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Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150 (Page 2)

toshboni Newbie

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 6:43am | IP Logged
please continue soon.

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LovingRaYa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 7:36am | IP Logged
continue with ur story
and update soon

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Very interesting  Continue soon

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Ifra97 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 8:36am | IP Logged
WOWWW... Thats amazingly interesting... your idea is indeed very nice that there isnt going to be any evil one in your story.. aha so Ram is already is in love with Priya, she has tHe same feelings for him but stopping herself because of his past... Nice continue soon

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.sangs123. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged
awesome cont pls

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Hi, Friends , 

Thank you for the overwhelming response , thank you for reading liking and co
mmenting back , in the prologue part i presented the turning point of the story , now i present the first chapter of the story ...





It was a sunny day in Mumbai , Ram Kapoor's High esteemed Mansion was busy then preparing breakfast for the master and his family . The junior Kapoors before going to the office , who works as trainees under their big brother came down , and settled down on the breakfast table , with their parents .. looking around Natasha asked for her brother , Krishna kapoor , ram's mother pointed to ram who was coming down stairs talking over phone ..


"damn it !!!" ram said as he settled down …. , Natasha asked for the reason , but she might never ask the same to her brother again , ram looked up , leaning to the table he said "Trainees should report at 9 right and I think you know also that you cant use the private cars to reach office and ..' he paused to look at his watch , he continued , " it is 8.15 can you get to office on time, if not then you will also be treated as the other trainees by your team leads , and I m least interested to know what is happening with you two…"


That is enough for the twins , they stood up and taking blessings from parents they ran out of the mansion. Krishna Kapoor shouted behind them "Samhal ke …." The kids vanished from their sight , she turned her head to her elder son , ' what is this ram they are your sibling and you behave like that with them , why ?"


" I have 7 broad members ,and vikram is one of them , who is there by his own qualities not for me that you also know ,  you know naa , three years back , they turned down me as the Chair person of the company , when I was in London , have I protested ? no maa, I came back showing what I really am .. so I want that for my juniors , maa… I want them to live with full dignity I don't want this world to note them as Ram Kapoor's brother and sister I want them to be noted as Natasha Kapoor and Rishab Kapoor that's it maa and if I m showing arrogance with them , it is good for them.."  ram said while he finished his break fast .


"beta you are going to office , today Shankar has taken leave , can you drive to the office , I need gopal , I trust him more when it comes to driving my car , after Shankar .." amaranth kapoor demanded to ram ..


Ram wiped his hands on the handkerchief , he walked to his father , " bau ji , what are you saying , why are you asking just take it .. I will drive to office , waise if you don't mind where are you going ?"  Amarnath Kapoor informed ram about his dadi's  visit to their place … ram smiled broad , " then I should give the kids a leave , and I will also come back soon take care bau ji …" ram stood up and waving bye to his mother he left for the office .


Some where in a multi stored building in Mumbai …


Priya rolled herself 360 degrees around her revolving chair , she leaned back so that she can peep into the cubicle of her only friend Neha … she looked at neha who was engrossed in the papers placed on her tables , priya smiled looking at her , she stood up and silently moved to her cubicle and stood behind her , priya leaned and see neha, typing as fast as she can , from the papers on her table , adjusting her glasses on her nose which is not at all agreeing to stay there ….


" neha ..' priya placed her hand on her shoulder …


" haaa… kaun …" neha snapped out from her world , she was frightened  , as she thought priya to be her boss, she holding her breath back said ' oh !!! you made me …. Ufff…."


' why are you so afraid … and you know you look horrible this time … and u need a coffee , and me too …" priya pulled out her glasses , and continued , " and this also need a break from you .. come on lets go …"


' no yaar I cant …..this audit ….. this audit has to be done priya and I don't want my career to be torn off before my marriage happens …" neha said …


" yaar …. Vikram is one of the board members at Kapoor Telecommunications and that is not a small thing …." Priya said saving the files on neha's desktop and closing the computer ,she said " now come for a while yaar the only friend I have is you and you are the culprit I cant have coffee alone , now tell me for the last time are you coming or not !!"  neha gave up and walked with priya to the cafeteria …


They entered the cafeteria , as priya called , her dad …. The phone rang at the Sharma house , sudheer Sharma took the call , ' hello ..' he uttered …


' good morning !! papa …" priya said …


"good morning beta …. When you are coming back !!" sudheer ji asked and at the same time he called his wife to him , shipra from the kitchen walked to her husband and sat down by him … over the phone priya continued to speak , ' papa the audit is about to get complete and you know naa , from the last two years this two days are the worst day of my professional life and best part is I got to get a day leave after this , so I will be back by today evening and then the whole night and tomorrow will be yours and mom's, waise where is she …"


" here …" sudheer handed the receiver to shipra , " haan beta … theek hain naa .. you did your dinner last night or just biscuits you had , tell me if you would like to have any thing of your choice in dinner or …" priya paused shipra ….and said ' maa I m fine and don't panic , papa will also panic seeing you , mom I m fine and aaj we will go out for dinner ok …." Priya looked at neha , and she wanted to talk with her mother … priya smiled and asked her mother to talk with neha …


Priya gave the phone to neha and went to the automatic coffee machine to have coffee for her and neha , she brought two fruit cakes for themselves , as a token break fast .. when priya came back she saw neha smiling and her phone is on the table , she said " it means your talk is over and you have accomplished something and that too related to me …right !!'


