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Virman FF*Two Souls Apart*/Ch-15(121),16(126)*NEW

Vibhu3 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 5:32am | IP Logged
Virman FF- *Two Souls Apart*






Hey guys m back with my new work. Hope U all will like virat as a Rich stubborn brat. N we'll have a long journey with FF. M Glad that U guys liked other works of Me.
So, I hope U all will like this also.

Manvi's POV

Mumbai, City of dreams but i came here to forget that Nightmare of my life. Fortunately i was loosing every memory of my dark past. My family is in Delhi, they were happy that m moving on in my life. But we can't run from our destiny. Usually every love story has an happy Ending but my love story turned into a hate story n killing me every minute every second. I snapped out of my thought when heard horns of the car behind me. I look here n there n noticed i was on Red light which was now green.
"Ohh Shit"!! - i said n moved towards my office. Galaxy group of co. M working as a financial advisor in that company. Its just 6 months i was working there. Although i need not to work anywhere but i wanted to spend sometime alone.
...many be some years. My friend Prem is one of the BOD of the company. Board of directors. N today we had a BOD meeting but announcement of our new Chairperson. He own 51% of the shares of our company. His identity was still a surprise for all of us. I was even nervous. I was already late but still we had 2 hours to set up our presentation. I just parked my car n ran towards the huge building in front of me.
"Hey! Manvi"? Where were U"? Prem sir is waiting for U"! U R late"! - Tanya said. She is the receptionist of our company.
"Hey"! Yea! I know"! Morning"! - I wished her ran towards the lift. My cabin was on 17th floor.
Prem, one of my good friends here in Mumbai. A sweet guy, I mean not just him but his family too. I Just entered him cabin halfing.
"Phuuu"! Atlast"! - I said falling on the chair in front of him.
"Atlast..! U are here"? Manvi U know very well"! Ur late as using"! Next time I think I should send a driver foe U"! - he said.
"Please..! Not U"! M already late n u didn't even asked me about water"! U know"..!
"Yea! I know u came running"! But manvi"! Please dont do this"! U know very well"! U just fainted 1 week back"! N please dont take overload of work"! Ur Financial Advisor of our company"! U can tell anyone under u"! To make files n all"! - he said.
"Great..! U have earphones"? I don't have strength to listen ur Lectures anymore"! N I like to do my work by my own"! - I said moving towards my cabin.
"So why we give salary to the employees"? - he said but I ignored him which I usually do.
I entered my cabin n starts working on my presentation. Atlast I was done with every financial n marketing issues.
"Miss Manvi"! Prem sir is calling U in Conference room with ur presentation"! - Zayra said. Zayra is Prem's secretary.


