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Dharam Ka Adesh Ya Pyar Ka Sandesh? Faisla Apka!!!

I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged

I have collected the facts from websites,News channels,Newpapers etc.And Regarding the views these are my personal So pleas think openly and then discuss and My motive is not to be offensive towards any religion nor to any community.I am extremely Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.This was incomplete due to powercut so it looked half baked and many negative comments were seen so I will request you all to go through it again and then Decide:

It Is Complete Now! Read it Again!

Dharam Ka Aadesh Yaa Pyaar Ka Sandesh?? Decision is yours.Embarrassed

Hi Everyone,

We all are loving current track of Diya aur Baati Hum just for one reason and that is it is entertaining us to the core and it is justified also,Why will we give precious 30 mins from our life to something?
But I am truly thinking on it Seriously,I am resident of Pakistan and my name is Alina an Muslim adult.Though India and Pakistan are much similar to eachother and if My this post hurts feeling of any Pakistani or Indian then I am really really Sorry.

I was thinking of making this post and if I wanted to make post just for sake of making a post then I could have made it earlier but I wanted to make it for sake of a change!So I have been Researching on internet for last 3 days.So Now my session starts,Please read it complete as it is possible that you may end up learning something from this post or may be you come out as a better person after reading this post completely.

So here we go:
What is Religion?

The typical dictionary definition of religion refers to a "belief in, or the worship of, a god or gods"
Edward Burnett Tylor defined religion as "the belief in spiritual beings".[19] He argued, back in 1871, that narrowing the definition to mean the belief in a supreme deity or judgment after death or idolatry and so on, would exclude many peoples from the category of religious, and thus "has the fault of identifying religion rather with particular developments than with the deeper motive which underlies them". He also argued that the belief in spiritual beings exists in all known societies.

Is Religion More Important Than Humanity?

No and Yes Both,How? No Religion states or orders that one human can take other humans life.And Hindus,The ones who can't eat meat and can't see a cow being slaughtered but they can easily kill their kids/humans for honour? where are we all going?I was not being offensive on commenting on vegetarian thing, But I just wanted to explain that those Hindus whose religion tells them not to take life for their food or profit like eating meat is taking life of animal!So I menat when Hinduism teaches us to not to take lives of  any living thing then how we can kill humans on name of same Dharam/Religion?

Same is In Pakistan here today also daughters are buries alive and here today also Daughter in laws are being  killed for dowry here in Pakistan also there are thousands of cases  of rapes.Examples are down.In Pakistan the situation is also worse,The man who kills someone can easily get out of it by killing his own wife and labelling it *Karo-Kari case! ( Karo -Kari case is explained below.)

Karo-Kari is a specific word for honour killing,it stands for if a man sees his wife sleeping with another man he gets license to kill both of them!Actually it is illegal in Law but it is majorly being practiced over here in Pakistan.
Here in Pakistan on name of religion many fake baba's claim to end infertility in women and they rape the innocent women who go in these unlicensed clinics.hundreds of Similar cases were reported in India and Bangladesh.
Here Terrorists also claim that they are doing what Islam tells but It is totally wrong.Here no one shows real picture and teachings of Islam,Islam says To love everyone,To keep a soft heart and to live and let live,Islam even prohibits to talk with a person in louder voice on religion issue then why will islam say to kill. But at the same time Islam do tells to fight for your right and every religion does the same.
Several cases were reported in India and Pakistan both that Fake baba's who claim to take Evil spirits ( Bhoot ,perait churail) out of bodies actually used to cheat parents by telling that their children were possessed ( who actually were Insane ) and they took them to another room and hundreds of girls were raped and Even teenage boys also face child sex abuse in these type of clinics.

Who Are Cashiers of Religions?

Yes the people who match the Kundli's ( Seriously when hearts are joined and matched then what is the need for horoscopes and Kundli's? )The people who see the Mahurat ,not the date but even the time is also auspicious? how? ( God has created days and Times and everything is good and if Muhurat matters so much then why not stop delivery's of our women and childrena and wait for the right and auspicious time? oh yeah! We can't stop delivery so start a new drama and the infants who are born on teh so called inauspicious time and day are tagged the unfortunate one and specially the girls" MangLik" How the men decide that if a girl is married to man he will die after marriage as the birth time of a girl is not good? These pandits,Mulaaah's and priests are the cashiers of Religions.Seriously we are helping this by wearing threads in our arms that we are being protected or these threads are to complete our wishes? How threads can save us Come on wear colourful threads and you will never be injured nor you will die! seriously? and Many in my society ( The VIP society and so - called litterate people ) believe on this and they are encouraging it!  In here Pakistan even my some relatives do wear threads and Taaweez for their protection and they are only encouraging these type of practices.Here also they do select auspicious dates for any special events.

