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IF ADMIN-ITS ENOUGH NOW- ||GM note -pg 22||

ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 January 2012
Posts: 16581

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
NOTE: Kindly...For God sake ..pls read it fully from the first to last word...

Vijay Bhai & all the Dev.Members & reporters of IF.

i am Tisha aka ASADsweetZOYA on IF who is almost 24 hrs active on IF with most activeness along with keeping the rules & regulations on IF. & this is a post is merely comes out of my frustration , anger, worry & sad about something which is really shame & worse on IF.
ok let me ask u all directly, is Qubool Hai Forum is a part of india forums? or is tat something tat runs apart from the IF admin? bcoz it seems seriously Not a part of it...i dunno wats wrong with u & y so biased & partial approach towards us. (i had 2 use these words.) while each shows r getting 2,3,4 articles per week we r getting one per 1, 2 months...
i hav raised this issue many times & hav pmed each Global members & DT members. 
many had reply 2 me..& some of them replied tat its not under their control, some said tat they'll send my msg 2 concern team. i hav send a long msg 2 tellybuzz fb of IF's as some mods hav adviced me so. but still i didnt get a reply or a word says seen or pls dont think tat without doing anything i am simply opening a thread & shouting. NO. i hav fed up with doing many things 4 it & finally just saying everything here. 
ok...i think i need some comparison. i hate 2 compare things b it in reel or real. but here i hav no other options 2 make things clear. 
note: pls fans of actors those names may appear in my post, pls dont bash me.i dont hav any enmity with them & i am watching sometimes their shows too & love them too. i am just picking up the title & subject of it 2 relate it with my points.nothing else. so pls dont get me wrong... 

1. there was an article of a couple (GC&DB) performance 4 a course. nice 2 see it. but let me ask u the lead of qubool hai ie, Surbhi Jyoti has done a act with a kid in India's best dramebaaz Which got mind blowing appreciation & marks from judges. & we got nothing about it.

2.there was more than 1 article of one couple's honeymoon trip(VD&VD) .i am glad tat they had a rocking honeymoon. but lemme ask u our show's lead ,Karan Singh Grover had his 1st wedding anniversary recently with jennifer winget, his wife, also the lead of SC & both r the main part of 2 top shows on Tv as well on IF ranking. but IF seems not interesting in wishing them or providing any article related 2 it.

3.there was an article about how sultan & his child stays on Madu's house. similarly, there was a track in which zoya stays back upon asad's wish in qubool hai & there was many drama related 2 it. & again we got nothing.

4.there was an article related 2 aarti's child , pregnancy & all. similarly, the negative character of our show, tanveer is pregnant & making plans 2 marry the lead.also the baby's dad is none other than the fiance of leads's sister & many twists...turns... but again..nothing..

5.there was an article about firing takes place on MB. similarly, there is engagement taking place b/w the 2 leads of Qubool Hai. one is real & other one is fake...connected with many twists, story line & issues...& i am ashamed 2 say tat we didnt get even a single article about it.

6.also there was one  article about padmini disowns madhu in mb. similarly, in Qubool Hai asad has called off their engagement & sending zoya 2 newyork. & again the result is the same.

7.the leads r faking the engagement 4 visa purpose...the recent track which gave some cute, funny & romantic moments b/w the leads...dilshad gives family ring 2 asad...etc...yet no move from IF admin.

8.zoya has slapped by razia, humeria faints on engagement, zoya-abbu past related scenes, tanveer putting poison on sweets...asad calling off engagement...zoya is going back 2 NY, etc etc

9.the next thing comes on monday where asad runs & searches zoya in the airport, fighting with security people, putting ring on zoya's hand...such an interesting, important thing...& we didnt get anything YET.

10. & something tat i feels pity 2 say about the recent article we got on april 17th after one article on march 22nd. almost after a month. ok..leave it...but just look at the article. all the past moments hav been described. & the most funniest thing is tat IF has informed us tat the new entries'll enter into 2 the show very soon where as they hav already was there in serial & being a part of it for a week. & another thing is tat even giving an article after 1 month, even after mentioning the names of the leads, they were not tagged in the article...WHY?Ouch

ok...i am stopping it with 10 ...i mean there r many but i dont wanna make this post as a endless one. dont get me wrong with the comparison .i know they r not similar as each show is quite unique from other. but still hav tried 2 link them somehow. just 2 tell u tat u guys r giving article on such now tell me wat is the problem with QH? when u can give articles on those things in other shows y cant it b in QH? when similar things r not treated equally , i better not 2 talk about other things happening in the show. 
now pls dont tell me tat some lame excuses like KSG is not picking up the phone, not answering 2 Questions, etc. as i hav seen tat in some replies from DT team. one article of QH doesnt meant tat KSG's quote & dialogue shud b there. we hav never demanded u tat every article consists an interview part. there r many ways 2 form a article as u guys r doing with other shows...wat excuse u r going 2 give? wat is the reason behind it? when too much things & twists r happening in the show, specially QH is something tat brings twists & turns always. but IF admin's this approach is something i cant understand...,...Ermm

I am sorry if i was rude or harsh in saying this...but had to as i hav went on my knees & requested, pleaded with everyone , many times...but everything was just went in vain. & i am a human being & i hav lost being kind & requesting u all. & i hav changed my approach..u guys forcing me 4 it...bcoz now i am taking it as a right..QH fans right...& ur responsibility..its like tat 4 me now...bcoz i am the one who always went with IF rules ,100% i am sure about it, being a good member & Kind around everyone i deserve ur answer...not hoping or waiting 4 it as i did b4...& u r responsible 4 such big downfall in the expectation of ur LARGE number of  customers...& i must say u shud feel ashamed like anything 2 see the pathetic condition of members who goes here & there on rival sites 2 collect & share the current track, new articles, latest updates & details which is not getting from their very own second home IF. This is not wat i am expecting from IF...Thumbs Down

With too much of disappointment, sad, frustration, anger & dissatisfaction,  
for and with the support of All QH Fans & IF members.

