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Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150 (Page 17)

lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 9:58am | IP Logged
When the  next update is?  I am wating... please...

IM__NB Senior Member

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Hi Friends, 

Thank You for Loving the Story so much and Sorry to keep you all waiting ... here is the Chapter 8 of the Story ... Happie Reading ... and i will try to update soon the next chapter , i have my Exams lined up ... when ever i will get time to write , i will update it ... :) 


:) Nairita :) 

I settled down on my table , Desai sir was not there , I tried his number twice , but the automated voice recorded by the telecom service said that his number is out of reach, I have an idea that Desai sir wanted me to visit the departments , a surprise visit . I have chosen 4 departments already for the surprise visit , but I need to have Desai sir with me … so I had nothing to do , other than to wait for him.


As I was wandering around the cabin , there was a knock at the door , I turned and said " Come in …"


" hi …' vikram came in .. with some files in his hand … "good morning he wished …" I reciprocated …

" just meet ram , he offered himself lunch from you ??" vikram looked surprised ..


' no" I said and added that I was the one to offer him coffee as a token of thanks to make me understudy of Desai Sir , and when I mentioned my idea about offering him lunch first , he turned the offer to lunch …


" that means ram invited himself .. and priya , ram is happy , I saw this peaceful smile in his face after a long time ..thanks for helping him out …" vikram sat in front of me placing the files on the table ..

" that's ok .." I looked at the files , " but …" I requested , " don't tell about these lunch and coffee to neha .. plz .. she is damn against this … and I m not helping ram kapoor , he is a good man , rather gentleman , I m just trying to change his perspective way to look at the world …  I just want to make him believe that this world is not so ugly , what his eyes used to see.."


" thank you priya … someone for the first time thought for my friend not for his property …. I don't know the future priya ,but I will be happiest person on this earth if I see you and ram together in future …"  vikram smiled ..


' I don't think so  vikram but …." I stopped … and with a sigh I changed the topic to Desai Sir , asking vikram about his where abouts …


' oh !! yes .. sorry …" vikram said , that Desai sir is not coming that day , he is off to Goa for some new acquisition .. I was surprised , and asked as an understudy shouldn't I need to be with him or not … vikram informed me that , it is for Kapoor Industries not Telecoms he also added that, if the deal gets final green signal by the top bosses of the kapoor Industry …, I will be accompanying Ram kapoor to Goa.


Taking one file from the two , he gave it to me , vikram said " Kapoor Industries is now trying to diversify its business , and it wants to acquire one of the top Pharma Company at Goa … Read the history …"  vikram stood up and  greeting me once again he left …


I was studying the information about the new industry to be acquired , one of my sub-ordinate came to me . I asked him about his presence , he handed me a file and said , that some of the trainees and employees are being show caused by the HODs and it needs my final authorization . before signing I looked through the letters , there are 13-17 letters . I went through them one by one …  and I stopped at a name …. It shocked me …. The name was "Natasha Kapoor"  I read that name , and opening the System I typed her employment number to get her details … it shocked me , when I read her father's name as "Amarnath Kapoor"  he is the father of Ram Kapoor …


I looked up and asked Amit , if I was right or not … he said that I and my assumptions are totally correct …


" Trainee Natasha Kapoor .. I don't get it Amit … and she is the owner's sister .." I wondered …


" mam . she and her twin brother Rishab Kapoor works as Management Trainees , here at Kapoor Telecoms …" amit replied and he wondered me …


" which departments .. I peeped into the computer again .. and before I can search he said that Natasha Kapoor works in HR department and Rishab at Finance …I wanted to see this two kids , and I wanted to know why they are working as trainees though they are supposed to be the owner one day …


' ok .. do one thing …keep this files with me , I will get back to you after I m done with this ..and send Sandhya , I have an important meeting and I need her .." I asked amit to leave …..


After few minutes , I was in the Finance Department , seeing their new HR , General manager the department got conscious … they stood up as I stepped in , the HOD of the department came running out of the cabin as the peon informed him about my presence , he shook hand with me … I looked around , the employees are standing …. And staring at me like they have seen ghost …. I have came to know that , every department has a conference hall,  I asked the HOD to call his department to the conference hall ..


