have too much reputation .. as I m informed by vikram , Kapoor is already at the pool side resort from last night and guess what that also with a girl …"


' so what !!' I replied , " so what neha , what I need to do with his girl friend , what ever he would like to do that's his personal matter …"


" right .. !!! but you are my personal matter priya , I cant allow you to be in front of him , if you continue to be so excited about meeting him …" neha said annoyingly, I looked into her eyes for an answer , which she gave immediately , saying " priya he is a damn play boy …though vikram don't consider him to be one , why he should , vikram is his best friend , and he will hide his friends bad habits for sure , but I have to protect you are special to me…"


I cant control my laugh .. neha annoyingly asked me to believe her , I controlled my laugh and said " so you are thinking that if I show him my over enthusiasm to him , he will manage to take me to his bedroom , neha that you know me … ulte haath ka ek padegi apne app samjh jayega kisse panga padha … hain ..' I gave a pause , I coughed , and continued " and trust me that's his personal life I don't need to know about that .. so I m least afraid of him …" 


" but out of curiosity ….' I said .. as neha looked at me , I continued " as per my knowledge goes as the magazines wrote , he was in a relationship for 2 years with a English Girl …for 2 years he was with a girl and now he is a play boy don't you smell some thing wrong …."


" don't Priya !!!!" neha warned me,  I smiled and said that I will keep away from him … she should not think of me during her date … neha still sat their unconvinced ….


I then decided to concentrate on driving …


The Pool side Resort , Mallad …


Vikram was sitting on the chair , by the pool side , when we walked inside , neha got happy to see him , she pointed to a handsome guy sitting on the pool chair , and my identification got official when that guy also smiled and headed towards us … he came and hugged neha as tight as he can , my brain shouted but my lips kept pursed .. they when got enough of each other , they looked at me , and neha in embarrassment introduced me to vikram .. I had a brief shake with him , wishing each other , our attention got to a man walking to us , with a girl by his side . My brain ticked , it hammered me " you know this man.. its none other the tycoon himself … but this girl by him yak …." 


The Tycoon walked in a polo Tees , collar up.. and a blue tracks properly fitted to him … yes this is The Ram Kapoor I said … to myself … before he started talking wd us and joined us , he leaned to the girl and whispered something to her ear which made her tensed and she left , giving the tycoon a tensed hug  , he smiled and waved bye to the lady . Next he looked at us , but no wait , he looked at me , god I was staring at him , and I didn't noticed it god priya wake up my inner soul made me conscious and I looked aside …


' hey there you are .." vikram hugged the tycoon ….. he then smiled at neha and welcomed her to their family , neha then turned to me , and called me by my name , I turned and I found myself under the scrutiny of the tycoon …


Neha introduced me to The Ram Kapoor .. he extended his hand to me for a shake , I briefed it , as he continued to gaze at me , I felt uncomfortable and I looked here and there .. I looked up as the tycoon spoke , ' exactly this I felt , when you lady , starred at me … now have you felt how awkward it feels ??"


" what !!!' I could resist me from shouting , but I lowered by tone , rather in a apologetic tone I said " tit for tat , is not applicable every where mr .." I paused and corrected " sir .."


" oh !! no sir … Ram the name is Ram …" he said , and I wondered why he offered me to call him by his first name , for a moment  I thought neha's intuitions coming to be true … but it broke in second as the tycoon said " you all are friends and my friends call me by name , and my employees call me as sir .. and you belong to the first category …"  Ram Kapoor sat on the pool chair …


' and what about those whom you train …?? Sir" I asked him back , he pushed down his ray ban glasses down from the nose , he smirks and said "I m not a good teacher , I don't train …" he pulled up glasses to its place ..


"misconception you have sir , who said that to train someone you need to be a teacher or you need to have training sessions .." I smiled , …


' interesting !!" ram kapoor sat straight ….


' bingo I got to get his attention , I will get into your company this time mr .kapoor .." I said in my mind , and thousand rockets of my imaginations exploded in the day sky of Mumbai …


" means sir , you have set a bench mark for the industry for the young aspirants and you think you don't train people …" I smiled as I said … looking to him ,I  said in mind 'Nerd !!! what he is thinking what he is starring at …" pause ….. he spoke " really … your name once again …." I repeated my name to him…


' Miss .Sharma … I m glad to know that my journey taught you something ,.. and that is called as teaching not as training …." He smiled looking at me , and I felt like , as if he is becoming happy to tick out my mistake …


' no sir , you trained me , you didn't taught me any thing" I defended my self …


" jessus !!! you are so an Arrogant girl…. Trying to prove your point to be true …but I like it … " ram kapoor this time stood up , which made me nervous really nervous … my eyes fell on the would be couple , who were staring at us with their mouth open …


" Miss Sharma If you don't mind I would like to have bit more conversation with you but can we go and sit there" , he pointed to the bar joint .


' I don't drink …'

" who asked you …i want to know what you do ? what is your professional qualifications …"

I gasped , and my inner soul said " god is he going to offer me a job ..when I decided to apply to his firm this morning !!!"


