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:: AarYan Express #22 : Tum Hi Ho ::

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AarYan Express 
P U N A R   V I V A H   W E E K L Y  N E W S L E T T E R

#22nd Edition : Tum Hi Ho


We are finally back! Yes, missed us? Hope everyone have been doing good. And this time around, we have new members aboard as well as welcoming back our Channel Moderator Jyoti back to the NL team. We hope you would love the NL we are presenting to you this week Smile

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8 April 2013

Maya suggests the family of to mention Yash and Aarti to apologize to the society for their mistake. Yash and Aarti stay firm with their decision of getting Radha and Suraj Pratap married. Suraj Pratap on the other hand feel ashamed for the chaos caused in the society considering him. He decides to refrain the Scindia house and the society forever. A stranger tactfully brings Radha in front of the society and the people forcefully try to get Radha married to a beggar in order to punish her.

9 April 2013

Suraj Pratap stops the people of the society from, forcefully getting Radha married to a beggar. He gets furious on the people and announces his liking for Radha to them. Aakash on the other hand tries to provoke the other members of family to take a stand, in order to prevent Radha and Suraj Pratap from getting married. Suraj Pratap informs Yash about his permanent leave from Bhopal. Gitika gets unconscious in the garden of the Scindia house after getting bitten by a snake

10 April 2013

Radha tries to provide medical treatment to Vedika after Vedika is snake bitten. Vedika smiles after watching Radha and informs Radha about herself pretending to get snake bitten on Yash and Aarto's suggestion, in order to bring back Radha to the Scindia house. Suraj Pratap decides to leave the Scindia house at first and enrol in an old age home. Radha hence manages to convince Suraj Pratap to stay back with the family. Aakash pretentiously announces to leave the Scindia house after watching the family supporting Suraj Pratap and Radha's marriage. Radha hence tries to prevent his leave.

11 April 2013

Yash stops Radha from her preventing Aakash from leaving the Scindia house. Aakash's friends provoke him to steal the money from Suraj Pratap's locker. Yash and Aarti cherish their time together after Maya accidently lock them in a room. Aakash empties Suraj Pratap's locker in the absence of the family members.

12 April 2013

The wedding ceremony of Suraj Pratap and Radha takes place. Aakash on the other hand, travels with his friends' along with the cash he has stolen from the Scindia house. Aakash friends try to kill him during their journey in a car. They throw him off a peak but, Aarti comes to his rescue and saves him when he is left hanging on the edge of the peak. Aakash apologises Aarti and later Suraj Pratap for his actions. Ishita gets confused on watching Aakash's behaviour.

15 April 2013

Suraj Pratap forgives Aakash, after Aakash apologises to him for all his mistakes. Ishita gets annoyed after watching Aakash's changed behaviour. Ishita gets more annoyed after she watches Yash and Aarti together. The Scindia family cherishes their time together at the breakfast table. Aakash later tells Ishita to allot the locker keys to Aarti.

16 April 2013

Suraj Pratap forgives Aakash, after Aakash apologises to him for all his mistakes. Ishita gets annoyed after watching Aakash's changed behaviour. Ishita gets more annoyed after she watches Yash and Aarti together. The Scindia family cherishes their time together at the breakfast table. Aakash later tells Ishita to allot the locker keys to Aarti.

17 April 2013

Ishita influences Paridhi against Aarti, for Aarti's careless behaviour, in the accident that took place causing, Payal to get hurt. Paridhi hence sheds her annoyance on Aarti, but Radha controls the situation. Maya catches Ishita while she peeps in Yash and Aarti's room. Aarti on the other hand, tries to figure out the cause of the accident that took place in the house. She questions Ishita for her presence in the premises during the incident. Ishita however lies to Aarti. Ishita later plans, yet another strategy to cause harm to Aarti and her baby.

