Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KMH2-Mohabat restart;) TH3 Pt 66 Pg70 (10/03)

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Party Dancing  and here is the third thread!!! Shocked i cant believe it that i've completed two threads of the first FF i have ever written Confused im so overwhelmed and confused... how did this happen??!!! one things for sure, not without you guys Hug so thank you each and everyone, who has read this story and liked it... i love you all Blushing

Part 56


A muffled ringing of the phone broke Arohis trance. She groaned as the ringing continued incessantly. Arohi tried to turn in the direction of the sound but she could not move as a huge boulder, kept on her waist, had pinned her in position. She half-heartedly opened her eyes to notice Arjuns hand, that was sprawled across her, holding her tightly against him. Even in his sleep, the monsters grip had not slackened. Arohi smiled remembering the events of the previous night.

As she half turned around, she saw Arjun sleeping peacefully. Stroking his arm, she tried to wake him up with goosebumps. Arjuns eyes were closed, but he smiled, indicating that she had succeeded.



"I love you..."

Arjun smiled wider but his eyes were still shut. "I love you more..."

Arohi loved Arjuns early morning sexy voice, the faint stubble on his chin, his tousled hair, his peaceful smile. She got lost in her favourite hobby... watching her husband sleep.

The ringing started again bringing Arohi back to reality. She frowned when Arjun jerked awake and left her to turn around. She suddenly felt cold, not liking the loss of his body warmth. Arohi turned around fully to watch Arjun lean on the edge of the bed to remove his phone from his pants, which he had discarded last night on the floor. Her eyes were filled with the image of vast expanse of masculine muscles, working on Arjuns back even though he was performing a simple task of digging his mobile out of his pant pocket. Arohi suddenly felt fiercely possessive for this beautiful creation of god, that was sent on earth only for her.

Completely oblivious to his wifes ogling, Arjun grabbed his phone and turned to her. Grabbing Arohis back to him, Arjun lay back on the bed and answered the phone call.

"Hello... Haan Karan... Yes I spoke to him. London se do din baad New York ki flight book karna. Aur usske ek din baad Florida ki... Just make sure noone escorts her from NY toFlorida. I will monitor that... Keep the documents ready, I will have them picked up tomorrow. And email me the details, I will need to forward them to Jai. Thanks. Bye."

Arohis eyes snapped opened on hearing Karans name. Was that 'her' he mentioned, Gauri? Since when did Karan and Arjun take over all the planning??? And did he just take Jai's name too??? Looking up, she saw her frowning husband, typing away furiously on the phone with one hand since the other one was draped around her. Arohi patiently waited for him to finish so that he could answer her questions. Arjun kept his phone back on the side table and smiled looking at Arohis now fully-awake eager face.

"You were right." Arjun traced his finger on her eyebrows which had furrowed in confusion. "Shayad Mikhail kuch ghatiya plan karraha hai... for Gauri."

Arohis eyes opened wider. A tinge of fear and anxiety flashed in her black iris as she waited for him to continue.

"Kal, tumhe chodne ke baad mein Billu se milne gaya tha. You had asked me to find out from my end about Mikhail, and I had given this responsibility to Billu. What he found out is not so pretty. Mikhail has recently started having conversations with some people in theMiddle East. I would not have been so worried if he had told Dad about it. But these deals are off the record of Singhania Industries. I donot know what he is planning but... tumhari tarah mujhe bhi lagraha hai ki isska Gauri se kuch connection hai."

Arohis eyes searched Arjuns calm face. He was not panicking inside, the way Arohi was right now. She had always hated Mikhail and had known his potential to drop down to inhuman levels... given the required amount of balls for it! But she did not realise he would compete against himself for achieving new heights of lucchegiri. Not only was he cheating his father, who himself was an underworld don, but he was also planning to use Gauri in his cheap plans. Was he going to force her to use her fathers contacts after marriage? Or worse, use her as a medium to carry out his negotiations so that noone doubts him???

Arjun cupped his wifes traumatised face and stroked it lovingly. "Don't worry. Mikhail jo bhi plan karraha hai, usse anjaam dene se pehle, we will send Gauri off to London. Waha Betty is going to keep her underground for two days. With a new identity and one of Karans colleague, she will be sent to NY and from there on to Florida, where Jai will receive her. He has arranged for her accomodation and everything with his uncles family so that she is not alone."

Arohi smiled. Within a few hours of her expressing her concerns about Gauri to him, Arjun had swung into action to make sure his wife does not have to worry. Despite the fact that they had fought and he was angry with her.