I agreed to his proposal and walked with him to the bar joint , he ordered a drink for himself and I ordered fresh lime soda for myself … we were sitting just facing each other , I will accept that I was damn tensed that time ….


" So Miss Sharma , tell me about your degrees …and experiences …" he started a mini interview I guess …


I started disclosing about my career and I took 3 minutes to speak about it , he said ' great !! and matched !!! do you read newspaper …?" he asked  I nodded back , and also added that , I read the job opening ad … he asked , that if I have applied for it or not , as I replied that I will be applying , he dropped himself from the bar chair and nodding his head right to left , said ' sorry Miss Sharma I failed as teacher , really I m a trainer in your case , even that is a partial truth though …"


' sorry sir .." I uttered …


" if you have read on me my philosophies my goals , my tracks thoroughly then you must have read that I believe in doing now , not keep job pending …" he finished his drink and asked the bar attender not to take money from me , next he turned to me and informed me that its by vikram , not by him so I don't need to feel awkward … he excused himself from me … and vanished inside the club house …


' jesus !!!" I turned to the bar and said " horrible boss he is .. if I make it to the company .. how horrible he will be …" I finished my drink in one go … then I searched my I pad and applied for the job vacancy , ASAP … and when I m done , I smiled and looked up … but I didn't feel like telling it to the tycoon  as he may get me wrong and can do the same as he did with the girl this morning or yesterday night , what ever , its his matter … I pushed back my I pad to  my bag …


I was enjoying the music putting my ear plug , when I saw The tycoon following an elderly woman and some people … I got interest to know about what is happening , I pulled out my legs from the pool and sat on the pool chair just by that chair where the elderly lady was sitting , and leaned back , and covered my face with my just bought cap . Though I switched off the I pod , I kept the ear plugs at its place pretending I m listening music , where as I m interested to hear the tycoon..


"dadi .. plz …" he said , I peeped my vision to the side , and I saw Mr.Kapoor is trying to hug the elderly lady , I got confirmed that she is his Grand mom …but wait his dadi is annoyed with him , she rejected to hug him. I smiled when I saw mr.kapoor holding his ears like a kid saying sorry to his dadi , he also added that he was in important business last night and this morning he is here to meet neha .


" Christ !!! how he can lie , he was in business last night .. in the arms of that girl … poor family!!" I murmured … and next I concentrated to the conversation ….


" puttar , kabhi apne liye bhi dulhan dekh liya kar …" dadi ji said to ram caressing his cheeks , taking her hand on his he kissed her palm and said ' dadi … I don't have interest in marriage , rather I don't trust women … mein aise hi theek hoo …"


" he don't trust woman ?? holy god !!! and he likes to sleep with them … weird weird weird .. neha was right !!" I again murmured …..


I heard that dadi is insisting the kapoor to get himself married to see girls for marriage …. And to my surprise , he denied and said his dadi that if he likes any girl , in his life , he will first make her meet dadi .. then any one else …


" poor family !!" I concluded and walked from there to search for neha , I got her in the mid way , I joined neha and vikram , I wanted not to think about that tycoon , but his contrasting character … made me helpless and kept on gazing at the pool side kapoor family gathering … "priya you need a break …." My brain hammered me … " yes I need" my inner soul said , I excused myself from neha and vikram …


While I was coming back from the wash room , I saw ram kapoor and vikram shergill talking … I have no interest in ram kapoor's life but vikram , what he is doing here , he is going to marry my best friend I need to know if n e thing wrong or not … I stopped by the pillar and tried to listen what they are speaking or discussing about …


" why ram ?? why cant you marry ??" vikram shouted on him ..


He smiled and said " vikram , once hurt it remains life time … and you tell me , who the hell girl , a decent girl , who will love me , not my money , will marry me after getting the knowledge that I slept with 16 girls of which 15 are one night stands"


" why you should tell them that …" vikram asked impatiently , I don't know why but I also had the same question running through my mind , and the answer by ram kapoor amazed me , I respected him as a business man but after he said " any relationship should start with full truthfulness and trust , other wise that relation will end up bizarre"  , I started respecting him as human being too …. he also added before leaving  that he cant love n e one and if he loves some one he cant hide his life from her …


I remained amazed by this man , my subconscious mind made me smile …..


That day I didn't meet ram kapoor next , I had my lunch with neha and vikram and I also came to know that the tycoon has left for his home early with  his grand mother …. "sensible person " my inner soul muttered … by 6 p.m I and neha were on our way back to my apartment …. Neha was enthusiastically trying to make me listen to what she and vikram did all day , but my thoughts kept struck on how to crack the job and off course Ram Kapoor, he amazed me today  !!!!! …. I really want to work under this man .



Precap :: priya gets wild dream about ram , she gets up in the middle of her sleep .. horrified !!! 

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by haribol79

Wonderful starts...RaYa first meet will be all CLASHES or something like FIRST SIGHT attractions...waiting to know..
Have send a PM pls send add

Thank you so much .. for loving it !!!! 
IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anuraya

hey di nyc to see u here with new ff..gr8 start..waiting for raya first meeting..cntinue soon

Thank you so much Big smile

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cloud121 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Nice update...continue soon !!!
itsmeg3 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Interesting..continue soonClapClap

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