Sandhya lead me to the conference and hall , and I came to know that 23 officials are there … and 8 utility staffs are there .. in addition …


I sat on the chair .. waited for the department to arrive ..  In few seconds , next , the full department was there leaving the utility staffs behind …


" good morning ..' I stood up …  , I introduced my self and asked the employees to introduce them ….one by one … they introduced themselves and I stopped at a person who introduced himself as "Rishab Kapoor …' I looked up to the person , the kid whom I was finding … the employees introduction was over …


' ok friends I m here with two news one good news one bad news … which one you will prefer to hear first …" I said with a weird smile as a Hr personnel always has …


There was no response from them .. I stood up and said " ok then let me disclose it …. First there will be a surprise appraisal for this department (as decided by Desai Sir , Ram kapoor , Victor D and me , earlier, the new policy adopted  ) and other there will be some retrenchment …


There was a wave of fear …. Arising …. I said , " dont panic , you have time … 2 days and I want a report of your work from last 6 months on my table .. and 3rd day I will be having a face to face interview with you , and some other highers also … will be there with me … so a justified appraisal and retrenchment will take place …."


They didn't replied … I said " Justified ??" little louder  I said …. The department replied .. " yes …" I stood up and wishing them luck I left for the production department , there I just have to check and survey about the process there was no plan for their appraisal that time … I moved to the marketing department , and lastly I entered the HR department … there I have to check about the general HR issues and employee satisfaction and welfare …


I did the same , introduction process and I asked Miss natasha Kapoor from that department to meet me that evening at 5 P.m , she without any protest , nodded yes to me , I have covered my four departments for that fort night , I have came across 6 of the 15 show caused employees .


When I came back to the cabin , to my surprise I saw Ram Kapoor waiting for me at my cabin , he was going through a file , seated on the couch . he stood up as he saw me entering . I have already asked Amit to see me . Amit arrived just after me , I asked Amit to remind the other 9 SCE s to meet me at 5 P.m that day …


Soon after Amit Left , Ram kapoor said " so late working today…"

" yes sir … there are some show cause issues …" I sat after he settled on the couch …

' and sir , there is someone who may bother you …" I said with courage …

" me …?" who…" he asked

" Miss Natasha Kapoor…" I paused …

" so who is she …?" he behaved weirdly and denied to the fact that Natasha is his sister ..

" she is your ..sister sir …" I said out of my surprised mind ..

' at my home , outside this office priya , she is my darling , for whom I can do n e thing ..just n e thing .. I have crushed about 7 boys who tried to flirt wd my sweetheart …, and inside this office she is just a management trainee and the chair person give a damn to the MTs that you also know , so just do the same with her , if she is guilty and if she fails to show a relevant cause against the charge …" ram kapoor surprised me again but it became clear to me to which extent he love his sister … , he with a second of pause , said " I just forgot for what I m here ….'

" yes sir …" I said .. showing my seriousness…

' vikram must have said that Desai Uncle is at Goa , to acquire a Pharma company …he has almost acquired it .. and I have to go for the final deal and presentation … I want you to come with me" he paused looked at me , " I know you have been appointed for this telecom sector of mine , but Desai Sir is impressed with your dedication he wants you to be the part of the Extended Kapoor Industries … if it is ok with you …"


"with my pleasure sir , a dream which I never dreamt off , is coming in a platter for me , a fool only will reject it .." I said overwhelmingly..


" that's good I expected this only from you …but you have to take more responsibilities priya …are you ready .." he looked for an answer to me , I nodded in reply . he continued …" then its fixed that you are coming with me to Goa .., I will ask to book tickets for us and choose an assistant for yourself ..… and please make a complete plan how we can benefit that company and the staffing system and policy … and the effectiveness , everything in details bulleted point …' he gave me a huge work , but I want to know how much time I have in my hand … and he said that I have 20 days in my hand … I felt relieved … and assured him that I will be ready with the presentation within 15 days … my bossy boss said that I have 10 days to complete it , and then our presentation will be presented to the broad members , after their approval , only , we can leave for the final deal …


" holy cow !!!" I muttered , such a huge detailed bulleted point report in 10 days , means I have no nights to sleep properly … I was brought out of my thought by the tycoon as he said that , he will be helping me , if I need his help …


' Thank you Sir .. its really sweet of you …" I stopped and looked up … ram kapoor was looking intently at mee… I cleared my throat and he looked aside ….


