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Hello ji it's me again.Tongue.Hain ji.Sleepy..Aap sab ko pakane phir hazir nazir.LOL..Kya karun main ki karaOuch
Kuch aur mujhe nahi bhata..
KG stories likhne k siwaye mujhe kuch nahi bhataLOLLOL
So presenting to you the most ajeeb story I have ever tried my hands upon LOLLOLLOL
Something I myself is yet to figure out...
Something which needs strictly the throwing away the inhibitions of your mind and the rosy tinted glasses through which we have been viewing love Pure and unalloyedEmbarrassed..
nahi samjhe you will get it very soon...
So presenting to you a completely cliche story with a different styleEmbarrassed
The Silence of the NightsEmbarrassed

How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life;

-BY Elizabeth Barret Browning

When God created this world ,he put his soul in someone and gave her the name of woman .Woman -the strangest creature ever born on earth.Yes strange are her ways and strange are her ways to live life.Come winters ,she will never shiver ,instead she will start weaving a quilt to protect herself and others.Come summers ,she will not crib and cry ,instead she she will grab a fan and wipe out the sweat from her face.Come rains ,she will stretch out her arms ,and soak herself in the drizzle,as if she was a bird ready to fly in the vast expanse of the sky.Come spring ,she will pluck flowers and squeeze out the nectar to fill others life with ardour and sweetness.And come Autumn, she will gather all the dry leaves and abandoned twigs to build a home and light her hearth.Strange is a woman and Stranger are her ways.Every day ,every minute and every second will she live and live with hope and putting up a brave fight.Today was also no different day for her because ever since she had opened her BIG BRIGHT EYES in A MAN'S WORLD,she learnt nothing but to fight and SURVIVE...Though surrounded with a pack of wolves ,she knew that she would survive this too.She very well knew it!!

Here is the trailer of the story..Hope you all like it!!Its Sonu Nigam and his silky smooth voice..SIGH Kuch kuch hota haiEmbarrassed

Guys Its a humble request that you scroll down and read the concept and backdrop ,then only the story would make senseEmbarrassed

History ,Concept ,Backdrop,Character sketch Scroll down
Chapter 1- CHAINED
Chapter 2 TAKEN
Chapter 3 DRY TEARS
Chapter 4   ALONE
Chapter 6THE NEST
 Chapter 7 a,b  When the madman finds you
 Caged heart and stray thoughts
Chapter 8 THE FEAST
chapter 9a its official_

chapter 17 without fathom
 CHAPTER 18_Lets make a home at the break of dawn'
_CHAPTER 22-footprints

Dear Friends ,
Here I am posting some excellent reviews and insights on this story by none other than Lolali a.k.a Pinky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Hi Everyone First of  all the Concept of This story is based on a very unique theory of consummate love which is a part of the TRIANGULAR THEORY OF LOVE and also on the Self actualization theory of Maslow.I know it sounds heavy but do read to have an idea what am I talking about..Human love and needs are actually unusual and unpredictable.There is a very different rosy picture that we all have created about love and emotional connect but I guess this story is going to present a completely alter view of Love and EMOTIONAL Expression EmbarrassedEmbarrassedSo for those looking for PURE AND DIVINE form of love ,there is nothing much this story is going to offer ,It is purely based on CONSUMMATE LOVE LOLLOLLOL

It is a commonly held belief that men and women treat their emotions in different ways.  Men are thought of as less emotional than women and more inclined to use logic and reason when dealing with daily stresses. Similarly the emotional expression of men is entirely different from women.But the fact and research show that men actually are unable to express emotionally and use physical expressions to convey what they feel.Its their gestures which talk rather than tears or eyes.For them loving is not easy .It is proved that men who stack their emotions and keep them bottled up ,their emotional catharsis is through physical expression.So YES yet another cliched story but a completely new meaning of love and care...Embarrassed

THIS COMES WITH A WARNING !!LOL !!THE CONCEPT OF THE STORY IS ADULT -meaning not gutter stuff but something one can only understand after lot of contemplation...So a Tale which actually is told many times but now comes to you with a different styleEmbarrassed

Triangular theory of love

The triangular theory of love is a theory of love developed by psychologistRobert Sternberg. In the context of interpersonal relationships, "the three components of love, according to the triangular theory, are an intimacy component, a passion component, and a decision/commitment component."

