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Hi India forum's members! I am Anamika and you can call me Ana! I have been a silent member of this forum froma very long time and have read many amazing stories. This just pushed the writer inside me and so here i m with a new fanfiction! As i m a great fan of Armaan Riddhima this ff is based on them only. This concept has been taken from a story from DMG blog but just the concept!
I hope you will like it! Just tell if i should continue! Smile



Falling in love for the first time is a dream come true..but falling in love twice..is...Luck...?? You all must have heard about love dusri baar..!! But what happened with him..is not something very common..! uh love..u get hurt..and u start loving again...its a cycle of life..but uh hate it when this cycle of life turns out to be visicious one..!! 
Armaan mallik..a medical student turned business man was stuck in the same dilemma..!! 'LOVE..AGAIN..??' But wait..!! here'z the twist..!! He dreaded falling in love again with the same girl! Now that's what you call destiny..!!
She was the one who dumped him..for the sake of money..(well that what he believes) 10 yrz back...and now..back again..for...him...?? or  money..!! 

Armaan still cursed the moment when he gave add for his damn secretary..!! if he knew his new secretary wud turn out to be her..he wud prefer working all his life alone..!! But What made her work..?? and that too in his office...?? and that too as his secretary..!! he never got his answers...but one thing he was sure about was..He hated her...!! hated her from his core.. and had moved on long back..and this was proven from his uncountable relationships...But Why on earth her presence annoy him..!!!!

DAMN HER..!!!!



               FIRST MEETING..AGAIN?

"come in" I said..tired after taking long interviews of god knows how many stupid girls! I still don't get why god forgot to put some sense inside those empty heads!well,Its so true man,You don't realise how important secretaries are,unless until they leave ur job and u are left with no other choice than to go on a secretary hunt like me! "m sorry sir,for being late,actually my dad is not doing well and i had to take him to the hospital,i hope you understand.." came a voice..and my heart stopped for a moment! Never in my life i can forget that voice..Its her! I can bet my life on it! Its her only! I took the file and saw the name column.. 'Riddhima Gupta'it said! What surprised me more,was her name! Dont get me wrong,i know her name is the sweetest but i expected her to be married by now!Anyways,that's none of my business,n i had to do my job! Take her interview! So i had to keep my composure. "well well well..long time miss gupta!Hows you doing?" "Armaan ..?" She said.Oh..so she didn't know it was my empire,that's absured!She didn't change at all..no one can even imagine in their deadliest dream,how double faced this girl could be! "board outside is big enough i guess which states 'Mallik Empire'and i m 'Armaan Mallik'..and i think you forgot to add sir..And by the way,u r late!"I said,trying to sound bossy! U know how i m n i cant really help it! "I guess i was loud and clear enough to be heard" She said,in her own way,rotating her eyeballs in all possible directions! "ahem,well,miss gupta u r here for an interview so that u get the job,and according to your biodata and Background,it seems u need this job badly,so,wont it be better if you'l keep you attitude with you only..?"  I said.Then suddenly she stood up,and started walking towards me,Honestly,this was the least thing i was expecting! I didn't want her to be near me! Leave near,i didn't even want to see her ever again,but now when she was standing right infront of me,my heart raced! She looked straight into my eyes and i realised she still had worl's best eyes! It was all so hypnotic.As if the time froze!But i didn't feel anything! Those feelings were crushed long back,and this Armaan Mallik was not so naive to fall for this girl all over again! IAnd I have many girls around! My chain of thoughts were again broken " I don't need this job anymore,Armaan Mallik,SIR" I didn't miss the sarcasm behind her SIR, i saw her leaving..again.! " No one knows better than me how much money matters to you miss gupta,why don't you wait! You may get this job"i said..Expecting a good retort! She turned..and.. "Money does matter mr mallik,but working with you is not my standard.I'll get job..dont worry" She said smiling!She got it! She knew what exactly i was talking about! "and armaan..apni professional and personal life alag karna seekh lo.."


                               LUCK BY CHANCE?