 But suddenly Tanya entered my cabin sending Zayra to the conference room.
"Hey"! Manvi"! U know our new MD is so hottt"! I mean U' faint if u'll look at him"! His eyes. I mean he's something different"! Not a Typical Business type. Smart handsome, dashing"! U'll flat over him. - she said but I ignored her talks.
"Tanya"! If U have anything productive to tell me"! I don't want to talk about it"! He's our new Chairman"! Our boss"! M sorry"! I need to go"! Conference"! Bye"! - I said n move out before she would utter another word. I ran towards the hall. Wished everyone n settled beside Prem.
"Hey"! U wanted to know"! Our new Chairman's name na"?? - he Whispered.
"yea! What's that"? - I asked.
"His name is Mr. Vi...! - he stopped when we noticed he entered In the conference. N i felt something know. N yea! That feeling Was known. I turned towards him n i was f**kn shocked. I felt the floor slipped down under my feets pushing me into my darkest past again. He was the one Virat Vadera. The man behind my sorrows, my depression. I never expected that man again in front of my eyes after 1 year but he was. I felt my eyes watery remembering what he did to me 1 year back. N unfortunately his eyes fell on me. He raised his eyes with that evil smile on his face when i met him last time. I just controlled my tears n settled on my seat.
"Manvi"? Are U okay"? - Prem asked me. I could see his confused expressions about the suddenly change in my behaviour.
"No"! M okay"! - i said giving a faint smile.
"So, Ladies n Gentlemen meet our new Chairperson"! Mr. Virat Vadera"! - Prem said standing. Welcome sir"! - he said greeting him but he didnt even looked at him. His eyes were still on me.
"Not only Chairperson"! A good friend of me"! So Virat lemmi introduce U with the BOD n main members of our Company"!
He's Mr Kapoor"! - Prem said n moved towards me.
"N She is M..."! - prem was about to said but Virat cut his sentence.
"Mrs Manvi..."! - he said raising his eye brows.
"Miss Manvi Chaudary"! Ur R wrong Mr. Vadera"! - I said fuming in anger. I knew what he wanted to say.
"U both know each other"? - Prem asked.
"yea! How can I forget her"! -Virat said again smiling. I felt a heavy stone on my heart with every stare of him on me. I moved my face away. I was not really in condition of saying anything else. N i called Prem out.
"Excuse me"! Prem i need to talk"! Please come out once"! - i said ignoring Virat's glare on me.
"What happened manvi"? Why ur behaving so weird"? - he asked me looking tense.
"Prem"! I need to go"! M not feeling good"! I can't"! Please!! Take care of the presentation"! M sorry"! - I said hugging him n left towards my car. I ran towards the parking aley. I didnt even looked back n ran towards my car n sit inside. I cried aloud in my car.
"Virat"! Why U came back"! - I said between my sobs remembering what he did to me. I never wanted to see his face.

"Virat..! How dare U did that to me"? How dare U"? I never asked U about anything just love"! But U played with my life my love my soul"..! I loved U"! - I said crying badly in front of him.
"My god"! Wild cat"! Umm"! Interesting"! But listen!! I never wanted to marry U"! That was just a deal"! Many be ur ragging"! M Virat vadera"! Whom I want I'll have that"! M jo chahu m vo karunga"! N U think that was love"! U thought m a typical aashiq? Who will say I love U"! Will never stare at every second girl"! U were the one who spoiled ur life"! I dont care"! What I wanted I had with U"! I never wanted to marry U"! That was my mom"! Who wanted to be So called bahu of this house"! N she took a promise"! But promise U marry U"! N U thought"I love U"! I wann to spend my whooole life with U"?? - he said without any shame.
"Virat"! That was a drama"?? But virat I loved U"? - I said helplessly.
"Ohh my goshh"! U loved me"? Ohh m so sorry"! But U were not more then a wh**e to me"! - he said n I slapped him.
"Virat Vadera"! U are a human"! U stubborn spoiled brat"!
"Thank god"! U get to know"! I thought U won't believe me"! Vo kya hai"! This shows m a really good actor"! - he said laughing.
"Virat..! I'll not spare U"! Virat why U did this to me"?? Why"??
"Great"! Now this wild cat wants to be a lion"? Manvi"! Just tell me? Where was this lion in u"? In Room no. 147 Honeymoon suite"?? - i asked raising his eyebrows. Tears were dripping out of my eyes one by one. I never expected this from virat"! Whom i loved. But he spoiled my life"! broke my heart into millions of pieces. Tear up my soul apart. He left me there crying badly. I broke down there. I just came to tell him about out baby who was growing inside me. But I was regreting that moment when I met him. When I believed him like a mad in love girl. I moved out n settled into my car n drove at a high speed. I lost every mean of my life. I lost every thing including my soul. I just wanted to die. N moved towards the cliff to die with my baby who was equally his. But Virat's Brother saved me.
"Viren bhaiya please"! I dont wann to live"! Please lemmi die"! Mere paas abh kuch nahi bacha"! Nothing"! That was a limit"! But I can't bear this pain"! - I said helplessly.
"Manvi"! Don't be so mean"! Just think about ur baby"? - he said holding me by my shoulders.
"I'll talk to virat about this"! Me n jeevika both will talk to him"! - he said n took me to his car n we both heads to home.
"Bhai"! Please! Don't come in between us"! I dont care"! I never said I wann to marry her"! I never loved her"! I can't be like u"! I m what i m"? I don't care whatever she do"? "JIYE YA MARE"? - he said.
"Virat but she's ...! - viren bhaiya was going to tell him but i stopped him.
"Virat"! U dont care na? Okay"! This is the last time m in front of u"! If ur happiness is without me"! Then be happy"! I'll never come back into ur life"! Whatever happens. But Remember one thing"! May i wasnt ur love"! U just used me"! But one day this will happen to u"! U' cry for ur love"! - I said n left his house forever. I drove back to Delhi"! To my mom dad but in between I got severe pain in my stomach when I was driving.
I lost my grip from the staring wheel n my car hit the tree. I lost my baby. Our baby. I never expected this much pain into my life. I Was alone. All alone. Lost my love n then my baby too. I was depression. He knew about my accident but he didn't even called to ask about me. I told Viren bhaiya n jeevika bhabhi about my miscarriage but took promise that they'll never tell this to virat Coz now I never wanted to see his face again. It was about 4 months this all happened. Dad asked me to get married n move on into my life. But even after that hate. I still loved him. I denied to get married but wanted to move on. Wanted to start a new life. I always wanted to have kids but just because of Virat"! I lost my baby. This feeling buried me more. But one day Mahi, my cousin get to know about all this. She told me about her brother in law Prem who was living in Mumbai with her family. N I got a job in Mumbai. I was well qualified as a mastered in Law n a co-operate lawyer. He helped me out in getting a flat in Mumbai. I really moved on in my life after I came to Mumbai. In just 6 months he became a good friend of me. But now when I moved on in my life virat came here to hurt me again. His face his voice just make me remember
what he did to me. Was happy here.