  1. Intimacy ' Which encompasses feelings of attachment, closeness, connectedness, and bondedness.
  2. Passion ' Which encompasses drives connected to both limerence and sexual attraction.
  3. Commitment ' Which encompasses, in the short term, the decision to remain with another, and in the long term, the shared achievements and plans made with that other.

"The amount of love one experiences depends on the absolute strength of these three components, and the type of love one experiences depends on their strengths relative to each other."Different stages and types of love can be explained as different combinations of these three elements; for example, the relative emphasis of each component changes over time as an adult romantic relationship develops. A relationship based on a single element is less likely to survive than one based on two or three elements.

Early theories of love

One of the first theories of love was developed by Sigmund Freud. As Freud so frequently attributed human nature to subconscious and unconscious desires, his theory of love centered around the need for an "ego ideal" His definition of an is this: the image of the person that one wants to become, which is patterned after those whom one holds with great respect.

Another theory was introduced by Maslow. Maslow's hierarchy of needs places self-actualization at the peak. He maintains that those who have reached self-actualization are capable of love .

Yet another theory, one about Being love, was developed by Reik. Being love was said to be attainable for those who could love for the sake of loving people, not just fixing one's own problem

When theories about love moved from being clinically based to being socially and personality based, they became focused on types of love, as opposed to becoming able to love.

Elaboration of sternberg's triangular theory of love

Sternberg's triangular theory of love was developed after the identification of passionate love and companionate love. Passionate love and companionate love are different kinds of love but are connected in relationships.

Passionate love is associated with strong feelings of love and desire for a specific person. This love is full of excitement and newness. Passionate love is important in the beginning of the relationship and typically lasts for about a year, more or less. There is a chemical component to passionate love. Those experiencing passionate love are also experiencing increased neurotransmitters, specifically phenylethylamine. In Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA, is also found in chocolate, which has been found to be an aphrodisiac.

Companionate love follows passionate love. Companionate love is also known as affectionate love. When a couple reaches this level of love, they feel mutual understanding and care for each other. This love is important for the survival of the relationship.

Sternberg created his triangle appeared next. The triangle's points are intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Intimate love is the corner of the triangle that encompasses the close bonds of loving relationships. Intimate love felt between two people means that they each feel a sense of high regard for each other. They wish to make each other happy, share with each other, be in communication with each other, help when one is in need. A couple with intimate love deeply values each other. Intimate love has been called the "warm" love because of the way it brings two people close together. Sternberg's prediction of this love was that it would diminish as the relationship became less interrupted, thus increasing predictability.

Passionate love is based on drive. Couples in passionate love feel physically attracted to each other. Sexual desire is typically a component of passionate love. Passionate love is not limited to sexual attraction, however. It is a way for couples to express feelings of nurture, dominance, submission, self-actualization, etc. Passionate love is considered the "hot" component of love because of the strong presence of arousal between two people. Sternberg believed that passionate love will diminish as the positive force of the relationship is taken over by opposite forces. This idea comes from Solomon's opponent-force theory.

Commitment, or committed love, is for lovers who are committed to being together exclusively for a long period of time. Something to note about commitment, however, is that one can be committed to someone without feeling love for him or her, and one can feel love for someone without being committed to him or her. Commitment is considered to be the "cold" love because it does not require either intimacy or passion. Sternberg believed that committed love increases in intensity as the relationship grows}} [13].

Sternberg believed love to progress and evolve in predictable ways; that all couples in love will experience intimate, passionate, and committed love in the same patterns

It is important to note that although these types of love may contain qualities that exist in non-loving relationships, they are specific to loving relationships. A description of non-love is listed below, along with the other kinds of love. These kinds of love are combinations of one or two of the three corners of Sternberg's triangle of love.