" so intelligent you are .. priya .. you should start off your own firm …." Neha paused , as priya over her voice said " kya gul khilaya tune bol be …"


" arey just a permission , tomorrow me and vikram and his friend is going out for dinner so I thought of asking you too but as usual you will give a long list of your so called bahanas to avoid it so I better took the permission of the higher authority "  neha said …with a broad smile …


" yaar what I will do between you and vikram …." Priya leaned back …. In disagreement , while neha leaning to her best friend said " arey I said naa vikram's friend is too coming to see me so you chill with him …"  priya made a face and said " what !!! you will chill wd your would be and with your would be's friend … am I look like those cheapos neha !!!"


Neha slapped her head and said " ladki … badlegi nahi .. but no way I m going to consider your so called excuses this time , arey  I have acclaimed you so so much in front of vikram now if you will not come , he will surely give a permanent official stamp on what he thinks …"


" no what ,,,, he thinks ?? kindly go on madam .." priya said with least interest , she also added , " see from last night I have not slept for a second and I have to submit the reports to boss , and you know you are provoking me to sleep …" 


' priya …. Vikram thinks that you do not exist are just and imagination …. " neha said …. And pleaded to priya to come with her …


" god !!!  ok ok … I will come ok …" priya said ….. as she stood up and added " now lets go back to work … chal …" priya walked from there …. And neha happily followed her …


Kapoor Telecommunications


'what is this Ajay …this profiles does it match with the requirement of the HR head of this total set up and yaar I have given you a job description nd specifications don't you get that …" ram shouted on his employee slamming the papers on the table …  ajay replied back in a very low tone , as he knows his boss .


" then ..what you were doing when you selected this profiles ? I think you were busy in patience game then … right naa …" ram asked him …. Torning the papers into pieces and threw it to him …


" sorry sir …." Ajay said looking down directly at the standstone floor of Ram;s cabin …


" sorry … I don't accept sorry you know I only accept outputs … got that .. and give a fresh ad about the requirement .. and short list only 15 candidates out of the total and … arrange 4 steps of interview , and make sure in the last round only 2 or maximum 3 candidates comes and I will interview them personally .. this is your last chance ..and with out saying those two annoying word just leave …"


Ram sat dejected and pissed off with the outcome , which was a total failure from his experienced employees , vikram was his best friend , from college they know each other and he is one of the broad members of his company , vikram got into ram's cabin and he also meet ajay before he entered there ..


" so .. again pissed off …" vikram said ….


" why not just tell me why not three HRs are working them also no proper outcomes , you know naa how many companies have outsourced their Customer Care Centres to us .. and if no one can manage it properly . huh !!! I would loose everything .. no one is ready to devote maximum but the salary they will need should be the best , perks , facilities and even I offered then golden handcuffs but the end result is zero .. I need some one you can wipe out this mess and who will lead the total CC department . but alas I don't think there is some one like that .. experienced , mature , a leader , perfect combination of roughness and politeness .. no …. This is the last time I will be observing , else I will take care of it by myself …"  ram looked at vikram who was smiling …  that annoyed ram , vikram knows ram very well and he also knows "when ram gets annoyed and when happy , ram was about to leave when vikram said " arey I was joking yaar I mean look at you the day has not started yet properly and you are so tensed …and looks exhausted … lets have a coffee " vikram called at the canteen through intercom and asked to serve to coffees to Ram's cabin …


" yaar I don't think that I will make up to the meeting tomorrow …" ram said


" and ram kapoor never breaks his promise .. and you promised me …" vikram reminded ram …


" I know but I have to ..." ram paused under vikram's voice , who said that ram might get some one for his company …  ram smiled and said that it was a nice trick to tick him to his decision offering him a business idea … vikram and ram laughed at the same time …


"jokes apart ram you have to come !!!" vikram insisted his best friend …


" ok I will be and where are you exactly meeting ??" ram asked as he lighted up one cigar, he loves to see himself smoking , he stood infront of the full-scale mirror , running his hand through his neatly brushed hair , he looked at vikram , who was looking at him with "no not again!!" expression …

"what ?? why are you staring at me …" ram shrugged his shoulder … he moved to the window and continued smoking … vikram almost hurled into ram , ram cocked his head to one side and said " aram se … I know what you are trying to say …"


"15th I guess !!" vikram said ,  ram corrected "16th … not 15th …"


" why ram .. why you do this to you …" vikram asked helplessly …


Ram turned … and smirked , he said " I don't do .. I do to them who want to do to me …." Ram managed to puzzle his friend … He walked to his chair , supporting it he stood , " the place plz … vikram or else don't expect me tomorrow …"  vikram came to ram , he jotted down the name of the meeting place , and with out looking at ram he dashed out of his cabin ….



Precap :: Ram Priya's First Meeting First Impression .. on each other … 

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IM__NB Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pinkjali

Rita di it was awesome as always.. Loved this concept of story very much.. Thank u for writting it here. Continue soon.

Thank you so much :) updated chapter 1 on page 2 
shavii IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 11:17am | IP Logged
good one continue soonSmile
so ram is chain smokerConfused

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