Ten years had passed,and i didn't see her even once.Honestly,i was really happy that she was no longer a part of my life.But,oh God why do you have to be so cruel! I daily put Flowers in mandir,do. pooja on every occasion..but fir bhi uh did this to me? I mean THIS IS NOT DONE! Out of all the girls in whole US, Riddhima Gupta had to come!Arrgh..!! "Bhai! Is every thing ok? U looked disturbed when you came" Asked Nikki..She knows me so well man..! I don't know, how does she manage to see the stress behind my Oh-I-M-SO-COOL look! I think that's how twins are! Well Nikita Mallik a.k.a Nikki is my sister come best friend..she's 10 min younger to me and that's how i got my name as 'BHAI'. "Hey nikks..come sit..!" "I asked something bro! You know you cant hide it" "Oye Nani Ma..bas kar! M not hiding anything its just that m a bit tired" " DONT YOU DARE  GIVE ME THAT 'M TIRED' EXCUSE ARMAAN MALLIK..I KNOW YOU INSIDE OUT" I knew it! I so knew it! No matter what..this  girl won't  listen! Damn! Sach bata bhi nahi sakta,chupa bhi nahi sakta!But i didn't have any other option i had to share with some one! And who would be more better than my sister!(Also she'l stop bugging me!) "Riddhima"! "Who Riddhima?"Now that was a blow! I know how much she hates her! But 'who riddhima' wasn't expected at all! "Wait a min! U mean Riddhima GUPTA? Why on earth r you talking about her... At this hour... After so long...WILL YOU SPEAK?" " WILL YOU LET ME SPEAK?" "Sorry..say.." "She came to Mallik empire..in the morning.." " Why..? paise khatam hogaye the kya uske?" "Nikki please yaar..let me complete..for job..as my secretary.." "WHAT! YOU ARE NOT HIRING HER..IS THAT CLEAR" "For god's sake nikki stop shouting and obviously i  wont do that! And she walked off on her own! She didn't know that it was Me who was the owner!" i cant even tell you how relaxed i feel after talking to nikki! "M sorry..for over reacting bhai..but u know i don't like her.." "But you cant hate her more than me nikk.."  "Bhai..you don't feel any thing about her now na.." That was the question i always dreaded off!I didn't even dare to ask that question to myself! The only reason why i used to run away from this was i didn't have any answer then..But now..I  HATE HER MORE THAN ANY THING ELSE IN THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE! "Come on nikki! You really think i can still feel anything for her..FOR HER..??" "Par bhai.." "Bla bla bla now get out! I need to sleep!"

Sleep was far far away from me! i knew i couldnt sleep anymore till that girl was here in the same city! i know it sounds weird but i cant even tolerate that we are in the same city! OH GOD WHY! I mean In this whole damn universe,she had to come to US! I wouldnt have mind if she had gone to Jupiter rather than landing here so abruptly.Anywayz,nothing can happen now..disaster had already happened..! and i hope not to see her face again in the morning! Chal Armaan beta so ja!

Trrriiinnnggg!!! "Hello..Armaan sir.."
"Yeah julie..say.."
"Sir actually on special request,we have appointed a girl for ur secretary..is it okey..?"
"U have seen her na..i trust u! Just ask her to join from today only.."
"but sir u didnt even meet her.." " I dont need it Julie.." 
"OK sir..she's RIDDHIMA GUPTA..and it was her request to appoint her as ur PERSONAL SECRETARY!"

                  'ME:AGAINST THE WORLD'

Never ever in my dreams did i think to face him again.You may call it as a guilt but i didn't have the guts to face him.I know,what i did was wrong! But ek galti to sabko maaf  hoti hai na. I don't know what to say.But since life has given me a chance to recover my deeds,i'll try my best! Well..itz not easy though to handle THE ARMAAN MALLIK but if i can make him fall for me once,i can surely do it again! Agar wo Armaan hai,to mai bhi Riddhima hun! I don't know what's waiting for me today,but  i'll make sure jo kahani adhuri reh gayi thi..ab wo puri hogi!Armaan tum mere ho! Pata hai,thode naraz ho..but maan jaoge..!! hai na!  I m sure u havent moved on! you cant! "what r u thinking ridzi?And r u sure u wanna work in Mallik's empmire?" Said Atul..The only family i have. "..Mujhse bht badi galti hui thi atul.." I said,recollecting that night..just one blink and the whole scenario started haunting me"Armaan used to love me till no extent n i... i' realized the depth of his love the night i left him.."  convincing  more of myself i spoke again.. "but i will win him back!"
but ridzi.after whatever he saw that day..wud he able to accept you again?"