Forms of love

Combinations of intimacy, passion, commitment
Infatuated love 
Empty love  
Romantic love
Companionate love
Fatuous love 
Consummate love

The three components, pictorially labeled on the vertices of a triangle, interact with each other and with the actions they produce so as to form seven different kinds of love experiences (nonlove is not represented). The size of the triangle functions to represent the "amount" of love - the bigger the triangle, the greater the love. The shape of the triangle functions to represent the "style" of love, which may vary over the course of the relationship:

  • Nonlove "refers simply to the absence of all three components of love. Nonlove characterizes the large majority of our personal relationships, which are simply casual interactions."
  • Liking/friendship is "used here in a nontrivial sense. Rather, it refers to the set of feelings one experiences in relationships that can truly be characterized as friendship. One feels closeness, bondedness, and warmth toward the other, without feelings of intense passion or long-term commitment.
  • Infatuated love: "infatuation results from the experiencing of passionate arousal in the absence of intimacy and decision/ Tennov's limerance." Romantic relationships often start out as infatuated love and become romantic love as intimacy develops over time. Without developing intimacy or commitment, infatuated love may disappear suddenly.
  • Empty love is characterized by commitment without intimacy or passion. A stronger love may deteriorate into empty love. In anarranged marriage, the spouses' relationship may begin as empty love and develop into another form, indicating "how empty love need not be the terminal state of a long-term relationship...[but] the beginning rather than the end."
  • Romantic love "derives from a combination of the intimate and passionate components of love...romantic lovers are not only drawn physically to each other but are also bonded emotionally" - bonded both intimately and passionately, but without sustaining commitment.
  • Companionate love is an intimate, non-passionate type of love that is stronger than friendship because of the element of long-term commitment. "This type of love is observed in long-term marriages where passion is no longer present" but where a deep affection and commitment remain. The love ideally shared between family members is a form of companionate love, as is the love between close friends who have a platonic but strong friendship.
  • Fatuous love can be exemplified by a whirlwind courtship and marriage - "fatuous in the sense that a commitment is made on the basis of passion without the stabilizing influence of intimate involvement."
  • Consummate love is the complete form of love, representing an ideal relationship which people strive towards. Of the seven varieties of love, consummate love is theorized to be that love associated with the "perfect couple." According to Sternberg, these couples will continue to have great sex fifteen years or more into the relationship, they cannot imagine themselves happier over the long-term with anyone else, they overcome their few difficulties gracefully, and each delight in the relationship with one other. However, Sternberg cautions that maintaining a consummate love may be even harder than achieving it. He stresses the importance of translating the components of love into action. "Without expression," he warns, "even the greatest of loves can die."
    Triangular Theory of Love.svg

The story is set amidst the rich backdrop of Sundarbans


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Sundarbans
Name as inscribed on the World Heritage List
Sun in Sunderbans.jpg
CountryBangladesh (81%)
India (West Bengal) (19%)
Criteriaix, x
UNESCO region


Official name: Sundarbans Reserved Forest
Designated:May, 21 1992 [1]
Inscription history
Inscription1997 (21st Session)
Sundarbans is located in Bangladesh
Location of Sundarbans in Bangladesh.

The Sundarbans (Pron:/'s?nd??b?nz/) (BengaliShundorbn) is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world.[2]The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering parts of Bangladesh and Indian state of West Bengal.

Two-third of the Sundarbans is in Bangladesh and the remaining third in West BengalIndia. The Sundarbans National Park is a National ParkTiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve located in the Sundarbans delta in the Indian state of West Bengal. Sundarbans SouthEast and West are three protected forests in Bangladesh. This region is densely covered by mangrove forests, and is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger.


The name Sundarban can be literally translated as "beautiful forest" in the Bengali language (Shundor, "beautiful" and bon, "forest"). The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees (the mangrove species Heritiera fomes) that are found in Sundarbans in large numbers. Alternatively, it has been proposed that the name is a corruption of Samudraban Shomudrobn "Sea Forest") or Chandra-bandhe (name of a primitive tribe). However, the generally accepted view is the one associated with Sundari trees.


The Sundarban forest lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal formed by the super confluence of the PadmaBrahmaputra and Meghna rivers across southern Bangladesh. The seasonally flooded Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests lie inland from the mangrove forests on the coastal fringe. The forest covers 10,000 km2. of which about 6,000 are in Bangladesh.[8] It became inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997. The Sundarbans is estimated to be about 4,110 km, of which about 1,700 km is occupied by waterbodies in the forms of river, canals and creeks of width varying from a few meters to several kilometers.