18 April 2013

Ishita detaches the tube connected to the gas cylinder in the kitchen, in order to get her burnt while cooking. Aarti however gets hurt on her way to kitchen, with a ball that gets accidently bounced towards her by Ansh and the other kids. Aarti safely delivers her baby at the hospital. Yash and Aarti cherish their time with their baby.

19 April 2013

Everyone is happy with the arrival of the new baby and the nurse brings the baby to place it in the incubator and Prateek asks the nurse on how will they be able to identify which is their baby among the other babies and the Vidhi replies that they would have Aarti's name tag which Ishita takes note. Ishita plans to kidnap the baby and when Yash and Akash goes to the incubator room, they find the baby missing and summons the doctor. Aarti sees Ishita carrying the baby and both Yash and Akash arrive asking what is Ishita doing with the baby.

This week the best scene goes to the cute little AarYa Pakoda moment when Yash pulls Aarti's ear asking her to take medicine followed by typical hubby-wifey banter on who is more good looking followed by Yash's ultimate confession to Aarti that she is the most beautiful lady for him after feeding her those yummy pakodas  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I m loving the way AarYa scenes these days hv a natural flavour and both GC-KS r putting their own sense of humour into it which makes the scenes just so adorable and natural especially the ear pulling ..awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

How many times me and my hubby hv fought over who is more beautiful and handsome or how my hubby says girls were after me during college days and I used to b like huh guys were after me , watch out LOLLOL... These r natural interaction between any couple in love when they r in teasing mode and rarely I hv seen daily soaps showing such natural teasing of husband-wife without getting too silly EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ..So AarYa today reminded me of my nok-jhoks which I usually hv with my hubby whenever I m in a teasing mode LOLEmbarrassed...

I love the way Yash and Aarti every passing day r getting more and more naughty and comfortable when it when it comes to their regular interactions whether its Aarti's craving for pakodas or Yash's naughty taunts on Aarti's weight or both debating over who is more attractive WinkTongue

Also I loved the way Yash puts her saree pallu on her forehead and makes her feel like the most beautiful woman on earth EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... This is what AarYa r all about .. they r soft , gentle and subtle in their romantic gestures and moves unless they r on bhang LOLEmbarrassed... Yash is the kind of romantic hero who believes in romancing his woman in a soft and subtle way rather than those raw pulls and pushes and Aarti too likes it this way EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Overall I loved the way AarYa had their cute little pakoda moment in their bedroom and even later on I loved how Yash was all cool when he holds Aarti from falling down and both actually make a joke about the whole soap water ... Thats what positivity is all about when you face all the hurdles of life with a smile on your face and a dose of positivity  Big smileBig smile

What could be a more Aww moment than Aarti and Yash welcoming their 4th child Aayu into the world and both of them carrying their child for the first time and giving their gentle kiss. Trully Awww... Smile

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The recent arrival of happiness showcased some light moments but Pankaj's earnest try to act cool & reciting a lame joke takes the cake. Best part of the scene was none but Aakash laughed & later he too made fun of his pj.

The Best Dressed Character of the Week go to both Suraj Pratap Scindia and Radha Scindia for their outfits during their Punar Vivah. Both of them looked super trendy and gorgeous in their sober yet striking outfits and make up..
Thumbs upto their look... Big smile Thumbs Up


To savour some alone time together. yash and arti trying to hide from Bua. And to avoid Bua they went and hide behind the closet in their kids room., while they keep hiding behind her  .buaji's scared thinking that someone's following her,  Yash and arti hide behind the almirah. . Buaji says that since ishita nagin has come in the house, the house is rid with evil eyes. A scared Bua closed the door and went. Arti is tensed thinking that. Yash tries to convince her ( by saying mere Bhagwan ki Kasam) that take it as a sign that even Bhagwan wants him to spend some alone time with her..Arti says that she would have to listen to everyone's taunt if they see her like this with him. yash says that he has his phone, and would call up someone to unlock them. But when he finds that he doesnt have it, arti reprimands him for being so careless. yash says that now that they have gotten the chance, they should take advantage of it [and jab marna hi hai tho kyo na rumani hoke mara jaaye]. Arti, seeing that he wont be of any use, decides to take matters in her hand. But she trips, and is promptly held by yash. She lands in his arms, with one hand in his and other hand on his shoulder. His one hand is around her waist for support. They look deeply into each others eyes and get lost in each other for a few moments, until She straighten herself up and slowly takes her hand from his. A small playful smile comes on his face, when he realizes the effect of his touch on her. That small gesture from her said it all.Their romance buds in, and they embrace and savour the moment.