Jirga Or Khaap Panchayat:

The same practice has two names In India it is called Khap Panchayat and In Pakistan It is called Jirga.In this some really biased,uneducated and narrow minded people are selected to solve issues.Here in Pakistan the jirga people try to figure out the culprit they will order the suspect to walk on burning fire and if he/she crosses it then he is innocent and if not then he/she is the culprit.I mean Seriously???
And In India the Khaaps are always ready to give death sentence.Shocked
Here if a parent murders someone then the culprits little daughter will be given to shut the case and That other party will abuse and treat that girl as slave.
Even child marriages lead to slavery in both Indo-Pak.

Parents are equally to be Blamed:

Here in Pakistan and India ,not only parents pressurize for studies and we face thousands of suicides because of studies pressure but Parents here in asian countries also pressurize kids on religious issues like fasting or doing pooja's or dstrbuting the food. ( Specially when those kids are not in age of understanding these things. 

Here is an example For India:

2.5-yr-old boy fasts for 40 hrs
Manan Sanghavi is the youngest Jain to accomplish feat

Is it a feat or a curse? We keep a child of 30 months old hungry in the name of God. A child has no religion. He has no faith or belief. A child is said to be demi version of God. How can you not feed the God? Of all the religions that I have known/understand, Jainism is one community which only believes in causing pain to its followers. They are forbidden from eating some of the finest foods in this World. What good a religion will do to its followers if they prohibit them from eating? All of them know and understand, we have reached the stage when its practically impossible to follow such religious practices. Nowadays all food stuff are adulterated.

From that point of view, Sikhism is the best religion that I have known. It's a new religion and does not bent on the old age archaic farcical so-called customs or traditions which are the foundation of all the living practices in India. Although some debate it as a Style of Living. Well the Style of Living becomes the Faith for Living. I would say it's a very healthy style of living.

Secondly it's the parents, besides doing something exceptional for themselves in their lives. They give all their desires and failures to their children to achieve something. I am still wondering is this a feat or a CURSE?

Read the following news item which appeared on front page of DNA newspaper on 25th April 2009.

Now I am leaving on you to decide is it correct to make 2.5 years old kid hungry and thirsty for 40 hours just for publicity? and for pubilicity of that MahRaaj Saheb mentioned?

I have a nephew who is of same age trust me he keep on eating with everyone he sees is eating and he also cries for snacks and he even forgets what happened two hours back! So do you really believe this kid would have been able to remember the fact that he is fasting for 40 hours?/ and bigger than this would he have been able to control his hunger or thrist??

Now Coming to the Pakistan:

Here also situation is similar not that much young but people do pressurize their childs of 5-6 years old to fast when Islam has made it compulsory at age of 12.Then why?just for pubilicity?

Politicians are also to be Blamed:

Politicians also use Religions and false facts to gain support:

Here in Pakistan:

A little christian girl was accused of abusing Holy Quran but she was innocent and Salman Taseer the governer was brutally murdered because he helped that girl.

-A political party also encouraged it's workers to fight and they burned houses of christians.

In Indai:

Recently Shiv Sena ( Rest In Peace ) created a hungama on Pakistani cricket team coming to India for a match?

and many similar cases.

Religion Or Wealth Matters???

I will Talk about both Indo-Pak:

Here Some Muslims think that their Religion will be wasted if they eat in the same plates or glasses in which people of othe rreligion have eaten same is case with Some Hindus! But I will ask one question!
when we all go to all those 5 star Hotels or restaurants do we ask the management that in which plate we are eating who has eaten in that plate before? Probably thousands-lacs of people,but we don't have objection on it but if someone gives us in that plate we have objection why?
And Same we if we go to house of a filthy rich businessman who is from other religion then  we will have no objection in eating with them but if someone comes on our door who is wearing dirty clothes we will not even give him water in our utensils and as an excuse we will say " Woohhh Hindu tha?' " Wohhh MusalMAAN tHA."Angry

God Doesn't need Milk,Butter,sweets.Vermicelli, But they need us to keep clean heart and love our fellow human beings.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

What You have Done Till Now??