The Sundarbans is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests. The interconnected network of waterways makes almost every corner of the forest accessible by boat. The area is known for the eponymous Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), as well as numerous fauna including species of birdsspotted deer,crocodiles and snakes. The fertile soils of the delta have been subject to intensive human use for centuries, and the ecoregion has been mostly converted to intensive agriculture, with few enclaves of forest remaining. The remaining forests, taken together with the Sundarbans mangroves, are important habitat for the endangered tiger. Additionally, the Sundarbans serves a crucial function as a protective barrier for the millions of inhabitants in and around Khulna and Mongla against the floods that result from the cyclones. The Sundarbans has also been enlisted among the finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature.


The mangrove-dominated Ganges Delta ' the Sundarbans ' is a complex ecosystem comprising one of the three largest single tracts of mangrove forests of the world. Situated mostly in Bangladesh, a small portion of it lies in India. The Indian part of the forest is estimated to be about 19%, while the Bangladeshi part is 81%. To the south the forest meets the Bay of Bengal; to the east it is bordered by the Baleswar River and to the north there is a sharp interface with intensively cultivated land. The natural drainage in the upstream areas, other than the main river channels, is everywhere impeded by extensive embankments and polders. The Sundarbans was originally measured (about 200 years ago) to be of about 16,700 km. Now it has dwindled into about 1/3 of the original size. The total land area today is 4,143 km (including exposed sandbars: 42 km) and the remaining water area of 1,874 km encompasses rivers, small streams and canals. Rivers in the Sundarbans are meeting places of salt water and freshwater. Thus, it is a region of transition between the freshwater of the rivers originating from the Ganges and the saline water of the Bay of Bengal (Wahid et al., 2002).

The Sundarbans along the Bay of Bengal has evolved over the millennia through natural deposition of upstream sediments accompanied by intertidal segregation. The physiography is dominated by deltaic formations that include innumerable drainage lines associated with surface and subaqueous levees, splays and tidal flats. There are also marginal marshes above mean tide level, tidal sandbars and islands with their networks of tidal channels, subaqueous distal bars and proto-delta clays and silt sediments. The Sundarbans' floor varies from 0.9 m to 2.11 m above sea level.

Biotic factors here play a significant role in physical coastal evolution, and for wildlife a variety of habitats have developed which include beaches, estuaries, permanent and semi-permanent swamps, tidal flats, tidal creeks, coastal dunes, back dunes and levees. The mangrove vegetation itself assists in the formation of new landmass and the intertidal vegetation plays a significant role in swamp morphology. The activities of mangrove fauna in the intertidal mudflats develop micromorphological features that trap and hold sediments to create a substratum for mangrove seeds. The morphology and evolution of the eolian dunes is controlled by an abundance of xerophytic and halophytic plants. Creepers, grasses and sedges stabilize sand dunes and uncompacted sediments. The Sunderbans mudflats (Banerjee, 1998) are found at the estuary and on the deltaic islands where low velocity of river and tidal current occurs. The flats are exposed in low tides and submerged in high tides, thus being changed morphologically even in one tidal cycle. The interior parts of the mudflats are magnificent home of luxuriant mangroves.


Fishing boat in Sundarbans
Logging boat in the Sundarbans
Ferry boat in the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans plays an important role in the economy of the southwestern region of Bangladesh as well as in the national economy. It is the single largest source offorest produce in the country. The forest provides raw materials for wood based industries. In addition to traditional forest produce like timber, fuelwood, pulpwood etc., large scale harvest of non wood forest products such as thatching materials,honey, bees-wax, fish, crustacean and mollusk resources of the forest takes place regularly. The vegetated tidal lands of the Sundarbans also function as an essential habitat, produces nutrients and purifies water. The forest also traps nutrient and sediment, acts as a storm barrier, shore stabilizer and energy storage unit. Last but not the least, the Sunderbans provides a wonderful aesthetic attraction for local and foreign tourists.

