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Wednesday, April 24th, Episode 130
Mahathi is so worried seeing her dad and mom are sitting oreh sohamaa and refusing even to drink something. Here comes Saravanan and Mahathi complaints to him and he comes to his mom and asks what happened. Kokila tries to hide her sadness but Ravi insists and she cries and says nothing. Saravanan goes to his dad and he gets very upset and tells," I am not worthy even to have a family..and I feel so ashamed of myself...why am I still alive daa...why?" Then he cries so badly.
Malathy just arrives home and looks for Barathy and asks her mom," where is Barathy amma..? didn't she come with you? I thouhgt Santhosh mama would have sent her along with you but how come? Barathy is just a fool...instead living in that house happily she wants to come back to this kevalamanaa life once again? then she will be working some where for Rs 5000 for the rest of her life...che"  Palaar...Kokila slaps her...and asks," what fdid you say? if you utter one more word against Barathy I will kill you" She goes inside followed by everyone...
Devi and Nats are in the terrce. Santhosh comes there too. Natraj goes and checks the door..and tells that they have to becareful about Barathy. Devi asks why are they there? Nats tells," In front of that Badri your dad insukted me so much...if this goes on like this then we all three will become servants only You have to do something about this? Use your power and send her out" Santhosh tells," No way...I can not do your brother is on her side" Devi and Nats again force Santhosh and Santhosh tells," ok..ok I mwill do this and get her out of this house okay?" Hre leaves from there.
Devi tells Nats," Chithappa..I do not think santhosh will do this..." Nats replies that she only can do something about this and Devi agrees to this idea. Sivagami comes there hearing this conversation and ask." Yenga,..why are you telling Devi to do bad things..? Barathy is just a nice wait and watch soon everything will be will never listen to me..ellaarum ekkedo kettu tholaiyunga" She goes down. Once again Devi and Nats decide to send Barathy out soon.
Next day morning..Chids comes after his morning walk and Sivagami gives coffee to him with a very sad face and with tears in her eyes and Chid asks what happened. Sivagami tells," mama..this house has become like this only after Barathy's arrival here as she takes care of everybody here...I have never understood whatever happening in this house...but onew thing I want to request to you mama...who ever tells please do not send Barathy from here mama" Chid is shocked hearing this.

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Thursday, April25th, Episode 131

After SIvagami with tears pleads Chids not to send Barathy away from home who ever forces him to do so...Chid wonders what made Sivagami to talak like this.
Barathy and Saravanan are walking somewhere discussing about B's problems. Barathy tells him that everything will be ok soon. But Saravanan asks," akka I know you very well you are underestimating me right akka...please tell me akk what happened.." Barathy asks him not to worry and hands over her salary to him and pleads him to give that money to Dandapani without telling him that it is her money. Saravanan hesitates and cries but finally he takes that money and tells," should have married that Kadir akka..he was a nice man...after knowing everything about santhosh mama you still married him and made a big mistake a days I think if I was born as your annaa..things would be different illeh akka?"
Barathy tells," See Saravanaa..I wanted to talk to you to ease my pains...but ..anyway daa..Saravanaa..please take care of our parents and sisters well daa...let me go now okay?" She leaves.
Malathy and her friend Sofi are waiting in the park for Rajesh. Sofi is teasing Malathy and about her would be mother in law Sivagami. Asthey talk all this Sofi notices a young man sitting far from them reading a book. Sofi tells Malathy," yei look there...padu snmart aa irukkaan illeh...just by siing him feel like falling in ,ove with him...dont tell that is your Rajesh nu sariyaa?"
Malathy tells," So sorry Sofi..your love is so short. That is indeed Rajesh. Come let us go there to him. Then Malathy intriduces Sofi to Rajesh and she goes on hitting him all onver his chest and face ( chellamaa ofcourse) and talks. Rajesh gets a call and he takes the call meantime Sofi asks Malathy," hey ennadee...romba thaan urasareh...wont he take it wrong?" Mala tells," he is ok with all that since he lived in UK..." Sofi suggest Mala to buy some ice ceram for Rajesh since he likes it so much and she givces money also to buy Ice cream. Malathy happily goes ...and Sofi sits on abench and Jollu vittufy on Rajesh who is talking oe=ver the phone.
Rajesh comes back and sists on the same bench and Sofi asks about his likes and dislikes as Rajesh tells that he likes vayal, reading books etc etc...Sofi keeps touching him and hitting him ( same as Malathy) an dkeep telling that her tastes are also same as his and invites him to her house. She takes the phone number from him too.
Saravanan's auto is in the same park area...Malathy crosses thje road with icecream bag...Saravanan calls her but she did not hear him and reaches Santhosh and Sofi. Gives the ice cream to Santhosh who becomes so happy and thanks her by shaking her shoulders. They both keep talking...( touching...touching ...goes on) Saravanan who followed Malathy into the park is watching all this and he starts walking towards them with so much anger.