I have seriously fought with my relatives and family members and They also understood that By wearing a thread,a pendent or a a taweez they cannot be fortunate or unfortunate for humans.My aunt believed that OWLS are unfortunate but thanks to my research and Quranic Ayats and many explainations that Now she loves OWLS not only owls every day,date,animal she found inauspicious she loves them all now and thanks me.I am still fighting in my society for logic.I even stopped a Child marriage in my village due to which I face family boycott but then everything solved. So my question is  what you all have done for betterment? if not then lets take an oath today that We will fight or atleast speak up in public on issues which we logically find wrong!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Some Examples Of Honour Killings in India and Pakistan:

January 05, 2013


Man attacked over inter-caste marriage (Indian Express, January 5):

"A man was attacked by his brother-in-law late on Friday following a dispute over his inter-caste marriage. An attempt-to-murder case was registered at Yerawada police station. Police said suspect Nitin Kadam's sister married Alok Kamble of Ambedkar Nagar colony in Yerawada about two-and-a-half months ago. The Kadam family was not happy with the inter-caste marriage but Kamble went against their wishes and married Kadam's sister. This led to a dispute between Kamble and Kadam. Police said on Friday angry Kadam allegedly attacked Kamble at Ambedkar Nagar with a sharp weapon around 7 pm."

Father kills girl over affair with man from another caste 
(Indian Express, December 27):

"A 45-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his 17-year-old daughter after spotting her with a young man near his house around midnight. The accused was opposed to his daughter's friendship with the young man, who belonged to a different caste.
"According to the police, Jhallar, a farmer, had gone to sleep along with other family members at his house. Around midnight, he woke up for some purpose and realised that one of his four daughters, Anju, was not in the house, the police said.
"Jhallar began looking for her and spotted her with the man at a tubewell, around near the house.
"'The man escaped from the spot, while Jhallar caught hold of his daughter. He brought her to the house and beat her up badly. As the girl fell unconscious, he picked up a gandasa (a sharp agricultural implement) and slit her throat. The girl died on the spot,' Station Officer (Kokhraj) Sri Prakash Yadav said."

Caste shadow over lovers' suicide (Times of India, December 25):

"In a tragic incident here, a boy and a girl hailing from two different intermediate castes in love committed suicide after their parents opposed the relationship.
"A Premkumar, 19, from Othaveedu near Alanganallur was in love with 16-year-old M Vijayalakshmi, from Kumaram, a neighbouring village. The boy was working in a company in Madurai after completing a diploma and the girl was a Class 11 student in a school near Madurai. They reportedly met on the bus they travelled on daily to Madurai and fell in love. Recently, the parents came to know of their relationship and chided them. It was also said that the girl's family was planning to stop her studies and marry her off to someone in the community. Scared that they will be separated, they committed suicide on Monday by hanging from a tamarind tree near a tank adjacent to their villages."

October 29, 2012


Honour killing in Haryana: Family kills married girl 
(Haryana Tribune, October 29):

"It was an intercaste marrige the victim, Indu, had married her friend Ajay Rohil against her parents wishes. Unhappy with the inter-caste marriage, girl's parents killed her daughter after 16 days of Indu's marriage.Indu was a student of engineering.
"Indu's parents had convinced her in-laws to let her go home with them after the wedding. But they killed her and took the body to the cremation ground cladestinely and consigned it to flames so that the evidence can be destroyed."

Inter-caste love claims 3 lives (Express News Service, October 7):

"A 50-year-old man, who was opposed to the love affair between a youth from a different caste and his relative, shot dead the youth's aunt and father at Avathi village in Mallandur police limits Chikmagalur district on Wednesday night. The man was also killed by the youth and his relatives on the spot."

Young couple found hanging from tree in UP (September 26):

"A young couple was found hanging from a tree in Bhaluwani area of the district, police said on Tuesday.
"[Police] said the couple belonged to different caste and police suspect they committed suicide after failing to get married."

A case of honour killing? (The Hindu, September 22):

"The family members of 19-year-old Suma B., who witnessed the murder of her husband by an armed gang of four on September 6, are alleging that the murder is an honour killing. But, the police differ saying it was the fallout of an eve-teasing row.
"After a month of married happiness, Ms. Suma's dreams were shattered when her husband, Naveen Kumar (23) of Anekal, was hacked to death even as she watched helplessly.
"Suma is yet to come out of the shock. She stopped going to college fearing for her life as she is the sole eye-witness to the murder.
"Married on August 6 this year against her parents' wishes to Naveen, who is from a Dalit family, Ms. Suma now says her husband was killed at the behest of someone who was against their marriage as she is a 'caste' Hindu."

September 18, 2012


Parents hack girl for loving boy from 'low' caste 
(TNN, September 19):

"Parents of a Class X student dragged their girl out of her lover's house early on Monday morning and hacked her to death for continuing with the relationship they vehemently opposed. Neighbours rushed to rescue the girl but by the time she was freed from her parents, uncle and elder brother, it was too late. She died on the spot.