" I mean .. sir .. thank you .. but you have many other workload and if I will disturb you with my doubts then …" he said over voicing me , " its ok Miss Sharma … I love to work … rather that is the only thing I have .." he suddenly stopped, correcting himself said " I mean … I love to work …."


I only smiled back ….


There was a awkward silence , suddenly in the room , none of us spoke , what made us stop I don't know , and I guess he doesn't know either ….


'ah.." I started … " lunch sir …."


"ya .." he said hesitatingly … and sat properly on the couch …

" I will get the lunch box …" I walked to the table where my lunch box was kept by me that morning …


After fetching plates from the canteen by the utility staff I served him food , cooked by me , not by my mom, I lied that morning to him .. my mom never packed food for me , after my di's divorce , rather my jiju's love confession for me .


We finished our lunch , and no other conversation happened between us … other than , "any more sir …" ," no thanks .."and, "yes that one …" after finishing lunch we settled back on the couch .


"Thanks …" ram kapoor said … I looked up , he sipped water from his glass and continued " your mother is a good cook …nice food ,  I generally don't eat vegetarian , but today I felt like eating more …" he smiled , I at mind thanked him for liking food cooked by me …


" she is …" I added praise for my mom …


' I think .." he stood up , after him I stood up too … he added , " you should start working … you have loads of work to do .. and your new responsibility , the letter will be issued soon , after the broad meet , and Desai Sir's recommendation … but from my side , welcome to the big family of kapoor industry …'


I looked down at his extended hand to me , smiling I took his hand on mine and thanked him …


" great !!! keep working I will see you later .. and once again … thanks for the lunch , and complement your mom from my side …" smiling he left my cabin. I settled on my chair and started working on the new venture ..


It was 4:50 p.m when amit asked permission to see me , he came and informed that the show caused employees are there . I asked him to let them in one by one …. It is a disciplinary interview … I need to be strict and humble at the same time …


One by one 7 employees came and showed the reason for their misbehavior … and then at the 8th one came "Natasha Kapoor …."


I looked up to the young lady …. "sit …" I said , she followed …

" late coming … is the charge against you …. Do you come late regularly ??" I started interrogating her …

"no mam.." she answered …

' then this charge is fake?"

' no mam"

"do you know how to speak?' I asked little annoyingly

"yes mam."

"god .. do you know any other word other than yes no and mam??" I asked as I stood up …

" yes mam…" she said ..

" Miss kapoor …. Speak out … why you come late and if this charges are not wrong  and your boss is right then where the hell lies the truth !!!" I asked slamming the table …

" I came late 4 times ….' She couldn't complete I over voiced and said " and it's a breach of contract … you cannot do that , you need to inform your boss in  written  , did you ??"

" no mam …"

" and the reason is …"

" no such …" she answered

" I m not satisfied with your answers Miss Sharma …. You have to face the punishment as per the company norms …" I settled back …

" yes mam…." She looked down …

" are you OK Natasha …" I asked in a caring tone … she didn't replied , her thumb ran along her eyes …

" hey !! why are you crying ??" I came to her … and passed the tissue box to her ..

" thanks …." She took some tissues …

" now tell me where is the problem ??" I asked .. at first she denied but after I pressurized her to speak , she disclosed ….

She helplessly said " I cant travel by bus or auto … mam , I never been used to it , and bhai … I mean .. Ram Sir , suddenly asked me to avail bus or train or auto for office , Rishab manages but I cant , I wait for my mom to come and pick me for office when I don't manage for a bus or auto …".