3 days n I haven't gone to my office coz I dont have the strength to see his face again. I decided to leave that place where he was. I decided to resign through my job. May be my destiny will not try another chance to hurt me again.

"Manvi"! What's happening"?? Why suddenly U R leaving our company"?? U can't leave with such a short note"?? - Prem said coming inside my house.
"Prem"! Please! I can't"! I just came here to divert my mind"! But now I dont wann to stay here anymore"! Dad is calling me back"! To Delhi"! - i lied
"Manvi"! U don't even tell me anything"! N now leaving our company"!
"Prem"! Please leave now"! I'll come to office tomorrow"! Will meet u there"! But please Leave"! - i said n he left.
Next day i came to office to take my stuff n to meet everyone.
"Hey Tanya"! - i said in a low voice.
"Dont talk to me"! Ever"! - she said n walked off.
"Listen"? Tanya"! I m sorry" but please understand"! - i walked towards her but she entered the lift. But unfortunately I missed that. I waited foe another. I was alone in the lift. My cabin was on 17th floor. 1st floor n had a boom! That crab Virat vadera was standing in front of me. I hate him but he still have a effect on me. He was busy in his phone. I thought he didnt saw me. I pushed the lift closer button but he put his hand between that to open that. I he entered. N I decided to leave that lift. But when I was about to walk outside I felt a tight grip on my waist which pulled me inside. N my bad luck lift closed. I jerked his hand away.

"Mr virat vadera"! Don't ever dare to touch me"! - I said turning towards me n pointing my index finger towards him.
"Chill My wild cat"! - he said with the same attitude he had 1 year back.
"I don't have spare time to waste my Time with a brat like u"! - I said turning my has away.
"Ohh"! So what u were u Doing with me one year back"! Mrs Manvi VADERA"?
"Just shut up"! Dont dare to say that"! Nor my ur Wife"! Nor ur anything to me"! - I said.
"U'll never change"! Attitude! Wow! Great! This will be more interesting now"! Manvi was the wild cat roars too"! Cool"!
I never felt such weak in last 1 year but his presence had something. He'll never change. No guilt on his face. Nothing! Like nothing happened. I did utter a single word. N stood there. Finally 17th floor. I ran out of the lift to my cabin. N saw Tanya Prem n Zayra were sitting there. I moved towards my drawers n talking my stuff out. 10 mins n they didnt even utter a single word. I got irritated n threw my files on the table.