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Friday, April 26th, Episode 132 - by atina

Saravanan is so angry seeing Malathy and Rajesh together in the park. He starts walking towards them but suddenly he stops and goes away from there.
Kadir is in the producer's house. He is so restless and looks very worried. Here comes Priya and tells that her dad will be down soon. Kadir explains about their pleading to Ravi Prasad. Here comes Priya's dad and tells all negative things about that hero Ravi Prasad and how he helped him to come up in the industry.
Ram tries to make the producer cool down and tells that Ravi Prasad's rate right now is 6 C nu. He says that he will talk to him and see. Hearing this producer tells," whatso can try talking to him but I wilkl not come there again...go ahead.." Priya apologises to Kadir on behalf of her dad.
Saravanan reaches home and looks for Malathy. Kokila asks what is the matter and nhere comes Malathy talking to someone over her cell. Saravanan asks from she is coming and Malathy tells"where else from..ofcourse from Comp class thaan" Saravan asks" since when they moved your computer class to the park dee?" Hearing this everyone including Malathy was shocked...Malathy samalichufies and talks boldly," I am not scared..after my class I just met Rajesh and went to the park, with me even Sofi was with me...what is wrong in me talking to a man in a public place...your mind is only corrupted...not mine"
Hearing all this Saravanan wanrs her," if I see you once again like that I will kill you...mind it" He goes in and Kokila starts advising and asks her not to spoil Barathy's life. Malathy gets so furious and screams," barathy...barathee...why I am not your daughter? I am not like Barathy..I know to make my life good..unlike her" goes oru arai across her face and dandapani shouts," stop do not have any rights to talk about barathy badly..."
Santhosh's is dinner time..Sivagami is making dosas and barathy is serving to Santhosh, Nats , rajesh and Devi. Devi asks santhosh," hey Santhosh you really served a divorce notice to your wife? you dont seem to do anything about it...? why no more actions?" Santhosh replies," Dont you know the rules Devi? if I do not get any reply within 15days then court will take action automatically"  Barathy is listening to all this and Rajesh feels bad for Barathy and asks Santhosh whether he is going to really divorce. Santhosh replies to hi m sarcastically and then tells rajesh that he will get married again and lead his life happy. Rajesh also sarcastic and asks," even for your first wedding itself no one was willing to give girls nu I heard?!!" Hearing this everyone is shocked but Barathy who bursts out laughing. Nats scolds Rajesh who tells sorry and goes away from there and Nats also leaves.
Devi tells santhosh,Let us go and see the vakkeel tomorrow itself..why wait 15 days ellam for this sappa matter?" Santhosh swallows food fast and he gets choked and Devi tells that someone is thinking about him. Barathy respomds," correct may be his vakeel is thinking about him as he did not go back to him for a long ime" Santhosh is angry and washes his hands in his plate and tells," ok let us go and see the advocate tomorrow then" he goes from there followed by Devi after washing her hands in her plate.
( che enna pazhakkam ithu...washing hands in the plate???!!!still people do this??!!)
Barathy stands there and thinks deeply...!!!

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Tuesday April 24 th Episode No 129