"You know what atul,wen i saw him today all i could see was those eyes who had nothing but hatred for me..but then something else was there too..Atul i could see the pain.. those eyes said it all.. "
"Riddhima,.there's no 1 perfect out here..and remember...every sorry has its 'its ok'..n no matter what..m always there with you.. "  "i know" i said..Atul was the only one who knows me inside out and still loves me the most!We share such a great bond.
"Just call me whenever uh'l need me. m right there in my house..now take a nap..uh have a tough day ahead."Saying this He left after giving a goodnight kiss on my forehead! well..he never missed that!
Now again i was left alone to deal with my guilt. I still remember that night! The night which turned my life upside down.. The pain now is too much to bear..it suffocates me.. I need to sing..i really do need to sing..to ease my self out..
"I'm so glad you made time to see me...
How's life? Tell me how's your family...
I haven't seen them in a while...
You've been good, busier than ever..
We small talk, work and the weather..
Your guard is up and I know why..
Because the last time you saw me..
Is still burned in the back of your mind...
You gave me roses and I left them there to die...

So this is me swallowing my pride,
Standing in front of you saying, "I'm sorry for that night,"
And I go back to December all the time.
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you.
Wishing I'd realized what I had when you were mine.
I'd go back to December, turn around and make it all right.
I go back to December all the time...

These days I haven't been sleeping,
Staying up, playing back myself leavin'.
When your birthday passed and I didn't call.
And I think about summer, all the beautiful times,
I watched you laughing from the passenger side.
Realized that I loved you in the fall.

And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
You gave me all your love and all I gave you was "Goodbye".

So this is me swallowing my pride
Standing in front of you saying, "I'm sorry for that night."
And I go back to December all the time.
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you,
Wishing I'd realized what I had when you were mine.
I'd go back to December, turn around and change my own mind
I go back to December all the time.."



"Good morning sir.." she said when i entered my room.I never understand y my entire body starts possessing all the possible chemical reactions the moment i see her! Damn you body! "I still remember some one sayin'I dont need this job' but allas! my ill luck..anyways,good morning miss gupta" "I still dont need this job mr. mallik,m here cuz uh need me.." "Miss Gupta better stay in your limits"  "Armaan,we need to talk"  "SIR..call me SIR..n m committed to a girl mind it" "I didnt mean it in that way..mujhe bas..."  "I dont wanna talk anything else other than my work miss gupta..and let me remind you stay away from me..i dont know y did uh join this company..but STAY AWAY from me and STAY IN YOUR LIMITS.."
"U luved me armaan.." I heared her saying this..suddenly i felt someone pricking my heart..dont know from where i got a strong urge to hug her..but then the feeling of being betrayed overpowered my sudden urge..every time i see her..that old agony comes back.. i gathered all my guts to shout..but all i could manage was.. " Trust me riddhima..i still regret that.."




Tujhe paake yun kabhi kho diya, kabhi lafzon mein yun piro diya.. 
Kabhi saans saans mein jiya tujhe, kabhi yaadon mein teri ro diya..

The moment i heard him,my heart sank..it was then when i realized the damage which has occurred. I m ready to take whatever punishment god has planned.But i request him to give me back what belongs to me. The first thing i need to do is..Talk to him.. or to be more precise,make him talk to me..

It has been a weak now since i m working in mallik's empire as his secretary and he didnt utter a word unless until it was very important. My all tries were in vein.I know man..i know i was wrong and his behavior is right on his part..but all i want is just one damn chance!