"grrr"! U guys wann to say something"? Dont irritate me by sitting like statue"? - I asked her loudly.
"Wait"! If ur are here to cry over here"! Like a 5 year old kid ! Then just move out but m leaving"! I know m selfish but I dont want any Ups n downs in my life now"! Please! Dont try to trap me by emotional blackmailing"! U guys will speak anything"?? Or Fevicol ka jodh h"?? - i said throwing hands in air. N Prem stood up n handed me the resignation form into pieces.
"Who did this"? - i asked him.
"Virat"! - he said.
"What the fu-----! - i said n moved towards his cabin n entered without asking him n threw pieces of paper on his face.
"Mr virat vadera"! How dare u dis this"?? Its my decision"! - i said n he again raised him right eyebrow.
"Again"? - he said smiling n stood up from his chair Coming towards me.
"Mrs Manvi Vadera"! - he whispered in my ear.
"Manvi Chaudary"! - i said cutting his sentence.
"being a law person"! U should know that u had signed a 5 year control with our company. N u can't breach ur contract"! We can sue u"! Foe this"! - he said.
"n the Main thing"! Game isn't over yet"! I would love to play with a this wild cat"! - he said cooling coming towards me. I tried to move towards the door but he blocked my way. N i hit my back on the wall. i tried to push him but he was so strong. I was literally going to cry but he pushed my tears back n tried to slap him but he held my hand n twisted that behind. First i was stuck into this trap foe 5 years. This time good luck someone knock the door n i jerked my hand n walk of his cabin.

"Kya hua"?? - Tanya asked me.
"U guys got what u wanted my stuck in this trap for next 5 years"! Now just leave me alone"! - I screamed n they all left my cabin like a poker face. I felt like crying loud out my heart. This Was the most difficult thing to face him. But this time I don't wann to be weak. He's still nothing to me n i dont want to let anyone know about this. Manvi U have to act normal. He just want to break u"!


"Prem"! M done with my work"! Its already 9. N m tired. Bye"! M going"! - I said Coming into Prem's cabin.
"Itni jaldi kya h"? - I heard a known voice n that was none other then Virat who was sitting on that chair. My jaw dropped.
"Sir"! Its very late right now"! My shift is till 8 only n its 9 right now"! Now I think U should read that deed carefully"! - I said n turned to move out but shocked that door was locked. I tried several times but it wasnt opening.
"Open that damm door"! I said.

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 5:56am | IP Logged
As i said before this is awesome story...fab start...cont soon...egerly waiting fr the next part

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Niaksharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Awesome one...
U write really fab...
Plz continu soon...

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Nandita217 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Wow!! You started with a bang!!!Big smile
Loved it!!!
Its so this story virat is a bad boy!!!
Though right now i am angry at virat for what he did to manvi!!!
But i am sure that you will change him in the upcoming updates!!!!

Can't wait to know how love will blossom between them after what all happened!!!!Smile

It was amazing...update soonSmile

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HalkatJawaani Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Amazing Start Bebo!

Omg Virat That Was Soo Cruel! :@

Thanks For Pm Do Update Soon!

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luv_nishal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Vibhu congrts for the new ff firstly

Secondly awesum strt virat as a spoilt brat maza aa gya

Thirdly u r vry bad u ended this uodate at a point whr interest was growing

Chalo maaf kia koi baat ni

Lastly whn r u gonna uodate nxt coz m excited to knw wht happens nxt

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kusharberry IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 6:24am | IP Logged

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Sumana123 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2013 at 6:26am | IP Logged
OMMGGG Vibbu its ...god damn...Exciting story ...awesome tracckkk...i just love ...but in end make Viraat fall in love seriosly and end being together ..:) :) Niceee narration ...I need the second chapter ...fasstt

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