"Jai got an animated movie project for voice modulation in Miami... they heard him on radio and hired him. Bhagwaan jaane usske nautanki waale awaaz mein unhe kya achha laga!"

Arjun rolled his eyes and Arohi let out a small laugh. She hugged Arjun closer and placed her head on his chest.

"Jaise hi Billu ne mujhe bataya, I spoke to Jai and Karan and set everything up. But I need you to talk to Gauri and prepare her for this. I donot want to get involved in this, regarding her. Mikhail ko zara bhi shak hogaya toh everything will go for a toss."

Arohi shook her head still cradled in his chest. Suddenly she realised something and drew back.

"Tum and Karan kabse in charge hogaye??? Tum dono ne milke mujhe sideline kar diya hai! Ye sab mera plan tha. How can you guys just take over??? Seriously, one just cant trust men with any original ideas. Mauka mila nahi ki chori kar liya!" Arohi fake frowned and turned away from Arjun.

"Arohi..." She looked at him to see the stunned expression on his face.

"Tum mujhse issliye jhagad rahi ho kyuki tumhe iss plan ka credit chahiye??"

"Mein tumhari tarah nahi hoon... ki mujhe credit chahiye! Lekin... ye mera idea tha! Aur koi bhi mujhse mera kuch bhi cheenn nahi sakta... samjhey tum!"

Arjun smiled and put his arm around Arohis waist, pulling her closer. The childish stubborn look on her face faded to a more breathless passionate one.

"Bohat achhi tarah se samajh gaya Mrs Singhania. Don't worry. Jo tumhara hai, voh hamesha tumhara hi rahega..."

Arohi smiled seeing Arjun promise her a lot more than what they were actually talking about. If there was a way that she could show, how much she loved this man, then she would not need to even say even one word. Crushing herself to him, Arohi buried her face in his chest again, breathing in his musk scent and revelling in the warmth of his steadily beating heart.


Rashi looked up and quickly looked down. Maybe she made a mistake by bringing up this topic too soon. She should've first spoken to Arjun? But if he had not agreed, then she would have had to tried the other way out. So logically discussing it before hand made sense. But now suddenly, she was not sure if she had taken the right decision. And that idiot Arjun had also added fuel to fire. Or maybe she had sounded too eager??? Or pushy??? Rashi looked up again for a fraction of a second.

Dadi was watching her like she was a specimen under the microscope. The typical Singhania frown was displayed on her forehead, indicating that she was trying to understand something. 'But what was there to understand? It was a simple suggestion... infact a request. So why was her grandmother thinking so hard. Rashi Singhania... you have messed it up this time!!!'

"Toh... tujhe lagta hai... ki Arjun aur Arohi mein bada wala jhagda hua hai? Isliye Arohi apne maike gayi thi, lekin Arjun ne jaane se manaa kar diya tha?"

"Nnnahiii dadi... matlab haan! Matlab maine jab usse kal raat ko poocha toh ussne kaha ki voh nahi jaaraha waha... pata nai, achanak kya hogaya..." Rashis voice trailed away into complete silence. She had started the entire conversation with the fact that Arjun had left Arohi at the hospital to go with her family, as per what Rajveer had told her. But when Arjun came back in the morning, whistling with happiness, annoucing at the breakfast table that he had spend the night in Ahluwlia mansion and has already had breakfast there, Rashis main reason went down the drain!

Dadi had raised her one eyebrow and looked in her direction, making Rashi choke on herorange juice. And now dadi was scrutinising her every word and expression because of that stupid Rajveer!

"Shayad kal raat ko un dono ke beech sab thik hogaya hoga. Lekin kuch dino se they both looked stressed out to me. Infact Arohi ko itna chup maine pehle kabhi nahi dekha tha..."

Dadis expressions changed from suspicious to a concerned one. Even she had noticed the changes in Arjun and Arohi for the past few days. It had seemed that something was disturbing them. But then she had noticed changes in Rashi too. She was looking better and smiling a lot more. It was a change to be happy about, but since Teji Singhania did not know the exact reason for it,  THAT, made her suspicious. And now suddenly, when Rashi had suggested in the morning, that they celebrate holi with the Ahluwalias, she had used this very tension between her brother and his wife as a reason. So when Arjun mentioned him being with Arohi, she could see the nervousness creep on Rashis face. There was something more to this that she was putting forth. 'Mein bhi tum sab ki dadi hu... pata karke rahungi.'

"Tu sahi keh rahi hai puttar. Ek kaam karte hain... mein Arjun ko kaan pakad ke leke jaati hu waha."