The forest also has immense protective and productive functions. Constituting 51% of the total reserved forest estate of Bangladesh, it contributes about 41% of total forest revenue and accounts for about 45% of all timber and fuel wood output of the country (FAO 1995). A number of industries (e.g. newsprint mill, match factory, hardboard, boat building, furniture making) are based on the raw materials obtained from the Sundarbans ecosystem. Various non-timber forest products and plantations help generate considerable employment and income generation opportunities for at least half a million poor coastal population. It also provides natural protection to life and properties of the coastal population in the cyclone prone Bangladesh.

In popular culture

Idol of Manasa, the deity of snakes

The Sunderbans is celebrated through numerous Bengali folk songs and dances, often centered around the folk heroes, gods and goddesses specific to the Sunderbans (like Bonbibi and Dakshin Rai) and to the Lower Gangetic Delta (like Manasa and Chand Sadagar). The Bengali folk epic Manasamangal mentionsNetidhopani and has some passages set in the Sunderbans during the heroine Behula's quest to bring her husband Lakhindar back to life.

The area provides the setting for several novels by Emilio Salgari, (e.g. The Mystery of the Black Jungle). Sundarbaney Arjan Sardar, a novel by Shibshankar Mitra, and Padma Nadir Majhi, a novel by Manik Bandopadhyay, are based on the rigors of lives of villagers and fishermen living in the Sunderbans region, and are woven into the Bengali psyche to a great extent. Part of the plot of Salman Rushdie's Booker Prize winning novel, Midnight's Children is set in the Sundarbans. This forest is adopted as the setting of Kunal Basu's short story "The Japanese Wife" and the subsequent film adaptation. Most of the plot of an internationally acclaimed novelist,Amitav Ghosh's 2004 novel, The Hungry Tide, is set in the Sundarbans.The plot centers on a headstrong American cetologist who arrives to study a rare species of river dolphin, enlisting a local fisherman and translator to aid her. The book also mentions two accounts of the Bonbibi story of "Dukhey's Redemption."[31] The SunPadma Nadir Majhi was made into a movie by Goutam Ghose.

The Sunderbans has been the subject of a detailed and well-researched scholarly work on Bonbibi (a 'forest goddess' venerated by both Muslims and Hindus), 


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There will many characters apart from the leads but I will introduce them as and when they appear

Age -23 Years
Young vivacious ,intelligent guy
 but only never knew how to cry

Gulaal -24 years

All her life ,her eyes were lonely ,it was only her tears which kept her alive

Sugandha -23 yrs..
For her life was not easy too ,Cool confident yet one fear always haunted her.
Her greatest fear -to lose him

Moloy Basu -23 yrs
A dimwit yet the most wonderful friend one could ever have

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Piu yeh tu ne kya kiyaShockedwhat is our shaayar doing here...Kunnu in the disguise of Moloy...nahiiiCryLOLbut chalo I loved the character description...dimwitLOL

I had watched the VM some time ago and I was intrigued by the concept so I was happy to hear that it was the plot line of your next story.I have seen Sunderbans in many of the wild life shows.Until now the only thing I know is that there are a lot man eating tigers over thereOuchLOL but I have a feeling that this story will bring about a change in my thinking.Thanks for the information about the place and the concept of love.Those lines by elizabeth Barrett Browning are some of my fav lines so yep I am all geared up to read this please do post the first chapter soonBig smile

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 11:30pm | IP Logged so excited for this..consummate love...waah..sounds interesting..yara itna bada essay diya tune padhne ke liye..i felt like doing PhD on  LOVE...but i loved reading it...sunderban part i skimmed through... maarna mat..but i did read jo padhna tha usme LOL

and ye kunal inna seedha shakespeare novel se nikhla hua lag raha haiShocked

the first poster is too good..that look of kesar ufffHeart

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Eeeks..Big smile New story with different concept!!! Intriguing!!! Update soon!!!Smile

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Wow...I am so excited that you have started this story.Dancing..I loved the VM that u made for this story Clap...I really wanna know whats in store for usDay Dreaming...I never read any essay on love but for u and this story, I have read I am looking forward for the first chapter...

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i hate u jab mere exams going tabhi u  bring all these lovely ss and tonnes of chappiAngryCry jab mein bhatakti rehti hun tab kuch nahi aata Cry anyways res CryCryCry waise kya diagram diya hai LOLmaslow's low Confused of hieararchy yaad aa gayaCryLOL padh kar comment karungiCry

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