Honestly, I had given up all my hopes and never expected to see him again, but now when destiny has brought us face to face after 10yrz.. I have to mend this..



"Y dont you listen to me for once armaan,just once,plz" I literally begged him to hear me.. "let me go.." "No.. plz Armaan..plz..ek baar meri baat sun lo..luk i know i was wrong..but i can explain.." "Leave my hand and let me go Riddhima.." His eyes reflected nothing but hatred which pierced my heart..

"I know armaan,you need time..n m ready for it..but i want uh to listen to me once..Mujhe pata hai,meri galti itni choti nahi thi ki ek mafi se bhula di jaye par cant uh give me a chance..?" "NO" he said..he didnt even bother to even look at me... "ARMAAN,DO UH EVEN HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA  OF HOW MUCH UR COLD BEHAVIOR IS HURTING ME.. M TRYING TO TALK TO YOU SINCE A WEAK ARMAAN..I almost shouted wen my patience level gave up.

"THAT'S IT RIDDHIMA..THAT'S IT! DO UH EVEN KNOW WHAT HURT MEANS? I'LL TELL YOU..HURT IS WHEN U SEE UR GF WITH SOME OTHER GUY ON THE SAME BED DAMN IT! RIDDHIMA I LOVED YOU FROM THE CORE..!! WHAT DID UH GIVE ME IN RETURN? Uh betrayed me riddhima..i was really broken.. n if that was not enough,u left me the very next day.." He blasted..i was hurt..he was hurt..but i knew,this outburst was important.. "Armaan..m sry..i said m sry..n i acpt i was wrong but.. "
"Wrong..?? riddhima uh insulted love..our love..Oops m sry..tumne to mujhse kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi..mai hi pagal tha..anyway..Its over riddhima..it got over long back.." "Plz dont say this..i really love.." "dare..riddhima..dare if uh said uh love me..Ab plz..let me go now..n aaj ke baad mind it..ARMAAN RIDDHIMA kabhi baat nahi karenge..m ur boss n u r my secretary..so behave like 1..i can throw uh out..remember.."
"Thank you..Mr. Mallik..i'll keep that in mind..And sahi kaha aapne..Armaan riddhima ab kabhi baat nahi karenge..

                              MOVING  ON

"Armaan! R u there?? Gosh baby..i was looking for you in the whole office...!! And what on earth r u doing here in the fireescape...And...JESUS! Armaan mallik with a girl? " Said a girl,rising her left brow to its fullest..The poor soul was way too shocked to even bring her almost ground touching jaw to its position! "Shona..wen did you come! N you could have called me..i could have come to receive you! " Said armaan,who ran to hug the girl..and held her cheeks "n please dont leave me like this,you know na i feel so lost when you are not near!"

"Poah! Armaan mallik and his antics! n behave urself! there's some1 out here!"

"yeah..let me introduce!" "No thanks..i can do that on my own!

"Hey hi..Shilpa..Shilpa khanna! M the co owner of mallik empires! And you are..?" The girl said..with a very genuine smile! The smile that could make any one's day!

 "Hi..mam...M Riddhima Gupta..n M.."  But before she could continue,Armaan did this favor for her.. "Just an employee.." His voice was cold but stern..it was mere a sentence..but it was enough to prove that its all over! "She'z nothing but my secretary" Said armaan..finally turning his gaze away from her..You know,people say it right! Never try to mend broken relations..they r just like broken mirror..the more u try to fix it..the more you get hurt! "Yeah..m..m..just his secretary.."  "Hey hi riddhima..wot pretty eyes! N yaar..no mam sham..i really liked you..friends?" "But shona..!" "Zzzip! R u riddhima? No na? let her answer! Yes riddhima..aarey dont look at him! Just say yes! n we'll make a great team against this khadus!..what say?"

Riddhima smiled seeing her..She couldnt believe how this girl was full of life! The life she always dreamed off! But..god was never so grateful to her! "mmm...then..i say...friends!"  "Waise u dont worry about this guy, aesa hi hai ye! "Aesa nahi tha.." came a whisper! She mumbled..n looked at him..He heard it! yes he did! His eyes shot up! Those blue emerald..were so empty!