"Good. Mein bhi chalti hu aapke saath. Agar Arjun ne..."

"Arre nahi puttar. Hum sab jayenge toh Rudra ko achha nahi lagega. Tum sab yahi holi khelo... Uss nalayak ke liye mein akeli hi kaafi hu."

Dadi noticed, but didn't react at Rashis sudden change in expression. She could make out the lost and helpless look on her face, trying to figure out a way to place her argument.

"Lekin dadi... agar Arjun jaayega toh... Romit bhi aayega. Aur... mein apne bhaiyon ke bina holi kaise khelungi. Aur Raj bhi toh hai! Voh bhi toh... Arjun aur Arohi ke saath holi khelna chahega na... toh mein yahan akeli..."

Rashi stopped talking when she noticed her dadi smiling at her. The all-knowing smile, panicked Rashi more. Has she been too obvious in showing her eagerness to play holi at the Ahluwalia Aashiana???

"Thik hai puttar. Hum sab saath jayenge. Mein DJ se baat karke time nakki karti hu." Dadi quickly glanced at her room door, behind Rashi. "Ab tu jaa. Jaise hi sab decide hota hai, main tujhe bata dungi. Thik hai? Jaa..."

Rashi smiled tentatively, at being dismissed so abruptly. But she was happy that the analysing conversation was over, and she skipped out of the room to prepare for her most favourite festival.


Karan pulled down his binoculars and dropped back on his seat. It had been 25 minutes since Natasha had gone into that building and still not come out. Karan had parked his car, a safe distance away to avoid being noticed. And now all he could do was wait. He could not understand why would a classy hitgirl like Natasha, go to such a trashy building, even if it is to carry out a secret meeting. He had sent the location of the place to his office, so that they could run a check on the place and Natashas possible involvement in it. But his main target was her... he was not going to let her out of his sight till Gauri leaves the country!

Arjun had Arohi covered, so he was relaxed on that front. The added advantage was, that Arohi was in her mothers house. So along with Arohi, the protection that Arjun was giving her, was extended to KSA. That was the only reason that Arjun had not insisted that Arohi return home with him. This way Arjun could focus only on one place, and the moment Gauri leaves, they will have to get into action immediately.

After having a discussion with Arjun last night, they both realised that Gauris disappearance is going to trigger a lot of suspicion and they will have to be the most alert then. Also, they will have to move fast to cover all the grey areas that they have not been able to figure out till now. The report that Rajveer showed him, clearly mentioned the presence of a woman when Kartarji was shot. And Karan had an inkling, that the woman was Natasha. But then who was the man with her? Also, that meant KSA was her target too. He grunted in frustration wondering exactly how many people were on her list!!!

Speaking to Arjun had opened up a lot of doors to Karan. Initially when he had found out that Arjun was a gangster, his prejudiced mind had formed his own opinion and that had made him feel very protective towards Arohi. And so, when Arohi confided in him about her love story, he could not understand her deep feelings towards a person who had an underworld background. But as he started working on this case and got aquainted with more and more facts, his respect for Arjun grew by leaps and bounds.

Arjun was an orphan but he understood relationships much better. His commitment towards them was much stronger than Karan had ever seen. He eventually came to realise why Arohi loved Arjun so much. Given a choice, Arjun would give up his life for her... and so would Arohi! And here he was... crying over his broken heart, which he had broken himself because he could not stand the pressure of choosing between his family and his love. Arjun and Arohi had neither left their families, nor each other. The purity of their love had eventually forced their loved ones to accept their relationship... well, most of their loved ones! But the rest who didn't, didn't matter to them.

Without giving a single word of advice, Arjun and Arohi had shown Karan the right path, which would lead him to the right decision. When on Arohis instance, Karan had called up Betty after months, he had felt miserable when she cried, but his heart had rejoiced at the same time to hear her voice. Right at that moment, he realised how much she meant to him. And if they really loved each other, then things would fall in place on their own. Karan only had to hold his loves hand firmly and never let go.

A small movememt in the distance brought Karan out of his thoughts. Just in time, he saw Natasha stumble out of the building with a long briefcase... more like a long case. Looking around quickly, she unlocked her car, kept the case in the boot and drove away. Karan followed her at a safe distance, his face now tense. The case that she had in her hand was long enough to pack a guitar... or a rifle!


Dadi looked at the door with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Her heartbeat increased as her informer walked in slowly, step by step towards her. When he came to a stop in front of her, she looked down at him, and jumped her eyebrows in question. He sighed loudly, and shook his head in disappointement. Dadis eyebrows now scrunched up in confusion. What did he mean by that! But before she could voice her question, Raj removed his sunglasses and looked up at Dadi.