Ok folks, for the first time, Roja is happy to update this episode . Bharathy spoke her mind !! Starts with Mommy touching Bharathy's feet and Bharathy is all set to give a bit of her mind to her parents. "Ok, so now what? So, you always think about your gauravam, your other kids, eh? Have you once thought about me? My happiness? Do you think that I wanted to be a spinster all my life? Am I not a normal girl with dreams of my own?? Well, how do you expect me to share the same bed with a man who cootchi coos with the maid of the house right in front of my eyes? I try my best to hide everything from everybody and am crying inside . Do you realise that I have no one even to share my agony? And you call me selfish? Now, get this straight, I married this rogue only because of you and uncle Chids. Chids helped us during amma's operation. I know that we can never repay that amount in our life time. So, I decided to sacrifice myself. Can you tell me which of these actions are selfish? You are worried about your two unmarried daughters, am I not your daughter too?? Now, get this straight, this is my house. I came in here to set right a few things and I will do them for sure. I will not knock at your door for any help at any time. Your honour will also be upheld, no sweat, ok? And in future, if some one comes and talks ill of me , please bother to clarify with me. Don't come with the cudgel to rip me apart assuming that it is me who is always wrong. Now just scoot from here and let me nurse my wounds in peace " The parents do not know what hit them, truth is bitter, eh? And this whole outburst also reaches Chids ears as he decided to eavesdrop. Well, at least now he knows that his son is a total cad and he spoiled the life of a woman for the good of his family. The parents leave , Bharathy cries her heart out (come on babe, you did well for once , why would you cry now ? Your parents knowingly sacrificed you for their benefit, your FIl took advantage of your financial position , the cad you married blackmails you ably assisted by his uncle , the brat Devi ridicules you …finally you spoke your mind, you gotta be happy , woman !!) It is all out in the open now. Chids is all emotional. Bharathy's parents retreat with their tails behind their backs.


Chids is pacing in his office. Badri is sitting – has no clue about the whole tamasha. Natraj walks in with some snacks. Chids is livid with anger "I called you guys to discuss some thing important and you presume it to be snack time? "Nats as usual worries about Chid's health – Chids could n't care less. Chids blames Nats for not bringing up his children properly and says that the rogue of a son has the guts to throw Bharathy out. Nats says that neither Santhosh is happy in this marriage "so it will be good if we can settle this amicably. Let us send Bharathy away with a handsome alimony, say what?" Now Chids blows his fuse. "What? Separate them?? As elders it is our duty to set things right. And, don't forget, the rogue has some luck and that is the reason he got Bharathy. I will not hear of any such nonsense, gotcha? " Badri asks "so, what is the solution?" Chids says that he has made a decision – and he is not ready to divulge – not yet (so, why did you call the jing bang? You wanted them to whet your decision, right?) Nats is dying to know the decision but Chids says that he will make all the arrangements and inform all. Nats worries but thinks that nothing can go bad . (Roja assumes that Chids will make Bharathy the owner of his empire. So, all these useless fellows should get grants from her ) Badri says that  the decision better be good for all concerned. Samosa household. Mahathi has cooked – neither of the parents want food – ore sOgam – pinne ? Moonjile adicha mathiri kettale Bharathy , ithu kooda illatta epdi?



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Tuesday April 30 th Episode No 134

The contents of the will – habba , mudiyalai mudiyalai mudiyalai

 1st part goes to Bharathi – will says that with Bharathi's permission, Santhosh can enjoy the money but he can not sell, pledge or do any thagidu thattham. office comes under Bharathi and so Santhosh can not wag his tail there as well.

 2nd part to Devi – provided she marries within the next 3 months. Otherwise all will go to five NGO s.

 3rd part – is kept with Chids – when Rajesh gets married, he gets the loot. Devi and Santhosh try to protest before the lawyer finishes reading but the lawyer asks them to go through the will "if you have any queries after that, please do feel free to contact me " Lawyer leaves. (Roja can not fathom some thing – driver, Badri ellam will reading time le?? ) Santhosh and Devi move away – probably to lick their wounds but not before shouting at their father who is cool as a cucumber – " my money, I give as I please " Nats does an emotional act and says that Chids is very kind to treat Rajesh as his own. He also leaves and it is now time to address the major beneficiary. Chids says that he is very confident that Bharathi can manage "will you oblige me?" Bharathi says that she will.

 2nd segment – brother and sister seething and brother finally says that all the property will be divided equally between them "I will deal with Bharathi " Not that Devi believes but both are keen about one thing – the property may go to NGO s but Bharathi should not enjoy.

 3rd segment – Nat's turn to seethe – poor Naidu is at the receiving end. Naidu meekly points out that Rajesh is also a beneficiary but Nats wont take it "the reason I spoiled both the kids is because I wanted the whole thing . Thought that Santhosh will die because of his leelais and Devi will die as a spinster . Now all that becomes a day dream " Finally vows that he might even kill for the property . 


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