For a moment..they did reflect the effect  her sentence had...but alas..these ten years had made him good in hiding emotions! "hey..by the way..me n armaan are.. "   " Me and shona are seeing each other..dating i mean.." said Armaan.. "would you..err...would you mind giving us a mooment please..miss gupta..? "

Now that was it.."Me and shona are dating" This was enough to shatter all her hopes..but those eyes! those eyes didnt say he loved shilpa! God she has seen his love! his intensity! She knew how his eyes were the mirror of his heart! Y couldnt she see that love! But his declaration was enough to side these thoughts and beak her! Yes..Broken she was..!

But now..


"Fine Armaan..if that's what you want..you'll see a new riddhima..YOUR JUST EMPLOYEE..you have left me with no other choice. This is it..You were right..its all over..Armaan n riddhima were never meant to be! So this is their final end..." She took a deep breath..composed her self n... 

"yes m ready..haan baba..m not being forced,,its my decision..Riddhima Gupta never does anything under pressure...!! ha ha..! yeah sure..i'll make sure that..! bye..tc .. "


Those who like it,please hit the like button so that i get more encouraged! LOL

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kajenvirman Senior Member

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really nice! i hope you continue this soon
please PM me then :)
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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 7:09am | IP Logged
very nice.do continue.Smile
-shilparocks- Newbie

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nice one
continue soon and pm me too
-Mith- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Nice one deary...
Do continue soon...
N also add mee 2 ur pm list buddy... Heart
ojaswi_kajen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Hey nice one...
Loved it...
Cont soon...
Nd do PM...:)
-Mith- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 8:06am | IP Logged
wen r u goin 2 update sweetiee ?????
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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for such lovely response guys! honestly,i have no idea of how to do PM and how to add buddy i can accept your request! LOL

Thank you for all those likes! I hope the number would soon increase! I request whoever reads my story to tell others too! I would be glad to see more thumbs up!


"Rahul..what made uh call me at this hour? all good?" I said,getting worried about  my best friend! Well i know that BEST FRIENDS dont really check time before calling but DUDE..its 3 At night! "Sorry yaar..were you sleeping?" "No no..i was practicing how to die!" "Really..?Y on earth would you do that armaan?" Oh mighty,please put some sense into his big head.. "Saaley,u called me up at 3 just to ask if i was sleeping? Obviously i was..Now would please take the pain of  telling me the reason behind this call.." "Arrey have patience na..achha tell did uh have your dinner? " I heard Rahul,for a moment i stared back into my cell..if there's something wrong with it..May be he'z saying something serious n here m listening 'did uh have dinner..' "Armaan,you there? "  I cursed him for making me suspicious regarding my poor blackberry,it wasnt my baby but him who has lost it.. 'did you have dinner..'Arrgh..!! 
"Rahul,trust me..i m on my way to dig ur damn grave! "Acha relax..i want to arrange a party tomorrow in the MALLIK club,so make a guest list by 10 in the morning cuz uh know invite bhi karna hoga..! "party? For what? U seriously leaving MALLIK EMPIRE! Omg rahul i'll miss you yaar!" Oh how i love to irritate him man! "Tu ja saaley..m not going anywhere..! n this party..well..kal pata chal jayega!" "Oh common yaar,what's there to hide from me! I even know the colour of your Inner wears you are wearing right now!.. ha ha.." "This is not funny,shut up! Ok now sleep..n don't forget that all the employees are invited.." "All?" I bet he got what my 'ALL' Meant!
"well..yeah..All..but relax..u don't need to invite Riddhima.." "I didn't mean Riddhima only..But y not her? Yaar..jo bhi ho..she's too a part of  office family now!" "You don't worry about that..Chal good night.."