                               Lamhe vehle lamhe, vehle pal yeh Idhar udhar tehal rahe

                                       Sehme sehme dil bhi Keh rahe hai, bina tere

              [Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian re]- 2 times

                                Dil mein koi rag yun Dhadakti hai, ki jaise bijli si daud
                                         Saansein teri saansein Jagaati hai bina tere
             [Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian re]- 2 times

                      Girhon ko suljhaa oh, tere bin kya jeena  Bata mujhe bata mujhe
               Girhon ko suljhaa oh, tere bin kya jeena Aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa
     Aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa Lamhe vehle lamhe, vehle pal yeh Idhar udhar tehal rahe

                                            Sehme sehme dil bhi Keh rahe hai, bina tere

                         [Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian Mar jayian, tere bin mar jayian re]-


It really is so difficult to single out one best performance in Punar Vivah since each and every actor of ours is exceptional. But this week we were treated with Aayu's birth and there were two actors who stood out and they are Kratika and Gurmeet. Their emotions as parents on seeing Aayu and what he meant to them touched a chord in every viewer's heart. 

But we do have to pick one and this week that title goes to none other than Gurmeet Choudhary for that amazing scene when Yash finds out that Aayu is missing from his incubator. Yash's fear at not finding his baby, his incredulity that the hospital would be so careless, his anger that something like this could happen to them were portrayed beautifully.The feelings of a distraught father were fantastically emoted through Gurmeet's eyes, voice modulations and body language. The scene was so impactful because of the controlled and restrained acting displayed by Gurmeet. Well done!  

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Dialogue of the Week will together go to Yash and Aarti for their Name keeping dialogue for Aayu.
The dialogue brought back the reminiscence of the time when Yash and Aarti had decided to name the baby as Aayu and now the name that was once thought of by Arpita, absolutely became the name for Yash and Aarti's baby..
The dialogue goes as follows:
Yash was holding the baby and Aarti was lying on the bed when both together said, "Aayu". Both smiled at each other and Aarti said, "Yash and Aarti's Aayu."

There were few moments that made us go OMG! What were they thinking ,But the one scene which made me furious was when ishita kidnaped ayu from the hospital.What exactly was she thinking that by doing that she would make aarya separate and Yash would come to her...Serious this woman needs to visit mental hospitalDead

ArYa with baby AyuHeartBig smile

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Blinded by her hatred towards Aarti , Ishita constantly tried to kill her and Ayu.

Its only and only witch IshitaAngryAngry

Blooper of the Week will sure be what happened today.. Well, Aarti just had a C-section and even if it was to find her baby, she couldn't be roaming around in the hospital like that.

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Siggy by:  Sano88


By: LoveViShalini

And here is a gift for you Wink :

Not 1 , neither 2 , nor 3 winners but this week we had four four hotties Heart

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No VM this week Embarrassed

And here is your gift Party:

For the love of Aayu OS By anonee

My First AarYa FF Silent Conversations- FF By kmfan_2:

And here is your gift Party:

By :  jyoti06

18/4 Dragon Club:Congratulations & Celebrations..

And here is your gift Party:

Even if Aarti slaps Ishita on Monday, I think Ishita will make up something that everyone might take for now but Akash might develop a doubt on Ishita since he knows the evil mind of Ishita while others are unaware of that. So he might try and tackle Ishita that way.

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The NL is now up for your viewing and reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it as always and Have a great weekend ahead Smile

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