Father, uncle 'kill' 20-yr-old girl for honour, arrested 
(The Indian Express, September 14):

"Upset over his 20-year-old daughter's affair with a boy of another caste, a retired army personnel allegedly killed her with the help of his elder brother by asphyxiating her with a pillow on the intervening night of September 11 and 12.
"Inquiry Officer Harpal Singh said the deceased, a resident of Jandiala, was allegedly in a relationship with Sukhdev Singh (21), a resident of Jaanian village, for the past one year. Kaur belonged to Mazhabi Sikh community and her friend was from a Jat Sikh family."

Dalit youth burnt alive in Junagadh (TNN, September 14):

"Tension mounted in Una town of Junagadh district on Thursday after a 27-year-old dalit youth was charred to death by a group of 12 people in Akolali, a village about 25 km from the coastal town.
"The attackers suspected that the youth, Lalji Sarvaiya, had eloped with a girl from their community. The girl had been missing since two days. They came to Lalji's house at around 8am and started asking for his whereabouts. They also threatened his father Kala Sarvaiya to hand over his son or face dire consequences.
"After heated arguments, some people barged into his house while others climbed onto the roof and started breaking it. 'Seeing him sleeping, the attackers closed the main door of the house and those on the roof poured some inflammable liquid on him and set him ablaze. They also tried to set the house on fire but escaped after the commotion,' Dipanker Trivedi, SP, Junagadh, said."

Couple threatened for marrying without parent's wish 
(TNN, September 7):

"A youth from Temni village near Gondia was allegedly threatened by the parents of the girl whom he married out of the caste.
"Rajesh Dongre, who married Sarita Neware, was allegedly threatened by her parents and the village sarpanch that they would be killed if they settled in the same village."

Posted at 01:41 PM in castedalits (untouchables)honor killingsinter-caste coupleswomen | Permalink | Comments (0)

PAKISTAN: Enslaved by tradition (IRIN)

"Despite the placing on Pakistan's statute books of tougher laws against thepractice of 'swara' or the 'giving away' of a woman to a rival party to settle a dispute, the tradition continues.
"The women's rights advocacy organization Rahnuma, which guides victims, describes 'swara' as a practice "where a girl is given as an offering to 'settle' a conflict or dispute." The practice is most common in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province (KP) and the southern Punjab, where it is known as 'vani', but also takes place in other parts of the country.
"A 'swara' exchange can be used to settle murder, adultery (a crime under the law), kidnapping or another offence. [...]
"'Yes, the laws have helped but "swara," "vani" and similar practices still go on,' [activist Samar] Minallah told IRIN. 'Estimates based on newspaper reports indicate there are hundreds of cases each year. Of course, there are many others which do not get reported,' she said.
"She also said that tougher laws and arrests made under them had 'led to people disguising the handing over of a woman or girl. The deal is not announced within the community as a "swara" or "vani" marriage, though within the families concerned it is known that the woman has been given away as "swara" and is treated accordingly,' Minallah said.
"While 'swara' brides are wed to the men they are given to, these men are usually far older than the 'brides,' who are often mere children.
"The girls are also usually treated extremely badly or 'like slaves," according to Minallah, in the home of their in-laws.

"'Honour killings'
"Other 'traditional' practices also harm women. According to the autonomous Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRPC), there were 943 'honour killings' in 2011. An 'honour killing,' according to HRCP, involves the murder of a woman who is deemed to have let down her family, or 'dishonoured' it in some way. This can involve an act such as alleged adultery, a marriage decided on by the woman herself or other trivial matters. Couples choosing to wed by choice frequently end up having to go on the run, as in a recent case reported in the media from Karachi in June this year.
"The kinds of threat women face was illustrated by a recent case from the remote Kohistan District of KP where four women were sentenced to death by a local 'jirga' (gathering of tribal elders) after being caught on video clapping as two men unrelated to them danced at a wedding.
"Child marriages
"'Custom' or "tradition" also works against women in other ways.
"According to figures presented at a seminar in Karachi by the Family Planning Association of Pakistan, 30 percent of all marriages in the country are child marriages though the law bars the marriage of a girl under 16 or a boy under 18."

So what is your decision Dharam Ka Aadesh Yaa Pyaar Ka Sandesh??Please Do answer in comments!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Problem here is following
1) It is very long.
2) The post is lacking a concluding comment where you summarize all this and then ask the question.
3) Your comments are getting mixed with stuff you have posted. Perhaps your comments and posted stuff should be in different font colors
I appreciate your effort however I am unable to assimilate all this. It is too much for me at this moment.

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Ooops Sorry for that but right now i don't have time to improve it or change font color but will do it tomorrow.:-(


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I agree with King-Anu, there are too many issues in this post for me to dissect through and try to give my opinion or debate it out.

The only thing I do want to say is that being overzealous about anything to the point that you are forcing it onto others is bad and should not be done! Smile

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