"Mom no 2... ab humse bohat door jaa chuki hai."

Dadis eyes opened wide. "Kya! Isska kya matlab hai???"

"Matlab..." Raj jumped on the sofa chair and made himself comfortable. Leaning behind, he placed his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. "... ya toh voh CID ban gayi hai, ya... she is in love!"

Dadi felt like her head was spinning. Firstly, these two things were not related in any way and secondly, Raj with his weird spy language was confusing her all the more!

"Oye... khotte de puttar... da puttar! Sahi sahi jawab de. Rashi... aur CID??? Aur CID nahi toh pyaar??? Mujhe laga tha hamare khandan mein tu ab tak ka sabse hoshiyaar bachha hai. Lekin tu toh Romit ka bhatija nikla."

Raj sat up with a jerk, clearly upset with the insult that Dadi had thrown his way. He was his mothers son... and he would not sit quiet when someone challenged his intelligence.

"Mein cheyy saal ka hoon, lekin bevakoof nahi hoon." Dadis expression didn't change at this dialogue and Raj threw up his hands. "Uffoo dadi... kal raat ko... hum sab sone ke baad... Rashi mom kisise phone pe chup chupke baat karrahi thi. Now she needs to be so secretive only if shes become a jaasoos... like me... or she is in love!"

"Chup kar! Jaasoos toh mein firbhi maan lu... lekin pyaar? Rashi ko kisse pyaar hosakta hai... aur humey kaise..."

Dadis mouth had spoken out the most obvious of her thoughts, but her subconsious brain had kick-started itself and was scanning the hidden files in her memory when she had not understood Rashis reactions. Finally her subconscious mind took over her conscious one and Dadis mouth shut up on its own, so that she could concentrate on her analysis.

She had observed Rashi getting distracted now and then, ever since the time that she, Dadi and Raj had gone to the mall for dinner. Initially dadi had thought it was work but then the way she got lost in her own thoughts, said something else. Even when her meeting had turned out to be a hoax by Jignesh, she had looked calm and mature, as if she had derived enormous strength from somewhere. And as far as Dadi knew, noone in the family was aware that Jignesh was behind all this.

It was also out of character for Rashi to insist on something... like the holi celebrations with the Ahluwalias. She had seen Rashi so jumpy and nervous only when she had planned something and it did not went her way. Like the time when they used to plan to trap Arjun in their talks and get his love for Arohi confessed. So why did Rashi want to go to Ahluwalia Aashiana for holi so desperately??? Who was going to come there that interested her? Or was that 'someone' one of...

Teji Singhanias eyes opened wide... crossing all limits of stretching her 70 year old skin! Her mouth opened in an 'O' as she realised WHO was the centre of Rashis attention... As her eyes came back to normal size, her lips stretched in the widest grin possible. This, makes it two of her grandchildren! But was the affection mutual? Well, that's what her mini Karamchand was for!!!

"Raj... aaj shaam ko hum teri mom no 1 ke ghar jaarahe hai, holi ki puja ke liye. Aur kal bhi jaayenge, rang khelne ke liye. Lekin tu waha khelne nahi, ek mission pe jaaraha hai... jisme tujhe kamayaab hona hai! Samjha???"

Raj nodded his head like a soldier given orders by his Colonel. But Dadi was too busy smiling away into space and planning the next wedding in the family. This one was going to be a tougher one to convince than Arjun and Arohi. But nothing was impossible when she had her best friend with her. Shooing Raj out of her room to get ready for evening, dadi pressed the speed dial # 3 on her phone, to call up DJ.  

again a super long one because im super late LOL please comment guys! tell me whats on your mind... it gives me food for thought too Embarrassed

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Me 2ndDancingDancing
wow di you updatedParty

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Yahoo me third Party

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Congo for the new thread Di:)

Mast update as usual Di... The update was quite gripping... AM loving this thriller drama of Karan-Arjun-Nats-Gauri-Mikhail...

Karan-Betty ko bhi track par la diya!!!

Mikhail mein bhi itna dum hai... Hmmm... Not bad...

Oh... dadi has zeroed in on Rashi's love:) And Raj is going to be her accomplice.. Mr. Sherlock Holmes:)

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Wow 3rd thread!! Congo sheets! U truely deserve it! Ur one hell of an Amazzing writer!!

Ps- havnt been able to comment on last update of MR due to exams..but will comment on this update as soon as i read this :)

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Btw title mein 2 ke jagah 3 hona chahiye..:p

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