I understand her problem , she is a rich kid and full pampered kid , and loving sister to ram kapoor , he gave her all the facilities  and he if suddenly will take everything from her , she will face trouble … I stopped thinking … and said " Ok … I consider .. and I will talk about this with Ram sir …"


" please don't …' she suddenly stopped me .. I asked her why , she said that her brother will get annoyed if he comes to know that she has gave such reasons … for her late coming ….


' don't worry , he will say nothing … just relax ….and go …" I said her with a smile , I know she wanted to speak further , but I resisted , and asked her to leave …..


I settled back for the rest employee interview …. After facing all the employees , I prepared the feedback for the further actions that should be taken against the specific  employees, I handed it to Amit , and asked him to do the further proceedings …. I was done for the day.


At the lobby, I pressed the call button … and waited for the elevator …


' hi …"  ram kapoor said … I looked back and found vikram and ram kapoor together ..

"hi .. good evening sir …" I smiled ..


The elevator arrived in the mean time .. we stepped into it …


" so had a hectic day …" vikram asked …

" not such … thinking about an employee only …" I said and looked at ram kapoor , he is busy with his blackberry …

" which employee ?" vikram asked …

'natasha kapoor …" I said , and the tycoon looked at me … sharp … his look was sharp …

"nuts .. I mean Natasha .. what …" vikram was stopped by ram kapoor , " vikram , she is an employee , and let priya handle her .. we don't need to think about her …"

" you should Mr. Kapoor" I snapped at him ..

"sorry …" he asked in a weird tone … rather angry tone ..

" you can't expect a sudden change in some one …" I replied sharper ..

" what do you mean …??" he asked ..

" hmm… sir what will happen if I ask you to use the stairs to 12th floor , from 2morow , not the elevator , can you do that , will you feel comfortable with that …"  I asked ..

"sorry .. why should I ??"

" and if you have to ,  if you don't have n e choice ….how you will feel …"

" you are confusing miss Sharma …"

" so do you are to Natasha Mr.kapoor …" 

He gave me a weird look …. The elevator stopped at the basement .. I stepped out and behind me the two men … before we part I turned to Ram Kapoor , " Sir , she is your sweet heart , you pamper her all the time ,as you said,  and when it comes to office you suddenly change , a rough tough … have you ever thought the only sister of two brothers , pampered and so loved …. Suddenly stands alone to fight this world .. to face the truth of the world , can she do that ??? no .. the answer is no … she is your darling sister , and you are treating her as a machine , sorry sir , but its true …I know  you want your sister to face this world but … you are torturing her ..." I sighed , with a pause I said " I m sorry sir , its your decision , but before it goes out of your hold … rectify it …. This world is what that you know very well … don't let her drown … you can make her learn the truth of being a human … but not playing a dual role .. a Hippocratic boss at office and the most caring brother after the office …. You can't …." I paused tried to learn his expression , but I failed …. I wished "Good Night …."  And started walking away from the men.


I took out the keys of my car , beeped it … keeping my bag at the rear seat … I got into the driver seat …and drove out of the parking , before I get vanished from the kapoor Telecoms office …. I looked back through the rear view mirror and found Ram Kapoor and Vikram standing still there and Vikram is saying something to Him …. I took left turn .. to my home …. And dispersed into the Mumbai Heavy Traffic …..

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scarlet19470 Groupbie

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Nice update !
viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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tounge smiley, roll smiley, impress smiley, strike smiley, move smiley wow priya deciede too change ramspring smiley, eyes smiley, oh smiley, no smiley, wow smiley  they lunch 2gether
let see  what happen next

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Very nice and interesting  Every update of urs makes me crave for some more to read.  Waiting for the next one


Edited by lalmadhu - 16 May 2013 at 11:15pm

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very nice & interesting update 
thx 4 PM 
all the best 4 ur Exam

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sahana747 IF-Dazzler

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Clap seems like reading an English novel .Professionally written office procedures gives credibility to the story.Keep it up.
aiyathasan Goldie

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u write so well that u force me to fall in love with your SS...just amazing... if it possible than plz update soon..eagerly waiting for next update... plz pm me next time...

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