"thanks yaar,for arranging the party at such a short notice.." Rahul hugged me..there was something terribly wrong with him..I sensed it..neither did he say..nor did i ask..we just hugged..i tried to ease him out..n i knew..he was doing the same..Well..that's the level of out friendship! You know..the only one whome i trust with all my might is rahul,he was the one to make me believe in relations again! "Pagal..bhai ko thank you! Wanna get kicked kya.." He smacked me! "achha listen..i'll be back in an hour.." "Kaha ja raha hai? Remember! U r the one who has thrown the party?" "Haan haan i know..wait na..i need to pick some one.. N by the way...Shilpa has come..now you don't need me!" 
"Hi guyz..! wao rahul! Some's looking hot haan!" Said shilpa! "Hi shilpa! Aur kya karun yaar,ab smart dikhne ki uh know aadat hogayi hai! Tell me something new!! N Oye..Do u really want me to get murdered? See..Armaan is all red!"
Rahul n rahul's antics! Man kabhi nahi sudhrega ye..! "Oye rahoool,y would i get red wen i know she's kidding! Haina shona! Well..you know..who would say 'Rahul'as HOT wen Armaan is there beneath the same roof!"
"PEACE I SAID! Armaan! Rahul! You both r the hottest hunks born ever on this whole universe! Happy! Now rahul go! You are getting late i guess!" Shilpa said in one go!! Sometimes i feel very sorry for her,i know hw crazy it is to handle me and rahul at times!
I don't know why but my heart wasn't in the party! I was getting restless for god knows what reason! My heartbeat could have beaten Schumacher right now! But damn WHY! For the first time even Shona failed to divert my mind! It was very rare although! And soon i figured the reason behind my uneasiness! 

My heart beat stopped! My breath was gone! I was numb again! Those Goosebumps attacked my whole body! She was indeed the most beautiful creation of god! For a moment,i was again lost! Lost in the ocean of beauty!
But..what was she doing here! I didn't invite her! I meant,Rahul himself asked me not too..it was his decision not mine! N m sure even he didn't..Shona herself didn't know about this whole party scenario..then WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?
"Come Riddhima..!" I heard rahul..n i was kindda shocked to see him holding her from her waist and to see the compatibility level they shared...well..never mind..no one can change the truth..Rahul Armaan Riddhima were once best of friends..n jo hua..wo mere aur Riddhima ke beech mein hua..i cant really force rahul to not to talk to her! I tried to divert myself..But as always..failed..my eyes were stuck on the duo!  Rahul once saw me and smiled..i didn't want to ruin his mood so i forced a smile!
The party went on..and as the time passed..i felt suffocated...Time and again i kept remining myself.. 'DONT LOOK..DONT LOOK..' 
"Hello people..thank you so much for sparing your precious time for this party..m really sorry for informing you in this short notice but it was urgent! N i know you all are dying to know the reason behind this PARTY..so..there we go..
But before that..I want Riddhima to sing a song  for all of us! Not many of you must be knowing that Riddhima Gupta sings really well!! Riddhima please..come up on the stage!"  I really didn't know what exactly was rahul upto! Asking me not to call her..n then himself getting her..Asking me to keep a dress code..bringing her in this RED STUNNING saree! N now this! I m now losing it! Focus Armaan Focus..!! i think i should go out n get some fresh air! 


I heard her..n my legs jammed! I couldn't move a bit! I turned around..N there she was..Holding the mike..Aur eyes met..! I tried hard..to look away..But this time i was stuck..She looked straight into my eyes!
My breathing was now getting abnormal n my eyes refused to blink..man,she still remembered this song!


I don't know why..but i was desperately waiting for her to sing the last line! But she stopped..She didn't sing the last line..N i knew why..I was still looking at her but she breathed in and closed her eyes...
There she go with the last line...But this time...surprisingly, a tear trickled down my eyes..N honestly..First time after ages, I felt good..A feel of satisfaction was wrapping  me... I saw Rahul was again going up to the stage..
"That was outstanding Riddhima! Well..i Know how beautiful singer u r..n thank you for not letting me down! Well..Guyz so here we go..with the news..This Party has something special! I know i know you all are now getting impatient!" He took out a ring from his pocket and...
"Riddhima Gupta..I M hopelessly n madly in love with you.! I know you think m crazy n trust me I M..!! N i want you to treat me! N for that..WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

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