@ My fellow friends & QH fans: guys..b careful while pointing out others actress/ors or shows. not inviting bashers or negativity.  BE CONSTRUCTIVE, reasonable, fair, and please refrain from breaking any IF COC. just clearly state ur opinions & views...bcoz we dont wanna get the name bashers...dont make it as a war place...b decent & keep our dignity in comments...hope u understood wat i meant..Embarrassed

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sumatra1234 Senior Member

Joined: 29 September 2011
Posts: 909

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
Clap Bravo...

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Aphrodite Senior Member

Joined: 01 May 2008
Posts: 637

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
I totally agree!!!this is unfair..there should be more videos and articles on Qubool Hai, this is a humble request!!


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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2006
Posts: 29656

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Very detailed and well written post Tisha!

Okay here's my thoughts. I also agree that there is bias in IF's coverage of certain shows over others as well as certain celebs over others. 

The problem is, it isnt limited to QH either. There are TONS of shows on Indian telly and even if we consider some of the POPULAR shows on television like DABH, Sapne Suhane, etc.. they are HIGH in TRPS but LOW in IF coverage. Taarak Mehta as well.  

^ THATS THE SHEER PROOF of favoritism. High trp shows but less POPULAR with folks on IF is sidelined as well. 

This problem has been apparent since a LONG time and i am sure question has been raised multiple times as well.. including debate on whether articles should be included in ratings because some shows gets covered while others do not. 

But nothing has been done or considered.

Shows like Madhubala, Punar Vivah, etc.. I LOVE THEM! I watch those shows just as much as i watch QH and enjoy them very much. I have NO PROBLEM with them being covered! However, I have the issue that just as they are being covered, given continues articles and videos to recieve buzz about (sometimes 3 articles/videos per week!).. similarly other shows aren't getting the same deserved attention.

Im not trying to sideline other shows either.. but if we are just looking at BASIC coverage:

While in MB Padmini throws madhu out.. Important. Granted. But what about in QH? Asad just threw Zoya out. Ermm 

- The QH team shot in a MALL infront of regular people, a scene similar to the movie Janne Tu Ya Janne Na, a PROPOSAL scene.. HIGHLY important to fans and the shows storyline itself.. .but nothings been covered. 

-QH Zoya was framed for giving poisonous sweet's to Humeira, the engagements going on in and of itself.. 

NOTHING has been covered.. and all these things are HIGHLY important to the storyline and fans.. Stern Smile

small things are understandable.. but major storyline twists sidelined? Ermm 

I dont find it fair. 

I dont find it fair not just for QH.. but ALL shows that are sidelined where MAJOR things are happening in the show but LITTLE buzz is given. 

Anyways, I just wish one of two things is done:

Either GET RID OF THE BUZZ itself in IF ranks, 


TB and IF video whatever's give APPROPRIATE amount of coverage to ALL SHOWS where theres something MAJOR happening in the storyline. 

Otherwise.. nothing but BIAS comes to mind. No offense. Stern Smile

Oh and one more thing: I remember at one point we had video's on QH.. i think around the time of Holi.. and when the CM and Ranks thread came out.. QH said it got 0 buzz. I remember that very clearly.. Ermm If thats true and IF is not counting video's in buzz or something... then we should get ARTICLES right? not just videos. IDK if that makes any sense LOL but like if video's dont get buzz then all the viewing and commenting we do on them if futile.. Ouch we should get ARTICLEs right if thats the case? but when was the last time we got a decent article? Ouch 

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KaBhiinlove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 December 2006
Posts: 15395

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:09pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-Racha- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 December 2008
Posts: 2994

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
It is sad what this forum has come to..It used to be different back in the days...All shows used to get their fair share of coverage it is like there are just two actors and two shows on Indian Television...I mean I love Gurmeet and Drashti...but not everything revolves around them and their shows...Especially Gurmeet...who cares if his wife eats Mangos or not?!!

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Nawel Senior Member

Joined: 09 March 2013
Posts: 521

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
To the team of IF,

Being a fan of Qubool Hai and other shows on Indian Television, it would be nice to have a fair share of coverage. If there is a reason behind this, could you just please tell us? 

Thank you in advance. :-)

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-iLoveKaran- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 July 2012
Posts: 2945

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
I cant agree more on this post !! this was really needed !!! IF is being biased...we hardly get any articles on QH when we clearly should as the show is taking a very big twist. we don't even get articles on the leads of the show... IF should have articles on karan singh grover and surbhi !!! plz plz do something be fair !! thank you

Edited by -iLoveKaran- - 19 April 2013 at 4:34pm

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